Tina’s First Time Ch. 03

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After Tina accepted the Contract, she gets her first Deep Spanking. This chapter is right after Chapter 2 so you might want to read that first.


Without quite realizing how it happened Tina once again found herself naked and vulnerable. He had gently placed the leather bracers above her elbows and the padded cuffs on her wrists and once again her arms were bound behind her back wrist to elbow. This time He had simply said, “I will not harm you, always trust that.”, then had placed a ball gag in her mouth and fastened it securely in place.

Now she found herself lying naked across his lap on the corner of the bed as he started spanking her. The first blows were almost gentle, a kind of warm up to get her ready for the complete treatment which was now to come.

“Tina,” he began after thirty firm solid swats, “I am here to nurture and teach you as well as share my experience with you. This is the first Deep Spanking you will ever get from me, but I do not plan on it being your last. You need to divide your attention, you are to focus only on the sensations I bring up in your body and the sound of my voice. Exclude everything else and concentrate on those two things. If you understand nod your head.”

Tina nodded her head, she always focused on his voice when he spoke and it was like a lifeline as the swats continued to rain down on her upper thighs and ass cheeks. The pattern of swats was like a metronome, the pace steady and regular like her heartbeat. The blows never fell in the same place twice in a row, instead they were spreading up and down from the top of her thighs to the top of her ass cheeks in a totally random seeming series preventing her from anticipating where the next blow would fall. By this time her ass was a bright pink and the burning heat was spreading all through her, especially it seemed in her genitals.

“Now Tina,” He continued in that Bostancı Fetiş Escort soft warm voice he had used on her so many times in the past, “a deep spanking is not about sexual satisfaction, though that may be an end result. A deep spanking like this is about resolving a deep inner turmoil. Do you understand what I am saying?” He asked, never pausing in the rain of swats decorating her backside.

Tina nodded again, focusing on his voice was making her very wet, helped along by the attention her Ass was receiving.

“In this case Tina I am going to help you resolve a conflict you told me about. Close your eyes and concentrate as my voice paints the picture for you.”

“Guilt is the favorite tool of Satan, Tina, every impulse we have as frail human beings can be a seed of guilt because we hope we are strong enough to resist temptation. Every temptation we give in too can allow us to feel guilt, and when we feel guilty we also feel unforgiven and unlovable. I am going to show you something about guilt today Tina, something you have never accepted is going to be brought out and dealt with.”

“You told me about the last time you pushed your Father over the edge Tina. You knew he was in a very ugly mood and yet you sassed him, pushed him over the edge until he completely lost control of his anger. You did that Tina, and you knew, you knew all along that if you sassed him enough he would go off. Then when he did you suffered a severe beating. Do you feel guilty about pushing him so far that last time Tina?”

Tears started streaming down he face as Tina nodded once more.

“There is more Tina”, he continued in his smooth voice, “Much more you feel guilty about because of that. When he was through beating you your Father was ashamed that he had lost control, the control you denied him by sassing him past his limits. He was so ashamed that Bostancı Gecelik Escort he went into counseling and he deliberately changed himself from what he was because he was so ashamed of what you pushed him into doing. Do you see how you made him ashamed of himself Tina? You pushed him beyond his limits and made him ashamed of the Man he became that day.”

The blows on her bottom continued at the same steady pace but Tina felt a different burn, the guilt that she had been the cause of her Father’s shame. She knew it was true, she could see it in his eyes after his temper had cooled that day so long ago, the look of a man ashamed of what he had let happen when he lost control.

“Tina do you remember the guilt you felt when you realized how you shamed your Father?” He asked, “Focus on that day in your mind, that day when you saw the shame in his eyes and knew he was changed on the inside.”

By this time Tina’s entire ass and the backs of her thighs were bright red, but the swats never paused, they never slowed, they just kept going on and on and on driving the words deep into her memory. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to fight it off but the memory was there, just as He was saying. She could feel the guilt all over again knowing that she was the reason her Father had lost control, knowing even as she sassed him that it was dangerous, but exciting at the same time, to see just how far she could push him. And then the haunted look in his eyes later, the shame she had put there by making him lose control. Her fault, it had all been her fault. The guilt and the fear and the shame all came together with the burning pain of the spanking and she lost control herself, sobbing unreservedly.

“That’s it Tina,” He said, still raining swats upon her at a steady pace, “That’s right, you were a very bad girl that day weren’t you?”

“Uh huh” she managed Bostancı Genç Escort to gobble out around the gag in her mouth and the sobs choking her throat.

“Now Tina, are you listening to me?” He asked knowing she was.

She nodded, still sobbing.

“For what you did that day I am going to give you 15 swats with the Paddle. When that is done you are not to feel any more guilt because you have paid the price for what you did back then. Do you understand?”

Again she nodded, he had shown her the paddle before they started, an oak paddle 18 inches long with Pumpkin carved in it.

Reaching to the side he picked up the paddle and rested the cool wood on her burning ass for a few seconds. Then he swung, hard. “One! You were a very bad girl Tina!”

“Two! You pushed your Father that day Tina!”

“Three! You were excited by the idea of making him lose control!”

“Four! You kept sassing hoping he would lose control!”

“Five! You knew it was dangerous but you kept pushing!”

“Six! You were so excited when you saw it start to happen!”

“Seven! You wanted the power of making him lose control!”

“Eight! You knew when you had pushed him too far!”

“Nine! You realized when it was to late, he had already lost control!

“Ten! You were severely beaten!”

“Eleven! You saw the shame in his eyes!”

“Twelve! You caused the Shame in his eyes and made him want to change!”

“Thirteen! You destroyed the man he was and made him become the Man he is!”

“Fourteen! You deserved this spanking because of what you did to your Father!”

“Fifteen! You have paid for what you did. It is finished!”

With that He tossed the paddle away and started soothing her battered bottom with the baby lotion. Softly he smoothed the lotion all over the redness letting Tina continue bawling until she had let all the guilt out. Gently he removed the cuffs from her wrists and arms and the gag from her mouth before laying her face down on the soft bed. Lying next to her He kept gently smoothing lotion on her sore bottom as she drifted off into and exhausted sleep, finally at peace with that horrible day from when she was fifteen.

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