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The crickets chirped in the humid black night as Willow walked out of the hotel, heading for the oasis. It had been two days since she had made love with David and Sally and she was already pining for the feel of an orgasm tearing through her body. She realised that before she had arrived on this holiday, she had never been so sexually adventuress. True, she knew she was beautiful but had never allowed herself to play so wildly and so freely with either member of the opposite sex.

Willow felt hot and sticky despite the fact that she was wearing nothing more than a tight white t shirt, a short skirt and panties. The t shirt she had chosen for her walk was deliberate so that it accentuated her breasts, pushing them against her body and making them look much bigger than they already were although to any passing man, they would have deemed it unnecessary as her breasts were already firm and well presented.

God she was so horny, though. She had made a deal with Sally and David after they had been in the sauna together that they would not come into any physical contact with each other for at least 48 hours. During that time Willow had found herself staring at any man or woman that took her fancy. She found herself longing for a man to just grind into her naked body and possess her very being. On more than one occasion in the past few days, she had had to go back to her room and pleasured herself until she was sticky from her own cum.

She reached the edge of the oasis and sat down on the rock that only a few days before she had masturbated in front of David, arousing him so deeply that she had tempted him into the pool and he had followed her under the waterfall where he had made love to her for the first time. Willow closed her eyes and smiled at the memory of his long, thick shaft invading her body. She so much wanted to satisfy another man or woman tonight. Willow wanted to be stripped naked and have someone paw roughly her tits, pinching the nipples. She wanted someone to tear off her panties and stick their tongue into her cunt until she came over their face.

Willow lay back on the rock with her eyes closed, her feet dipping in and out of the water. She loved the smell of the jungle at night as the flowers released their pollen after casino şirketleri the heat of the day. Behind her, she heard someone walking through the jungle towards her. She sat up and turned to see who it was. The plants opened and a woman stepped out onto the rock in front of her, dressed in a skimpy red dress with spaghetti strap arms. She seemed as surprised to see Willow was in return.

“Oh, I’m sorry to disturb you,” said the woman.

“Don’t worry. There’s not much going on around the hotel at this time of night.” replied Willow.

“It’s just so damn hot, this time of year.”

“So you thought it would be cooler by the oasis?” asked Willow

“Yes, I’m Joanna by the way.” introduced the new woman, “what’s your name?”


“I was going to have a moonlight swim but I don’t think I’ll bother now.” said Joanna.

“Why? Are you scared of showing me your body?” ventured Willow.

“Kind of.”

“Then just follow me.” said Willow, surprised at her own forwardness.

She took Joanna by the hand and led her slowly to the edge of the water. Joanna was hesitant at being led like this and it wasn’t until Willow’s thighs were deep into the water that the other woman relaxed.

“I’ve never swum fully clothed before,” said Joanna.

“You’ve never been tempted before?” asked Willow.

“Tempted by what?” replied Joanna.

Willow smiled at her.

“You know.” Willow said.

“Tempted by another woman?” asked Joanna.

“Yes. And to get horny by getting your clothes wet.”

“Kind of.”

“Good.” said Willow.

Willow pulled Joanna close and planted a deep, passionate kiss on the other woman lips. Joanna tried to pull away but couldn’t as Willow held her so closely. After a few second, Joanna tried to break the kiss but Willow stood fast and allowed the other woman to probe her mouth with her delicate tongue. It was only when she needed air that Willow allowed Joanna to break the kiss.

Joanna stood in the water and gasped.

“Never been kissed by another woman before, then.” asked Willow.

“Never.” said Joanna, shaking her head.

Willow allowed her gaze to move from Joanna’s face for the first time. Her companion had an excellent body behind the casino firmaları red dress. She had long, dark hair and a slim neck. The dress pushed her breasts together, forming a deep cleavage that Willow ached to run her hand up and down.

“You have lovely breasts.” said Willow.

“I’ve never had a comment like that from a woman before,” said Jo.

“Then maybe it’s time you tried something for the first time.”

Willow pulled Joanna close and kissed her again, this time gently pushing them both over into the water with a quiet splash. The cool water enfolded around their bodies and Joanna gasped again as she felt Willow’s hand push inside her dress and pinch her left nipple. Joanna broke the kiss.

“This is too fast.” said Joanna, trying to pull away but Willow held her fast.

“That’s just what I said the first time.” said Willow as she pulled Jo close again and kissed her.

“You’ve got to like the water. I love the feeling of wet clothes against my body.” said Willow between kisses “it makes me cool and hot and horny all at the same time.”

The water was cool enough to be refreshing after the heat of the day as the women held each other close, kissing in the shallows. Slowly Joanna broke the kiss and stood up.

“I am flattered by your attention but I don’t want to…..” she stopped short.

“Don’t want me to undress you?” hinted Willow “But you’re already nearly naked. Your dress is transparent. I can see your tits poking through your dress.” Joanna moved towards the edge of the water but Willow stopped her and pulled the other woman close, kissing hard and with passion on the lips, her hands grasping for the Joanna’s tit, which she found. Jo’s body shuddered at Willow’s tender but rough touch. Jo responded finally, exploring her partner’s mouth with her tongue. Finally she pushed Willow back who fell into the deep water. Willow surfaced, smiling.

“I’m going to have to punish you for that,” laughed Willow as she stood up, taking the opportunity to remove the now transparent, white t-shirt.

Slowly, deliberately, Joanna slid first one strap, then another from her shoulder, her large breasts appearing milky white from the moon.

“All the way?” asked Joanna.

“All the way,” confirmed Willow.

The güvenilir casino dress slid into the pool and Jo was naked before Willow. Slowly she walked toward Willow. Jo kissed Willow, her hand gently tweaking her nipples before travelling down her stomach and inside first her skirt and then her panties. Willow moaned softly as Jo’s hand pushed aside the thin strap of elastic and came into contact with the soft mound of her pubic area. Slowly, then more quickly as Jo grew more confident, she began to flick Willow’s clitoris, pleasuring her even more until Willow’s whole being shook. Willow was almost on the point of cumming all over Jo’s hand when the woman pulled her hand out of her cunt and pushed her fingers into Willow’s mouth. Willow sucked greedily on her juice, tasting her own musky scent.

“I can taste myself,” said Willow.

Jo pulled down her skirt and gazed hungrily at Willow’s perky breasts.

Willow in turn thrust her tits out, displaying them for Jo’s benefit.

“Do you want to suck on my tits?” she asked.

Jo became frigid again and tired to back out. She turned to run but Willow caught her by the hand and pulled her out of the water. She caught Jo’s panties and ripped them off. Willow straddled the other woman and kissed her with an angry passion, demanding that the Jo give more in return. Willow pushed her back and roughly pulled one of Jo’s diamond hard nipples into her mouth. The effect on Jo was electric as her whole body was simultaneously loved and abused in this way. Willow loved the sensation of Jo’s red hot tit in her mouth and she used her tongue to pleasure Jo even more. Jo lay back on the edge of the water and thrust her breast fully into Willow’s mouth. Jo spread her legs wide, giving Willow full access to her cunt.

“Do you want me to make love to you?” asked Willow.


“Good. Because I’m going to pleasure you so much i’ll be heaven for you.”

Jo wrapped her legs around Willow and both started to move together. Willow pushed first one finger, then another into Jo’s wet cunt. Jo’s orgasm exploded through her body and then Willow came in one shuddering climax as they both exchanged juices.

“Ooh aaah, yes, yes, YEESSSSSSS,” screamed Joanna as she came again a final time as Willow touched her between her legs. Willow kissed her as Jo pulled her close.

“Was that heaven for you, Jo?”

“Yes, baby. Now meet me in my room later. I want to share some of my heaven with you.”

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