Made me a woman pt.3: Swallowing my pride

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Made me a woman pt.3: Swallowing my prideI’m standing still frozen. After getting fucked, bred, degraded and then receiving slutty clothes, heels and jewelry by this big black man. He brought on three of his friends,equally as black and as big with muscles sitting on the couch eye fucking the shit outta me. I just walked outta the shower mmy long blod hair is did, my face looks extra whore-y. dark eye makeup, red lips and all. wearing a gstring and bra matching set. purple with black strings. a mini pink fishnet dress. a pair of 6 inch clear heels and an ankle bracelet with an engram an ace of spades. the clothes, heels, and jewelry he got me. “daddy what’s this? who are they” i say in trembeling voice. he gets up and walks to me “these are yo fans baby doll”. “my fans?” i say looking at him with my innocent blue eyes. “yeah ho! we here to see you bounce that phat booty” one of them shouts from the back. I run to the bedroom. He walks in and closes the door behind him “don’t be scared blondie, this is your dream. you always telling me when we talked online how ou wanna get gangbanged like a pornstar”. “that was all pretend, I cant, I cant believe I did what i did with you, now these people” I reply. “Then why arent you sying your safeword?” he asks. he’s bayburt rus escort right, if i say the safewordall this would be over, maybe i DO want it. “what did you mean they are my fans?” he pulls out his phone and plays the video of me twerking naked on his lap. I felt no shame, i felt proud, I looked hella good.i smile and then a giggle comes out without my control. “there’s my little slut” he hugs me and grabs me by the waste, lifts me up over his shoulder and smacks my ass. he walks out carryin me and the men are standing in the middle of the room he sets me down and the swarm me right nervous and smiling. i geot incredibly horny as soon as they got their hands on my body groping me. grabbing and squeezing my tits, smacking my ass, running their hands on my legs, “cmon girl show us what you got” on guy says as he twirls me around facing away from them so I obey him and shake my phat ass making it jiggle and sending them crazy.all i feel is many hands slapping me so i drop down in a squat makin my ass look huge, they waste no tame and surround me pulling their hard dicks out and i immediatly start taking them in my mouth. I take one guy in and grab my man and another one in my hands and start bayburt rus escort bayan jerking them off. after a few minuts of sucking these three guys the stand me and start stripping me naked. they put me down on the floor on all fours and make crawl to their cocks sucking them. im completely hooked and drunk on cock right now, i didnt realize i was only pleasuring three of the four, he comes over with a bottle of oil and says “grease this bitch” they hold me down by my wrists and ankles and rub oil all over my body, especially my pink hole and start fingering me. my man grabs my hair like a leash and makes me crawl to the bed room on the way the other men slapping my ass which is red now. shoving a finger or two making me jump “yeah, she a tight ho” groaning. he sits on my bed and makes me suck as i feel my enterance being penetrated by one guy he was as big as my man. i had just been fucked by my man a few times so that guy had no trouble sliding inside me easily. he fucks me haardddd and fast, then the other guy switches with my man as he starts fucking me while im sucking the new guy. my man grabs my hips and and stands me up, wraps my legs around him as hes behind me fuckingme and the other guy im rus escort bayburt bowing stands up holding me, im flying in the air spitroasted by these two giant black cocks and im loving it. im getting really into it and smiling and moaning until i notice the fourth guy who is still dressed looking at me, he catches me looking and he gets up, one of the guys says to him “you ready?” he replies “yeah, but she aint”. He pulls out his cock and a look of terror takes over my face. his cock was massive, over 10 inches in length and as thick as a soda can. “no, nomff” I say with a cock in my mouth. they grab me and set me on the bed on my back, spread me wide open and pin me down. he comes over and leans on top of me, and starts to enter me. i feel pain, pleasure, he goes deep and im feeling uphoria, he starts pounding and im moaning loud, clutching my hair, i hold onto him with arms and legs, he pounds me, fucking me, i dig my nails into his muscles, and then i completely lose it, i enter a trance and i start shooting cum all over myself and start shaking. “the bitch came” they laugh “we got a squirter” “yeah” “just like a real woman” “that my slut” my man says as he brushes mmy hair on my head. “time for your treat” he tated grabbing my ankles and pulling me out of bed onto the floor on my knees, they srounded me in a circle jerking off their big cocks, and started cumming on my face and into my mouth one after the other, making me swallow it i swallowed the last drop and wiped the cum off my eyes they were gone. I collapsed on the ground and started cumming uncontrollably.

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