Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 01

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters and events are entirely fictional and the author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

This chapter is largely to set the scene and establish the characters, it is intended to be the first part of a novella, if there is sufficient interest I will post subsequent chapters. Thanks to rjjtest1 for editing the story for me.


Bobby Stevens flew down the Colorado mountain side, his skis gliding over the powdery snow. The sky was a brilliant blue and the air was fresh in his face. Somewhere far away he could faintly hear someone calling his name but he paid it no attention. Ahead trees loomed but he confidently navigated the slope changing direction effortlessly with a shift of his weight from side to side, the voice in the distance grew louder and seemed strangely familiar. Bobby was picking up speed now as the gradient increased and the trees grew more numerous. No matter, it was nothing he couldn’t cope with. At 18, he was a star athlete at high school and an experienced skier. A voice called his name from somewhere in the distance.

As he rounded a curve in the slope he found his skis slipping under him; ahead, a thick stand of conifers barred his path, and he struggled to keep control. The snow felt like quick sand and his movements seemed sluggish.

“Bobby!” The voice was so near now, but he had to get control or he would go headlong into the trees. The forest rushed towards him at a frightening speed, the trunks looming more massive now as he neared them.

“Bobby!!” the voice was almost in his ear now. He tried to cry out and put his arms up to protect himself but his voice didn’t work and his hands seemed rooted. The sickening jolt of bone on unyielding wood was only seconds away.

“Bobby!! Bobby!! BOBBY!!” The voice was impossible to ignore now, and he found himself being drawn towards it, floating up through a dark heavy fog towards the light. He forced his eyes open against the light and tried to focus and to his disbelief he found himself staring at a huge pair of breasts swaying in front of his face.

“BOBBY!!” The voice seemed familiar but all he could focus on was the beautiful heavy boobs that swayed inches from his face. “Bobby, wake up!!” They were the most incredible sight he had ever seen, huge, pale and barely restrained in a lacy top. “Bobby wake up!!” The voice seemed so familiar now, but those boobs! His morning boner felt like an iron bar and he wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab those huge tits, but his hands didn’t move. In fact, when he tried, they sent jolts of pain up his arms. “BOBBY!!” The voice snapped him out of his reverie, it was so familiar it was…his mother!

Then the memories came back to him, the skiing accident, being airlifted to hospital, his smashed wrists. Still in a daze, he wondered, “If his mom was calling his name who was he looking at?” Then it hit him with a jolt – he had been ogling his own mother’s breasts! Through the fog of sleep and pain killers he peered up to see her looking down at him.

“About time you woke up sleepy head!! I thought I was going to have to set fire to the bed!” He glanced back down guiltily at the view she was offering him of her huge heavy breasts swaying in a low-cut, silk teddy. “Come on we’ve just got time for your shower!” she said as she shook his shoulder, simultaneously causing her boobs to jiggle one last time before standing up.

Shower? Oh crap, he’d forgotten that the hospital had released him home early on the condition that his mother could care for him. Since she was a nurse it made perfect sense to care for him at home and save the medical bills. Perfect sense, that is, until the issue of a morning boner came up. How the hell was he going to explain this? He didn’t know if she’d seen him staring at her tits but she was sure as hell going to see his hard-on.

“Errrm, Mom it’s ok, I’m pretty tired. You go ahead and go to work.”

“Now look,” she said, sitting next to him on the bed, so that he was looking… straight at her boobs, which were once again at eye level. “We had this conversation and we agreed eve gelen escort that if you were going to leave hospital early I was going to have to look after you, and that includes washing you. I’m not having you stinking up the house and getting bed sores.”

“Uh yeah… I know but…” he struggled to come up with an excuse and wished his hard-on would go away but it only seemed to get even bigger. If only she wasn’t wearing that little silk nightie. Didn’t she know every time she moved her boobs jiggled like two mounds of jello in an earthquake? He could even see the outlines of her nipples.

“What’s the matter, are you embarrassed? I’m a nurse, you’ve not got anything I haven’t seen a thousand times before. Now either you get in the bathroom or I’m going to have to book you back into the hospital.”

He knew that she would do it as well, not out of spite, but rather to make sure he was cared for. He also knew part of the reason she released him early was that she couldn’t afford the bills. Since his father had died in a light aircraft crash a few years earlier the insurance money had largely gone on his expensive private education. They still had the house, but mom’s wages were only just enough to make ends meet. “Ok, ok, you win!”


She flounced off to the bathroom, her sexy bottom swaying in the silk teddy and leaving him to hobble out of bed in his t-shirt and sweat pants, trying desperately to conceal his huge hard-on as best he could. “Please go down,” he wished, but it stubbornly throbbed in his pants. As he reached the bathroom his mom already had the shower running.

“What’s the matter, a little stiff?” she asked innocently.

“What???” he asked, before he realised she thought he was doubled over because his back was stiff from sleeping. “Er, yeah, I do kind of ache.” He winced at his choice of words – his dick was so hard it did ache!

“Ok that seems about warm enough!” she commented chirpily before crossing to him with plastic bags to go over his hands. As she focused on attaching the bags over his bandages he was able to study her again: at 38, she looked 10 years junior to her age. She had a pretty face framed by black hair that would have made her model material by itself, but when you added her figure and in particular her huge 32G boobs, she was nothing short of stunning.

Growing up, Bobby was aware that he made more and more male friends at school as he entered his teens. At first he thought they liked him because he was good at sports, but then he caught on that they all wanted to hang out at his house so they could look at his mom. A couple of times he had got into fights with guys who made lecherous comments about what they’d like to do to her. Now here he was staring at her tits with a raging hard-on. So much for being the gallant son!

“Ok arms up!” He reluctantly lifted his arms so she could pull his t-shirt over his head. “Ok now these!” she said, looking at his sweats.

“Oh god no! Please let the ground swallow me up!” he thought as she reached her thumbs into the sides of his waist band to pull them down. His cock had been held flat against his hip by the waistband of his sweats but as she pulled them down she unknowingly pulled his cock down with them. He was so hard it sent a jolt of pain through his dick as she inadvertently bent it down before it sprang free and slapped against his taut stomach.

They both stood in silence for a moment, he with his eyes closed in shame and her staring in shock. She couldn’t help but stare, partly from the fact that her son had an erection and partly from the fact that it was 9 ½ inches in length and nearly as thick as her wrist. It jutted up at 45 degrees, pulsing with his heartbeat, the foreskin partially rolled back over the head of his cock and his huge balls hanging heavily against his leg. “Oh… I’m sorry… I didn’t realise you had a … you were… I should have realised… I’m so sorry”

“No I’m sorry mom. I wanted to warn you but I didn’t know how. It’s my fault!”

“There’s no need to apologise, sweetie. I know how teenage boys are. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about!” She flushed slightly as she said the last part, before she recovered her professional demeanor “Ok let’s get you in the fatih escort shower.”

She delicately helped him into the cubicle making sure he didn’t slip. “Ok now face the wall”, which he did as she put on a sponge glove and began soaping his back, cleaning his arms and legs and shampooing his hair. He thought she seemed to be taking her time; perhaps, she was hoping his hard-on would go down. Unfortunately, her hand massaging him through the foam and soap felt amazing, so much so his cock was harder than ever. It felt like granite pulsing in front of him as he looked down at it. Then he realised she was going to have to wash his cock with the same glove. His dick gave a sick lurch lifting his balls up with it. He groaned in a mixture of shame and unbelievable excitement.

“Are you all right dear?”

“Yes mom, just a bit of a twinge.”

“Ok well you’d better turn round now.”

As he did so his huge cock swayed form side to side. She cleared her throat but didn’t say anything and started washing his face and chest. He didn’t know if it was the temperature in the bathroom but her nipples were standing out more through the thin fabric of her silk top and the moisture from the shower was making it cling even more to her curves. Every move she made as she washed him made her boobs sway and jiggle. She bent down to wash his legs and her top hung down exposing an amazing cleavage, made even more obscene by his enormous cock throbbing in the foreground as he looked down.

Finally she had washed everything else and said “I’m going to have to clean your privates now Bobby, so just try to relax.” Relax? His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. She began by gently soaping the foam glove before reaching out to cup his testicles.

Her delicate touch felt amazing and caused his cock to lurch once again. She gently cradled his big balls, barely able to fit them both in her hand as she washed them. She then added more soap before placing her hand around the base of his cock. She discovered that her fingers didn’t quite meet around his iron hard column. He could barely breathe, feeling his mother’s hand on his cock, separated only by a thin piece of foam glove. Now, there is really no way to wash an erect dick without it seeming like a hand job, and as Alison slowly and gently ran her gloved hand up the 9 ½ inches of her son’s iron hard cock she was acutely aware of this. In hospital she might have made a joke about it or even laughingly told the patient not to expect a happy ending but now she said nothing as her hand reached the swollen head of his cock and began moving back down the shaft.

He watched in silence as her petite hand completed it’s slow, soapy journey up and down his cock several times before she said “I’m going to have to pull your skin back.” He didn’t say anything, but just watched breathlessly as her other hand delicately drew back his foreskin with her finger and thumb. This time there was no foam glove in the way, her fingers were on the most sensitive part of his cock. She then used the soapy glove to wash around the swollen purple head of his cock whilst continuing to pull his foreskin back with her other hand so she could clean the edge of his glands. Alison was so focused on soaping his cock head that she didn’t realize the sensations she was causing Bobby were making the cum start to rise in his balls. If she kept it up much longer he thought he might lose it and blow his load there and then. But as quickly as it started it stopped, and she released his cock before washing the soap away with the shower head.

She switched off the water and helped him out before drying him off with a towel. “Ok well let’s get your clothes back on and I’ll get you some breakfast,” she said, clearly relieved to get the embarrassing ordeal over with.

“Ok mom, I just need to take care of a call of nature first.”

“Oh alright dear, I’ll go and get your pain meds, let me know when you’re done.”

As he stepped towards the toilet bowl, the reality suddenly struck him that with his cock pointing up at 45 degrees there was no way he could pee without either giving himself another shower (of the yellow variety) or doing a handstand, (which wasn’t an option with broken wrists). What he did know halkalı anal yapan escort was he needed to go bad: a long night’s sleep and all that running water in the shower had seen to that. “Err mom?”

“That was quick sweetie!”

“Ahhh, I’ve got a bit of a problem here.”

She looked at him, then the toilet, then his cock and simply said “Oh.”

“I’m sorry mom, I can’t help it but I really need to go.”

“All right dear. I… well I suppose I’ll have to, um.”

They both went silent with embarrassment, as she stood beside him and he watched her delicately reach down and, for the second time in one morning, touch his erect cock. She lightly held the shaft with her finger and thumb just below the glands and bent his cock downwards towards the toilet. Such was his excitement, however, that his dick lurched, causing it to slip out of her fingers and slap his stomach. “I’m so sorry mom, I can’t help it.”

“It’s alright,” she said in a voice that was barely more than a whisper before gripping his cock again, more firmly this time, and bending it down towards the bowl. Then… nothing happened. She stood holding his iron hard cock while he tried to pee, but the awkwardness of the angle and the embarrassment of the situation made it impossible.

“Sorry mom, it’s sort of like when someone’s watching. Maybe if you could run the tap?” With her other hand she reached over and switched on the faucet and after a few seconds, the sound of running water did the trick and first a trickle and then a powerful jet of urine sprayed from his cock. She did her best to direct it into the bowl while trying not to bend his cock down too far. He groaned with relief as his he emptied his bladder while Alison said nothing, just silently holding his cock. Eventually after what seemed like forever, the flow slackened off and stopped.


“Err yeah, apart from the drips.”


“Well yeah I just have to squeeze the last few drops out, otherwise it kind of makes a mess.”

“What do you do?”

“Well, just kind of squeeze at the bottom and pull any drips up to the top.”

“Oh I see…like this?” She squeezed around the base of his cock and ran her hand up to just below the glands seeing a few drops emerge before releasing his cock.

“Yeah kinda, I guess. I squeeze a bit harder and do it a few times…”

“Oh…” She gripped his cock harder this time and ran her hand up the shaft before repeating the process twice more. Fuck it felt good. He wished she wouldn’t stop. “Ok now?” she asked.

“Yeah thanks!” She then picked up his sweat pants and helped him step into them before pulling them up and pausing as several inches of his cock stuck out the top of his waist band.

“Err, where do you want… I mean how do you usually.. put it back?” He looked puzzled for a moment before realizing she was asking him on which side he put his dick.

“Oh, to the left” She pulled his waist band out with one hand and gently pushed his cock in with the other, as she released him his dick formed a massive, obscene tent in the front of his pants. She did her best to ignore it and finished helping him dress.

Once done she hurried off to have her own shower, get dressed make breakfast before leaving for work. He made his way back upstairs to bed and lay there thinking of the morning’s events. He was hornier than he ever remembered and wondered how he could be so turned on by his own mom. His cock was still hard and he wished he could beat off to relieve his frustration, but his hands didn’t allow him to perform any tasks for himself.

Instead, he closed his eyes and imagined his favorite model Chloe Vevrier, the beautiful big-boobed German girl, one of his favourite jerk off subjects. As he pictured her he realized with a shock that he was replacing her face with his mom’s. Shit! Mom WAS a dead ringer for Chloe! Was that why he always looked at her photos on the internet? What was wrong with him? Whatever it was, he couldn’t deny he was more excited than he could ever remember.

Fuck, this is going to be torture, he thought. He’d been unable to beat off since the accident and wouldn’t have his hands out of plaster for another 5 weeks. Having his sexy mom washing and touching him in the most intimate ways for weeks on end was going to drive him crazy! He lay there picturing his mom’s huge boobs as they jiggled and swayed in her thin top and remembered the feel of her soft hands on his hard cock until finally he felt his pain meds kicking in and began drifting off to sleep.

To be continued…

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