Teacher’s Pet

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During a wintry afternoon in London, Barry Pryor was browsing amongst the curios in one of Covent Garden’s many market stalls when he heard a voice that called to him out of his past.

“Hello, Mr Pryor,” said the voice. “Remember me?”

As Barry turned around, he certainly did recall him. It was Adrian Boulton, one of his former pupils at Rudgate Comprehensive School, where Barry taught physical education. Barry’s mind immediately raced back five years to an incident involving some particularly nasty bullying.

Adrian, who was then only fourteen, had been cornered behind the school sports hall and was beaten up by three yobs. Whilst two held his arms, the other punched him. “This is what we do to pooftahs,” they yelled viciously.

Barry had spotted them. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Barry shouted. With that they let Adrian go and fled. Barry was too quick for them, however, and managed to grab one. “You cowardly scum! Three on to one. How very brave of you!” With that, he slapped the thug around the head, and told him to report to the head’s office. He knew the boy as Nigel Ellis, a good-for-nothing type, and he would check later that Ellis did indeed go to the head.

Barry had recognised their victim as one of his pupils, a very shy but good-looking fourteen-year old boy, who was sobbing his heart out. Barry didn’t know him too well, but sensed that he found life very difficult at school and felt sympathy for him. He put his arm consolingly around Adrian’s shoulder. “Are you all right?” He asked. But the boy was too upset to answer. “Come in to my office,” he said kindly. “I’ll give you something for those cuts and bruises.”

Barry had seen Adrian home since he was still badly shaken and his parents were out of the house visiting relatives. To cut a long story short, they drank coffee together and had become friendly — too friendly — and Barry had kissed him on the cheek before he realised what he was doing. Although Barry felt a real fondness for the boy, he also recognised he could get into serious trouble, and he was a new teacher who took his profession seriously. He didn’t want to jeopardise it. Adrian was off limits; it was as simple as that.

So, with a heavy heart, he backed away from any close relationship with the boy but, at the same time, kept a watchful eye over him. In fact, Barry was instrumental in getting the bullies expelled from the school. Barry knew that Adrian’s effeminate manners would likely get him into difficulties and did his best to ensure the school adopted a very strict anti-bullying policy.

So, as Adrian’s last three years at school passed, the two were forced to admire each other from afar. Adrian had left school at seventeen, moved up north for a couple of years, but was now back in London. Incredibly, Barry was the first person he met on moving back that he knew.

Barry shook himself out of his reverie. “Adrian! How nice it is to meet you again after all this time! How are you doing?” Adrian had been an attractive boy but he now looked even better. He had shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes and beautiful white teeth that were displayed when he smiled. Barry detected immediately that he had changed in an important way, but couldn’t put his finger on how exactly he had changed at this point.

“I’m doing just fine, Mr Pryor.” Adrian could never be faulted for his lack of politeness.

“Please, it’s just Barry now. So what are you doing in London again? I heard you’d moved up north.”

“Well, it’s a long story,” replied Adrian “but I was thrown out by my parents because of a relationship I was having. I just needed to get away as far as possible. I’m working in a computer store. The money’s not great but it keeps me going.”

“But that’s beşiktaş escort dreadful,” sympathised Barry. “And are you still with the girl?”

“Actually, it was a boy,” corrected Adrian, without using an apologetic tone. “And no, I’m no longer with him.” Barry should have known better than to ask. He’d realised all along that Adrian was gay. Everything pointed to it: his manner, his solitary nature, the fact he didn’t chase after that girls like the others and his refined taste in clothes and music.

But Barry hadn’t wanted to recognise or accept Adrian’s inclinations. They reminded him all too uncomfortably of his own. Barry had felt attracted to handsome boys from a young age and had dampened down his desires only with the help of a ruthless regime of physical training, which included sixty or seventy miles of running per week. He had joined a local athletics club, where he was one of the star performers. Barry frequently ran through pain to avoid a greater pain that he feared might surge up inside. Now, as he looked at this sweet-faced boy of nineteen, eight years his junior, those hidden desires again stirred in him.

Barry looked at Adrian now with something approaching admiration; at least he had had the courage not to deny what he was inside, even if it had cost him dearly. “Look, I was just looking around doing nothing in particular,” said Barry. “Do you fancy a coffee?”

“Sure, why not?” replied Adrian. “I can catch up with what’s been happening at my old school.” As they walked to a nearby café and chatted happily, Barry already felt a great freeness of speech. It was so refreshing that the straitjacket imposed by the hierarchical teacher-pupil relationship had been removed. He could now appreciate Adrian as an equal. There was a lot to appreciate: Adrian not only had striking looks; he was also gentle, intelligent and articulate. Barry sensed that this casual meeting would lead to something more meaningful.

They sat down at a table, drank their coffee, and enjoyed each other’s company so much, they decided to have another. They talked of the old days at school, laughing and joking about some of the odd teachers and pupils there. The atmosphere between them had become so warm that Adrian felt emboldened to speak of his feelings for Barry. “You know, I used to be called “teacher’s pet” at school by the other kids, but I didn’t care. I fancied you like mad. And that day I was bullied and you cared for me then kissed me…I hoped. But I understood why you did what you did. You did genuinely like me didn’t you Barry, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Barry felt equally caught up in the warmth of the moment. I thought you were gorgeous, Adrian.” He then added after a thoughtful pause: “As a matter of fact, I still do, but even more so.” Saying this he placed his hand on Adrian’s under the table. Adrian reciprocated by squeezing Barry’s letting him know the extent of his longing for him.

Adrian acted while the time was still propitious. “I’ve just had an idea. Why don’t you come around to see my new flat? You can be my first visitor!”

Barry’s heart was still pounding from his amorous touching of Adrian, but now that his feelings were pouring out of him, he could not find the strength to suppress them again. “Yes, that would be nice,” he said. “Perhaps you could make me dinner.” As for Adrian, his skin was prickling all over with excitement at the thought of being alone with the man of his dreams, yet he repeatedly told himself not to expect too much; he had suffered too much disappointment and heartache in his life to build his hopes up too high.

They travelled on the tube for about three stops, then walked ten minutes or so until they reached an old, but not altogether unpleasant, block of istanbul escort flats. Walking upstairs two floors, Adrian put the key in his lock and turned. He allowed Barry in first. Adrian shut the door behind him and just stood looking at Barry. He felt so nervous he couldn’t find the right words to say. He just reached out his hand to Barry. Barry put his hands around Adrian’s waist and pulled him nearer. Saying merely “Adrian, darling” he moved his lips to the young boy’s, until they met in a wonderful, deep, loving kiss. To Barry, Adrian felt indescribably lovely in his arms; the boy was soft, pliant, and his lips were so succulent.

They kissed again, even more passionately. Barry allowed his right hand to move down Adrian’s willowy body to stroke his bottom and the back of his thighs. Adrian gently restrained him but gave him such a sweet smile that Barry knew for sure that he wasn’t being rejected. “Let me put my normal clothes back on,” said Adrian. “I don’t really feel comfortable in these in the house. Help yourself to the wine or anything else you can find. I won’t be long.”

Barry didn’t normally drink, being a fitness fanatic, but felt he had to pour himself a large glass of wine to try to get control of his feelings.

He pondered over Adrian’s odd expression and wondered what he meant. However, he wasn’t really surprised when Adrian emerged later in a white ladies’ vest, blue denim mini-skirt and white hold-up stockings, together with a pair of black strappy high-heeled shoes. He had also tied his blonde hair in a ponytail and appeared to have applied a little make-up. “You don’t mind, do you?” he asked Barry in a tone that assumed the answer was bound to be “no”. He now knew he was attractive to Barry, and this gave him great confidence.

Barry thought he looked irresistible. Adrian walked around in girls’ clothes as if he’d been wearing them for years, which in fact he had. “Wear what you like angel,” said Barry. “After all, it’s your house. If it makes you happy and doesn’t upset anyone, why not?”

Adrian smiled by way of reply and asked, surveying his small cd collection: “What would you like on?”

“Elton John would be nice.” Barry had noticed “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” in the disc rack, one of his favourite albums.

So, to the high-flying strains of “Funeral for a Friend” from the ghetto blaster on the floor, Adrian poured himself a glass and sat next to Barry on the sofa. The clinked glasses and smiled at one another. Barry held his free hand and they just looked at each other for a long while, luxuriating in the closeness that had already developed between them. Barry ventured his hand toward Adrian’s cheek and stroked it. His skin was silky smooth and without any trace of facial hair.

Adrian showed he appreciated the gesture by pressing his face against Barry’s hand. Barry put down his glass of wine, took Adrian’s out of his hand, and moved his face close to Adrian’s. Again they kissed, but this time repeatedly and with greater ardour. Barry moved from Adrian’s lips and began to kiss his neck. Adrian gasped with pleasure and whispered: “Let’s go to bed, Barry”.

Barry allowed himself to be led to Adrian’s tiny bedroom next door. Adrian stretched himself out invitingly on his bed, beckoning Barry to join him. Barry got on top of him and recommenced his kissing, not missing a single inch of Adrian’s face and neck. He pulled the straps of Adrian’s vest off his shoulders and lowered it. He attempted to remove Adrian’s bra but couldn’t manage the clasp. Adrian giggled at his Barry’s poor attempts as he reached behind his back to unhook it.

Barry was astonished to see two small breasts. In fact, Adrian had been taking hormones for over a year. Barry’s astonishment bakırköy escort did not last long, as his passion again took over and he sucked Adrian’s erect nipples, extracting moans of pleasure from the young boy. He stopped to pull off his own shirt, trousers and shoes in a hurry. Adrian flung his arms around Barry’s neck, kissing him and pressing his fragile, girlish frame against Barry’s superb athletic body.

Adrian hooked his thumbs around the waistband of Barry’s underpants and slid them down. Barry’s erect penis sprang free. Adrian started kissing Barry’s washboard-flat stomach and his firm thighs, shaped to perfection by many miles of road work. “Please take me Barry! I want you so bad! Please, I want to feel you inside me!” Adrian implored.

In answer, Barry unzipped Adrian’s mini-skirt and pulled it down his legs. Finally, he lowered Adrian’s panties, Adrian lifting up his bum to assist him. The boy was immaculately shaven, Barry noted approvingly. Not a trace of body hair remained. Clothed, he was merely gorgeous; naked he was exquisite. What is more he had a lovely round, full bottom and curvy thighs, again the result of his hormone treatment.

Adrian reached out to his bedside cabinet, where he found a tube of lubricant and a condom. He placed a pillow under his bottom, spread his legs, then lubricated himself. Adrian put the condom on Barry, folded his legs back toward his chest and prepared to receive his lover. Barry was kneeling between Adrian’s legs, hesitant and seemingly unsure of what to do next. His knowledge of gay sex was limited to a kissing and groping session he had had once at teacher training college after a party. But Adrian had already had two or three gay lovers and took the initiative as the more experienced of the pair. He grasped Barry’s stiff member, then placed the tip against his entrance. Finally, he relaxed his sphincter muscles and guided Barry in.

Barry had never felt such a delicious sensation as he did on top of this lovely boy. He pushed forward, penetrating Adrian to the maximum, and kissed him full on the mouth, this time allowing his tongue to mingle with Adrian’s. He pulled out slightly, pushed forward again and repeated the action. He gradually built up a momentum. He slid in and out of the boy, his lascivious sighs and groans combining with those of Adrian, his thrusting becoming ever more vigorous and urgent. He felt as if he had to make up for the lost time of all his loveless, sexless years, where he had been forced to suppress his deepest desires. He felt as if he were about to explode, like a pressurised container left out in the heat of the sun.

His thighs were now making contact with Adrian’s girlish buttocks at each stroke. Barry continued to lean forward to kiss Adrian repeatedly on the mouth whilst not interrupting his thrusting. Adrian felt as if he were living in dreamland; he couldn’t believe this delightful man, who had for years been the stuff of his fantasies, was now making love to him. “It really can’t get any better than this,” he thought, as electricity seemed to course throughout his pretty body.

Finally, Barry felt the pleasure mount in his groin to crisis point. The rocking of his pelvis became almost convulsive as he approached orgasm. He grasped the boy’s thighs, gave one tremendous lurch forward, and climaxed deliciously into the condom buried inside Adrian. His emotions overpowered him; he pulled out of Adrian, fell upon his neck and gave way to tears of sheer relief as he showered kisses on the boy. As if to empathise, Adrian cried too, thinking of all the bad times and bullying he had suffered and hoping this was now all behind him. Barry kissed away his tears and consoled him.

As Barry and Adrian lay together naked on the bed, kissing and caressing in the afterglow, Elton John sang next door about leaving the yellow brick road and going back home to the farm. The two lovers both felt they had come back home. They put their arms around one another happily, and fell into a long, restful sleep.

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