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My little Mousey has always had two sides to her.

Ever since I adopted her from the Ms. Purrs Beast Girl School, she showed that she knew well how to manipulate the one she immediately called “Daddy!” As I picked up her slim, curvy little runners body.

Rounded white mouse ears on top of her head, a long, slender tail, smooth and silky as it is pink and hairless, with soft pink albino eyes…

Mousey was always a pretty girl, and she knew it in my house.

Any time of day, whether I was cooking our meal, or working on my latest book, she’d come to me with her big eyes wide and innocent to ask me for a dress, or a collar, her excuse always that she “Just wanted to look pretty for you Daddy…”

Of course, it melted me every time…

It wasn’t all one sided though, Ms. Purr’s academy had taught her well her whole life, and now, freshly 18, she was ready from the day I adopted her to tease, toy, touch, lick and please whatever I asked her to.

Not a single thing was beyond her boundaries, whether I wanted to pump my cock into her cute little butt till she squealed, or spank that little ass till her cheeks almost glowed red at both ends with pain and passion.

She did have one little quirk I found out though…

My sweet little Mousey always demanded with a pout that she get a foot massage before bed.

I wasn’t super into the whole foot scene at first, but I saw it as something sweet I could do for her at least.

It was as I was rubbing her little feet that I realised just how adorable they were…

She was so tiny that most of her shoes got custom ordered, even though she never wore them uşak escort unless she had to, preferring to pad around the house barefoot, climbing on top of kitchen counters to find the cookie jar she would never fail to raid.

Her tiny feet were so soft and felt silken as my thumbs worked into her soles, feeling the soft tension melt away at my kneading motions…

Within only a couple of days, the effect of staring at her adorable “toesies” was starting to wear on my mind too… The chubby little balls at their bottom were so satisfying to push around or softly squeeze, that I knew I just had to try what I kept fantasising about.

As I was massaging her feet one night in bed, her breathing slow and heavy in something I was thinking more and more had to be a sexual response… I finally took the plunge.

She gasped as i took her biggest toe into my warm mouth, not being shy at all about enveloping it in my wet lips and gentle tongue, hearing her gasp ending in a soft sound, just a shade of her voice slipping into the breath.

I sucked over it slowly, gently, feeling the soft, chubby texture on my tongue, massaging the pad of her toe with my tongue, pressing it to the roof of my mouth just to lather over it again and again with my tongue before shifting…

I moved, changing to now lick her carefully manicured nail, perfectly smooth and satisfying to the touch, i just licked until finally starting to suck on her chubby toe, running my tongue around it in a slow, teasing move that she’d pulled on me dozens of times before.

As my sucks got progressively deeper, my licks against her angelic digit more and van escort more dragging and needing, wanting to show her this care and pleasure, a surprised but passionate stream of moans confirmed was well received.

Suckling on her toe, just as I had her nipple a few times by now, I started to hear a soft, wet sound, above my head, pulling away just long enough to see up her thin little white night dress, her desperate, slender hands had pulled up to her waist as she eagerly, desperately stroked her fingers against her swollen little pussy, the soft pink inner flesh glistening with lust, the smell coming to me now as i began sucking faster, harder, my tongue dragging rougher as I’d felt her do so many times to make her Daddy cum in her pretty mouth.

“Daddy..” she strained weakly, her body bowing with desire, as her fingers searched inside her for a scratch she couldn’t reach, Her hairless tail swishing and lashing side to side between her legs, and I knew that if I got up, I’d see her little mouse ears twitching and flicking in unexpressed tension.

“Please… Please Daddy get up here and fuck my little pussy… Please… Please Daddy, your lil girl needs it…”

She learnt fast that the needy, slutty dirty talk worked best with me, and with one last lick over her delicate little toe, I shifted up, my cock painfully erect, I was glad to already be naked as I lay over the pretty girl.

I took hold of my cock in my hand, using my other to support myself as I kissed her exposed neck sloppily, guiding my cock to her soaked little cunt, pressing the engorged, purple head of my cock to her slit, slowly rubbing it up and down yalova escort to tease her, starting to sink in slowly… pushing myself inch by inch into her heat…

Her legs wrapped around my waist, and apparently done with games, and pacing, she pulled me in against her with a strength I didn’t even know she had, forcing my cock to lance her little pussy as she moaned like a good little whore for the cock she needed so badly.

I started fucking her, already going at a good speed, but her slender legs stayed vice-like around my waist, making sure I wouldn’t pull out too far for her satisfaction, A constant stream of words pouring from her lips, each sentence crafted just to make my cock twitch and balls ache.

“Please Daddy please, Please give it to me Daddy, fuck me, fuck that little pussy GOOD Daddy, you know I deserve it!

“I want it Daddy, I want it so badly, just fuck me, fill me up Daddy, you can’t tease me like this and then not do it Daddy!

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me good! Fill my insides up! Use me as a little cum rag Daddy, I need your seed to know I’m a good little W-Wh-WHOOORE!!”

She screamed her last words as I piston fucked her little cunt, feeling her slick inner walls clutching, squeezing, working to milk every well earned drop of cum from my balls, her legs wrapped tight around so I wouldn’t waste even one load on the bed sheets.

Heavy breathing and desperate cuddles followed as she struggled not to lose herself in the ecstasy only her Daddys cock could bring.

“Th… Thank you… Daddy…” she panted, already sounding exhausted, her arms falling from around my neck to the bed.

“You… You’re the… Best… Daddy…” she finished, her eyelids fluttering shut, comfortable and safe under her Daddy, falling into sleep even as my cock was still pumping the last slow, thick, lazy loads into her little stretched out pussy.

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