Jeanie’s Law Office Ch. 01

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(A total male fantasy – about a dream office)

(c) 2009 by Jennifer O’Donnell

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In chapter 1, there isn’t any sex, only story setup and character introductions.


Like most American’s Jeanie was very uncomfortable about the economy. She knew that her company was having issues and that some changes were coming down the pike. Not knowing what those changes were made her very uncomfortable.

Jeanie has been divorced for five years and was getting ready to celebrate her fortieth birthday. She was five foot four, one hundred ten pounds, B cup with her nipples still pointing upwards, straight blond hair, and a toned body that she worked out three times per week. Jeanie was very confident about her body and felt very comfortable in her skin. She loved to wear short skirts to show off her toned legs. Last year while on vacation with a girlfriend, she shaved her pussy and once back home she started to have her pussy hair lasered.

Before Jeanie knew it, her weekend was over. She hated waking up to her alarm clock, but knew she had to get going and get her ass to work. Since change was in the air she wanted to make sure that she still had a job.

This Monday started out like every other Monday. She quickly took a shower and applied her makeup.

Finally she was in her car and fought traffic to get to work.

Once at work, Jeanie fired up her computer and started to check her email. Once she answered her email she checked into the company intranet and made sure all her projects were up to date.

At ten o’clock she received an email from her boss asking her to come to his office. She locked her computer and walked to his office. Before she entered his office she made sure her skirt was straight and took a deep breath. She knocked on his door and waited for her boss to invite her in. The door opened and one of the catty office women came out almost knocking Jeanie over. Her boss invited her in and asked Jeanie to take a seat.

“Jeanie I called you into my office to clear a few things up. A few of the women here are upset with your short skirts.”

Mike was Jeanie’s boss and she always found him sexy. Mike was 6’4″, short dirty blond hair, green eyes, and around two hundred thirty pounds of pure stud. He worked out regularly and all the women in the office wanted to bed him. Even though no one saw him nude each woman knew that he had six pack abs. Mike was very confident and intelligent and those two characteristics made him irresistible. Jeanie enjoyed many nights thinking about him while using her favorite vibrator.

Jeanie sat down without asking. She had come into Mike’s office not knowing what he had wanted. With his statement she wasn’t sure how to react only to fall back into her shell, “Oh I’m sorry Sir.”

Mike leaned forward almost taking an interest in her, “Jeanie you dress professional and dress to our standards, and if I may be so bold.”

Jeanie smiled and liked the fact that her boss asked her and trusted her, “Please do.”

“Jeanie let me be blunt, I for one look forward to seeing you every day.”

Jeanie started to blush. “Thank you Sir.”

“So some of the women here are catty but I’m telling you that the company has no problem with the way you dress.”

Jeanie started to become uncomfortable fearing that she was about to lose her job, “What should I do about the other women?”

“Well Jeanie this part is up to you.”

Jeanie moved forward in her chair trying to get closer to Mike. “What do you mean?”

Mike sat back and took a deep breath, “Well, the company is getting ready for some changes.”

“Sir, will I lose my job?”

“No, but I would like to get your opinion on some things.”

Jeanie took a deep breath trying to stay calm. “Sure.”

“Jeanie I need for you to xslot sign these papers before we can continue this conversation.” Mike opened his desk drawer and pulled out some papers and then handed the papers to Jeanie. “Please read these and if you agree sign at the bottom.”

Jeanie reached out and she tried her best to conceal her shaking hands. Her adrenaline was flowing fearing that she still might lose her job. She started to read what was on the paper. Basically it was a contract and the contact stated that no employee could sue another employee for sexual harassment.

“Does this mean what I think it means?”

Mike crossed his arms. “Well there are many parts to the new plan. We all know that times are tough and well the company thought it was best to change things. The catty women will be terminated in the next few weeks and we will be hiring new staff. The company is seeking women of all ages but there is one requirement.”

Jeanie signed and handed the paperwork back to Mike, “What is that Sir?”

“Well we are looking for women to be confident and comfortable with their body. Also for the dress code the hem line is coming up.”

“Shorter than my skirt?”

“About that length but a little shorter is also acceptable. Are you comfortable with the new changes?”

“Oh yes, I love sexy women.”

“Good, I’m very happy to hear that.”

Jeanie started to think of one of her friends which had been out of work for a month, “I have a friend that might be interested.”

“Please tell me more and have her forward her resume to me.”

“Once were finished I’ll send her a text message. My friend is forty and has been single for almost two years. She has a great body and would love this type of work. She’s very smart and loves to dress sexy.”

“Perfect that sounds good to me.”

“What other changes will there be?”

“Well after the company is able to terminate the non players and nags the company will provide each employee with three new outfits for work.”

Jeanie smiled, “Really, that is great.”

Mike uncrossed his arms, “Yeah, we want each woman to feel comfortable in knowing what is she can wear and what is expected of her.”

Jeanine look a little confused, “And what will be expected of her?”

“Well, you just read the documents and even signed them. From now on there is no such thing as sexual harassment in our office. We hired a research firm and learned that productivity increases when workers feel sexy and are free to flirt.”

He stood up and started to pace, “Oh Jeanie I forgot to tell you part of downsizing will mean that we need less space. The company is taking the first floor and will be converting that to a gym, sauna, and shared restrooms with showers, steam room, and sauna.”

Jeanie was a little confused, “Will everyone be able to use the gym?”

“Every employee will be entitled to have access to the gym.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m sure that everyone will enjoy time at the gym.”

Mike smiled, “We want our employee’s to feel and look good.”

“Having a gym here will be very convenient.”

Mike sat up in his chair. “Jeanie one of the things that I wanted to talk about was how the company is going to create a bonus system. Not only will everyone receive a bonus for his or her work, but each worker will be given play money, kind of like monopoly. With this money he or she can try to buy services from another employee.”

“Oh Sir I don’t know what to say.”

“Are you offended?”

“No, I don’t think so. I’m just kind of caught off guard.”

“Jeanie we need everyone to perform at his or her peek. When a person says no that is that. If the other keeps on pursuing then we have issues and appropriate action will be taken. The company does not want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Now this system goes both ways, who knows there might be some man that you want to enjoy a little. And since everyone has signed a very strict privacy policy no one is allowed to talk about the company outside of the company.”

“Okay I can work with that.” There were a few men that Jeanie would like to do her. Who knows maybe one of the younger hotties might want her too! She’s been curious about having sex with a woman.

“Now, Jeanie I’m going to need your help with interviews. We have to walk a fine line with our selection process. The company only wants the brightest and these are some of the resumes sent to the company so far. Our mission is to find employees that xslot Giriş will fit into our new business model.”

Mike stood up and walked behind his desk, “Here the company took the liberty and purchased this for you. I strongly feel that this power suit will help with our selection process.”

Jeanie stood up and accepted the gift. She went over and placed the hanger on the highest part of the desk so that she could unzip the garment bag. Then she pulled the suit and a semi sheer camisole out and realized that there were several small gift boxes at the bottom. Mike came over and held the suit for her while she pulled out the gift boxes.

“Jeanie, are you on board with the new company procedures and policies?”

“Yes Sir I am.”

“Good, then we shall start today.” Mike smiled and that warmed Jeanie’s heart. In a firm voice he commanded, “Now I want you to undress and try on your dress.”

Jeanie’s eyes became really big, “Right here?”

“Yes Jeanie, as I said before, today we start.”

Jeanie trembled while she thought about what he had said, then she started to enjoy the rush of emotions rip through her body. Her nipples hardened and her face flushed with excitement. She’s always wanted to be submissive and enjoyed being around Mike. Jeanie reached up and started to unbutton her blouse. She felt Mike’s eyes on her and that pleased her. Quickly she folded her blouse and placed it on his desk, then she unzipped her skirt and placed her skirt on his desk. She opened the first package and found a lacey black thong. She started to wonder if he wanted her to fully undress.

Jeanie didn’t know what to think or feel. She’s been single for some time, but has not dated anyone. Since her divorce, she focused on work and taking some classes at the local community college. Now her sexy boss had asked her to undress and put on the new company uniform. She wondered who picked out the uniform and who went shopping? Could she undress in front of him? Oh why not! After all she wasn’t getting any younger and her boss was confident, calm and damn sexy.

Without saying a word she unclipped her bra and placed it on his desk, then she carefully and slowly rolled down her pantyhose making sure not to snag her hose. Jeanie never wore panties when she wore pantyhose. She hoped that Mike noticed and approved. She was too afraid and timid to look at him. One thing that Jeanie knew was her younger friend would completely shave and she wondered if that is what he wanted.

Finally after several minutes she worked up the courage to look at him, he looked very happy. She felt very comfortable and her self confidence rose knowing that he was pleased with her.

Slowly she opened the second gift, trying to keep her hands from trembling. Her nipples were aching for attention and her pussy moistened with arousal. Her body was not fully alive from being nude in front of him. Inside the second gift was a pair of black sheer thigh high stockings.

Jeanie knew he wanted her to wear them, and sat down in the chair. She placed her foot up on his desk giving him an amazing view. Carefully and slowly she pulled the stocking up and then repeated the same process with her other leg. Once in the stockings she stood up and walked over and grabbed her new panties. To tease him, she walked over and stepped into her panties making sure that he could see everything.

What if Mike liked his women shaved? Damn, she should have shaved her pussy today but now it was too late. At least she trimmed her pussy hair over the weekend. Jeanie hoped that he would approve and if he liked his women shaved she would do that just for him.

The skirt was shorter than she was comfortable with and she would have to be aware how she sat otherwise anyone in front of her would enjoy a nice view. Her lace bra showed though the semi sheer blouse and would only cover her breasts when she wore the jacket. Even Jeanie knew that he did not want her to wear the jacket while working. Strangely wearing something out of the norm for her was exciting. She knew that the men would be looking at her trying to see more of her body.

“Jeanie, you might not understand but the reason for this outfit will tell a lot about the interview for potential employees. I will be with you when we conduct the interviews and behind the mirror glass will be several other key decision makers. We want women to be comfortable with the way you are dressed and want the men to check you out.”

“Oh Sir, they xslot Güncel Giriş will be. I think you can even see my nipples.”

“Yes, but that is a good thing Jeanie. Several of our younger female employee’s are bisexual and by having you in company uniform will help boost their confidence. The younger girls look up to you and when they see that you are on board they will want to be on board. We need the office to be charged and there is no better way to keep moral and the energy level up than having sexy employees dressing sexy.”

“So Sir, you want the women to show a little skin?”

“All within reason Jeanie. What happens behind closed doors is different.”

“And what about this play money you had talked about?”

Mike knew that Jeanie was on board and was pleased. “Glad that you asked, you see sometimes a man or woman might become too aroused. In that case we want that person to be confident and offer the play money to help satisfy the need.”

“Ah, so once they take care of business he or she can get back to business?”

“Yes, I think you understand the big picture.”

Jeanie had to ask since a few of her friends were bisexual. “And there will be no retribution for a woman having sex?”

“Please, we encourage that. When you work for us or I mean ‘the company’ there are no double standards. We all know that women have needs just like men do and the company wants women to enjoy those needs.”

“Is there anything off limits?”

“Not between two consenting adults, no.”

“And what about a woman who wants a female coworker?”

“Well we thought about that, and at times women will feel comfortable in enjoying another woman. In addition to that some of the men might seek the company of two women. The company encourages all needs and wishes.”

“Sir, what does one do with the play money?”

“Well, that is up to the person. One can purchase favors or one can save the money and purchase vacation time or trade the money in for real money.”

“Oh, I think everyone will like that.”

“That was part of the company’s plan. From a woman’s point of view, we all know that some men are quick shooters so why not earn an extra one hundred dollars for five minutes of work?”

“Exactly, I love the idea.”

“Great Jeanie, I’m very happy that you are on board. The company might need your help in selling the idea to the new employees.” He hands her an envelope, “Here this is for you.”

Instinctively she knew what it was, but had no idea how much play money was in the envelope. However, she did know that Mike was very generous. Then she started to wonder if he would hire her for extra services? Oh how she wanted him to want her.

“Jeanie, we need good employees that are willing to make a difference. The company is going through some changes and management wants you to be part of the team. Key employees will be taken care of and even though times are tough the company will do everything possible to better employee’s lives.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Mike stood up and walked over to Jeanie. He held his hand out and helped her out of her chair and once she was on her feet he gave her a hug. “I’m glad that your part of our team. Now, it’s time to get back to work and I need the report for Project 1541.”

Jeanie was on fire for the rest of the day. When no one was looking she would cross her legs and squeeze trying to scratch that itch. Jeanie tried to focus and finish the last details for the report. Normally those little details would only take five minutes but in her aroused state those little changes took her thirty minutes; once completed she emailed the report to Mike.

Jeanie was nearly in pain. Her cubical was too open for her to masturbate at her desk, but oh how her clit was throbbing. The best she could hope for was applying some pressure and enjoy a quick orgasm. However, every time that she got close to reaching an orgasm somebody would walk past her cubical taking away from her moment.

She wanted to please Mike and when she had to get some information from one of the younger women at the office she would remove her jacket. Some of the girls were in shock but Jeanie enjoyed teasing them. Sure she knew that her nipples were clearly visible but she knew most of the younger girls were bi.

Finally after a long day of torture Jeanie’s day was over. On the drive home all she could think about was getting off. Once home she didn’t even undress; grabbed her vibrator and jumped up on the bed. She turned the vibrator on, pulled her thong to the side and took care of business. Things didn’t take long as her pussy was on fire ever since her meeting with Mike.

End of chapter 1

Please vote and send me an email telling me what you think!

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