Memoires of the Marquis d’Amour – 8

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Memoires of the Marquis d’Amour – 88 – ExplorationThe court room was empty, on the auction list was a tattered estate and a horse cart in desperate need of repair, and a servant named Candela. Because the deceased owner was a sailor for his entire life I could imagine dark ports in Africa where he could have found this bargain. As she was presented her dull black frock and her greased plaited hair repelled first my attraction, but then considering her hight – towering eight foot – and her mystic african eyes I reserved her service for a simple handful of coins to pay for her masters funeral. I called for a coach and commented her gently into my house and office.»Candela«, I said, »You are not my slave here nor my prisoner! After I have detected your own wishes and future intentions I could provide you with helpful advice and further assistance!« She was glancing down at me even when I was still standing, her black hands well trained behind her back. Her smell though was quite disturbing, so I led her trough to the bathroom and run the taps. I told her to undress and to throw her smelly clothes into the washing basket in the corner. Allmighty! Wasn’t that like a safari into the heart of the Serengetti! Her skin was as dark as a moonless night but with a mystical golden sheen on it, her palms though as pink as a fuchsia flower in full bloom. Calmly speaking to the exotic lady wriggling out of her old dress I learned that she was born in Timbuktu, in a poor family of seven daughters, who were all sold by the greedy father to white gentleman from Europe. Those full breasts tipped by huge nipples stirred my desire, I started to undress as well. Those gems of black shimmering buttocks mesmerised me completely as I sunk down onto the washing basket with a huge erection in my grip. The pitch-black crotch was cleanly waxed, and all that was visible was a pink nub protruding boldly from a narrow slit, like scanning the surrounds for excitement. Oh – so cute!The ebony slave girl kept on talking about her former master, about how useless he was to ever extinguish her fire, and how hopeless he was to even to make her woman! After that a lengthy speech she sunk all her naked african beauty into the steaming bubble bath, and then she looked at me as she had never seen me before. Her black pupils widened with awe! »Oh, Master!«, she ejaculated, »With that proud tool you could surely and finally end my misery of being constantly used without receiving any satisfaction!« And just to underline that lascivious invitation she hung both of here long legs over the sides of the tub and exposed more pearl white teeth than I had ever before!I stripped in record time and dived with a huge splash into the tub straight between those endless ebony legs. I sucked Candelas full red lips and licked her perfect teeth, I feasted on her firm breasts and bit her stubborn 1xbet yeni giriş huge nipples. Then I submerged and found her pink sea anemone already blooming and wide open for me. I explored that exotic orchid with my tongue and sucked on the stiff stencil with my mouth until I run out air. In the proper art Candela sucked my cock until it was stretched out to the maximum and then pulled her knees far up to her shoulders.In a sudden outburst of rampage I rammed my hot red cock into the yearning flower. Wow, how tight it was! My first attempt stayed an unsuccessful failure, so I redoubled my attack. Could it be true that this tall lady was in fact still a virgin? Too late to ponder those possibility, the hymen broke under power of my ramrod and Candela bit her fleshy underlip and drew a symbolical drop of blood. I licked it from her lips quite as an apology for the destruction I had delivered, but the black maid hugged me into her firm breasts like a little schoolboy. Then she slapped my lazy bottom to get me going. Very slowly started an easy movement, not to aggravate the pain. But Candela soon set the pace that grew bolder, then wilder and then frantic, until I couldn’t hold my load back no longer! She screamed some kind of throaty black magic up to the ghosts of her ancestors whilst I unloaded my gun into her mystic depth, and she bucked under me like a black gazelle and nearly threw me out of my saddle. Riding the b**st had exhausted me completely, so I withdrew and left her to wash her hair. I brought her a maiden dress and with the legs over the desk I filled my pipe.Surely, the blue skirt didn’t reach to her black knees, the new maid though looked splendid in the white blouse and apron. I sent her to find Colette for further instructions. »Thank you Sir! I will never forget your service today – I fell like a real woman now!«, she assured me in her dark voice, and a wide white smile and a courtly bow she disappeared out the door. That’s when I got aware that I was still stark naked! I was acquainted with a professor for africology in Paris, as black and tall as Candela was, but still a bachelor – I wrote him a letter.Colette served my lunch, and I told her that my friend Jefferson would like to meet her, that he was a gentle man with a lot of connections that may help her a lot if she could decide to develop a liking towards him. But the maid reassured me without hesitation, that Mister Jefferson was nearly as cute as I was, and that he couldn’t be a bad man from the simple reason of being my best friend! I laughed. When the maid asked humbly, if I wouldn’t like to undress her now, I told her frankly that today this could wait until Mister Jefferson was present. She should bring up a jar of cold ale at three! Oh, that lovely blush that softened her features! So I added with glee, that I was not a huge indulgent 1xbet giriş of such affairs, but that she was just my size, and therefor I would quite enjoy if she would use my back as I used hers! Now but she was on fire and her ears a flaming red!Jefferson was nervous and the day was hot. We smoked our pipes with open shirts and in short breeches. The cool ale was a very welcome refreshment. I introduced Colette properly and offered her a chair. How charming Jefferson could be! He asked the maid all sorts of questions, and they chattered like birds, ignoring my own presence completely. But I watched intently, as Colette seemed persuaded enough to take of her blouse and chemise for Jefferson to approve of her bosom. That was surely the moment my friend fell in love, because suddenly the craft of speech failed him completely. Like a baby infant he buried his face between the soft melons and then kissed every inch of the rich bounty.I was aware that Jefferson loved a good piece of ass and was sure that he was in trouble with Josie in that peculiar aspect. Anyway, I was hot for a game and as usual, had to take the lead. I took of my shirt and dropped my breeches without hesitation and knelt on my upholstered chair, provocatively exposing my hairy bottom to the buxom maid. I teased the poor girl well, and a attractive bulge under her skirt showed her keen intention. She disengaged from my friend, stood up and stripped to the last stitch, her little dagger winning on length steadily, growing literally straight towards my naughty offering! By now Jefferson was up too, massaging the little dagger into performance and helping with the tricky insertion. What a special sensation I felt by being slowly penetrated by this unique instrument, my rod straightened straight away! Jefferson was behind Colette already, and without seeing him I was sure what he was exactly up to. And weren’t we a beautiful menage a trois, all moving but stitched together, Colette’s hand frigging my huge erection and Jefferson kneading her tits! We all came as one together and fell in a tangled hot heap onto the carped, shaking from joy and laughing.I was so happy that Colette accepted my friend without reservation and sent her to pack. She was still all flushed and floating on a sweaty cloud of bliss – never saw her that shiny! My best friend hugged me several times, couldn’t believe his luck! He uttered, that never he could forget this unique formation of fornication, and that he would repay me tenfolds for my support! Then he told me, that Josie somehow seemed to miss me, and that I should visit his house tomorrow, what was agreed upon at once.I was in a strange mood that evening, needed some guilty buttocks tonight. After dinner I talked to Joseph for while in the outhouse. Asked him, if he remembered the pleasant sensation when I had sucked his dickel, 1xbet güvenilirmi and if similar had happened since? He seemed first unsure of how to answer such a tricky question but surely intended to save his little bottom from a beating be applying honesty: »Yes Sir! Twice … by Miss Justine … but I love her, she will be my wife!« »Be sure that you prevent her from pregnancy before that happy occasion!«, I reminded the lad and left him with a good feeling in my guts.I found Justine in the herb garden and submitted to her the task of serving my evening port tonight. If a man like me ever had favorites, in my case it must have been her. Her golden hair was organised in two neat plaits finished with red ribbons, and her light blue eyes fired sparks like diamonds. »Is it true that Joseph’s mill tastes sweeter?«, so I tickled her honesty with rhetoric feathers. The riding crop was on my desk, demanding utmost respect. »Nonono, maybe just a little bit … ?«, the naive maid was trying to evade a straight answer, but I was not to be fooled!Told her, that she was a slut and deserved to be hung in the corner, but she started to sob bitterly in an attempt to soften my evil temper. Coldly I assured her that her dear bottom would learn a lesson tonight that she would remember for good! She winched, that she was f******n this year and bleeding, but still was not allowed to be a woman! »I promised to protect your virginity, saucy miss, but never not to fuck you!«, I snapped back, demanded that she stripped at once. Yes, her breast were swollen by hormones and her hips seemed fuller – she was actually a woman now! There was even just a tiny wisp of golden down shining in her groin, and her pink sex was surely all pouting and demanding attention. But so was my cock! I bent the nasty maid over the back of a chair, then shoved my hard one right in her mouth to steel it for attack. While she was gagged by my cock I whipped her bottom with my crop to soften it for my intrusion. Then I shoved the leather whip between her teeth and parted her lush buttocks from behind, lubricated her asshole with my spittle and pressed my member into the tiny muscle. I was holding the maid forcefully in position, her struggle just increased my resilience! In was mad with satanic lust, I slapped her already smarting red cheeks into obedience. There: my purple plum was in – reveling already in the tight embrace! My prey was now kicking and bucking, but I pressed on to the kill. With an iron grip around her hips I won inch by inch, more through her own vivid rebellion than my own force now. My cock was caught in the vice grip of her revulsion, the last shove buried the whole length in her bowels, and without any further ado my cock exploded, spitting pleasure and pain into its sensitive depth. Justine dropped the whip and growled out like a wolf cub caught in a bear trap – a most ugly a****l sound I never had expected to come from Goldilocks herself! She shuddered about my horrible suggesttion, that if she ever wanted her little cunt treated in this fashion by any man she shouldn’t forget to ask me first!

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