My Friend’s Wish

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My Friend’s WishI am married, not unhappily but still believe there is more to be had. And yes, I cheat on my wife. I have this lady friend, recently divorced. I know her ex. My friend has had a very narrow view of sex on the wild side as has my wife. In their previous marriages, beyond masturbating for her ex to watch, and on my wife’s case just occasional conventional sex.I have been encouraging my friend to explore with other men and she has. Most of them are in it to have selfish sex with her. She tries to make the best of it. I get my thrill hearing about each adventure, obvious some better. Others less so. On a few occasions, my friend and I would meet for breakfast after an overnight liaison so I could smell the fragrance of her recently fucked pussy, often with the semen still leaking out. My friend was at first very surprised then very excited each of the couple of times that I would want to and ultimately would taste her creampied pussy. Often, I would get her so worked up and myself to so I would whirl the head of my penis in her cum filled vagina and add a load of mine to her internal package.But there aydın rus escort is one guy, whom we will call J. He has introduced her to some light anal play, a finger in her anus as he licks her clit and as she puts it, it’s exquisitely wonderful, a guaranteed cum inducer. I have known of him from the beginning. He knew of me. I was excited to hear about all them men she played with.She liked all they would do together except he never had ejaculated in her. One day, he suggested to her that they have a three some with me. A quick phone call and I was in my car on the way to his place.When I arrived at his place, she greeted me at the door with his open shirt on but nothing else. A huge kiss at the door greeted me and the waft of her pussy that had already been explored. I asked her if they had sex. Only oral and the usual finger in her ass. She said he was ready to cum in her but she wanted me to be there first. I had never met J prior and our meeting was more business, to get “our” friend cumming and to find our own excitement. We played with her amply tits, taking turns liicking aydın rus escort bayan and sucking them, kissing her and fingering her pussy. I know when my friend cums and she was on her game. I know of at least six times she had gut rocking cums. I would go down on her while she sucked him and then we would switch. The question then came up, who would fuck and cum in her first. My friend, knowing my preference wanted him to fuck and splooge her first. And he did.I have seen this before in other MFM threesomes as the other guy starts to cum. He announces that he is close. The woman pulls the guy in deeper and then you see it. The sphincter muscle convulses and his anus opens and closes quickly. If you watch carefully, you can see him deliver his load as “lumps” travel down the underside of his penis into her. And so it was with J.Different for my lady friend, she had never cum at the same time until that moment. I was behind them watching as both their anuses were pulsing and J was pulled into the her to the hilt. Still, semen oozed around the edges. She held J inside rus escort aydın her longer as he orgasmic ripples subsided. And then, I gave them both what became a very pleasurable surprise. He pulled out of her and laid down at her feet. Drops of semen were still coming out of the tip of his penis, dripping on the sheets. She rolled over to him to give him a thank you kiss. She saw his penis still dripping. I knew what would excite her, another first.I took his leaking penis into my mouth to clean it, suck it empty. He had NEVER been touched by another man but we know what happens in the throes of sex. He shook at the intensity of the feeling. My friend was masturbating with his semen in her at the sight and excitement of another check off from her bucket list. Then it was my turn. Her vagina showed the load the other guy left in her, white, creaming and lingering. I pulled the skin on my penis back to open the tip while tightening the skin as I entered her. I wanted some of his semen in me as I went deep into her vagina. It oozed around my penis and I could feel his semen dripping from my balls.This time, my lady friend told me she was about to cum again this time with me in her. She drew me in and I could feel her pulses. Suddenly, the other guy stuck his finger in my butt seeking my prostate. I couldn’t help myself and uncorked my own load. Forgive me for stopping here. As I recall her first three some, I need a bit of relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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