My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 05

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Big Balls


“Want to watch a movie or something?” he asked.


I went and sat down on the couch while Michael stood with the remote and cycled through Netflix until he found something he wanted to watch. I expected him to just sit next to me, but after he sat down he pulled me over to him until he was lying down with me as his little spoon. My skin tingled with happiness at this turn of events. I wiggled against him a few times to get comfortable and then settled in for what would hopefully be a long movie.


The movie was average at best, but the viewing company vastly improved the experience. Now and then I felt Michael’s breath against my head, and the dull pulsing of his heartbeat was constantly present.

Distracting thoughts filled my head now and then, many of them involving us cuddling naked on the couch instead or our lips touching in a shy but eager kiss. By the end of the movie, I was hard again and didn’t even notice right away that the credits had begun.

“I think I might have fallen asleep at some point,” said Michael. “I don’t think I followed the plot very well.”

“That might just be the movie,” I giggled, “because I don’t know what happened either.”

“I’m gonna give it five stars,” said Michael seriously, slowly pushing me off the couch before standing up himself once I was out of the way. I picked myself off the carpet. “Just to confuse other people.”

“You’re a danger to public safety, Michael,” I replied as I watched him give it a stellar rating.

“I’m a danger to pubic safety too,” he said, flicking my boner and making me flinch.

“You’re a danger to my mental safety with those kinds of puns,” I retorted. I tried to flick his crotch back but he grabbed my hand and re-directed me to I crashed face first into the back cushions of the couch. “No fair,” I mumbled into the cushion.

“Life’s not fair,” said Michael nonchalantly. He turned off the tv as I pulled myself back onto my feet. “I think I might try to sleep soon here. I was thinking maybe we could talk about about the sexual aspects of this arrangement tonight, like how you want me to treat you in bed and stuff.”

“Oh, I see,” I said.

“Then I figured it would probably embarrass you, so I came up with a different idea during the movie. Heard of that Mojo website or whatever it’s called? It asks you both questions independently and then it only tells us what we both are interested in or something like that. If you want it could spare us a conversation that might escort bayan gaziantep be awkward.”

“I think I’ve heard of it online before. I’ve never tried it though.”

“Well let’s give it a shot. If it sucks we can just talk tomorrow.”

Michael began walking towards his room, but I caught his wrist.


“What? You don’t want to try it?” he asked.

“No not that…”

I looked at the ground with a little smile playing on my face. I could feel my hand sweating already.

“Can we um… Can I have a good night kiss?” I asked in a quiet voice. I retrieved my hand and fidgeted with my fingers together.

“You’re so bashful. So fucking cute,” said Michael with a smile. “I GUESS you’ve earned one.”

Michael pulled me closer and gave me a kiss, which forced me to stand a little on my toes. I had been expecting a quick peck, but the kiss lasted for a few seconds and drew out a slutty moan from me. When Michael pulled back, I felt dazed with happiness. I licked my lips without thinking about it.

“Alright horndog, let’s go try the website.”

Michael and I went to his room and found the website. It looked like after he had answered everything, he could link me to the website, so I left the room and went to my bedroom. After about ten minutes, Michael called to me that he was sending the link. I took a seat at my computer and started answering questions.

Have a partner give me a sensual massage, yep… Have a partner talk dirtier to me, yep… Have partner strip or give me lap dance. I wasn’t sure if I particularly wanted him to give me a lap dance although a strip tease would be hot. I liked the idea of giving him a lap dance though. I chose the “if my partner wants” option.

Have longer teasing and foreplay sessions, yes… Have my partner swallow my cum, yes… Be submissive for my partner, hard yes! Swallow partner’s cum, yes… Have my partner be rougher to me in sex, I hesitated and then said yes. We could always discuss what “rough” was later. Be tied down or restrained by my partner, hard yes! My dick got even harder. Be dominant towards my partner… If he wanted me to I guess I could. Have sex where you might get caught. Again, I chose the wishy-washy answer. Have my partner cum on my face during sex, yes… Be spanked by my partner, yes…

I was surprised by how thorough the questioning was. The questions started getting kinkier and dirtier and I began answering more questions with “if my partner wants.” I agreed to letting Michael use a dog collar and leash on me if he wanted to, to let him shave me, and even to wear stockings and high heels if that’s something he was into. These weren’t things I had thought of trying before, but I didn’t want to instantly shoot them down with a “no” and possibly disappoint Michael if they were the kinds of things he wanted to do with me.

I was surprised by my own daring. Michael had been right. I probably would have shot these ideas down or been too shy to answer if he had asked such things in person.

Before submitting, I made sure I had answered and tried to rank things somewhat accurately on the last page. Feeling nervous, I got up and walked to the door to call Michael to tell him I had finished. He came out of his room a moment later and gave me a lustful smile.

“I’ll come in so we can see what we got together,” he said.

The idea made me more nervous but I was also excited so I went back in. Michael sat down at the desk and I stood next to him until he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his lap so we were both facing the screen. Michael told me to use the mouse and I scrolled down. It had given us a ranking.

“Read them out loud Noah,” said Michael.

“O-okay. Number one, have Noah strip or give me a lap dance, and me strip or give you a lap dance,” I said while quickly blushing.

“Oh, what a good boy,” said Michael in a low predatory voice that made me tingle all over. “Keep going.”

“Number two, talk dirtier to Noah, and have Michael talk dirtier to me.”

“Of course, Cocksucker.”

“Number three, watch Noah masturbate, be watched by Michael while masturbating… Number four, spank Noah with my hand and be spanked by Michael’s hand… Number five, blindfold Noah, be blindfolded by Michael… Number six, be submissive for Michael and be dominant towards Noah…”

“Well that one’s already obvious,” said Michael.

“Number seven, cum over Noah’s face and have Michael cum on my face,” I said, feeling mortified.

“Mmmm I like the sound of that Cocksucker.”

“Number eight, swallow Michael’s cum and Noah swallow my cum… Number nine, have longer teasing and foreplay sessions… Number ten, 69 each other… Number eleven, mutually masturbate… Number twelve…”

I felt my heart beat quicken but pressed on.

“Number twelve, have Noah wear a dog collar with a leash and wear a dog collar with a leash.”

I felt Michael’s hand brushing my neck.

“Oh, I was hoping you’d agree to that one,” he said. “Get a big slutty collar for this prissy neck. Make you into a good sub…”

“I answered “if my partner wants to” I said shyly.”

“You’ll like it. Keep reading.”

“Number thirteen, using vibrators during sex… Number fourteen, have Noah wear a ball gag and wear a ball gag for Michael.”

“Mmm… Good with the collar.”

By this point, the fact that Michael had gotten fully hard underneath me was obvious. I had felt his cock throbbing against my butt for a full minute now.

“Number fifteen, spank Noah with a paddle and be spanked by Michael with a paddle… Number sixteen, give Michael a foot job and get a foot job from Noah,” I said, blushing again at the image it put in my head. “Number sixteen, have Noah wear stockings and high heels during sex, and wear stockings and high heels for Michael during sex… You’re um, into that Michael?”

“Oh yes. I’m really glad you didn’t give a full “no” to that one. You’re already so cute that you would look amazing in stockings.”

“Thanks,” I said, feeling nervous about it but also intoxicated by Michael’s praise and obvious arousal at the moment. “Um… Number seventeen, fondle Michael in a public area and be fondled by Noah in a public area…Number eighteen, have sex in the woods or park… Number nineteen, have Noah use nipple clamps and use nipple clamps… Number twenty, shave Noah, or be shaved by Michael.”

“Mmm yeah you’re not very hairy already, but we’re going to turn you into a full smooth twink,” said Michael into my ear from behind. I moaned softly as he began to rub my bare thighs.

There were a few more less interesting reveals after that one, and a couple that were just the reverse version of earlier matches. We were both rock-solid by the time we got to the end.

“Well, that worked pretty well,” said Michael. “Now I have a much better idea of what kind of things you might want from me and what kind of things you’ll let me make you do for me. This is a pretty good list to start. We can talk more in the morning. Try not to pass out when you jerk off tonight.”

I got off his lap and stuck my tongue out at him.

“Like you aren’t turned on too!” I retorted. I grabbed for his dick as evidence but he dodged out of the way and ran back to his room while laughing. I chased after him but he smashed the door shut and managed to lock it while I clawed at the handle. I fell to the floor in the hallway laughing and then got up and walked back to my room.

I closed and locked my room as well, and quickly stripped before jerking off. My mind was flooded with ideas of what our sex life might look like in the future days. I couldn’t wait to get another chance to suck his cock and my hole throbbed gently at the thought of convincing Michael to fuck me. Soon if possible.

After I jerked off, I went and washed my hands and then watched videos online for a while to distract myself until I was tired enough to sleep.

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