Mommy isn’t Kissing Santa This Year

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“Are you sure about this Mrs. Clause?” Amy looked up at her.

“Yes Amy,” and patted the elf on the head. “So how do I look?” as Mrs. Clause spun around.

“You look just like Santa.” Amy smiled “Why are you doing this again?” helping Mrs. Clause into the sleigh.

“Amy we’ve all heard that song I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause, well I know that there is a lot more then kissing going on.” Mrs. Clause grabbed a hold of the reins. “After all these years I’ve had enough and I’m going to send a message.”

She snapped the reins and whistled to Mistletoe, and Mrs. Clause waved to Amy as she flew past.

“Be careful Mrs. Clause.” Amy shouted watching her disappear in to a tiny speck.

Mrs. Clause closed her eyes, the air was cold and crisp, and it made her eyes water. Not for just the sheer reason of the cold air rushing past but for the memories it brought back. When he started this tradition all those years ago she would go with him and help. She remembered the magic of going down the chimneys together, seeing the houses decorated and placing gifts around. Then over the years he insisted she stop as he was getting busier things were more commercialized now and he needed her at home to help there.

She knew the truth, every year it was the same thing. Women all over the world would wait downstairs to try and fuck Santa Clause. That was why he really wanted her to stop Santa was screwing around. Mrs. Clause turned a blind eye for some time, took it as part of the package being married to Santa, she did get other benefits most women did not. It seemed like she never aged and she had the elves at her feet. Mrs. Clause was living pretty well but this year she wanted to send a message. She wanted her husband to herself no more sharing.

Mistletoe stopped on a snow covered roof. Mrs. Clause got out of the sleigh adjusted the outfit, and then put her finger to the side of her nose and poof! She was down the chimney.

Over in the corner the typical family Christmas tree with the lights twinkling. On the table a plate of cookies, a few carrots and this family left Santa a beer she noticed.

“Hey there, I’ve been waiting for you.” Mrs. Clause looked behind her a little startled to see a woman’s figure. The woman takes her hand and Mrs. Clause looks at her. The woman was maybe in her 30’s, a little chubby but Mrs. Clause liked her boldness waiting for Santa in a little red bra and panty set while her husband snored away oblivious to his wife’s activities.

Mrs. Clause sat on the couch and the woman stood before her.

“Santa,” the woman starts “I think I’ve been a bad girl this year.” and she takes her bra off dropping it to the floor. Her breasts were big and her nipples were dark pink and erect, Mrs. Clause bit her lip with anticipation.

The woman then sat down beside her on the couch, Mrs Clause grabbed the woman’s breast squeezing it hard then licking her nipple. Mrs Clause got the woman to lie down on the couch and she took off her panties.

She started rubbing her pussy and biting at her nipples, “Oh Santa!” the woman moans. Mrs. Clause slips a finger in the woman’s wet pussy; she could feel the woman tighten around fingers.

Mrs. Clause slowly draws her fingers from the woman’s cunt and then shoves them in the woman’s mouth making suck and lick her own cum off of Mrs. Clause’s fingers.

“Come on Santa give me the big present.” the woman swoons.

Mrs. Clause stood back and slowly took off the Red Santa Suit, the woman gasped when she seen a young woman of her 20’s tits that were so round and perfect. Milky white skin made her nipples stand out perfectly. Mrs. Clause stood there for a moment naked her pussy had the lightest blonde patch, her eyes also had a strange twinkle then Mrs. Clause quickly went over and started kissing the woman holding her down.

“Guess what sweetheart Santa is coming this year,” she whispered into the woman’s ear “I’m Mrs. Clause by the gaziantep escortlar way, and you are?”

“M-Mandy.” she said quietly

“No need to be scared Mandy, I won’t hurt you,” Mrs. Clause smiled “I just want to play too, seems everybody wants to fucks my husband.” and she pushed two fingers back inside Mandy’s still wet pussy. Mandy’s hips withered underneath as she drew a deep breathe in at the unexpected pleasure.

“I’ve never been with a woman.” Mandy confessed.

“That’s ok,” Mrs. Clause smiled licking her neck and trailing to Mandy’s erect nipple. “I have to ask Mandy, does your husband know you fuck Santa?” pushing her thumb against Mandy’s clit.

“Ahhhh shit no!”Mandy sighs out “He would be pissed.”

Mrs. Clause grabs Mandy’s hair holding her down looking in her eyes “Then why do it? How many of you fuck my husband Christmas eve?” Mrs. Clause hand her fingers deep in Mandy’s cunt rubbing her g-spot, Mandy couldn’t stop herself cumming she was oddly aroused being taken by a woman, well by Mrs. Clause so roughly and she wasn’t fighting her off.

Mrs. Clause got up off of Mandy. “I think I’m going to wake up your husband and tell him what you’ve been doing.”

“Please don’t,” Mandy begged “I’ll do anything!” standing up quickly

“Good that’s what I wanted to hear.” and Mrs. Clause sat on the couch and spread her legs open, then she started rubbing her pussy. “Come and eat me.” she called to Mandy.

Mandy went over to Mrs. Clause and got to her knees, she took a breath in and the aroma of Mrs. Clause was intoxicating, her pussy wet and slick. Mandy looked at the beauty of it her first time this close, she could sense how it wanted her to kiss it and lick it.

“I haven’t done,” Mandy started, but Mrs. Clause grabbed her head and pushed Mandy’s face in her pussy.

Mandy started licking and kissing feverishly, lapping up every bit she could. Mandy had her tongue probing deep in Mrs. Clause’s pussy. Mrs. Clause rested her legs on Mandy’s shoulder holding her close, moving and grinding her hips on Mandy’s face smothering her.

“That’s drink up,” Mrs. Clause moans out “lick that pussy good Mandy, this will be a Christmas you won’t forget.” Mrs. Clause pulls Mandy up by her hair and kisses her. “Mmm doesn’t my cum taste good?”

Mandy nods yes. Mrs. Clause has her hands running down Mandy’s body smacking her ass, pinching her nipples giving her cunt a little tease.

“So wet Mandy,” Mrs Clause whispers in her ear while fingering her pussy “You liked eating my pussy didn’t you? Always was a closet lesbian, always curious but too afraid to act upon it.” She pushed Mandy back and walked around the couch staring at her.

Mrs. Clause then went into her toy sac and threw something at Mandy. “Put those on,” she ordered “Your husband is upstairs?”

“Yes but you said,” Mandy looked up “You promised!”

Mrs. Clause quickly went over to Mandy holding her face looking deep in her eyes “I know what I promised, don’t worry now let’s go upstairs.”

Mandy led them down the hall to where her husband Adam was snoring in the bed. Mrs Clause closed and locked the door.

“Mandy move the chair to the edge of the bed,” Mrs. Clause instructed “Then I want you to sit in it.” she walked over pushing Mandy down. She kissed Mandy’s soft lips grabbed her head and pulled it back looking in her eyes.

“I don’t think you understood me,” she said looking at Mandy “you liked eating my pussy too much; I need to teach you a lesson.” she hit a button on the remote in her hand and the panties Mandy had put on started vibrating on her clit.”What’s your husband’s name?”

“Adam.” Mandy moaned

Mandy sat there and watched Mrs. Clause climb into her bed, and get under the blanket with her husband, then pull the sheet back. Mandy watched her husband’s cock get hard before he even knew what was going on.

“Mandy we shouldn’t,” and as he opened his eyes he seen his wife in the chair naked, then beside him he saw a gorgeous naked woman. “This is my Christmas present!” he smiled. Looking the blonde up and down, his cock was standing at full attention now.

“Adam,” she whispered and he looked at her “Your wife wants to share you with me and she is just going to sit and watch.” then Mrs. Clause grabbed his hard cock. “You want to screw Mrs. Clause right Adam?” looking him in the eye, he had seen that twinkle.

He just shook his head yes, but looked to Mandy for approval too. He seen her sitting there watching her legs open with the vibrating panties steadily humming on her clit, keeping her moist. She just nodded yes and closed her eyes.

Mrs. Clause pushed him back and took his cock in her hands, stroking him slowly up and down. She then leans over breathing on him and taking a deep breath in smelling his muskiness. She licked his pink bulbous mushroom head. Kissing him softly and licking his shaft following the one big purple vein down. Mrs. Clause took his balls in her hand and was gently played with them.

She looks at Mandy in the chair and hit a button making the panties work harder on her clit, still looking at her she takes Adam down her throat; Mrs Clause had her nose buried in his pubes as he was so far back her throat, moaning she just loved sucking his cock. Adam grabbed Mrs. Clause by the hair pushing her onto his cock, moving his hips and moaning.

She slowed pulled up from Adams throbbing member looking at Mandy with a trail of spit “Not nice is it? Having somebody else enjoy your husband?” she smirked and took Adam back in to her mouth. Her tongue was playing with his head swirling around it while she was sucking him so hard.

“Oh Mrs. Clause fuck, you suck my cock so good!” Adam blurted out.

Mrs. Clause quickly got up and positioned herself over Adam’s throbbing dick, slowly sliding her wet cunt down over Adam. He grabbed her ass and gave it a good smack. Mrs. Clause slowly started grinding her pussy on his cock; her own fingers rubbing and playing with her clit.

“Oh yes Adam!” Mrs Clause sighs but looking at Mandy “That’s it Fuck my pussy!”

Mandy watches as she sees Adam thrusting deeply into the woman before her. Mandy stuck sitting in the chair the bloody vibrator still working madly on her clit, she was so wet. Even worse was she enjoyed this, watching Mrs. Clause cum all over her husband’s pulsing rod and soaking his balls. But she hated seeing it at the same time.

“What’s wrong Mandy?” Mrs. Clause smiled “You look like your mad? Don’t like somebody fucking your husband do you?” as she slid off Adam’s cum soaked cock. Licking him again. Tasting her own cum and licking his balls clean.

“Adam,” Mrs. Clause smiled “I have a Christmas Present for you.” as she pulled out some lube and squeezed it over his dick, throwing the bottle on the floor. She rubbed the lube all over Adam’s cock, and his balls massaging it in good.

Mrs. Clause got on the bed with her ass in the air “Come on Adam you know where to want to fuck me.” she said swaying her ass.

Adam got behind Mrs. Clause and smacked her ass; he then started rubbing her asshole with the head of his cock. He slowly teased her tight asshole before Adam slowly let his head push in. Slowly he was stretching her ass; he grabbed her ass cheeks stretching them apart. Adam slowly began pumping Mrs. Clause in the ass.

Mrs. Clause grabbed the edge of the bed and was holding tight as Adam was fucking her ass hard. Mandy sat there watching her husband; he loved it she had always said no to anal. She could see the grip Mrs. Clause had on the bed her knuckles were white, and her tit were bouncing around Mandy had thoughts of licking them as she watched them making her own pussy wetter.

“Mandy tell me, do you like watching?” Mrs. Clause looked up at Mandy.

“No!” Mandy sighed out

“I think it sunk in,” Mrs. Clause moaned out as Adam smacked her ass hard. “Now come here and let me make your pussy cum.”

Mandy didn’t hesitate as she got up pushing her soaked cunt in Mrs Claus’ face. She came as soon as Mrs. Clause touched her soft tongue on her clit. It was a stream Mandy had never came so hard, Adam seen his wife having her pussy being licked my Mrs. Clause and cumming so hard it sent him wild and his cock throbbed as he slammed it hard in Mrs. Clause’s ass.

Mrs. Clause could feel him wanting to cum in her ass but she stopped him got him to pull out.

“I think we are going to pop your Cherry tonight Mandy.” and got Mandy bent over in front of her husband “Look at that ass!” Mrs. Clause said as she smacked Mandy’s ass, the poured the lube down her ass crack. Mandy caught a chill from the cold lube.

Mandy felt hands all over her ass and her pussy, she knew Adam was enjoying himself. She looked behind her to see Mrs. Clause and Adam sliding their hands everywhere, she felt fingers in her pussy, and somebody else was slowly pushing a finger in her ass.

“Come on Adam stick it in her ass now.” Mrs Clause said grabbing Mandy’s ass check.

Mrs. Clause watched Adam’s cock slowly slide in Mandy’s ass. She heard Mandy moaning went over and started kissing her. Adam watched his wife kissing Mrs. Clause as he slowly stretched her ass. Adam watched as Mrs. Clause grabs his wife by hair and then shoved his wife’s face in Mrs. Clause’s cunt. Adam was in every guys heaven.

“Oh ya Mandy lick my pussy!” Mrs. Clause sighed aloud

Mandy feverishly ate Mrs. Clause pussy so wet and tasted so good. Plus feeling her husband’s cock deep in her ass, she loved the feeling and wondered why she never let him do this before. She loved eating pussy and now loved the feeling of her ass being full and violated.

“I’m going to go!” Adam shouted as he pulled out and then he shot his cum in to the waiting mouths of his wife and Mrs. Clause.

Adam fell back on to the bed, and he watched the 2 ladies share his cum before Mandy had swallowed it. Mandy looked at Mrs. Clause then to her husband who was already asleep.

“He won’t remember a thing,” she winked at Mandy “He will think it’s all a dream, come on lets go back downstairs.” as she grabbed Mandy’s hand.

Mrs. Clause sat Mandy on the couch and proceeded to get dressed.”Now Mandy, I hope we have come to an understanding?”

“Yes Mrs. Clause.” Mandy looked at her hands in her lap.

“I don’t mean to be a bitch Mandy, but every year it’s the same thing not just you,” she was pacing the floor half dressed now “I’m sure you know the little Christmas carol He knows when you are sleeping.”she sang sarcastically

“I see to Mandy,” she looked Mandy straight in the eye “When he is off every Christmas Eve I see him fuck countless women, and I’m tired of it.”

Mrs. Clause puts the jacket on now looking just like Santa from the neck down. “I’m watching you Mandy no more, and don’t worry I’m seeing a few other wives tonight as well.”

Mandy watched Mrs. Clause finish getting the costume on and now looked just like Santa again. She was standing in front of the Chimney now.

“Oh Mandy!” and Mrs Clause threw a remote to her “those panties my gift to you, I know you enjoyed tonight.”

Mrs. Clause put her finger to the side of her nose and was gone. Mandy quickly went to the window and seen the tiny speck dance out of sight. She went back into her room and put the remote away along with the panties she was wearing, and then slipped back in bed with her husband.

Later Christmas Morning when Mandy and Adam had a minute to themselves having a coffee watching the kids play with the toys Adam started telling her about his dream.

“I swear Mandy, I have never had a dream like that before.” He smiled “I was in Ménage trios with you and of all people a hot Mrs. Clause.” he chuckled “But Mrs. Clause was really hot, not like the little old cute lady they make you think.”

“Ya well keep dreaming stud.” Mandy quipped, but stared over at the chimney knowing the truth.

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