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More for her!So I been a member of xhamster less than a year and have managed to meet some cool people and have some really good fun.I was browsing the local members section when I came across a young lady’s profile that was a brand new member. She was online so I dropped a line.”Hello, welcome to the site, my name is Jim. What brought you to xhamster? Just porn? Online fun? Or live action?”Took all of 5 minutes and she replied that she liked porn and was up for anything.I jumped right on that and asked what her fantasy was. She replied, “I really like watching two guys fuck a woman hardcore, and I think I would love that”.The wheel in my head start turning as she finally posted a pic. Under 30, in decent shape, nice ass, shaved twat, doesn’t look like she has many miles on it either.I sent my buddy an email asking if he was up for some fun. of course once he saw the pic, he was down.I sent her another msg.Me: “Hey sexy, I think I can help you with that fantasy. What’s bilecik escort your availability like?”Her: “I’m horny now, do you have a big dick because I need to feel it”Me to buddy: “Yo she wants it now, can you host?”Buddy: to me: “Hell yeah just let me know what time. I’m going to call out of work”Me to her: “I have no problem running all nine inches in ya belly. Are you near xxx location? Can you travel or you need a ride?”Her: “I can be there but no anal”Me: “OK great how about 30 minutes?”Her: “OK”Of course she never even shows up and when I went back online to see what her deal was, she ignored me. I’m like what the fuck is that all about? For the bird ass lame beach that talked all that horny shit in msg but wasn’t woman enough to follow through, her loss!I never understood why some people do dumb shit like that. Be real, if you are just here to chat and watch porn, say so. If you wanna fuck, say so then follow through. As I was leaving, my buddy’s neighbor escort bilecik asked for help loading a bag into her car. I was in a bad mood because of this other stupid ass duck that stood us up so I wasn’t even checking his neighbor out.After I loaded the last bag in, she opened her purse and went to give me a twenty dollar bill. I was thinking, “at least I got my gas money back”. I noticed she had a box of rubbers in her purse but I shucked it off. Just then my buddy came out to see what was going on and why I hadn’t left yet.When she saw him, she just pressed her entire body against mine and pushed back until I was pinned between her and they car. She grabbed my behind the neck and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She must have just put a piece of gum in because it was really fruity tasting. I went with it though grabbed her ass with both hands and went for her tonsils with my tongue.She grabs my hand and leads me toward her front door and my buddy is on his bilecik escort bayan lawn with his jaw dropped. We get inside and she whispers, just shut the fuck up and take your clothes off. With a nasty attitude she just says, “don’t even fucking touch me!”Now I’m confused, I turn to leave and she spins me around and drops to her knees right there in the foyer. The front door is still open and so is the trunk to her car. She pulled my dick out and inhaled the whole thing in one gulp and just left it there in her throat.I grabbed the back of her head and she spit my dick out, stood up, and squeezed my face really hard and yelled, “don’t fucking touch me!”OK this white girl has a black girl attitude and I don’t know if I should be turned on or not. My buddy comes in, she tells him to sit down. She comes back to me and sucks me some more.Then it dawned on me that she was making him jealous and her attitude reminded me of some femdom type shit I saw on the site once. I’m a little slow but am a quick learn. LOLAnyway, she made me fuck her for an hour straight, then let my buddy join in.When it was all over I found out she was his FWB and she overheard us fussing about being stood up so she set all that up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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