Summer Camp: Reunion

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Many years had passed since the last time I saw Sarah. After that summer at camp together, I missed her for a very long time. But we were young, and she was bad at keeping in touch. We wrote to each other intermittently, but soon all contact was gone. A couple years later, my family moved overseas, and my life moved in a very different direction. I didn’t date women again, choosing to only go out with men, although I did still occasionally have sex with women. I knew I didn’t want something so intense again, and immature boys did not seem to have that problem.

Over last summer, I was back in New York, visiting some family. I was walking around the city, and ran into an old friend from camp. He was very sweet, and exactly as I remembered him, but best of all, he was in touch with my pixie. Apparently, they went to the same university, and she was even in the city! I was so excited, and started asking him all about her. He got this very strange look on his face, and would only say that she had changed a lot since I last knew her. I kept asking, and finally he told me, she was no longer living as a woman. Now, his name was Sean, and he had a goatee. I was sort of shocked, but still very curious. The friend gave me his phone number, and I called him that evening.

I almost didn’t know what to say when a man’s voice picked up the phone. Gone was that high-pitched, feminine lilt. He sounded like any other guy, but I could still hear that speech pattern that was distinctly that of my former-girlfriend. We talked on the phone, trying to catch up, and eventually decided that we needed to meet in person. After making plans for the following night, I set about my evening routine. As I washed my face, plucked my eyebrows and moisturized, I wondered what it would be like to see him. And even more confusing, were the pronouns. I called my best friend to say that I was meeting up with him, and found myself switching between calling Sean him or her, depending on whether I was referring to him now or in the past. It was very difficult, but at the same time, I wanted to accept him, how ever he was.

The next day seemed to drag by as I waiting for our ‘date’. I was excited and nervous, wondering what he was like, if I would still recognize him. I wore a short skirt and a little top, enjoying the heat of the summer, my toes playing with my flip-flops as I rode the subway to our prearranged meeting diner. As I walked towards it from the subway stop, I saw this small man standing in front. His shoulder-length red hair fell over the top of his white ‘wife-beater’, and khaki shorts sagged off his hips. I walked toward him, knowing it must be Sean. He did indeed have a goatee, looked so much like a man, only his height seeming strange. mecidiyeköy escort We went into the diner, sat across each other in a small booth and ordered beers and burgers. He told me about his transformation into a man, and I told him about my transformation into a grown woman. We laughed and found that we still had a lot in common.

Dinner ended too soon, and we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. We held hands, our fingers finding that long familiar way of interlinking. I started at his face, and couldn’t help but see that same bone structure under the facial hair. I knew that he was a man now, and understood that, but still found myself incredibly attracted to him. I didn’t know if I was attracted to those elements of Sarah that I could still see in him, or if it was this new masculinity that I found so appealing. It didn’t really matter, I finally decided. I was bisexual, and why should I worry which gender he was?

We wandered for a long time, and finally, we arrived at his door. He asked me if I wanted to come in, have some drinks. I smiled and agreed, and we went into his small studio. We sat on his couch, drinking wine and talking. There was a small break in the conversation, and he leaned towards me, gently moving my hair out of my eyes before kissing me softly. It was the way I remembered it, his lips so familiar despite the time, and yet so different. His soft kiss was made rougher by the facial hair brushing against my face. But the lips and tongue were the same.

He pulled me close, his arm draped lazily around my shoulders as our mouths engaged in a familiar and yet unfamiliar exploration. I leaned into him, pulling his hip towards me. My hand started to wander out of habit; it ran over his hip, and then stroked his back. I reached for his chest, remembering those soft, warm globes that I used to fondle so many years ago. Aching for that weight in my hand, I was startled back to the present, finding only a man’s pectoral muscles, and no feminine breasts. Sean pulled away from our kiss and smiled at me, “Guess I’m the only one who can still play with breasts now, huh? Do you mind?” I shook my head and he pulled me on top of him, straddling his lap. He pulled my shirt off over my head and started to gently caress my flesh through my bra. “These are bigger than I remember, my, haven’t you grown up since last we saw each other…” He pulled me close and removed my bra, continuing to stroke and caress my flesh, before getting rougher, kissing and nibbling on my nipples. I moaned and started to buck my hips on his lap.

He turned my body so that I was lying on my back on the couch, with him above me between my legs. My skirt had already lost its purpose and was not vip escort istanbul keeping me decent at all, and soon he pulled my thong aside, pushing his fingers into my wet entrance. I moaned and pushed my hips against him, wanting him deeper, wanting more. Kissing his way down my body, his mouth was soon against my nether lips. As his tongue darted out and began to toy with my clit in the same ways as so many years ago, I felt that all too familiar sensation wash over me as my orgasm approached. I gasped as I climaxed, my hips pressed firmly against his mouth as his fingers worked inside me.

Catching my breath, I pulled his face back up to mine, kissing him deeply, feeling my taste on his lips. I rolled over while holding him, wanting to be on top so that I could return the favor. He seemed shy, uncomfortable as I caressed and kissed him. When I pulled down his shorts, he tried to stop me, but I was determined to give him the same pleasure I had received. It was almost shocking to discover that when I removed his boxers, there were women’s parts there. I looked up at him questioningly, confused how this woman who is now a man could still have this element of femininity. He explained briefly about surgery and what is possible and what is not. He was about to get into the topic when I stopped him. I kissed him deeply and slid my finger into his pussy. “Don’t worry, I remember what you like, Sean.” Relaxing at my words, he let me kiss and lick his wet entrance. Soon, my face was buried in that same familiar smell intoxicated by the aroma that had consumed me years before. I sucked and licked his clit until I felt his body start to shake. He bucked his hips hard against my mouth as his pleasure peaked, and then went limp as his body needed to recover.

I held him in my arms and we kissed gently. He played with my breasts while we talked about life and love, catching up on lost time while enjoying each other’s embrace. After a time, his toying with my sensitive globes became rougher, tweaking my nipples as he started to nibble on my neck. I moaned a pressed my body up against him. He growled softly in my ear, telling me that he wanted to fuck me. He told me that he was satisfied, but wanted to leave me wanting nothing more. I know I looked confused, but he didn’t explain, just led me to his bed.

Securing my wrists with ribbons to the bed frame, he propped my hips up with pillows. Once again he was giving my wet entrance ample attention, but this time it was rougher, he sucked and nibbled on my clit as he slid his fingers in and out of me. After he made me climax several times, he leaned over the side of the bed and returned with a box that he placed next to him. He pulled out a large blue dildo, sarıyer escort one of the largest I had seen. I gasped and looked into his eyes, “That’s also larger than I remember. Guess I’m not the only one who grew up in this time.”

He smiled up at me, “Well, just because it’s not attached doesn’t mean I can’t have a cock, or two, of my own.” He poised the tip as the entrance to my desperate orifice, teasing me, making my hips buck as I begged him to enter me. Finally, he thrust the enormous shaft inside me, filling me up with inch after inch of thick plastic-flesh. I moaned and writhed as he started to fuck me, sucking on my clit as his toy penetrated deep inside me. It was as though my orgasms lined up, waiting for one to end before the next began, sometime pushing and overlapping, I was overwhelmed with pleasure. Just when I thought he was finally done, he pulled out more toys.

I winced slightly as he put nipple clamps on me, pulling on the chain lightly to make sure they were in place. I moaned and cried out with pleasure as he resumed his piston-like assault on my battered cunt. I closed my eyes as the climaxes washed over me, but when I opened them, I saw him wielding another dildo. This one was smaller and thinner, and it looked black, possibly made out of titanium. He was coating it with lubricant. Imagining what he wanted to do, I started to plead with him not to, explaining that I was already so full and didn’t think I could take it. Straining against the restraints, I tried to stop him, but he was surprisingly strong, pushing my legs and hips towards me with one hand as he started to slowly rub the other dildo against my rear entrance. A moan escaped my lips, surprising me. I had never really tried anal, and was scared. But then, I didn’t need to be afraid of him; we had tried many new things together in the past.

My body relaxed, and he smiled up at me as he could finally release his hold on my legs. I allowed him easy access to both my holes; he went back to fiercely fucking my cunt as he gently swirled the smaller cock around my tight bud. He leaned down, licking my clit and causing my hips to twitch slightly. At this movement, he slid that cock up into my other hole. I gasped and cried out slightly, but soon was moaning and writhing even more as he penetrated and violated me.

Sean continued to play my body like an instrument he knew well for hours on end. When he was finally done, I was exhausted, could barely move, and had been completely and utterly pleasured. After removing all his implements, gently licking my nipples to calm them after the clamps and massaging my wrist, arms and back from the restraints, he wrapped his arms around me. I thought it would be strange, my former girlfriend holding me like that. But he had clearly shown me who the man was, and I felt like a little woman in his arms. We fell asleep together in much the same way as we did all those years before; our arms and legs entwined, we inhaled each other’s breath as we slid into sleep.

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