Chronicles of Being a House Slave Day 02

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Holly followed the woman out from her room and up a flight of stairs to an open kitchen and dining room. Mr. Jones, her employer, was sitting at a long dining table and was telling something to another nude brunette girl. The girl mumbled something in submission, went to the kitchen and started preparing food. Since Holly had arrived late last night, she wasn’t aware that there had been other slaves in the house too. The girl also had similar clamps on her nipples like the woman who was escorting her and from the looks of her moist pussy, Holly guessed that the girl also had an orgasm recently.

Mr. Jones turn around and noticed her.

“Ah, there’s our newest girl all ready to start her day.” he greeted her warmly.

“Thank you, Diane dear, you may now go do your other duties for the day.” he told the woman who had escorted Holly to the kitchen.

The woman named Diane bowed submissively to Mr. Jones and said, “Thank you, Master.” as she allowed him to rub her exposed crotch before leaving the room.

Turning to Holly, he said, “Well, don’t be shy. Come on over here.”

Holly walked up to Mr. Jones hesitantly. He didn’t waste much time talking as he immediately grab her breasts and give them a gentle squeeze while he rub her pussy over her panties with his other free hand. “Now, did Diane taught you your first two rules of the house yet?”

Holly nodded as Mr. Jones continues squeezing her breast.

“Repeat them to me.”

“Erm, always address her as Mistress in the absence of you.”

“And what will you address me as?” he ask as he focus on her nipples and gave them a flick.


“Very good. And your second rule?”

“Always have my tits and pussy ready to be played with.”

“Exactly, so let’s not hide these gorgeous tits of yours, shall we?” he said as he pulled down the cups of her bra, exposing her perky breasts and stiff nipples.

With her top exposed, he move his hands down to her waist. Holly know that her bush and pussy lips were clearly visible through the lace of her panties, since her pussy was still slightly swollen from her orgasm earlier. Holly held her breath as she wait for him to pull her panties down, but instead he started to run his fingers along her pussy lips.

“Now, you do know that I will be exploring every inch of your body for the next 7 days. So, I recommend that you start getting used to having your pussy ogled at, touched and stimulated as soon as possible. There is no point being shy here. Why don’t you push your panties aside and show me your pussy.”

Feeling more embarrassed than ever, Holly push her panties to one side, displaying her bush and moist pussy lips to him.

“Now, I want you to show me exactly where you like to touch yourself.”

Holly hesitated for a bit before rubbing the top of her pussy, where her clit is, slowly. After letting her rub herself for a few seconds, Mr. Jones held her hand aside and use his hand to rub her pussy instead.

“You like getting your clit touched, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And what about here?” He slid his fingers further down along her pussy and tease the opening of her sex.

“Only when I’m more aroused. It’s ticklish now.” Holly replied, struggling not too close her legs tightly together.

“Well, that’s not very fun. You have the rest of the day to practice getting used to it. By tomorrow, I want you to enjoy getting your pussy fingered as much as getting your clit rubbed. You don’t get the luxury of foreplay here. If you don’t learn to get aroused instantly tomorrow, I’m just going to finger you dry, so you might as well learn to get off from that.”

She gasped in surprise as he spread her pussy lips apart and touched the inner folds of her sex. “How am I supposed to do that Master?” she asked, wondering how on Earth was he expecting her to do that.

“You’re a slut, aren’t you? Go figure it out. Finger yourself crazy all day today or get some naughty thoughts in your head, otherwise your cute, pink pussy is just going to be sore tomorrow. Now, enough of talking. I’m hungry. Why don’t you get on the table and masturbate for me. Once I am done, you’ll get your food.”

Uncertainly, Holly climbed on to the table clumsily as the nude brunette girl came and serve him his breakfast on a plate. Holly watch in fascination as the girl obediently parted her pussy lips for him to touch. After rubbing the brunette girl’s pussy for a while, he dismissed her with a wave of his hand and focused his attention on Holly.

“Go on, start masturbating. You can keep your panties on but push them aside. I think you look sexier that way. And make it look sexy. Play with your Bostancı Olgun Escort nipples and tits. You may cum if you need to but I want you to tell me if you’re about to cum.”

Holly push her now slightly damp panties aside to expose her genitals to him once more. Sitting on her butt with her legs spread open, she started to masturbate for the second time since she woke up. She slowly rub her clit around in circles with her fingers and parted her pussy lips for him, showing him the inner folds of her sex. With her other free hand, she squeezed her own breasts a few times and started massaging her nipple. The constant stimulation of her pussy and nipple was enough to send her juices leaking, yet Holly still can’t bring herself to go over the edge and have an orgasm so openly in front of a relative stranger with other half naked girls standing around. It didn’t help that Mr. Jones wasn’t encouraging her but merely watched as he ate his breakfast calmly, as though he was just watching the news. A couple of times, Holly came really close to cumming but her nervousness stopped her from having an orgasm. As a result, by the time Mr Jones had finished his breakfast, Holly has had at least 3 close calls with her orgasm and drops of her juices were flowing down her thighs and onto the table.

After wiping his mouth with a towel, he gestured for her to come closer. Unsure of what to expect, Holly move closer to him until her crotch was literally in front of his face.

“Show me your clit” he commanded

Holly obliged, using her fingers to expose her protruding and slightly swollen clitoris. He pick up his fork and use the handle to nudge her clit in circles. Holly gasped as the cold metal sent another jolt of arousal through her.

“Did you touch yourself here just now?”

“Yes, Master.”

“And you did not cum?”

“No, Master.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not used to doing it in front of people yet, I’m sorry.”

“Well, poor pussy, it must be hard getting stimulated so much yet not getting to cum. Perhaps you need some distraction. Get down here.”

Holly followed his instruction as she got down from the dining table and stood in front of him.

“I’m going to give you one more chance to cum while you have your breakfast. You don’t have to cum, but I will impose a no-orgasm rule once you finish your breakfast. So it’s totally up to you, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Perfect, now turn around and bend over the table.”

Holly once again turn towards the table and bend over as he spread her butt cheeks apart to get a good look at her rear.

“Alright, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to play with your pussy while you have your breakfast and watch some videos. You are not allowed to close your legs at any point in time, do you understand? If you have to cum, you cum standing with your legs wide open. There is no shame in cumming like a slut here. Spread your legs” he said as he gave her ass a firm slap.

Holly manage to stay quiet as she part her legs apart, giving him full access to her pussy.

“Good, here’s your breakfast, enjoy” he said as the naked brunette girl returned with a plate of toast and eggs .

In was an awkward position but Holly was famished from her morning activities. She was just about to take a bite of the toast, hoping to get some food down before she got too distracted to eat when she felt something warm and wet tickling her pussy from behind.

She yelped in surprise but her immediate response to clasp her legs together was stopped by Mr. Jones keeping her legs apart.

“Remember the rules, slut! You have to keep your legs open at all times. Tara here is just helping me lubricate your pussy a little bit before I finger fuck you.”

To her horror, Holly saw that the brunette girl named Tara had quietly got on her knees behind her and was silently licking her pussy. Holly never had her pussy licked before and it was a humiliating as she stand there helpless while another woman prepared her pussy to be abused. After a few minutes passed during which Holly only managed to have half a toast, the girl finally stop at Mr Jones’s command.

By now, Holly’s pussy was completely wet again and she felt her pussy lips puckering up in response to the girl’s licking. He rub on her clit for a while Tara wipe up herself and presented her own pussy to him. With his other free hand, he casually picked up an electric wand that Holly had only seen before in BDSM videos and touch the tip of it to the girl’s pussy. The girl yelped in pain as the electricity shocked her pussy but otherwise stood with her legs spread, while thanking Mr Bostancı Sarışın Escort Jones for the punishment. After dismissing her, he once again focused his whole attention on Holly.

“Don’t worry,” he told her, “I don’t usually do that. Tara had an orgasm without my permission yesterday despite my strict orders. Hence, she has been punished to lick and lubricate every other girl’s pussy while I zap her pussy for the next two days. But let’s move on to more interesting things now. Let’s watch how did you do for your first cum show performance, shall we? Ideally, I would like you to be ready to perform for some of my guest on Wednesday.”

Mr Jones held up a remote and turn on the TV in front of the table. To her horror, it was the video of herself masturbating and having an orgasm in her bedroom this morning. It was one thing to record herself knowing very well that Mr Jones was going to watch it, but it was a whole other thing being forced to watch herself while getting fingered. Holly felt her cheeks warm up in embarrassment as she watch herself spread her legs and touch herself.

After Mr Jones fingers found her clit and had her pussy lips parted open with one hand, he used his other finger to massage her sensitive clit while he watched her masturbate quietly on the screen. As the 10 minute mark passed on the video and Holly started teasing her own nipples and using her own saliva to lubricate herself, Mr Jone’s whistled appreciatively as he slide his finger deep inside her pussy.

“Very nice, lets see if you can cum again like you did in the video” he said as he start fingering her pussy faster. It was a difficult situation for Holly. While he had been rubbing her clit, Holly had more or less managed to ignore the sensation tingling at her pussy, but now that he was straight up penetrating her, it was getting harder and harder to ignore her own desperate sensation to cum. As he finger her harder, Holly couldn’t help it but let out a soft moan of pleasure. Encouraged by her response, Mr Jone’s fingered her even faster as she watch herself close her eyes in anticipation.

“Come on, slut! Cum together with yourself!” he encouraged her as he roughly rub her clit while still fingering her. Holly felt her orgasm building up once again and she moan out desperation but at the last moment, the video showed herself cumming first as she visibly shivered in pleasure. The embarrassment of watching herself was just too much and suddenly all her desire to orgasm was gone as her knees buckle in exhaustion.

“I’m…sorry. I can’t, not now. I’m sorry Master” she stuttered as Mr. Jones slowed down but continued fingering her.

“Are you sure? If you don’t cum now, you won’t get to cum until tonight and if you do cum, you’ll be punished”

“Yes, I’m sure, Master.” Holly said as she struggle to keep her legs open for him.

“Very well then, it’s your choice.” Mr Jones sighed as he pull his finger out from her pussy.

“I must say though, that was a very good performance for your first time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you cum. I have only two comments. First, I want you to be more slutty as you masturbate. Play with your nipples and clit more, I would like to see you change a few positions before you let yourself cum. Squat down, kneel down and show off your pussy more. I also want you to see you flick your nipples and cunt before going straight for pleasure the next time. Secondly, get used to watching yourself. You’ll be doing the same routine for the coming week and on somedays, and I will expect you to cum. Understand?”

“Yes, Master, I’ll try my best.”

“Good, now let’s see how good your oral skills are. Go wash up your mouth. You’re going to be sucking cock for the next hour.”

After finishing up her breakfast and washing her mouth in the adjoining bathroom, Holly return to the kitchen to find Mr Jones still sitting at the same spot, but with his cock out.

Holly walked over to him and kneel down as he told her to.

“Have you ever suck a dick?” he ask as his fingers automatically went to her nipples and start flicking them

“A couple of times.” Holly replied.

“And if I would ask you to rate yourself out of a scale of 10, how good would you say your cock sucking skills are?”

“Erm, 6?” Holly replied uncertainly. She didn’t want to appear like a slut that aces at sucking cocks but at the same time, she does take a certain pride in being able to pleasure her previous boyfriends orally.

“A six eh? I’m sure you can do better than that. Why don’t you give it a try?”

Holly look at his cock hesitantly as she slowly grip the cock in one hand and took his whole Bostancı Şişman Escort cock into her mouth. Thankfully, he seemed to have kept his personal hygiene well as it didn’t taste to disgusting. Using one hand to guide his cock, Holly start sucking on it as she had learnt from her previous experiences. She alternated between sucking on his cock whole, moving it in and out of her mouth and using her tongue to tease the tip of his cock each time his cock went in. He let her do that for a few minutes as he sit back and let her take control. Holly was just starting to wonder if he was going to cum in her mouth when he stop her just as she was about to lick the tip of his cock again.

“You underestimate yourself too much slut. I would say you’re definitely a 7 out of 10. Now, let’s make you at least 10 out of 10, shall we? I want you to kiss the tip of my cock once in a while besides just plain sucking on it. That will make you a 8. Now, to get a perfect score, you have to learn how to take it deeper. Let’s see how deep you can take it.”

Without waiting for her reply, he grab the back of her head and firmly push his cock into her mouth until Holly started gagging.

“That’s my girl, hold it there for a few seconds.” he said as he kept his hands firmly on Holly’s head.

After a few seconds, he release her as Holly coughed and took in gulps of air.

“Alright, ready for another one? Let’s go!” Once again, he push his cock deep into her mouth until she started gagging before releasing her again. He repeated this routine a couple more times until she started getting used to it and gagged less.

“Alright, you try it this time. Go as deep as you can. Let’s see if you’re a fast learner.”

Reluctantly, Holly took in his cock in her mouth again as he now focus his attention on her two stiff nipples. After allowing her to gag herself a few more times on his cock, he was finally satisfied.

“That’s enough. You’re officially a certified cock sucker now.” he said while he slap her face a few times with his dick. “Now, time for some reward for being a good slave. My rules here are simple. Behave badly, and you get punish. Behave like a good slut and you’ll get rewarded with pleasure.”

He held up a vibrator from the table and turned it on as Holly eyed it warily. She was getting tired of constantly being stimulated but nevertheless, it seems like she’ll have to endured it for the coming week.

“What’s the matter? Would you prefer clamps on your clit instead?” Mr Jones asked when he noticed her reaction.

“No, no, I would love to have that, Master” Holly answered hastily.

“Good, now this is what is going to happen. For the next hour or so, you are going to give me a blowjob while sitting on this vibrator. Since I’m not allowing any orgasms now, each time you are close to one, you may turn it off. But each time I turn it off, you will have to gag yourself on my cock until you are ready to go down on it again. Is that clear?”

The instructions were clear but Holly just didn’t know how will she be able to get through her ordeal. God knows how many times she’ll have to stop and give him a deep throat, but she doesn’t have much of a choice anyway. She can only hope that her pussy doesn’t respond too much to the vibrator.

“Yes, Master.” she replied him as she spread her legs to allow him to place the vibrator in between her. Taking a deep breath, Holly submitted to him as she took his cock in her mouth once again and as the vibrator brought waves of familiar pleasure to her body.

For the next hour, Holly obediently suck on his cock as he absent-mindedly watch some the news while occasionally caressing her tits. Every 15 minutes or so, Holly would tell him that she was close and he will turn it off and let her deep throat his cock for about 5 minutes before continuing again. He had to admit the girl had skills and watching her sucking his dick naked as she struggle not to orgasm was definitely enjoyable. Halfway past the 3 round of blowjob, he finally couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated on her breasts before allowing her to suck on his dick again.

At half past 12, he finally let stopped her. His cock had gone erect again from Holly’s tongue constantly licking it. Looking at her, he noticed that she was probably in the same state as well, except that she never got to orgasm at all. The vibrator and the floor was wet with her pussy juices, her nipples were more stiff than ever and both her cheeks were flushed. All signs of a girl desperate to cum. Satisfied with that, he turned off the vibrator and told her to stand up.

“Well done, slut. You did a great job. Unfortunately, I have some work to attend to and won’t free until the evening. In the meantime, you shall wait here. Diane will come and escort you for lunch and you will continue your training in the afternoon after that.”

Holly winced as he stuck his finger deep into her pussy once more, before giving it a firm pat and leaving the room.

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