Mitch moved, tied spread armed whipped, clothes pi

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Mitch moved, tied spread armed whipped, clothes piMitch has had a giant orgasm and still tied by her wrists she squeaks through the cloth as I rub her pussy until she stops the slightest wiggle, the wife stands back holding the clothes pins she just removed while thinking of the next fate for her toned body. Both of us loosen and attach her hands to the belt and walk to the next room leaving her in the middle, still blindfolded her ears listen to the rustling then she tenses her abs as her thigh is struck with a ruler. Stay There the wife commands while I lower a bar above Mitch’s head while the wife smacks several dozen more times, panting and reddened skin her ankles get some rope tied around them then a bar secures her feet spread. The bar has rope tied at recessed spots preventing slippage then Mitch’s shirt is lifted over her head and down her arms to be removed, then rope is added to her wrists then arms are lifted and secured spread wide. My mind images of the marks from the clothes pins left her skin red but this is just the start, the wife and I pass out hands from Mitch’s hands down her arms and sides my finger grasping and pinching grandbetting yeni giriş her pussy. A long growl and a tensing stomach holding as the wife adds clover clamps and several weights, drool hits the floor the wife whispers Hope you have Much more? while Mitch pants and I grip her back not as gentle as the coffee house hug I gave her. Lifting he body in a pull up she is swinging back by my grip, the wife pushes the bar lowering Mitch then adding a heavy bag of rock to keep her feet floor bound. Not Good Slut as the wife takes a whip and adds some tracks to Mitch’s butt she pants and drools heavily then apologizes as the gag is removed, Not Good Enough- Big Mistake! the wife scolds as she takes the wand and makes Mitch jump and wiggle as she passes it along her back and sides then gives Mitch’s bra a spray of ice water, FUCK goes Mitch as her nipples harden and become pert through the thin cotton then the wife tells her They Look cold. Shivering for a moment the wife takes two wands and activates them zapping both nipples and loud shrill and a jerk back as she tries to escape the jolt, Lean in the wife commands grandbetting giriş and give them to Serve- Like you Said. Panting and drooling while the wife still has the tips of the wands on her nipples several minutes pass and she leans forward tensing her stomach trying to anticipate a jolt, I look at the wife and lick my lips wanting a snack so we take a break and add clothes pins on her bare back pinching and pulling them hard. The clothes pins gripping a large amount of skin makes her sway and squeak making her pant heavily not knowing our advanced plans for her back, now adorned with a dozen on each side the wife goes over to the table a retrieves a tray of sharp items. Grabbing Mitch’s face the wife scolds her for being disobedient and informs her that complete denial of speech and hearing will be added before her consequence can be administered, last thoughts? Mitch apologizes again and asks what will be done and the wife tells her that it will get under her skin. Mitch goes “Oh” as the gag is applied and earplugs are added plunging her into silence, the wife takes a whip and adds some tracks to her legs and thighs grandbetting güvenilirmi for nearly five minutes loud exhales as Mitch crunches her stomach trying to lift into the air grunting at her failed attempt. Then posturing upward with loud grunts the wife and I grasp and pull the clothes pins inserting several needles through the trapped skin, pausing every other one allowing Mitch to catch her breath we finish and remove the clothes pins. I insert a vibrator inside set at a high setting and the wife removes the gag, Mitch sucks in a lung full and gasps FUCK- I’m commmmmmmmmmming as her body racks and tenses. The wife and I reach over and remove the needles as she twitches while blood drips down her back, on her fourth wave she chants ” my back tingles my pussy feels like a bus and Ooooooo myyy gooddd FUCK”. Mitch has managed to lift her body and the sixty pound sack of rock off the floor bending her legs, my god what a toned body and her six pack so I reach down and put the vibrator to ten. While Mitch twitches the wife and I pinch her stomach and sides all we get are soft low growls, then several minutes later she relaxes and hangs by her arms panting. I look at the wife and say- I want my snack next and she says…I know what your gonna do because you do it to me All The time. I tell the wife- Yep! We let Mitch face down on a padded table and secure her wrists and ankles and let her take a nap before her next session.Con’t

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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