Snow Day Pt. 02

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Mayra sat down on the couch next to Azri and Pia, folding her large peacock-like wings carefully over the back of the couch. After several cups of tea, Pia seemed to have warmed up, and was asleep in a cocoon of blankets. The only part of her that was visible was her face, pink and warm, framed by wisps of her straight green hair. On the television, Star Cops: Deep Space Fines was playing, though Azri didn’t seem to be watching.

“Your clothes are in the dryer,” Mayra informed Azri, taking a drink of her tea as she sat down. It was lukewarm at this point, and Mayra downed the entire cup. Azri snuggled up to Mayra and pulled another blanket around them.

“Thank you, May-may,” yawned Azri.

“Did she wake up while I was gone?” asked Mayra.

Azri shook her head. “Still asleep. Let me try waking her.” Azri nudged Pia, and Pia’s bright crimson eyes fluttered open.

“Hey there, bubble. How are you feeling?”

“Azri,” Pia said faintly. “You’re alive. What are you doing in Miss Mayra’s house?”

“She promised she’d pee on me,” said Azri. Mayra’s face suddenly felt hot. She was about to tell Azri off, but Pia just lay back down with a vague “oh, good” and went back to sleep, covering her face and snoring.

“Relax, May,” said Azri. “She won’t remember it. Pia told me she’d had a late night when I got to her place for our appointment. She went to sleep before I left, and I let myself out thinking she was having a lovely nap.” Azri patted the snoring lump of blankets next to them. “Looks like it didn’t stay that way.”

Under the blankets, Pia stretched, popping her back loudly. Mayra cringed and sat up, squishing her bladder into Azri’s elbow. Azri seemed to have felt it and stood up.

After a moment, Mayra’s bladder spasmed again, and she let Azri help her to her feet.

“You get to the bathroom, bubble,” said Azri. “I’ll be right behind you – I need to get something for Pia.”

Mayra’s penis, hard from how desperate she was to pee, made it a little difficult to undress when she got to the bathroom. She paused to brush her waist-length blue hair, pulling it up into a relaxed bun on top of her head. Before she knew it, Azri was sidling through the bathroom door.

“I did bring condoms this time,” said Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort Azri, pulling the square packet out of her pocket as she unbuttoned her pajama top. The pajamas Azri wore were light blue, not that far off from her skin color, and when she dropped her pants it made her violet, swollen clitoris stand out. Her labia and vulva were already dripping wet, and it made Mayra’s heart beat a little faster.

Mayra snorted, “Well that was out of nowhere, but it’s appreciated, especially if you want me to pee on you.”

Azri smirked. “I noticed a half-full bottle of dagger root infusion in your pantry.”

“I add a little to my coffee every morning,” said Mayra. “It helps the circulation when it’s cold outside. It makes you need to pee all the time, but it’s a small price to pay to not freeze.” She held out her hand for the condom when Azri opened up the packet, but Azri didn’t hand it to her.

“Would you like to put it on, Mausebar?” Mayra asked.

Azri nodded, and Mayra stuck her hips out, pulling back her short foreskin.

“Oh, you know to pull back your foreskin,” said Azri awkwardly. Mayra let Azri roll the condom on slowly, adjusting it in her odd, fastidious way.

“I know how to put on a condom, Azri,” sighed Mayra, feeling a squirm of annoyance in her stomach. “It’s not exactly something you ever forget, transition or no.”

“I’m sorry,” said Azri. “I didn’t mean to imply that…but how long has it been?”

Mayra tried to think back. “I don’t remember. I had condoms ‘just in case,’ and it had been a while when I left.”

Azri led Mayra over to the bathtub, hopping up onto the side and spreading her legs. Her vulva was wet and swollen, and she steered Mayra into her when she approached.

Azri was tight on the inside and surprisingly warm for an amphibian. Azri whimpered quietly, and Mayra began moving in short thrusts. “You okay, Mausebar?” panted Mayra.

Azri nodded and moaned, “Faster, please.”

Mayra kissed Azri’s neck, laughing into her hair, “Oh, well since you said please…” She sped up her thrusts, trying to pace herself. It was easier this time, because Azri had helped her with her “morning ritual” just over an hour before.

Using consistent, Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort measured thrusts, Mayra kept going for the next three minutes. Azri’s grunts turned into soft moans, which slowly increased in pitch and volume.

“I appreciate your stamina, May-may,” gasped Azri. “But how are you doing this?”

“Am I keeping you from coming?” said Mayra, grinning.

Azri nodded. “Y-yes…when you slow down I can feel it, and I can’t-” she gave a loud moan; Mayra had slowed down again.

“All right then Mausebar,” chuckled Mayra, leaning down to kiss Azri on the lips before pushing back into her. She didn’t hold back, and fucked Azri as hard and fast as she could until Azri gave a loud, unexpected cry. It scared a similar yell out of Mayra, who had time to let out a single laugh before blowing her load inside Azri.

Mayra kept pumping until Azri stopped moaning, and pulled out, satisfied to see her fluids securely contained in the condom.

Azri flopped back on the side of the tub. “I didn’t know you were into edging.”

“Well,” said Mayra, removing the condom carefully and tying it. “It’s not exactly something you mention to your client when you’re inspecting their airship, or…anyone else, really.”

Mayra’s bladder throbbed, and she could feel her body starting to let go. She tossed the full condom into the bathroom bin and aimed off to the side, expelling a remnant of seminal fluid in the initial drip. The drip quickly relaxed into a hard stream, which she aimed at Azri’s slowly throbbing clitoris.

“What about me?” asked Azri.

“Mausebar you’re a doctor, not a sex therapist,” grunted Mayra. Her clear piss ran down Azri’s vulva and the side of the bathtub beneath her, pooling briefly on the tile floor before slowly creeping toward the drain. “And you’re not even *my* doctor.”

“Up here, please,” sighed Azri, sitting up. She patted her chest, just below her clavicles.

“How could I refuse such a polite request?” Mayra aimed her stream upward, soaking Azri’s breasts and belly.

Mayra allowed herself to lean forward, resting against the tiled bathtub. She stretched her wings while she relaxed her bladder, and had a long, relieving pee all over herself and Ümraniye İranlı Escort Azri. The warm piss felt good against her skin in the slight chill from the cold weather outside.

“So have you been holding or is this the dagger root infusion?” asked Azri.

“I’ve had two cups of coffee and ten cups of tea, six of them since Ca-…Pia got here,” yawned Mayra. “So it’s both-“

The bathroom door opened. Mayra had her back to the door, but knew who it was immediately. Her face heated up and she knew she was blushing: she couldn’t stop peeing.

“Oh, you meant that literally,” said Pia’s voice. It sounded faint, and Mayra was starting to panic when she heard splashing behind her, along with a loud rushing noise.

“M-miss Mayra?! I’m so sorry-” gasped Pia. “I peed all the way down the stairs…do you have a mop?”

“It’s alright, bubble, we’ve got a mop and a squeegee,” said Azri, sitting up a little and casually playing with Mayra’s girldick as her stream slowed. “Just stay there and let it all out. May’s still got to finish, and she’s a little self-conscious.”

“Don’t be sorry, Pia,” said Mayra, pulling her wing to the side so she could look over her shoulder. “We’re just glad you’re alive.” Pia was still in Mayra’s old pair of yellow fuzzy pajamas with the back (open to accommodate a pair of andyne wings) patched up. She looked a little dazed, and her green hair was plastered to her head with sweat. The rushing noise was coming from the inside of her bottoms: she was quickly soaking them through, with a big puddle spreading around her. Pia seemed to relax a little, and kept up the intense rush inside her pants for a few seconds after Mayra had finished.

For a long moment after Pia finished, the three of them sat in awkward silence. Azri broke it, kissing Mayra before carefully dismounting the tub to the side.

“Whew,” sighed Azri. “You ladies were both so full. Better?”

Mayra nodded, feeling herself turning red again. She didn’t see Pia’s face, but heard an embarrassed half-laugh. Mayra herself was mostly dry, and used her wing to cover herself self-consciously while she shuffled over to the rack for her bathrobe.

Half an hour later, the floor had been cleaned and Pia was still in the bathroom, showering, while Mayra helped Azri make some food for the three of them in the kitchen. By the time Pia had finished, emerging from the stairwell in a new pair of bottoms, the food was done. They ate sitting on the couch, watching My Little Targ: Honor Is Magic while the blizzard continued piling up snow outside.

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