Lucky Camper Ch. 02

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This is loosely based on real events. All names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent. It may help to read the first chapter of this story but is probably not essential.

Jack pulled on some board shorts and a t-shirt and left the motor home. The surprise rain storm had blown out sometime during the night and the morning sun was promising a hot day. His campsite had been, more or less, unscathed; a single lightweight camp chair knocked over, but the girls’ site was a mess.

Their cheap Wal-Mart tent lay tangled in the dirt, one pole held together by the thinnest of slivers; the tiny rain fly was nowhere to be found. Jack pulled the tent into some semblance of repair; one corner bent awkwardly due to the broken pole and fished their packs from inside. The girls’ thin sleeping bags were a sodden jumble, so he draped them over the side of the massive F-250 the girls had driven to the campground. It took only a couple minutes to straighten out the mess and then he carried the packs back to his 30′ Class C.

Opening the door he feasted his eyes on the beautiful sight before him. Who would have imagined that he would have two naked girls lounging in his motor home; both of whom he had fucked last night.

Fawn lay sprawled across the couch, her perfect ass looked good enough to eat, just the smallest hint of her delicious pussy peeking out from beneath her cleft cheeks. Her long brunette hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Jack didn’t know where she got the hair tie, maybe one of his kid’s had left it in the bathroom. She had only the smallest tan line around her hips and none at all across her back, something he hadn’t noticed last night.

Her friend Kelly was sitting at the kitchen table, thumbing through a magazine, toned legs stretched across to the other bench, ankles crossed. Her beautiful C sized breasts were perfectly framed by her arms. Her nipples two candy gumdrops; slightly erect, a delicious pink color. Even sitting it was obvious the girl was some type of athlete, perfect posture and no extra fat on her lean 5’4″ frame.

They both looked up when he came in. “It looks like the rain didn’t get your clothes wet. The packs are damp but the insides seem fine.”

Looking at the two girls, he could feel his cock stirring inside his board shorts. He tended to wear them commando and knew an erection would be obvious, so tried to fight it down. He wasn’t sure if last night was a onetime thing and didn’t want to act like an over eager teenager.

He sat down at the table, after tossing the packs up near the driver’s cabin. Neither girl made a move to get any clothes out of their bags, which he definitely counted as a positive.

“Melanie will be up here in an hour or two. We told her to bring us some clothes.” Fawn paused and rolled onto her side, exposing one of her delectable handfuls. Jack noticed her breast was tanned as well, obviously she sunned topless. Her nipple was tiny just like the rest of the girl, but far darker than Kelly’s. “She won’t be able to bring up anymore vodka for us, my parents will notice if more is missing.”

“Don’t worry about alcohol. You can have whatever you want from my mobile bar here. I’m sure I’ve got enough to make it a party.” Jack leaned back in the booth enjoying the view. “You two hungry?”

“Definitely.” Kelly’s smile became more devilish. “Do you have any sausage?”

She uncrossed her legs and slid her left foot across Jack’s lap brushing against his surging cock. She had great feet, probably a size 7, with delicate toes each painted a bright neon purple with a little hibiscus flower on the big toenail. Her foot traced his growing cock, sliding his nylon board shorts up and down.

“MMMM, I think he might have a treat for us, Fawn.” Kelly all but purred.

“You little slut. We should let our savior eat before we wear him out.” Fawn giggled and stretched out on the couch, her tiny nipples pointing at the ceiling. Jack could clearly see the carefully trimmed landing strip just above her pussy. She had a tight little clamshell, inner lips hidden away and just the tiniest nub of her clit jutting out at the top. “Sausage sounds good to me too, but maybe after something else.

Kelly pouted, “I don’t want to wait.” She slid one finger into her mouth and sucked on it. Jack watched entranced as she slowly pulled it out and in her best coquettish voice whispered, “I’m sure Jack can give me what I need.”

She continued her foot massage and Jack’s cock strained against his shorts.

“I’m sure I have enough-” He stopped as Kelly tugged the laces of his board short loose with her talented toes.

“Move Jack. I want room to play and there’s no space here at the table.”

Jack didn’t need to be told twice, he slid from the table bench to the couch. Fawn curled her legs up out of the way and watched with a smile as Kelly all but leapt at him. With two quick tugs his shorts were down around his ankles and his cock was in Kelly’s small hand.

“Look how big he is Fawn. My hand barely covers half of him.” Kelly paused gaziantep escortlar to lick Jack’s swollen cock head.

“You have cock flattering hands Kell. Always said so.”

Fawn shifted so that Jack and Kelly could have as much room as they needed. Jack’s motor home had slides in the dining area and bedroom so there was surprising amount of space in front of the couch.

Jack groaned as Kelly licked up and down his veiny shaft, leaving lots of spit behind. She slowly stroked him, looking up with her grey-blue eyes.

“Shit, I guess breakfast can wait,” he moaned.

Kelly laughed as she took his head into her mouth. The vibration tingled against his sensitive skin. Her soft pink tongue fluttered against his cock as she sucked more of him in.

Pulling her mouth off she looked at Fawn. “He’s really tasty Fawn, you should try some.”

Fawn smiled, “Plan to, Kell. You enjoy him for now.” Fawn was rubbing her dark nipples and they had hardened into little rocks. Jack could see she was a little flushed and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Kelly was gorgeous too, but Fawn pushed all his buttons.

Kelly sucked his cock back in and slurped up and down, like it was a giant lollipop. Obviously this wasn’t her first rodeo. Jack didn’t think he had ever been taken care of by anyone so talented. As she fellated him she fondled his balls, lightly rolling them between her fingers.

A low moan from Fawn drew Jack’s attention. The petite brunette was sliding two fingers of her right hand in and out of her dripping pussy, while she had her lips separated with the left hand and her left thumb drummed against her clit. “Fuck, Kell. That’s hot.”

Kelly pulled away from Jack’s cock with an audible pop. “Thanks babe, you’re giving us quite a show yourself.”

Jack agreed. He could watch Fawn masturbate all day. He groaned when Kelly took him back into her mouth and hummed around his sensitive glans. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls.

Even with his cock in her stretched mouth, Kelly somehow managed her trademark grin. She pulled away and said, “Not so fast. I’m not done playing.”

She grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed while she slid upwards and locked lips with Jack. Their tongues entertwined. Jack loved her taste, fruity and musty at the same time. He pulled back and bit her lower lip, tugging it gently, before sucking it into his mouth. With his large strong hands he grabbed her by the chin and tiled her head up before sucking on her slender neck. Kelly shivered as his strong lips wandered from her collar bone to her ear, ending by sucking on her ear lobe.

Kelly pulled away. “Bad Jack. This morning is about your cock. You’re getting me all wet and that’s a no-no.”

She sunk back to her knees and looked up at him. Again using her coquettish little girl voice she said, “Fuck my face. Pretty please.”

Jack groaned as she took him back into her mouth. This time she drove down to his root, somehow taking all seven inches deep into her throat. His hands reflexively grabbed her head near her ears, fingers running up into her tousled punkish locks. She looked up at him almost pleading.

“Go ahead Jack. I told you she likes it rough last night.” Fawn continued to finger herself, panting and moaning just inches away.

Jack didn’t need to be told again. He pulled Kelly’s head up and then back down, barely allowing her time to catch a quick breath. His hips surged from the bed and his cock somehow seemed to slide even deeper into her gaping throat. Again and again he thrust into her mouth. The beautiful blonde was drooling and gagging on almost every thrust. Her eyes were tearing and her neck and cheeks were flushed red, but her fingers dug deeper into his thighs, trying to pull him even deeper.

With a final grunt, he exploded, holding her head tight to his crotch. He could feel her throat gulping desperately as he poured his seed into her. After the third blast he let go of her hair and she raised her head up, her nose flared deeply but she kept her mouth around his glans and continued to suck. His balls drew tight to his body as she drained him. Pulling her head away from his subsiding cock Kelly smiled and opened her mouth to show him a large ball of his cum. She swirled it around inside her mouth before tilting her head back and swallowing. When she opened her mouth again, it was empty.

“Fuck, that was hot.” Fawn shuddered and groaned softly as she had her own orgasm. She pulled her fingers away from her cunt and brought them up to her mouth. She licked them clean as Jack and Kelly watched. “I think I could cum just watching you suck him off, Kell.”

“That was amazing Kelly. But you haven’t cum yourself.” Jack started to get off the couch.

Kelly pushed him back with her left hand, her right hand dipped into her dripping pussy and she took two soaked fingers and placed them in Jack’s mouth. “Yes I did. You can take care of me properly later, now I want some breakfast.”

“Pancakes okay?” Jack knew he was going to have trouble keeping up with these girls, but it would be fun to die trying.

Jack knew his way around the kitchen. He always liked to cook and had been spending a lot of time in the motor home. He quickly whipped up some pancakes and scrambled eggs and was shocked at how fast the three of them wolfed them down.

The girls finally put on bikinis; both were tiny Brazilian cut suits that fit like they were painted on. Fawn wore a sheer yellow sundress over her red suit; she quickly plaited her hair into a loose French braid. Within a few minutes she went from naked sex goddess to someone who would fit in with the money crowd on Santa Barbara’s State Street. Kelly’s “cover-up” barely deserved the word. It ended just an inch of two under her tiny black bikini and consisted mainly of a spider web of white yarn. She ran some gel through her hair spiking it up into a sexy tousled mop.

Within thirty minutes of cleaning the dishes a car pulled up to the campsite. Poking her head out of the motor home, Fawn yelled, “It’s Mel! Oh and she brought Kevin.”

The girls tumbled out of the motor home laughing and talking fast. Jack was a moment slower, surprised when he felt a jealous pang that some other guy might be intruding on his living wet dream. When he finally got down the steps he saw a white BMW 325i pulled up alongside the Ford. Standing next to it was a good-looking blonde kid, maybe seventeen years old. He had that lean build that teen athletes always seem to have and a face clear from acne. Fawn and Kelly were hugging him and laughing already talking about the huge storm that had knocked down their tent.

“What about me?”

Jack looked to the driver’s side of the car. A beautiful elf bounced from around the hood. Jack gulped; she was one of the sexiest girls he had ever seen. Her long dark hair pinned up in a forties glamour girl style and dressed in a bright orange ruffled swim suit, that gave the impression of the forties even though there wasn’t much there, she was the embodiment of a pinup girl. Jack didn’t know why she wore the sheer cover-up it didn’t hide any of the tasty morsel inside.

Immediately Fawn and Kelly hugged the elfin girl. Jack realized just how tiny she must be. She might have been Fawn’s height, but he could close his hands around her waist and she couldn’t weigh more than a hundred pounds. She wasn’t scrawny though; her legs and arms were toned and fit. Her eyes were hazel like Fawn, but looked huge in her tiny heart shaped face.

He stood off to one side letting the girls have a moment.

Fawn drug the elfin girl towards him. “Jack this is my little sister Melanie. Mel this is Jack.” She reached out and with one hand pulled the blonde kid forward. “This young stud is Kevin, Kelly’s brother.”

Kevin’s face blushed a little, but he stuck out his hand and gave Jack a strong shake. Not the juvenile squeeze to show who’s boss, a simple firm shake. Jack decided he liked the kid.

“Nice to meet you Kevin.”

“You too, sir. Thanks for helping my sister and Fawn out last night. I heard they almost died.”

“I don’t know about that. I was glad to help when their tent was knocked down.”

“Ahem.” They both turned at the musical snort. “I’m being ignored here.” The grin on Mel’s face was audible in her tone.

“Inexcusable of me.” Jack reached out to shake her hand when the girl leapt into his arms.

“Fuck handshakes. My sis’s hero needs a hug of appreciation.” Her arms encircled his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist.

After a shocked second, Jack enfolded her in his arms. She smelled of Jasmine and spices, she hardly weighed a thing and he was stunned again when she reached up and drew him into a long lingering kiss. The young girl’s breath was like candy and her tongue a swift pink snake that traced across his teeth and withdrew from his mouth. When the other girls giggled, he carefully sat her down.

“I bet they didn’t thank you like that.” Mel stood arms akimbo, one leg slightly forward of the other.

Jake would have bet his left nut that she was a dancer too. She had that natural grace and showmanship. “They thanked me pretty nicely. No complaints here.”

“Humph. I’m sure whatever they did wasn’t enough.”

After that Fawn and Kelly told their siblings a carefully edited version of what happened. The two had already heard it on the phone but Kelly was truly dramatic describing the storm, the crashing tent and the two of them almost freezing to death. Jack was forced to shake Kevin’s hand again as he expressed his thanks and Fawn had to peel Mel off of Jack. Jack felt his cock stirring to life as the pixie clung to him, tears running down her face kissing the side of his neck, thanking him for saving Fawn.

Kevin had come up with Mel to drive the F-250 back to Santa Maria. It was his truck and the girl’s had borrowed it for the night, but he needed it for a date later. Mel had driven up her Beemer and was going to hang out with the two girls until they left in a few days. Jack was glad to have her, she was an infectious bundle of sexy energy, but sure that spelled the end of the amazing sex of last night and this morning. When Kevin found out that the girls were going to spend the rest of the week on Jack’s Mastercraft he turned green with envy.

“And me stuck at work. What do these three know about wakeboarding? An X-star will be wasted on them. I’ve always wanted to ride behind one.”

Jack told Kevin he was welcome any time. When Kevin heard that Jack came up to Lake Naciemento every year he subsided a little and agreed that next year he would meet up for a few days and get a few pulls. Kevin only hung around for another hour before he started the two hour drive back to Santa Maria. Meanwhile Jack put together a cooler full of sodas, Snapple, some beer and some fixings for cocktails if the girls wanted. After throwing in the makings of sandwiches they were ready to hit the boat.

The big black boat was anchored down the hill from his campsite. Its chrome tower shone in the sun. It was one of the best things he had ever bought in his life, even if it had cost an arm and a leg. His kids loved the massive machine and would spend all day on it if they kid. The girls oohed and aahed as they got closer. Twenty-four feet long the wakeboard boat officially sat 13, but its overstuffed seats could realistically hold a lot more if you liked each other.

Jack dropped the cooler into a bin designed to hold it and showed the girls how the flip down rear bench worked. The tower racks were full of wakeboards and wakesurfers and he told them he had a pile of life vests if they wanted to try any water sports. With a few quick movements he undid the rear and the front anchor stays and pulled the boat away from his anchor line.

The girls all shucked their “cover-ups” the moment they were on the boat. In his 43 years Jack had never figured out why they bothered with the flimsy things, it’s not like they covered up anything. Melanie called dibs on one of the forward facing lounges in the batwing bow of the boat, Kelly immediately stretched out one of the rear ones. Fawn curled up in a little ball in the observer’s seat next to the captain’s chair. He asked the girls what kind of music they liked and then selected a playlist on the 160GB ipod plugged into the boat’s sound system. Soon the thumping base line of Robin Thicke and Pharell’s latest was flowing from the cans mounted on the tower.

When his family camped there, Jack and his cousin’s would set up a “beach off”; an area where they would put up tarps and leave chairs claiming a part of the lakeshore for their own. Since everyone else had gone home, he had taken the beach off down and just intended on hanging out in the boat.

The boat slowly trundled its way through the 5 mile an hour zone past the marina and then Jack opened up the throttle as they raced out into the main channel of the lake. Mel shrieked with delight as some spray burst over the sides splashing her. The boat topped out around forty five miles per hour, but something about being on water made that seem fast.

Jack drove the boat masterfully, keeping a careful eye out for “crazies” or weekenders. Some people thought there were no rules on the water and they were dangerous to everyone else. It wasn’t as common on a Tuesday, but you never could be too careful.

The powerful boat knifed its way through the water and he took the girls on a tour of “California’s Dragon”. Naciemento’s distinctive shape made it easy to find on a map and made the lake an intriguing mix of open water and interesting coves. He took the boat back to the Narrows, the long tail of the Dragon and slowly slipped through the canyons.

He turned down the music. Fawn slid across the observer’s seat and snuggled against his shoulder. Kelly seemed to be asleep on the back lounge enjoying the morning sun. Mel was facing forward grooving to the music but paying little attention to the rest of them.

Fawn’s hand slipped to his leg and lightly stroked his thigh; she kissed and sucked at his neck. Jack could feel his cock stiffen as she traced her fingers lightly across the front of his board shorts and her soft pink tongue traced its way to the corner of his jaw. He looked at her from under his sunglasses and nodded toward Mel. Fawn whispered for him not to worry.

Jack had to keep one eye on the canyon walls and maintained the boat’s course, but he pulled Fawn closer and crushed her lips to his. Their tongues danced as the two poured passion into the kiss. After kissing all three Jack had to admit he liked Fawn’s beautiful lips the best, they were perfectly kissable and he could do it all day long. It was hard to steer and kiss at the same time, so regretfully he pulled away.

Fawn continued to lightly trace her fingers across his stiffening cock until he felt like he could hammer nails. He dropped his free hand into her lap and sketched the outsides of her pussy lips. Her clean white teeth sexily bit on her lower lip as he slid his hand under her bikini and touched her bare skin. She pulled the laces of his board shorts undone and pulled his raging cock free from their confines.

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