Sissy Crissi Ch. 04

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Lap Dance

Chapter 4 — The Morning After

I awoke to the sound of Erika’s voice.

“Come on sleepy head. We’ve got a lot to do today.”

I opened my eyes and peered through thick waves of my hair to see Erika standing next to my bed. She had one knee on the mattress and was leaning over and shaking me. She had obviously not been up long. Her hair was tussled and her makeup a mess. Dressed in only an oversized t-shirt, I’m guessing one of Leroy’s, her shape was largely concealed, but still she radiated feminine beauty.

The entire scene was confusing at first. Erika had never woken me up before, certainly not in such an intimate manner. Now she was only half-dressed, and she was half on my bed. “Crissi, damn it, wake up!” There was a sense of urgency in her voice, so I cracked my eyes open another notch, still wondering what was going on. Looking across the bed, I saw her smooth bronze thigh extending from the baggy shirt. Her full round breasts, still obvious under the loose fabric, bounced as she shook me.

My memory slowly began to return as I stirred to consciousness. Thoughts started creeping into my mind from the fog of a drunken slumber. It was like I had had an elaborate dream, something distant but something real. When I started to move, I felt the soreness in my bottom. Then, I urged my legs into motion, forcing my thighs to spread, and I felt the cum-crusted bond between them pull and break. All of the scenes of the night before immediately came flooding back into my mind. Oh my god, it wasn’t a dream — it had all actually happened.

I pushed myself up from the bed and turned slightly to face Erika. The weight of the large silicone breast forms hanging from my chest told me that I was still “dressed.” I was instantly overwhelmed with embarrassment. Oh my god, the things I had done. I snuck a glance down the bed and saw that I was indeed still dressed – like a freaking whore. I hadn’t even taken my heels off. Shit! What did Erika think of me now? I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

Peeking up at Erika, I found her looking back. I quickly moved my eyes to avert her gaze. “Sorry Mistress,” I gasped shamefully. I was once again mortified. It was all so easy while caught up in the erotic heat of the moment, but now in the aftermath, I was left with the knowledge of how I had exposed my darkest, most protected, secrets.

Erika may have suspected that I was into being “girlie” before. Heck, I guess she knew I was, but now she knew much more — she knew everything. She had seen me act like a total fucking sissy. She had seen me beg for cock, even beg for cum. She had seen me take 10 inches up my sissy ass and beg for more. I suddenly felt a terrible sadness that turned to a sickness in the pit of my stomach. I knew that it could never be the same between Erika and me again, and I mourned the loss.

I wished that I could at least cover myself, but lying there on top of the comforter, there was no hiding. I thought to try and roll away from Erika and maybe run into the bathroom, but I concluded that there was really just no escape. I finally resigned myself to the reality of what I had let happen. My lust had ruled the day, and now I would have to pay the price.

In an attempt to cover myself as much as I could, I crossed my arms over my chest and placed my hands outstretched on the front of my shoulders. I pulled my legs up as much as I could, my knees to my breasts in the fetal position, and again looked up at Erika, ready to face my new fate.

“There you are, sweetheart,” Erika’s voice was soft and tender.

With one hand resting on my shoulder, she gently brushed my hair from my face with the other. “I thought you’d never wake up.”

“I’m awake now, Mistress,” I said timidly.

With a cute little crinkle of her nose, Erika gave me a smiling scowl. “Oh stop with the Mistress stuff. You’re embarrassing me.”

Embarrassing her? It seemed an odd thing for her to say, yet her comment started to relax me a bit. It suggested vulnerability on her part…

“You don’t want to do another role-play already, do you?”

She completely caught me by surprise. “I didn’t know that I had a choice,” I replied, feeling more than a bit puzzled.

Erika pulled her other leg up onto the bed and kneeled back, her bum atop her legs, hands in her lap. “Well, we can’t just play sex games all the time.” Her response was matter of fact, completely without emotion.

“Now, come on, get up,” she prodded. “…please,” she added with a hint of a whine.

I had no idea how to take any of this. Last night I was not to look her in the eyes. I was to do everything and anything she commanded. This morning she was being cute and endearing, more so than I could ever remember. Had I missed something?

Still kneeling next to me, Erika swept the rest of my hair back from my eyes and then reached out with both hands to cradle my face. She gently held my chin up to meet her gaze. “Come on Crissi baby, it’s time to shower,” and with that, she took my hand in hers and pulled me with Ümraniye Fetiş Escort her as she got up off the bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed with Erika standing in front of me, the embarrassment immediately returned. Of course, being such a little slut, my dark stocking tops were completely exposed below my hem. I reached out to pull down my skirt but felt even more self-conscious when I sighted my pearl bracelet and crimson nails. I tugged the hem down to cover my stockings, slumped my shoulders, hung my head and silently cursed myself for being such pathetic little cunt.

“Ah, come on Crissi, will you please stop fucking around?” Erika reached down, took both of my hands and pulled me to my feet. With a swing of her arms, she started me toward the bathroom door and then spun around behind me. A quick crack on my butt, with an open hand, and I was off.

Safely inside, I closed the bathroom door and let out a gasp of relief — privacy at last. What the hell was going on? I turned to face the mirror and took a long critical look at myself. I not only looked like a whore, but one who had been freshly fucked. My hair was a mess; I had mascara streaking from both eyes and lipstick was smeared everywhere except on my lips. I looked like hell… but still my reflection, my full padded chest, my tight skirt and long smooth legs, they stirred my arousal.

Overwhelmed with humiliation one moment and erotically aroused the next, why was it always so? I couldn’t help myself. I ran my hands over my stocking covered thighs. I lifted my c-cup breast. I fluffed my long brown locks, all the time unable to take my eyes of the foxy bitch in the mirror. Once again, I let myself feel feminine, but this time my thoughts were cluttered. I couldn’t help but wonder who I was, what I was… and who and what I wanted to be.

Knock, knock – Erika rapped on the door, “You alright in there, hun?”

Startled out of my trance, “Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied.

“Then get in the darn shower.”

I took one last quick look at the girl in the mirror and began to disrobe. Knowing how I had always enjoyed taking off my “dainties” in the mirror, I avoided their siren song. I focused on getting undressed and into the shower. I unsnapped my skirt and let it fall to my feet, stepped out of it and started to unbutton my blouse. Letting the top fall as well, I swept it over with my foot, to start a pile, but the bright red paint on my toenails caught my eye.

The sight of the scarlet polish and tall red heels was too much to ignore. Again I paused to drink in my feminine allure. I looked so fucking hot standing there in only my undies and heels. I felt that familiar stir between my legs and reached for my hardening cock, but just then I thought about Mistress’ words. She had warned me against cumming without permission. I hesitated but then touched myself, ever so lightly. I drug my fingers over the satin that covered my little peenie. I held my breasts. Oh, I could have cum in seconds, but again I thought of Erika and found the resolve to refrain.

My bra and breast forms were next, followed by my heels and underthings. I looked down at my little semi hard cock. I rubbed my painfully sore bottom and flashed on all that had happened in the last day. Without another thought, I reached in and turned on the shower. An instant later I was under the flowing water.

The hot water felt so good. I let it run over me for several minutes before even beginning to wash. The massage of the warm stream was relaxing. It took me away from the place where I was, away from the confusion that racked my being. I have no idea how long I just stood there feeling the powerful rush of water jetting against my sensitive skin, soothing my tired muscles. I would periodically move my head from side to side, letting the water warm first one shoulder and then the other, but mostly I just stood there. I stood there and contemplated the events that had brought me to that moment.

I knew that things could never be the same again, especially if I chose to stay living with Erika. I was sure that she would never look upon me as anything but some sort of pathetic little sissy cocksucker. After all, that’s who I was, wasn’t it? The thought thrilled me but disgusted me at the same time. I wondered if I could bring myself to live in constant subservience — even if I wanted to.

I went over my options and decided that leaving was the only real one I had. The sex was absolutely unbelievable, but I knew that I couldn’t play the sissy slave 24×7. My thoughts had brought me to the decision to leave, but then I kept coming back to the fact that Erika had treated me so differently this morning. She didn’t act like I disgusted her. She acted like we were still friends. Could this actually work? Could we maintain some semblance of a “normal” relationship after what had happened? It didn’t really seem possible, but I knew that this was what I wanted. I did so enjoy Erika’s company. There was nobody on Earth who I’d rather be with. I knew it Ümraniye Gecelik Escort would be awkward, but I knew I had to try. I washed myself thoroughly, my hair, my entire body. I thought twice about it, but in the end couldn’t resist touching up my shave and went lightly over my legs, chest, and butt.

The water shut off with a clunk as I reached out and grabbed a large bath towel. I patted myself dry and wrapped the towel around my waist. Stopping at the sink, I took a minute to run a brush through my hair, just enough to get out the tangles. I thought to remove the damn polish from my nails, but decided it could wait. Not knowing what would happen next, I took a deep breath, summoned my resolve, and walked out into the bedroom.

Erika was standing there, next to my bed, with both of my large Pullmans taken from my closet and opened on the bed. My entire feminine wardrobe was strewn about the room.

“Well, there you are, Crissi. I can’t believe how long you took.”

“You know, you have such good taste in clothing.” She held up one of my favorite camisole outer tops, midnight blue, with a hint of ruffle about the straps.

“Oh, and you have some wonderful shoes – you know how I love my shoes…”

She turned and picked up a pair of white sandals with a stranded open toe, 4″ natural wood heels, and long white double-wrap ankle ties, “I just love these heels. You have to tell me where you got them.” The whole scene was just odd. Erika was giddy, like a child with a new toy, her bright smile lighting up her entire face. I had to wonder how things could get back to normal with her acting the way she was. I stood and watched her, looking for some answer to what was going on in her head.

Tossing the heels onto the bed, Erika turned to face me with both hands on her hips, “Well we better hurry.”

“You can start getting dressed while I jump in the shower,” and with that she pulled the t-shirt over her head exposing the greatest pair of tits there could possibly be. My jaw dropped, and I think I may have begun to drool. Her breasts were full and round, with well developed pectoral muscles to hold them up and inviting. Her nipples were large and pert, and prominent within her pronounced tan line. I just stood and stared. I looked down to the bright white lace of her bikini panties. They accentuated the smooth contour of her trim bronze tummy and thighs. She was a sight to behold.

The way I stood gawking, I think may have troubled Erika, as she pulled the t-shirt up and held it to partially cover her breasts. I was sorry that I had embarrassed her and quickly turned my focus elsewhere, actually nowhere. Staring blindly into space, the vision of her unparalleled beauty stayed etched in my minds eye.

“Come on Crissi. We haven’t got all day.”

“We’ve got to get our shopping done and get back by 6:00 at the latest.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I didn’t want to press the issue. “Cool, then I better get at it,” I responded as I headed toward my dresser.

“So, where are we going,” I asked, my eyes fixed on Erika’s fine firm ass moving toward the chair set in the corner of the room.

“Well, to the mall, of course. Where did you think?” Erika replied.

“Um, aaa, I don’t know. The mall’s cool.” The truth was I didn’t care. Hanging out with Erika sounded good to me, no matter where we were going. I figured I’d just throw on a pair of jeans and tennies, remove the damn polish from my finger nails and spend a few hours with my love-goddess friend.

“So, why do we need to be back by 6:00?” I asked, as Erika rummaged through whatever it was she had setting on my corner chair.

“For the party, silly,” Erika answered and then spun around holding a short pink skirt, with a scalloped waist and ruffled hem, in one hand, and some plain white 4″ mule sandals in the other.

She held her arms out toward me, “Here you go doll, I picked these out for you to wear.”

“Wear?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sure I had planned to sneak out dressed in drag and have a bit of excitement, but that was under the cover of darkness. Even then, I still don’t really know if I would have ever gone through with it. One thing I knew for certain was that there was no way I was going out to a public place, in the bright light of day, dressed enfemme.

“Erika, come on — you’ve got to be kidding. I can’t wear those out in public.” My reaction was resistance wrapped in a silent, desperate plea.

Erika gave me that familiar hip jutting action, where she shifts her weight to one foot, sets the other on its heel, and usually starts tapping. When she closed her lips together tightly and looked at me with that tilted scowl of hers, I knew I was in trouble. She shook her head, side to side, and slowly the scowl turned into a pout. She lowered her head, pooched her lower lip and rolled her big brown eyes up to look over at me, “So you’re just going to let me down like that?”

“When I’m feeling so close to you?” Erika’s tone was so Ümraniye Genç Escort sincere. Damn how she could play me.

“You know I love you, Crissi. I would never want anything bad to happen to you. I wouldn’t want you to go out and be embarrassed.”

“I thought we could just get an early start and go to a mall where nobody would know us. There’s one about an hour and a half from here.”

Shit! She really wanted me to do this with her, but there was just no way. I had to say no.

“Erika, I would so love to do this with you – please believe me. But I really can’t. I’m too afraid that people will know, that they’ll mock me. I’d be so humiliated, and not a good humiliation. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.”

“Now, are you kidding?” The pout was gone and her voice was raised.

“You listen to me now, sweetie. You look so fine when you get dolled up. There isn’t a head you won’t turn. The girls will all wish they looked like you, and the guys will all wish they could be with you.”

“Hell, the way you look, even if a guy did find that little surprise in your panties, I don’t think it would make a damn bit of difference.”

Erika walked toward me as she spoke, her bare breasts bouncing slightly with each step, her eyes fixed on mine. She finished her argument as she reached my side and again held out the skirt and heels. “Come on, girlfriend; let’s go turn some heads…”

I involuntarily reached out to accept the outfit, and as we exchanged hands, I felt a lightning bolt of excitement shoot through my body, headed straight for my nuts. I stood trembling, holding the skirt and heels, while Erika took my face softly in her hands and pressed her lips against mine. The kiss began soft and tender, but slowly grew in intensity. Her hands moved to hold my head as our tongues intertwined.

Erika backed off, kissed first my lower lip and then held my upper in a supple pinch between her own. A soft, full-lipped kiss, and she straightened out hers arms and leaned back to look me in the eyes. “Oh Crissi, I’ve never kissed anyone the way I kiss you. I knew when we kissed last night that there was something really special between us.”

She held me at arms reach, cradling my face, and looked me straight in the eyes, “You have the lips of an angel and the tongue of a devil.”

Reaching down to my waist, Erika pulled away the towel that covered my privates. Exposed, there was no doubt about the affect she was having on me. My little cockette quickly ticked up into full erection. I felt so ashamed, not by the fact that I had a hardon, but because it was so damn small. I wished things were different.

“Well, it appears that somebody has a mind of their own,” Erika joked as she reached down to take my cock in her hand. Squeezing the head painfully between her palm and fingers, she forced back the pressure and momentarily derailed my lust. Still holding my wilting cock, she shook her pretty little head and admonished me with a smirk, “You really do need to control yourself. Shame on you – you’re just so unladylike at times.” She had me so thoroughly confused that my head was spinning, but I was under her spell.

Erika let go of my male clit and wrapped the large bath towel up around my chest. She tucked and fastened it there in place. “I think maybe you should be a bit more modest, my dear,” she said with a smile. “And you shouldn’t dry your hair the way you do. It really does do damage. You should just pat it and wrap it — you know how…”

“Anyway, now you can start getting ready while I shower. Why don’t you start with that screaming red paint on your nails. It’s fine for the night but a bit much for the mall, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so,” I said, still bewildered by all that was happening. A moment later, Erika was gone behind the bathroom door.

The way she was treating me, she did make me feel like we were friends – girlfriends. I guess I sort of liked the feeling. I was embarrassed and thrilled at the same time. It was obvious that there would never be a chance for me to be her boyfriend, so this would probably be as close as I would ever get. I made up my mind then and there to just enjoy the experience.

With a smile on my face, I set out to get ready for our little adventure. I collected the polish remover and tissues, pulled a chair next to the bed, propped both feet up and started with my toenails. Minutes later the crimson was gone from my toes, so I turned to my fingers. I fanned them out first and paused for a moment of admiration — I did so love the look of polish on my nails — I wished I could wear it all the time.

I guess I had lingered too long, because I wasn’t quite done with the polish when I heard Erika shut off the water. I hurried to finish and then ran around to the side of the bed adjacent to the bathroom door. When Erika came out the door, I was sitting on the bed in front of her, my legs crossed in feminine fashion, my towel still wrapped above my breasts, leaning back with my hands on the bed behind me.

The surprise was evident on Erika’s face as she exited the bathroom. “Well, hello there, girlfriend,” she said with a smile. With a quick once over, she scanned me from head to toe. “No polish, very nice. Wait here while I run to my room. I’ll be back in a sec to help you get ready,” and with that she was gone.

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