My Evil Landlord..

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My Evil Landlord..This is my 2nd true story of my transexual life and the things that have happend to me in it. I moved into my own flat when i was 17, i needed the space away from my mum who was always drinking and getting fucked by strangers who she would bring back after a night out, many a time id hear the bed banging in her room and her screaming out a different mans name at night. Id find wet cum stains on her bed during the day or a pair of her panties lying somewhere that she had thrown and forgot about in her drunken state. Always id find that the gusset of my mums panties were wet with mens cum and i found myself licking at the gusset of the panties to taste the cum and wanking my hard cock till i came. Id shove the whole gusset into my mouth and suck on that material until it was dry of the wet stains. Anyway i had a row with mum over her habbits one day and we decided it was best that i move out. I found a cheap flat and the landlord was a scruffy man in his mid 60s, he had a sreious hygine problem and he stank of everything. He told me the rent would be £60 a week but i needed to tidy up that flat because it was in a bad way after the last tennants who were students. I set to work and i had the flat clean and spotless in a few days. During that 1st month away from my mothers i enjoyed my freedom, i could dress up in my lady clothes whenever i pleased kuşadası escort which was 24 hours a day almost, it was during this time that i realised that i wasnt a man but a girl who was inside a male body. Id shave my body hair and paint my nails, i gave myself a female name which was Cindy, id buy female clothes and underwear almost everyday. (Anyway back to the story of which i was going to tell you). I was at my flat all dressed up one evening when my landlord called to collect his rent, (i had forgot about the rent that month and had spent all my money on female stuff). I let my lanlord in, He asked me for the rent and i told him i was broke and would pay him double next month, he said that wasnt good enough and id have to do better than that. He stank of bro and booze and i swear i smelt shit of him, he moved close to where i was standing and slapped my face hard, i was shocked and started to cry like a little girl. “Please dont hit me i cried, ill do anything you want” He then grabbed me by my neck and dragged me to my bedroom. “Get on your knees you cunt, he said) i did as i was told and got on my knees in front of him, i was wearing a denim skirt that was just above my knee and a cream top and a pair of tan tights that i wore to keep me warm that day, i also had a pair of white thongs on and no bra. He then pulled his zip down and out escort kuşadası sprung his fat smelly cock, the head was coverd in cheese and i felt really sick. “Suck it you queer cunt, he said” i had no choice but to put his stinking cock into my mouth and suck it. He grabbed the back of my head and started pushing his cock deep into my throat, i was gagging and vomited in my mouth but he wouldnt let go so i had a mouthful of sick along with his dirty cock. Eventually he let go and the mouthful of vomit i had spewed out onto the carpet. “Eat it up, he said, What you want me to eat the vomit up ?. Yes eat it or im gonna beat the shit outta you, he said”. I was afraid so i put my face down to the vomit and started to lick it, i felt the hairs on the carpet hit my tongue and the slimey juice of the vomit invade my mouth, (This was disgusting but i had no idea what was about to come). “GET UP, he shouted,” I stood up, my face coverd in dirty slime, he grabbed my top and ripped it clean off, next he tore at my denim skirt till it was on the floor, i was standing there in just my tan tights and white thong now, He then really suprised me by what he did next. He punched me square in the mouth, knocking 2 of my teeth out (I now have 2 false teeth in and can post a pic to prove it if you ask nicely) I was knocked out for a few moments and woke up on the bed kuşadası escort bayan with him pulling down at my tights and thong. I was on my back and he was pushing my legs over my head, my bum was on full view to him, my face was sore and swollen, i was crying not loudly but quietly incase i upset him. I felt his nicquotine fingers push up inside my bumhole and they stung like mad, next i felt his dirty cock entering me and he was on top of me trying to kiss me at the same time, his breath stank and his tongue was inside my mouth licking where my 2 teeth used to be. He was fucking his cock into me now quite fast and he was sweating quite badly, his sweat was dripping down onto my face like rain. “Youre a dirty cunt, tell me you love me you cunt, he said” i was so frightend id have told him anything to please him, “I love you so much, Im a dirty cunt who deserves this, i said”. With that he gave one final push into my hole and pissed a heavy load of cum into my bowels. He lay there on top of me for about 5 minutes with his cock still in me, i could feel his cum at the very bottom of my rectum. He then got up and got dressed and said id better have double the rent next month or id be in for the same again, he left and i got up and washed myself up as best as i could. I want to hospital and told them i fell down the stairs, they said id be ok and gave me some antibiotics for my mouth. I moved out of the flat the next day and never saw the landlord again, I put it all down to the school of hard knocks and moved on. Maybe that is why i have a submissive streak and obey any man now, i always do what im told and never say no…

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