Domme Dreams

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You walk into my room expecting to see me in a cute little skirt, and a little girl top, just the way you like me. What you get makes your mouth drop open.

Standing here, in front of you, is a girl that you can barely recognize, a girl completely transformed by the couple of days she was ignored. This girl is the One that has awakened within me, while I was waiting for your call. This girl, who now looks much older and wiser watches you with a playful expression. I stand with an authoritative presence that was not there the last time we saw each other in a tight, black velvet dress that clings around the soft curves that you’ve always loved so much, and stops right above my knees. My hair is up in a messy bun, with one streak of blonde spilling out and resting near my cheek. My lips are painted red, but that is the extent of makeup that I’ve put on. You quickly notice that the red ribbon around my neck looks like a collar, but wisely decide against teasing me about it.

I watch intently as your expression changes from the excitement of seeing me, thinking probably that I was just playing with old clothes from my closet, to slight fear and a growing curiosity. I walk up to you and put a finger under your chin, pulling your gaze from my legs to my eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about you too much over the past few days. I don’t like it. You don’t have a right to consume my mind in this way.”

“Wh… what… are you doing?” You ask, bewildered.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out, little girl. From this point, until I say otherwise, you are to call me Miss. Is that clear?”

For a moment, you think this is a joke, but as soon as you look into my eyes, you realize that nothing about what I am saying is funny. I am completely serious, and you have no choice but to obey, and deep down, you know you want to. That little girl in you has been begging and clawing to come out, she’s been neglected for too long. You are completely at my mercy, and it makes you wet just thinking about it.

“Y…yes, Miss.” You barely get through your words without stuttering. çapa escort You’re completely at my mercy, and internally fighting yourself for every last bit of the control you had over me only a few days ago. You have absolutely no idea of what is to come, and you half expect me to give up my control soon, like I did the last time you asked me to Top you, leaving you aching for more.

“Good girl. Although… that’s the opposite of what you’ve been the last couple days, isn’t it? You’ve been a very, very bad girl.”

I resist slapping you, feeling the sting of your ignorance seep back into my veins. I fight these feelings, and only let them fuel my desire to control you and what is about to take place.

“Tell me you’ve been a bad girl, darling. Tell me how much you regret it now, or I’ll make sure you’ll never forget this punishment.”

I look directly into your eyes as I deliver my command, and I watch as your pupils start to dilate, giving your hesitance away completely.

“Yes, Miss. I’ve been a very bad girl. I’m so sorry, Miss. Please forgive me.”

“Good girl. Now that’s all I want to hear from you today. Understand? I only want to hear “Yes, Miss” coming out of your mouth from now on. Just those two words. You don’t deserve to say anything else.”

Yes, Miss.” You swallow hard, completely mystified at what is unfolding.

I walk over to my dresser and grab my hairbrush, then make my way to my bed and move the blankets away, so I can sit down on the edge.

“Come here, little girl. It’s time to get what you deserve.” I look at you and motion for you to come to me. “Lie across my lap, with your bottom facing my right hand. You know what I’m going to do to you, and I’m going to need you to count to 10 while I’m doing it. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss.” You are beyond scared at this point, and nervously look behind you at my door, planning your escape, but at the last minute, you decide against it, knowing how furious I would be. So, you do as you’re told, and soon enough, you are looking up at me with your face on my bed, completely istanbul escort bayan terrified, yet still becoming more aroused by the minute.

“Good. Now slide off your jeans for me.”

You squirm in my lap as you remove your slightly baggy jeans, making sure to press your knee into my pussy, knowing how much it turns me on, but I am not taking any of your tricks this time.

“Did I say you could touch me? No, I don’t think I did, and just for that, you’re going to be counting to 15. Another one of your little tricks, and we’ll double that.”

I feel you quiver beneath me and it gives me a rush. I’ve never done this before, and I’m worried that it might be too much for you, seeing as you aren’t nearly as much of a pain slut as I am.

“Your safe word is red. Use it if, and only if, the pain is getting too much for you. Otherwise, love it, or hate it, either way, it won’t make any difference to me. You deserve this.”

I trace the elastic band of your white cotton panties, and notice the growing wet spot between your thighs. It looks delicious and I have to close my eyes for a moment to get centered again, and keep myself from fucking you right then. I run my hand over your panties, making you hotter, anticipating what I’ll do next. As you’re pondering this, I pull them down to your knees, and continue my sweet torture. Running my hands all over your bottom, but avoiding where you want my fingers the most: your now soaking wet pussy. Every touch is sending shivers up your body, and making you squirm in excitement. You’ve wanted this for too long, but this is going to hurt, and you don’t know just how much. I pick up the brush from my bed and place it on your ass. You’re almost used to the cold plastic, when I pick it up and swiftly deliver the first blow.

The slap sends you into a dizzying mix of pain and pleasure, and you cry out as you start to feel the smarting burn, but as soon as the pain starts to fade, another smack is administered.

“Count with me, dear.”

“One… two… th… three… aaaaah!”

“I know, güngören escort baby, I know. It hurts, but you’ll take it like a good girl because you know you deserve it. You didn’t call me *whack*, you hardly texted me *smack*, and you have shown a complete lack of interest in me *slap* that I really do not appreciate. Count!”

“Four… five… six… seven… please! Stop! Please!” You scream and try and squirm out of my lap like a disobedient little brat, but I take both your hands and hold them in place behind your back so you can’t escape.

“You know your safe word. I won’t stop until you say it. But you don’t actually want me to stop, do you? No, you don’t. Because you love it, and it’s what you’ve been craving, isn’t it, little girl? Now let me have my fun and finish these 15 smacks, or I’ll add a couple more.”

“Eight… nine…” At this point, I have beaten every single thought from your head, and with each smack, you are brought closer towards a numb sort of bliss that you’ve never felt before. I am bringing you inside and outside of yourself. Finally, every dreadfully dark thought that hasn’t ceased to plague you is alleviated. You’ve never felt such freedom, and by the fourteenth smack, you’re almost wishing there were more to come, but you know you can’t show that kind of submission, so you savor the last hard, smarting strike from the brush and let it transport you to that unknown place you’ve been steadily moving towards with the help of my anger driven hand.

“Aaaah! Fifteen!! Thank you, Miss.” You say in a daze, partially glad that you can rest now, unbeknownst that I am not nearly done with you.

I pick up the sweet-smelling peach body lotion sitting next to my bed on the desk, squirt a bit on my hand, and start rubbing it into your bright red behind. You get goosebumps all over your body as soon as the cold cream reaches your burning bum, and it feels soothing against the oval marks that have formed everywhere. I’ve made such beautiful designs. Once I’ve rubbed the cream into your skin, I move my fingers to your inner thighs. You let out a little moan of pleasure, because you are too spent to form any words, so you just lie there savoring every movement of my fingers, hoping I’ll understand what you want. My spanking made you so wet that you started dripping onto my thigh. Now what am I going to do about that?

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