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My Best Friends MomIntroduction: Best day of my life so far…This Story is real and I will never forget the time i had with her…I lived near a private lake were only certain people in the area could use it. I was 16 years old, 5’10 brown hair and well built. Me and my friend would always go swimming in the pound on summer days. I would always make my self look good when my friends mom came out to get a tan. She was 41 years old had dirty blond hair about 5’9, great DD sized boobs and an ass you could die for. She would always would watch us. I would masturbate when ever I got home just thinking about her. One day she called me and said that my friend Tom had gone to the lumber yard a couple of towns over with his dad and that she said Tom wanted to hang out when he got back. I went down thinking Tom said he was going to a football game out of state. I knocked on the door and Vicky, my friends mom said “Come inside, they would be back soon” and make myself comfortable in their living room. I sat on the couch and watched the baseball game that was on. I heard Vicky coming out as she walked passed the front door i heard it lock. She came in she had a black and red stripped one peace swimsuit on. I asked if she was going outside and she said that she wanted me to undress down to my boxers. When I asked why she just said to do it. As I did what I was told she walked over pushed me down sat on my lap and asked if i thought she was good looking as I stuttered, she pulled a tiny whip out and hit the side of my leg. I yelped yes, then she said good now on all fours as i went down she batman escort told me to stay and don’t move.I sat there wondering if i should move but before i knew my boxers were ripped down and i felt a large rigged dildo go up my ass. I was filled with pleasure and wanted to turn but knew I should not move. Vicky asked if it felt good, I said with great pleasure in my voice “yes it does”. she kept pounding my ass for 5 minutes and asked if i wanted more i simply said “Only if you keep going” she replied happily “Good boy” after a few more minutes she stopped and moved over to my face and stuck the big black dildo in front of me and said get up as she took her swimsuit off and said try what you like I went right for her wet and a little saggy pussy and rubbed my face in her sweet juice could hear hear moaning as I licked her clit. She started to smack my ass with a whip praising me i just keep my face in her wet pussy. Then as I really hit the sweet spot all of her cum went all over my mouth and down my throat. She got up and pulled me by my dick that was about 8 or 9 inches at the time down the hall way and into her bed room she told me to get on the bed and I did as she wanted.She went into her closet and pulled out a chest inside were dildos, vibrators, whips, gags you name it, it was all there. first she grabbed few ropes and tied me to the bed. Then she put a mouth gag on me and put a strap-on on herself. As she lubed it up she said softly “This might hurt a little” and then shoved it in my ass. I was in heaven I loved being dominated by a strong beautiful woman.As I took escort batman that big strap on up my ass I heard the door being unlocked then open. Vicky turned and said I am in here babe. I heard the clicks of high heels then “Oh, you started with out me you dirty slut!” “Well he was very willing” replied Vicky in a soft tone of voice. As she walked over to me I saw she was about the same age and height but was a brunet, had about C tits and was 6′ tall. “Well I am going to have fun with you” as she took off her jacket and I saw a black latex outfit on. She laid down in front of me on the bed and just said “Eat it” as she let her beautiful pussy that was slightly wet already, glimmer in the sun light that came through the window. I dug my face right into it her juice was the best I had ever had as I let it just sit in my mouth to savor it. She was enjoying it as well as I heard her panting telling Vicky that I was good. Vicky kept pounding my ass for a while and then stopped and pulled it out. She untied me from the bed and told me to fuck her. I as tuned over I got my dick right up inside her wet pussy. While I fucked Vicky her friend took the strap on and fucked me up the ass.After a while we took a break I called my parents and told them I would be at Tom’s house for the night and they said it was fine. I loved getting fucked by Vicky and her friend, all night we took turns I took it the most, willingly of course and would give it to them when asked. I could not believe how many toys Vicky had and we used them all I was in heaven. I asked if they had any one else coming batman escort bayan over and they said “If I relay wanted to”. I said yes as they called her up, Vicky’s friend said she was different but I was unaware how different at 8:00 she showed up and we were in the middle of fucking each other.When I saw her my jaw dropped she had nothing on was 6’1 blond hair about C sized boobs and a big dick. “Finally you get here Jan” Vicky said as she walked over to her. “Jan meet our little slave, he will do what ever you tell him” Vicky said. As Jan walked over she stroked her dick and put in front of my mouth, and said to suck it. I was no stranger to a nice cock but I had never seen one this big. As I hesitated Vicky whipped me and said “This is my boss make me proud.” The dick was about 7-9 inches and I had only seen dicks 5 or 6 inches long and that was hard. As I stared to suck her nice big cock it grew harder and harder until it was close to 11 inches I had trouble breathing but I kept doing it until I got the hang of it. Meanwhile Vicky started to fuck me in the ass while her friend did the same to her. After about 10 minutes of licking and sucking Jan’s big cock she started to moan and said “Here it comes, here it comes” and unleashed a volcano explosion of cum right into my mouth I could barley keep it all in as Vicky pulled the strap on out of my ass I lade down and swallowed the load of cum and licked Jan’s dick dry. I lade there and watched Vicky get fucked by her friend and let Jan fuck my ass for a while until she unleashed even more cum in my ass. As all four of us lade down it was 1 in the morning so we decided to pick it all up in the mourning. As we went to sleep I put my head next to Jan’s big dick so I could suck it as I went to sleep.I was as happy as a seven year old on Christmas Day.The End…

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