Island Discipline Ch. 20

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When Sue opened the door to Kristy’s room the next morning, she was shocked at the sight that greeted her. Kristy was sprawled on the bed, hair in disarray, covered in cum, her body shivering uncontrollably. Her skin has a grey tinge to it and her eyes were glazed & puffy.

“What’s happened?” Sue demanded.

Kristy wearily raised her head to look at her Mistress.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” she said. “Mistress A took me to her club last night and ever since we returned, I haven’t been able to sleep. She gave me something that prevents my body from relaxing & the slightest movement is enough to make my body react.”

“I see,” Sue said sharply. “Stay here, I’ll return for you later.”

She turned sharply on her heel and strode swiftly & angrily out of the room. She was sure that this was not what David had intended when he had handed Kristy over to his aunt last night! Reaching his room, she rapped sharply on the door, entering when he invited her in. There were red spots of anger on her cheeks as she turned to face him.

“We have a problem!” she stated baldly. “You aunt has almost ruined Kristy!”

“Explain please,” David said.

Sue proceeded to describe the state that she had found Kristy in, emphasising the complete physical exhaustion that was so apparent.

“This was not what I agreed to!” David said angrily. “Wait here.”

He strode out of the room and down the hallway into the adjoining wing. Sue waited impatiently for him to return but it was almost 30 minutes later when she heard his footsteps striding down the hallway. As he entered the room, she noticed he was carrying a glass vial in his hand. Showing it to Sue, David explained that his aunt had confessed she had slipped an extra dose of Denicum into the water that Kristy had drunk on her return from the club. It had been her intention to use the girl again later that night but she had fallen asleep. As Sue opened her mouth to angrily protest this callousness, David held up his hand to forestall her.

“I have already expressed my severe disapproval to my aunt,” he said. “I have also advised her that instead of handing over Kristy’s training to her, I would prefer that she leave the island.”

Once again Sue opened her mouth to speak, but David again motioned her to silence.

“Can you promise me that from now on you will keep in mind that you are a Mistress and that you will not soften your attitude towards Kristy during training sessions?”

Sue opened her mouth to quickly agree and then paused. She had already fallen into the trap of identifying too closely with Kristy and she knew that to do so again would mar the chances of Kristy becoming everything that she showed the potential of being. Her eyes turned thoughtful & David nodded to himself, pleased that Sue was not responding instinctively, but rather was making a calm & considered decision. Finally she raised her eyes to his & nodded.

“I can promise you that I will not soften again,” she told David. “We have come so far already and Kristy has so much potential now that we have broken through those vile walls she’s kept around herself. I won’t risk ruining that by becoming an ineffective Mistress!”

“Well said, my Darling,” David said approvingly, wrapping his arm around her shoulder & pulling her into a warm embrace. “Now we must undo the damage my aunt has caused! I’m really at a loss to understand her behaviour last night. She has never before overstepped what is acceptable severity when it comes to training!”

Sue’s eyes hardened. “That is no justification for what she has done to Kristy!” she exclaimed.

“I agree,” David said, “which is why I have asked her to leave the island. However, I insisted that she hand over the antidote to Denicum immediately and she has done so. Please now go to Kristy & administer the antidote. While you do that I will see that a hot bath is run for her with some soporific essential oils. Get her to the bathroom & cleaned up, then take her back to her room. We will let her sleep this morning to recover the energy she has lost.”

Sue nodded, then paused. “David, I think we may have to do more than just let her sleep,” she said. “Do you think you could ask your personal nurse to insert a saline drip. Kristy is badly dehydrated & I don’t want to risk her becoming seriously ill from her ordeal.”

David put his finger under Sue’s chin & tilted her head up so her eyes met his. He dropped a light kiss on her lips.

“This is just one of the many reasons why I want to marry you,” he said. “You have the steadiness of character and foresight to anticipate potential problems. Go & see to Kristy, I’ll arrange for the nurse to come by.”

Master & Mistress moved out of the room, descending the stairs together before going their separate ways. David to the study to call the nurse, Sue to the kitchen where she poured a glass of cool, fresh water & mixed the antidote into it. She then returned to Kristy’s room where the woman was once again xslot slumped across her bed.

“Sit up!” Sue commanded in a stern voice.

Slowly & wearily, Kristy struggled to obey & finally managed to get herself into a sitting position.

“Drink this,” was Sue’s next command.

Kristy hesitated slightly, dreading what might be in the glass. Nevertheless, her training took over and she reached for the glass, raised it to her lips & let the cool liquid slide down her throat. There was a slight aftertaste and she shuddered, anticipating further stimulation but to her surprise, nothing happened. Sue watched her carefully and noted after a few minutes that the tremors running through Kristy’s body stopped. Kristy just sat quietly, grateful for the surcease the drink had given her.

“Now listen carefully,” Sue told her. “Your Master is highly displeased with what happened to you last night and has asked Mistress A to leave. Your training will continue with me and I expect you to excel at whatever you are given to do. I will not tolerate you embarrassing me again. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” Kristy replied quietly. “I promise to try my best at whatever I am ordered to do.”

“Very well,” Sue said, still maintaining a cool, impersonal tone. “You may use the bathroom to clean yourself up.”

Kristy rose to her feet and swayed – she would have fallen if Sue had not reached out to steady her. Sue clipped a leash to Kristy’s collar and supporting her in this way led her to the bathroom.

As Kristy stumbled through the door, hot steam enveloped her. Sue led her to the bath and helped her to step into it. Kristy sighed as she slowly lowered herself into the hot water and tipped her head back to rest on the edge. This was what Sue had been waiting for. She quickly secured the leash to a bolt in the floor, ensuring the leash was tight enough that Kristy was held in place. Sue then took a cloth & proceeded to clean the dried cum from Kristy’s body in strong, impersonal strokes. The soporific oils that David had arranged to have infuse the water took immediate effect on Kristy’s exhausted body & her eyes drifted closed. She didn’t even rouse when Sue concentrated on the still swollen nipples or unlocked the pussy locks to clean that area. Sue slipped her hand underwater, tilted Kristy slightly and removed the butt plug that had stretched Kristy’s ass throughout her ordeal.

When she was satisfied that Kristy’s body was completely clean, Sue directed her attention to her hair. The long blonde tresses were matted with dried semen. Sue loosened the leash enough that she could dip Kristy’s head into the water. She took shampoo and lathered it into Kristy’s hair. Slapping her lightly on the cheek, Sue roused Kristy and ordered her to sit up. When she sleepily obeyed, Sue took a jug and used it to rinse Kristy’s hair. She lathered her hair again & rinsed it until she was satisfied that every last trace of evidence from the previous night had been washed away. She then smoothed thick, rich conditioner into Kristy’s hair and assisted her out of the bath.

Kristy stood numbly as Sue wrapped warm towels around her body and head and then followed obediently as she was led back to her room. She was startled to see another woman standing at the foot of her bed & looked towards Sue in enquiry.

“You will be allowed to rest and recover this morning,” Sue told her. “I am concerned that you are severely dehydrated and have therefore arranged for you to be placed on a saline drip to combat any serious effects. Now lie down on the bed and stay still.”

Kristy dutifully lay back on the bed. To be honest, she couldn’t have disobeyed if she had wanted to. Her entire body felt heavy and even as she felt the prick of a needle in her arm, her eyes were drifting closed. The nurse silently & efficiently set up the drip and left the room. Sue lingered long enough to be sure that her charge was fully asleep before also exiting the room, locking the door behind her.

True to their word, David & Sue left Kristy to sleep for the entire morning. When she awoke, the bag containing the saline was completely depleted and she felt calm & refreshed. Her body was still aching from her ordeal the previous night and she shuddered as she remembered what she had been subjected to, but then she recalled how her Mistress had promised that would never happen to her again & she relaxed once more. She heard footsteps approach the door & immediately slipped out of bed, kneeling on the floor with her hands behind her head. She didn’t move a muscle, not even when the towel slid off her head as the door opened, allowing her hair to tumble down around her face.

“Very good, slave,” was Sue’s approving response. “Keep this up & I shan’t regret my decision to continue training you!”

“Thank you Mistress,” Kristy said and now she meant it sincerely.

Last night she had experienced how harsh a slave’s life could be and now realised that although xslot Giriş she had undergone what she thought had been extreme treatment, her Master & Mistress had in fact kept very strict control over what had happened. She reluctantly concluded that the harshness of their treatment of her in the beginning had been a direct result of her obnoxious & callous attitude towards others. Since coming to the island she had had time to reflect on her previous behaviour and with her vision clarified by her experiences, she shamefully realised that she had been a truly disagreeable person, one who merited nothing more than derision & disrespect. She realised that by trying to demand respect she had in fact been creating the opposite. With clear eyes she could see she had been vicious & disagreeable to anyone who had come into contact with her, unless they were perceived to be useful to her or senior to her position.

With a new determination, she resolved to become a better person and in fact realised that she had the perfect role model in front of her! Her mistress was the chief police officer on the island and commanded the respect not only of the officers underneath her – male & female, but also the respect of Kristy’s Master. Not once had she seen her lose her temper, even at the beginning where Kristy had refused to acknowledge her position. Instead there was a cool, calm competence about the woman & an aura of steely resolve that indicated she was not a person to cross.

Sue watched as Kristy’s thoughts were reflected in her face. She nodded quietly to herself as she saw the sudden resolve on Kristy’s face. She was fairly sure that the final barrier had been broken and had high hopes for the rest of the training week.

She moved to Kristy’s side and gently removed the drip from her arm, placing a small plaster over the site to stem any bleeding. She then unlocked the collar around Kristy’s throat, replacing it with one in clear material. She fastened a leash to the D ring & ordered Kristy to follow her outside. She led the way through the house and out to the pool area, where she ordered Kristy to lie down on the lounger. Kristy gracefully obeyed, her slim body sinking to the lounger & swinging both legs up & onto the seat. She now moved with an unconscious grace, something that had been markedly absent when she was filled with arrogance & a sense of her own importance.

Sue’s breath caught in her throat. With all traces of her previous disagreeable nature erased, Kristy was a stunningly beautiful woman. David’s regime of training & nutrition was sculpting Kristy’s body into something amazing. As Kristy settled back onto the lounger, Sue reached for the suntan lotion. Steeling herself, she impersonally rubbed the oil onto Kristy’s body. Her skin greedily sucked up the oil, yet another indication of how badly drained she had been. Once finished, Sue tethered her leash to the lounger and left Kristy dosing by the pool and returned to David’s side.

“I think there’s been a major breakthrough,” she murmured to him.

“How so?” he asked, looking down at her in surprise.

“When I went to fetch Kristy she completely let her guard down,” Sue told him. “I watched her face & I think she has finally come to terms with who she was & who she now wants to be!”

David held Sue away from him. “Are you sure?” he asked her searchingly. “I wasn’t expecting her to capitulate this soon. She was a pretty hard case, even for me!”

“I’m sure,” Sue told him seriously. “Watch her in training this afternoon & make your own determination.”

When Sue returned to the pool area, David accompanied her. He wore a silk robe of golden silk that clung to the muscles across his shoulders. Kristy had dosed off once again but woke when she felt a tug on her leash. She opened her eyes to see her Master & Mistress standing above her. Immediately & taking them both by surprise, she slipped off the lounger & knelt on the ground before them.

“Master, Mistress, I’m sorry that I let you down,” she said quietly.

They glanced at each other & David raised an eyebrow in query.

“And how have you let us down?” he enquired.

“I was not able to attend training this morning,” Kristy said with her eyes downcast.

“It was my decision to cancel your training this morning,” David said sternly, “as it is my decision that determines everything that happens to you!”

Kristy nodded her understanding but her body indicated that she wished to speak further.

“Is there something you wanted to say?” David asked.

“I would like to be allowed to express my gratitude for your forbearance this morning,” Kristy said. “I would ask you to allow me to offer myself to you and Mistress S for your pleasure. I promise to wholeheartedly submit to whatever use you decide for me.”

Now David was truly surprised. This was a completely different person from the arrogant female he had decided to train. Her whole body demonstrated submissiveness xslot Güncel Giriş & compliance. She waited patiently for his response, head down, knees spread wide so that the sunlight glistened off the gold rings locking her pussy.

“Hmm, an interesting proposal,” he said. “Wait there & do not move until given permission.”

He drew Sue to one side & consulted with her in tones too low for Kristy to understand. Finally Sue smiled, nodded and walked into the house. When she returned she was carrying a bag.

“I have decided to take you up on your offer,” David told Kristy.

Sue lay down on one of the loungers.

“Assume position 2!” David barked & Kristy immediately placed her head on the floor whilst her hands spread her ass cheeks.

She felt his thumb rub around her asshole & made a conscious effort to relax. She was rewarded by a hard slap across her right ass cheek. David continued to spank her, alternating between cheeks until her ass was red hot & glowing. Without warning, something cool & rigid was inserted into her anal passage, stretching it widely & making her stifle a groan of discomfort. Despite this, the spanking had also had the effect of making her pussy wet and as David commanded her to assume position 1, she could feel some of that moistness trickle down the inside of her thigh.

Next David seized her right nipple & proceeded to pinch & twist it until the nub was erect & engorged. He reached into the bag Sue had brought & withdrew a clover clamp. He swiftly placed this over the nipple & let it spring closed. Kristy bit her lip in order to prevent a cry escaping her lips. He repeated his actions with her left nipple, again letting the clover clamp spring closed once her nipple was erect.

Kristy’s eyes widened when she saw what David next withdrew from the bag. It was a long stretch of thin chain with a clip on one end and a clamp on the other. Nevertheless, she obeyed when she was ordered to stand & assume position 3. David attached the clip to her collar then drew the chain down to her pussy. His fingers pulled the hood back from her clit then proceeded to rub & tease it until it swelled in response. Moving swiftly, David placed the clamp over her clit & let it too spring closed. This time Kristy did yelp as intense pain shot through her clit but at a warning glance form David, she stifled any further sound. David proceeded to shorten the chain until it ran taut between Kristy’s collar & clit, applying continuous pressure on the area. This had the effect of making her clit throb & pulse.

Now David dipped his hand into the pocket of his robe & pulled out a set of small keys. He ordered Kristy to lie back on the lounger & spread her legs wide. Knowing she had offered to submit to whatever her Master & Mistress desired, Kristy dutifully complied and lay still as one by one, David unlocked the rings holding her pussy lips closed.

“Sit up!” David commanded when he had finished.

Kristy gracefully complied. David slipped off the robe exposing his golden tanned body beneath. He was completely naked and his cock was fully visible as he stood & regarded his slave beneath him.

“Make me hard!” he commanded.

Kristy inched forward until her mouth hovered in front of David’s cock. She hesitated – this was the first time that she had been ordered to make her Master hard rather than her mouth being fucked hard by his already stiff cock. She reached out & tentatively curled her hand around the base of his staff. David stood implacable, intent that she should do all the work without any further orders from him. He wanted to see just how talented she could be.

Kristy thought for a moment then proceeded to very slowly and very lightly stroke & lick his cock & balls until his cock grew hard & thick. She took her time and was rewarded when his thighs started to quiver, proving she was doing a good job. Up until that point, she still hadn’t taken him into her mouth, all she had been doing was using her fingers, her palm & her tongue. Her tongue traced delicate paths up the shaft to the tip, her fingers encircling it & following behind. When her fingers reached the tip, she gently rubbed her palm over its head, using the droplets of pre-cum to lubricate her path. Deciding to take him by surprise, the next time she was near the head of his cock, she suddenly plunged her mouth over it, engulfing him as deeply as she could. She heard him gasp with what she hoped was pleasure. Kristy worked her mouth up & down his cock, using her tongue as well to lick & flick across its length. By now David was groaning. Then she brought her hand back into play and using hand, tongue & mouth together, increased the speed & rhythm of her actions until she was pumping up & down his cock hard & fast. Suddenly David’s hands gripped Kristy’s head & pulled her away from him,

“Enough!” he said raggedly, fighting for control over himself.

Kristy looked up fearfully, worried she had done something wrong.

Sue had been watching Kristy’s efforts and by now was also in an aroused state. Her nipples were hard & pressed against her own robe. She slipped it off, letting it pool on the lounger beneath her.

“Pleasure your Mistress,” David commanded.

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