Stress Relief Ch. 06

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Note: This chapter is from Nia’s perspective. I figured that would be a nice way to spice things up ~

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

“Impressed?” Nia asked as Ari walked through the doors into one of her favorite places.


They were currently in Nia’s private jet. After the conversation they’d had earlier, Nia made the preparations for her to be added to the trip. Along with her and the blonde, would be numerous employees and investors that were irreplaceable. Her jet had room for all of them. It wouldn’t be a particularly long trip, maybe clocking in at just under five hours, but it would give the two of them some time to enjoy the more hedonistic side of Nia’s life.

Because, after all, surely she wasn’t expected to use ALL of her money for charity and work? Right? As she watched her newest worker “ooh” and “aah” at every little thing, be it the exquisite red lining of the white furniture or the mounted TVs, she smiled.

Ari was simply an adorable human being. The way she looked so eager about inspecting everything in the plane, the way her smile never left her face. The way her arm remained hooked around Nia’s for all of it.

Something dangerous was starting to happen. Thoughts were blooming in Nia’s mind that she shouldn’t be thinking this early on into… Whatever the two of them were doing. After all, she was still her boss and Ari was still just an employee. It wasn’t good to be this attached.

And of course, a week away from the world with just the employee in question would surely be the solution. Shit. Maybe she hadn’t been thinking straight about all of this. That said, as Ari separated from Nia for just long enough to lean down to turn on a laptop on a table and Nia caught a glimpse of that wonderful ass, she decided “meh, some mistakes are worse than others. This one isn’t too bad.”

“This is amazing!” Ari turned and told Nia.

“I’m glad you like it.” Nia placed a hand on her own hip and smiled. “Just wait till you taste the food.”

“Airplane food doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.”

“This isn’t a normal airplane.” Nia countered. “For now though, how about we sit down?”

“Sure.” Ari looked around and noticed that, up ahead, there were beds. Several of them lined up one after another, with TVs acting as walls separating them. “So, we’ll be sleeping in the same space as everyone else?”

“Well, yes.” Nia nodded. “Even if this is a jet, you can only do so much. At the end of the day, it’s not a mansion. I hope that’s not too inconvenient.”

“No, no. I was just… Nevermind.” Nia raised a brow but didn’t press her. Instead, the two of them sat at one of the couches and the TV turned on on its own. “What do you want to watch?”

“Anything with swords in it is pretty cool.” Ari shrugged.

“You’re a fantasy fan?”

“Eh, not much of one, but it’s good every now and then.”

“Okay, I can agree with that.” Nia searched for something and let it play as the two women sat on the couch. With every minute that passed, Ari gravitated further and further toward Nia. It was becoming hard to stay focused on the movie’s opening.

“Do you like movies? As in, are you like, a huge moviegoer? That sort of thing.” Ari asked, her lips dangerously close to Nia’s ear.

“Sometimes,” Nia replied. “It’s a mood kind of thing. Sometimes one good film after another comes out and before I even know it I’m driving to the theater every weekend. Other times though, nothing good will come out for months. You?”

“I dunno. I guess the juries still out on that.” She giggled, taking her shoes off and bringing up her legs. Nia thought that Ari was about to put her feet up on her lap, but she did the opposite. She put her head on Nia’s lap and left her feet on the side of the couch. “I go pretty often but I haven’t ever, like, fell in love with a movie. If that makes sense.”

What exactly was Nia supposed to do with her hands here? She leaned back and left her right arm on top of the couch. The left just kind of stayed there. Then, Ari turned and buried some of her face in Nia’s body in a way that felt funny.

Without a warning, she placed a kiss on her abs, and Nia looked down.

“A bit early for foreplay, don’t you think?”

“It’s never too early for foreplay.” Ari shook her head with a smirk. “If you ask me, this whole day’s just been one big foreplay session.” Ümraniye Esmer Escort

Shit. Well, if that was how she saw it, Nia wondered how the other-

“Wait, wait.” She, as gently as she could, pulled Ari up.

“What?” Ari asked, confused. Right on time, someone walked through a door behind them. One of her private flight attendants.

“Is everything as you’d like it, Ms. Stone?” Nia breathed a sigh of relief that she was able to correct the situation before this lady walked in. Ari’s presence was so enthralling to her that she’d briefly forgotten that her other employees and the investors existed. If any of them saw the two like this, what would happen?

She didn’t want to find out just yet.

“Ari, do you want anything?” Nia asked.

“Some red wine?”

“Okay.” Nia nodded. “Some red wine for her.”

“Of course.”

As the woman walked away, Ari leaned back and asked:

“So, what happened?” She didn’t sound angry, which Nia appreciated.

“We have to keep this,” she gestured between them, “under wraps for now, please. I don’t know how the world would react to the knowledge that I’m a human being with a sex drive. I, well, maybe later it’ll be fine, but for now, I would very much like to avoid any complications. Especially on this trip.”

Ari took the information in and nodded.

“Yeah, I can understand that.” She faced the film again and the two resumed their watching of it. It looked like Ari was the only one focused on it though.

Nia’s own eyes alternated between watching the screen and seeing the adorable way that Ari reacted to the things that happened. Every time a tense scene would come up, she’d lean forward slightly and bite her bottom lip a little. Every time a comedic scene occurred, she’d giggle in a way that made Nia smile. She really was just too cute.

The movie lasted a little over two hours. By then, the plane was ready to take off and the sky had turned black outside.

“I haven’t been outside of Lowlight City in a while,” Ari noted, staring out one of the windows. “And you?”

“Eh, work makes me travel pretty often. I went to Italy a few months ago, France a few months before that.” Nia shrugged.

“Do you like it?”

“At first it was a lot more impressive…” Nia nodded a little. “But, over time, the feeling of awe does fade a little. Eventually, I just started wishing teleportation was a thing, so I could just skip it all.”

“I guess, nothing stays ‘new’ for long, huh?” Ari asked with her eyes set on Nia.

“I guess so. But, just because something isn’t new anymore doesn’t mean it’s bad, right? If you get used to a good thing it doesn’t stop being good… Just means you need to find ways to freshen things up.” Nia shrugged and Ari grinned.

“Ah, I get it now. So that’s why I’m on this trip?” She shifted toward Nia again like she’d done when they first sat down. “You got bored with the whole flying thing so you brought me to “freshen” things up?”

“Of course,” Nia replied. “All part of my master plan and all that. I didn’t become rich without a certain amount of scheming.”

“Damn. You know, you’d be a sick villain in a drama or something.” Ari noted.

“Really? You’re sure the wine isn’t hitting too hard?” Nia asked. An idea came to her mind. She suppressed a smile and shifted toward Ari, momentarily disregarding any thought about who might come into the room. “Ms. Massage Therapist. I’m afraid your time as a free woman has come to an end. From now on, you’ll live under my boot, with no other purpose than to please me.” She said with an exaggerated accent and brushed her hands over Ari’s wrist.

Ari burst out laughing and swatted her away.

“Didn’t you say it was a bit early for foreplay?” Ari asked, her laughter subsiding and leaving behind a charming smile in its place.

“Eh, I made an exception.” Nia shrugged.

“That’s not fair.”

“I’m the boss. I don’t have to be fair.”

Ari leaned forward, her lips a bit to close to Nia’s collarbone, looking up at her.

“You know, when you get on your whole “I’m Nia fucking Stone” shit, it’s pretty hot.”

Nia gulped. Just as she was about to reply, some employees walked in. Ari separated without needing to be told to, but Nia had to put a pillow over her lap. That last conversation was a bit too much. She could feel her pussy was Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort wet and her dick was hard.

Judging by the borderline animalistic look on Ari’s face right now, the other girl must have been aware of it. As the employees all walked around her, saying their greetings and moving along, Nia nodded at each of them as they took their beds.

“We should probably head to be soon.” Nia said. Obviously, all she wanted to do was take Ari and bend her over then and there, but it seemed they were going to have to wait till they were in Halfgreen.

Instead, Ari pulled her over to a vacant bed behind the rest. Some of the employees turned on their TVs and were going to watch something before sleeping. Others just put on a pair of headphones and started drifting off into dreamland as soon as they got to their bed.

“What are you do…”

Ari lied down next to her. Now, the bed wasn’t really that big. It was still a plane after all. Being next to her meant that the two women’s bodies were pressed together. Apparently, that was the point, as Ari looked hungrily at Nia.

Without a warning, she started placing soft kisses over Nia’s collarbone.


“Mhm?” She looked lost in what she was doing. Nia couldn’t quite get started like this yet though.

“I have to change. I don’t intend to catch a nap in a business suit.”

Ari laughed and nodded.

“I should do the same.”

And so, they briefly went into two bathrooms and emerged with a different wardrobe. Being in the presence of others, Nia couldn’t exactly wear the negligee’s she was used to, but she wore something similar if only longer. The sight of Ari though almost made her burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Ari asked with crossed arms.

“Penguin pajamas?” Nia asked with a smile.

“Well, I mean, yeah, they fit. I’ve had them for a while, no reason to throw them a-, fuck you.”

Nia barked out a chuckle and wrapped an arm around Ari.

“Let’s just get back to bed sweetheart.” She whispered so the others couldn’t hear.

Nia turned on her own TV, mainly so there would be some sound in the background before Ari started doing *that* again. Almost instantly, as soon as they were back on the chairs, Ari started pecking Nia’s body. Now, more of it was uncovered though and there was a farther distance that Ari’s lips could cover. Nia breathed heavily as she checked behind them to make sure no one was watching.

Ari’s hand started roaming. First, she caressed Nia’s biceps, then she toyed with her hand, then she let it rest on her thigh. The entire time, Nia’s eyes were on Ari, feeling her own heart start beating faster.

“Jesus.” Nia let out. Ari smirked and brought a sheet over their bodies. Nia wondered why that was for a few seconds, but then as she felt the woman’s hand dip, she understood. “Fuck.”

“Shh…” Ari whispered.

Nia had to hold herself back. Ari was toying with her hard dick, just rubbing on it appreciatively. Every now and then, she placed a kiss on Nia’s cheek. When Nia looked at her, she was nearly pulled back. The raw lust in Ari’s eyes was hard to take in. It was funny, she was the futa and yet Ari’s sex drive seemed to far surpass her own.

Then, a handjob properly started. Nia leaned back, letting her head rest against the exquisite bed as Ari worked her shaft. One stroke at a time, Ari’s watched Nia for her reactions and the futa didn’t disappoint. Nia was shaking. She could feel her restraint slipping. She was about to push Ari’s head down to suck her off when someone walked up. The attendant from earlier.

“Excuse me, Ms. Stone. Do you need anything?”

Nia nearly bolted up but she was held in place. Under the sheets, Ari didn’t let up. She was still stroking, looking at Nia like nothing strange was happening. “What a fucking demon, this girl is.” Nia thought as she replied:

“Uh, no.” Nia shook her head with a small voice. “I’m fine.”

“Alright, and you, Ms?” The attendant asked Ari.

Then, the sheet slipped just a little. It didn’t fall off their bodies, that would have been catastrophic. Maybe this was still just as bad though because what was revealed was where Ari’s arm was.

The attendant’s eyes widened. Nia was about to say something, but Ari simply smirked at the shocked woman and said:

“No, I think I’m alright.” Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort

“O-Oh.” The attendant looked from one woman to the other. “Okay, uh, sorry to disturb you.”

And with that, she basically ran away.

“Ari!” Nia leaned forward. “What are you doing? You can’t just…”

“Don’t worry.” Ari hadn’t stopped stroking her. “Even if she tells people, which she will, no one will believe her. Imagine if I told someone I saw Scar-Jo getting head in a parking lot. It’s fine.”

Despite those words, Ari did pull the sheet back up to their necks. Her stroking grew even faster. With her lips hovering above Nia’s neck, her hot breath hitting Nia’s skin, she kept moving until Nia couldn’t take it anymore.

She (gently… Well, maybe not) grabbed Ari by the back of her head and pulled her down under the sheets. She hoped the woman would get the message. And, she did. A pair of equally cold and warm lips hit her shaft. Nia nearly moaned. Ari traced the length of her dick with her tongue and she brought a hand under it to finger Nia’s pussy. Maybe she was right, maybe everything, since this trip had started, was just one big foreplay session because Nia was *ready*.

Ari wasn’t about to end that here though. She wrapped her lips around Nia’s dick and brought her head down, in one solid plunge, she took Nia into her throat. Nia squirmed. It was taking all of her willpower not to start moaning loudly. She wanted to do something though.

So, with her other hand, she reached under Ari’s pajamas and started toying with the woman’s pussy. This spurred Ari on because then she started bobbing up and down fast. They were having sex, they were a step away from fucking with other employees and investors, important people, sitting just a few meters away.

And that step was taken soon. Eventually, Nia just couldn’t handle it anymore. She pulled Ari off her, but the woman didn’t stop rubbing Nia’s cock. It felt like neither of them could stay away from each other for too long at this point. Nia brought her arm around Ari and pulled her over her. Suddenly, Ari was straddling Nia.

Nia checked briefly to see if there were people behind them, and there weren’t. Maybe the attendant had gotten the hint and wasn’t coming back for a while. Regardless, under the sheets, Ari took her pants off.

When Nia felt her pussy rubbing up against her dick, she nearly came then and there. Before that could happen though, she wanted to feel Ari. She wanted to be inside of her, at least for a moment. Ari did the work and Nia was grateful. On her own, Ari lined up their respective parts and dipped.

When Nia’s cock penetrated her, it was like paradise on Earth. She just couldn’t get enough of it. Ari, meanwhile, was placing feather-light kisses over Nia’s face, which she eventually caught.

With that, the two of them started making out as Ari rode Nia. She was damn good at it actually, hitting a stride and pace that seemed perfect for both of them. With Ari’s tongue in her mouth, Nia’s arms pulled the woman’s body as closely as she could.

Every now and then, she’d spare a glance outside their bed to see if anyone had seen them and they hadn’t. Ari didn’t seem to care about that though. Whenever their lips split up, Ari would keep placing kisses on her cheeks and her jawline, until Nia’s face would return and they could keep making out properly.

She wished she could keep going for longer, but the burning feeling that being inside of Ari provoked was becoming too much. Maybe it was a good thing, the longer this went the higher the chance that they’d get caught, after all. So, before long and before she could lock her arms behind Ari to cum inside of her, she lifted the girl off.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” Nia whispered. “So we don’t get anything dirty, I mean.”

Obviously, her wet pussy had probably done that already but Nia didn’t care.

“Sure,” Ari replied with a slightly hoarse voice and dipped under the sheets. When she felt those lips on her cock again, Nia leaned back and let go.

Gripping the back of Ari’s head, Nia felt her body clench and the pressure in her dick built up until she released in Ari’s mouth. Ari didn’t pull back, instead, she pushed her own head farther down to catch as much of it in her throat as she could.

A few seconds of cumming later and Nia was done.

Ari came back up and did the same thing she’d been doing earlier, placing kisses on Nia’s body like she was some kind of trophy.

“We’re not done yet,” Ari whispered. “I’ll wait till we’re at a hotel, but I haven’t gotten off.”

“Okay.” Nia nodded. “Once we’re out of here.”


With that, the two of them fell asleep.

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