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I had just turned off my alarm to get around for work. Every morning I had a routine. I would slide myself out of bed groggy from just jumping out of a sound sleep. I would sit myself down on the porcelain throne to relieve myself before the six-hour shift ahead of me. After a quick body shower, to wash off the sweat from the night before, I would start to get dressed.It would be the same old way I put on everything. I would start with putting on my pants then to my socks, so I can put on my ankle brace on my left leg. My bra is next because the customers don’t need a show. My breasts were a comfortable C cup and I enjoyed them. They fit perfectly into my hands plus the nipples were what I called “pepperoni nipples.” They are the size of a piece of pepperoni which I also enjoyed about myself.Once I get downstairs, after that routine, I would find something to eat. While even looking at food I tended to sexualize it. This spread out into my everyday life, especially at work. Though I’m mostly straight I would always wonder what it’d be like to fool around with a woman. I think all woman are beautiful in their own ways. Whether looking at a nice plump ass or bouncing breasts, every woman has an asset.There are also those who have wonderful personalities that can turn you on too. When working in retail it gives me the option to “rubberneck.” Which means looking at someone without them knowing you’re looking at them. There are a bunch of lovely ladies that come into the store. Sometimes I like to compliment them when they wear an outfit that accentuates their figure.Today at work there was a new coworker. She had caught my eye because she was short, nicely figured, and looked to have a nice set of breast. Her breasts seemed to be of medium size but little did I know she was good at hiding just how big they were. I don’t tend to make a big deal about new coworkers because sometimes the turn around can be pretty big. She didn’t catch anything except my eye at first.Her name was Maxine. I found out that she had a thing for another coworker. I had worked with him for a while so that’s how our friendship started. She was into Mike who is a six foot Beşevler escort seven, blonde haired, and nerdy guy. He had a certain charm to him though. Mike and I would always have chats about the latest games or ones that we currently would be playing.I started to care for him like a close friend after we had talked for a while. Maxine had known him before she started working at the store. They had talked for a least a year. He also had some feelings for her but she was more of an attention seeker.As I was getting to know her, the next few times I worked with her, I found out that she was bi-curious just like me. We started talking about how we both admired women’s curves. I started to learn more about what she liked and she would describe her body to me. It was interesting, to say the least. She had told me about how big her breasts were and I was surprised.Just inside her work shirt were a set of H size breasts. The plus side to it was that her nipples were both pierced. She wore bras that didn’t show that though. Mike was sent pictures when they were talking to each other and he told me they were definitely real. I would think about them which made me drool. I always wanted to put my mouth on a nice pair of big breasts.The thoughts I would have at work about her would turn me. I started to dream about her in a sexual way. She was petite with a little substance on her bones. She wasn’t skinny but she definitely had curves in all the right places. Her body definitely seemed to be perfect. I thought to myself a lot about her breasts and her hips. That would give someone something to grab on to while enjoying pleasing her. My mind always went to what was just lurking underneath her shirt.Her nipples must feel great when someone just wraps their mouth around them or flicks them with their tongue. You could get a mouthful in just one suck. My hands would be so full they’d be spilling over if I were to grab them. I would accidentally knock into them with my arms sometimes when I was helping her on register. Every time it happened I would hope she didn’t think I did it on purpose but she would say that Çankaya escort bayan they get in the way all the time. I would think no wonder because they are so busty and voluptuous. It was easy to get deep in thought about them.Even while at work, I’d be looking at her thinking naughty things about her. Eventually that poured out into talking to her openly about sexual experiences. I have a past that I’d rather not admit to sometimes but she would always give me some crazy stories to compare. She also got on the subject of her preferences. My curiosity perked when she started talking about her kinks. When she would tell me about her love of BDSM, I would always ask questions. My questions would be like how far she would go for her kink or if she liked being tied up.Her answers would be mostly, “yes,” but others she would hesitate to tell me. I was interested in BDSM before I met her. I was the one who wanted to be submissive in the bedroom but outside I wanted control, at least with men. She was one for submission both in and out of the bedroom. This started my fantasies in my head about being dominant with her even though I was only curious as to if I could be with a woman or not. If I could even get to touch her breasts, I would die happy at this point.My friend Mike would talk to me about what she sent him sometimes. He would tell me that she likes to get off in the mirror, looking at her fingers moving between her pussy and her clit. She got off to looking at herself. I figured she would get off to another woman though. Even if we were to fool around, I don’t think I could bring myself to getting off in front of her though.I’d be more focus on pleasing her and giving her as many orgasms as I could. The only way I could ever get a chance was just to take a risk in asking her to hang out. When I went into work and she was there I walked over to her then finally asked. I offered her to finally come hang out with me. She gave me a smile and gave me the “yes” I wanted. We studied our schedules to see which day would be best for us both. After looking over the days, we decided on a Saturday.We were Escort Cebeci both into smoking bud so I figured that would lighten the mood between us. It would relax me to smoke while hanging out too. I know for her it had the same effect. She actually texted me Friday to see if I had any because she thought the same thing. I happened to have Friday off while she had to work still. Usually I don’t have much extra cash but decided to get some snacks. While she was at work I thought I’d go visit her plus ask her what kind of snacks she would like.I asked her and she said, “Well I tend to like things you have to either lick or suck.”I replied, “Oh! I like the same thing!”My dirty thoughts started floating through my brain. I started thinking about her naughty bits and how I would lick and suck them. Those pierced nipples would get a nice sucking then I’d flick them with my tongue. I’d make my way down her body. My tongue would just have a field day. I had to snap out of it though. If she could read my brain I don’t know if she would like those filthy thoughts. I didn’t want to scare her off before we hung out together.I started thinking more about sweets I could get that we would both like to eat. Lollipops were a good one because you could suck and lick on them. I thought about popsicles because it was going to be a hot summer day. We were supposed to hang out over at my house so it was going to be in air conditioning but they’re still good inside. I really hoped she enjoyed what I had bought though.The day had come for her to come over to my house. I woke up at a decent time because usually I sleep in most of the day. My snacks were laid on the bed with a few drinks laying nearby. She had texted me a little earlier to make sure I was still around to hang out. I texted her back to ask if she wanted me to pick her up or if she had a ride. When she messaged me back, she replied that she did have a ride and she’d be over in about fifteen minutes.She arrived wearing a nice dress down tank top and jean shorts. Her breasts were only being held by the tank top. I could see her nipples poking through. She had told me that she didn’t like wearing bras unless she was working. I was perfectly fine with seeing that sight. I actually was wearing something I found comfortable but not revealing. A tank top with thigh length black shorts. I did wear a bra though because it could be very revealing if I didn’t. My breasts weren’t as nice and perky as hers.

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