Nikki’s Public Romp!

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Here is a short little story. The scene never happened but the people are really in my life!

Black out.

After another boring meeting Nikki said goodbye to her colleagues and headed to her car. On the way her cell started to ring Nikki looked to see who it was. “Hey Grant!” She answered, “What! Now? Well I guess I could for an hour, sure.” She said then put the phone back. Nikki drove the half an hour across the city to the Westham Art gallery; She parked in a near by park aid and walked across the street to the gallery. Standing at the entrance was a tall, good looking man with sandy blonde hair wearing a sharp tan suit.

“Hey beautiful!” Grant said with a large smile.

“Hi Grant!” she said not returning the smile.

The two of them had met online and hit it off right away. At first she liked his adventurous past and devil may care attitude and he fell for her wit and charm. It wasn’t long before they met, they were both physically attracted to each other, it had started with fun, playful chat and quickly turned to full sexual intercourse. Grant and Nikki had met for a few brief occasions, the excitement left as quickly as it had started. She didn’t like the cookie cutter formula of their meetings any longer. Always the same, meet in hotel bar, have drinks, fuck, and then home. She wanted adventure and a little spice. It was no longer a thrill to fuck Grant! She was willing to give him one last chance to do something that she would remember.

After saying their hello’s, Grant kissed her on the cheek, she was about to stop for a cigarette when he motioned for them to enter, she put the pack back into her purse and they walked in. Grant paid the entrance fee and then he led her up through the gallery. They looked at some nice paintings and sculptures, though she was very horny she didn’t say anything. She wanted to stay in control and not let on that she wanted him.

On the third floor Nikki noticed a special exhibit sign. It read, “Now showing Black out!” Grant turned and asked what she thought. Nikki couldn’t hold her tongue any longer. “I thought we were going to have a little fun Grant!” she hissed showing how unimpressed she was with his rendezvous choice. Nikki was a very hot tempered woman when things didn’t go her way. He smiled and reassured her that this would be right up her ally, kissed her on the lips while Bostancı Anal Escort giving her a pat on the ass! They walked in and were greeted by a young attractive woman in what Nikki thought looked like a waiters outfit. It was a black skirt just above the knees, black stalking, knee high leather boots, and a white blouse. She took the tickets from grant and showed the two in, she led them to a private corner of the space there was a small black bench that looked like it could seat two comfortably, the legs were black, and nothing else. All the walls were painted black, as was the ceiling and floors. Nikki was still not impressed. The young woman asked that they turn off or silence their cell phones, as they would disturb other patrons. They did as they were asked. “Enjoy!” the woman said and walked away. Nikki could have sworn that the greeter gave Grant a wink before she left! Even though Grant was not her husband she still didn’t like the idea of another woman hitting on him right in front of her!

“What was that?” Nikki asked pulling on his arm.

“What!” he said with a small grin! She scowled at him but let it go. They stood in silence for a couple of minutes as the woman walked about ten other people in to different parts of the floor. The space was large and there was lots of room between all the patrons of the exhibit. Then the lights went out. It was pitch black; Nikki couldn’t see a hand in front of her face. A voice was heard overhead. “Ladies and gentleman please remain still for the entire show, do not move about for any reason! If you should need to leave for any reason please head to the light!” just then Nikki saw a light come on where they had walked in. It was bright enough to see but not bright enough to illuminate anything else. Soon faint sounds could be heard all around it seemed that the entire show consisted of only being able to hear the world around you as if you were blind. ‘Interesting!” Nikki thought to her self.

She felt a hand caress her firm buttocks and give it a squeeze; Grant pulled her close and kissed her, his tongue darting into her mouth. His other hand began to massage her breast through her shirt, Nikki began to get very aroused, and now this was more like it. She began to unbutton her top allowing him access to her bra; he cupped her breast and pinched her hard nipple through the Bostancı Yaşlı Escort bra. They broke there kiss and Nikki felt around until she found his belt, undoing it and his pants she reached in and grabbed a hold of his large cock, pulling it’s girth from the confines of his slacks. Nikki bent over and took the large member into her mouth; licking around the head she flicked her tongue on the tip. She felt Grant place his hand on her head and with a little force began to fuck her mouth. Nikki’s pussy was now dripping. She could hear little oohhs and aaahhhs from some of the people around her. She massaged his tight sack as she had her mouth fucked with some speed now. Saliva was dripping off her chin as he thrust into her mouth. She pulled off him and kissed him again. Still jerking his hard cock. He helped her sit on the bench and lay back as he hiked her skirt up around her waist. Nikki held her feet high in the air as Grant found her hot hole and with little effort began to finger her pussy. Nikki let out a gasp as he hit her magic spot. It was so nice to have a lover who knew where to work her pussy to get her off. She felt him insert two more fingers. As he finger fucked her his mouth dropped down on her bra-encased breast. She helped him move the fabric to the side Grant began to lick and nibble at her naked flesh. Nikki bit her lip as a wave of ecstasy came over her. Soon she could hear her wetness as he fingered her harder then ever.

Trying her best not to scream she endured another climax. “Get that cock into me!” she demanded louder then she had wanted. Grant withdrew his fingers and she could feel him get between her legs, she felt the head of his hard member push into her. She let out a very audible moan soon he was thrusting into her fast and hard. Nikki thought she could hear footsteps coming towards her but dismissed it as part of the show, and went back to enjoying the ravishing she was receiving from her boy toy.

Her legs were up resting on his shoulders his hands on her thighs. She then definitely felt a hand that was not Grants on one of her tits. She could feel this new hand pinch her hard nipple, Nikki could tell by the length of the nail that it was a females hand. Through the blackness of her surroundings Nikki could feel her senses were heightened and it was now giving her one of the most powerful orgasms Bostancı Zenci Escort ever. On her lips Nikki felt a hot breath then the tip of a wet tongue caressed her upper lip Nikki opened her mouth and accepted the intruders advance. Their tongues danced in each other mouths. They kissed as Grant never let up on Nikki’s hot box. She had lost count how many times she came and was really more interested in this new sensation. “Lick my clit!” Nikki said and felt the stranger make her way down to her hard clit. Grant pulled out and Nikki knew Grant was getting head from her. She smiled at the thought of how this would look if the lights came on, Nikki on her back legs in the air, pussy and tits out for all to see, Grant with his large cock in another woman mouth.

She felt Grant re-enter her and now had the enjoyment of a hot tongue flicking her clit. Nikki was now practically screaming, it felt so good. With a few more thrusts Nikki felt her pussy fill with Grants cum and was really surprised to feel a towel on her, she sat up and felt it all drip out of her, she also felt not one but two mouths on her. One on each nipple, Nikki placed her hand on each of there heads and caressed their hair as they pleasured her tits. Nikki stood up and reached for the towel but it was gone as was the stranger. “Start getting fixed up we have three minutes till the lights come on.” Grant said giving her another kiss.

Nikki got all fixed up and soon the lights came back on first very dim then as their eyes became adjusted to the light they became brighter and brighter. Nikki looked her self over and down at the bench to see if she missed anything. She was happy to see she hadn’t. Grant told her she looked stunning and not to worry. Nikki looked around and saw everyone was eyeing each other up trying to find out who was making the sexual noises.

The voice came on over head asking everyone to make there way out of the exhibit. As they passed the young lady at the front Nikki noticed a towel on the floor next to her. She smiled at them and Nikki smiled back.

“Was it good?” the young woman asked.

“Sure was. Say would you like to have dinner with me and my husband I know he would love to meet you!” Nikki asked. The woman looked a little confused and looked at Grant.

Grant smiled and said. “Oh no I’m not her husband, just her lover.” The woman smiled a big smile at Nikki, said she would love too. They exchanged numbers then Grant and Nikki left the gallery. Once at home Nikki told her husband her adventurous, sexploit as he fucked her from behind in the shower, ending with. “You will never guess who is coming to dinner!”

The end.

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