Love is Deaf? Part 3

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Ashley’s heart was racing with anticipation. Here she was, dressed up with all the fixings for her senior prom, and she couldn’t have been happier.

Finishing the final touches on her best friend Katie’s make up, the two decided that they were finally ready for the big dance. Ashley’s boyfriend Josh, and Katie’s date Alex would be on their way by now and the girls were definitely ready for the night ahead.

It had been a few weeks since Katie and Josh had picked out her dress, and the taboo idea of a threesome had not been mentioned since. Even still, it loomed in all three teen’s minds, a well-disguised elephant in the room whenever they were around each other. But that didn’t stop the teens from having fun when they were together, and tonight of all nights, they were sure to make very special.

“You look gorgeous, sweety,” Ashley signed to her best friend Katie, as the two were now completely dolled up. Katie smiled and returned the compliment as the two girls waited anxiously.

They didn’t have to wait long, as Ashley soon heard her father call out for them from the front of the house. “Girls! Your suitors are here!” Ashley relayed the information to her deaf friend, then lead her by the hand out to the living room. Appearing around the corner, she saw her boyfriend of four months smile, his face shouting out how beautiful she looked.

Alex had a similar reaction to Katie. Alex knew a little sign language, and as he had been hanging out with the group for quite a while, he was an excellent choice to take Katie to the very special dance. That being said, he was not a very attractive boy, and although Katie was far from shallow, she figured that she was one of the hottest girls that Alex had ever talked to, let alone snagged a date with. While she considered him a good friend, she was afraid he would be forever friend-zoned as she had no romantic interest in him. She explained to Ashley countless times about how she hoped the dance would not give him any false hopes to the contrary.

Josh’s tuxedo matched Ashley’s dress perfectly. If anyone had seen Josh alone, without his matching date, they would have thought he was stuck in the 50’s, but together, they were as cute as could be. Alex went with a plain black tux, renting it from a local shop before Katie had even picked out her dress. Both boys quickly walked up to their respective dates, wrapping a small, yet beautiful bouquet of flowers on their wrists.

The girls giggled at the ceremony, then quickly dashed to the kitchen, where the boy’s flowers were waiting on ice. They reappeared, then proceeded to pin the slightly-more-masculine flowers onto the boy’s chests. Ashley had a little trouble getting the pin through, but after a few seconds, filled with her mother taking dozens of pictures, she had it on right. After a couple of group photos, the teens all rushed to Josh’s car before Ashley’s parents could hold them any longer. Helping the girls into the back seat, the boys jumped to the front. As he turned the ignition, Josh gave a little hidden wink to Katie through the mirror, reminding her of the last time they were both in this car. Before any parental objections could be made, the group was off.

“Did you tell your parents the plan?” Josh asked Ashley.

“I told them I was staying over at Katie’s tonight, but I’m pretty sure they knew I was lying. They didn’t seem to care,” Ashley explained, signing to Katie as she talked. In truth, the four teens, along with four others from the school, had all pitched in and rented two hotel rooms. Right off of the freeway exit, there was a brand new four-star Hilton hotel, and the two rooms they rented had a separation door that could be opened to join them. Between the eight of them, it was going to be a lot of fun.

The teens drove toward the interstate entrance, where practically all of the small town’s commerce was located. In the same parking lot as the hotel, there was a matching luxury restaurant that doubled as a card-table casino in the back. Unless one wanted to travel almost an hour on the interstate, The Oak Grill was the finest restaurant around. Josh had had to get reservations months ahead of time to beat the rush of prom night in the small town, and the group was very excited to go eat.

Finally arriving, the teens piled out of the car as they rushed toward the door. Being greeted by a heavily accented host, they were soon shown to their table, which was in fact a corner booth in the back of the dining area. Walking to the back, the group recognized a good 80% of the diners there as kids they went to school with. “I guess creativity is out,” Josh commentated as the group found their seats.

The corner booth was quaint and out of the way just enough that the group was happy with the privacy. They slid into the booth with little trouble, Josh ending up in the middle of the two girls, Ashley to his left, and Katie to his right, as Alex sat on the right of her. The waitress handed everyone a menu and announced she would return soon with drinks.

“Well, this restaurant is pretty packed, huh?” Josh started the small chitchat.

“No kidding,” Alex said as Ashley translated over the table for the boys. “Seems like everyone and their brother decided to come here.”

“It really is the only fancy option,” Ashley pointed out. “Look! There’s Grace and Justin, and Tyler and Grace B.” Her hand pointed a few tables over to where the two Graces, who were close friends despite their name confusion, were with their dates for the night. It was these four kids with whom the group would be splitting the hotel rooms with.

Grace Heigl (just Grace to all who knew the difference) was a tiny, blond-haired European girl who had a sweet face and a soft voice. She was only a junior, but was already captain of the cheer squad, trumping all seniors, and mostly hung out with seniors around school anyway. Her flatter chest matched her petite body frame, as she only stood five feet tall, and weighed in at 95 pounds on a good day. She was very preppy, and had been dating her jock boyfriend Justin for quite some time now. They both were nice enough, but few would claim to be their friends when they were not around.

Grace Blum, or just Grace B to distinguish the two, was a senior. She was a black girl with long, silky black hair. She was a gorgeous macchiato mulatto tint, standing at 5’9 to match her slender-athletic build. Developing this build from the numerous sports she played, including basketball, volleyball, track, and tennis, this girl was breathtaking. She had a very attractive chest, hosting D’s or Double D’s, but unfortunately, wore sports bras most of the time. One benefit to her sport’s attire was the volleyball shorts, which every teenage boy knew was the best invention ever made in womens’ sports. Showing off her amazing ass to the world was not her focus when Grace B. suited up for her games, but it was definitely a well-appreciated side effect. But through all this, she was actually a very reserved girl, holding up her family’s morals throughout high school, leaving her innocence intact. Tyler, who was white himself, was thought as a very lucky guy for snagging the girl to the dance. They were complete opposites, Tyler actually being thought of more as a dick, while Blum was as sweet as they came. The two seemed to hardly talk at school, and everyone pinned the acceptance on the girl’s kindness, rather than interest. That being said, Tyler was doing all he could to seduce the gorgeous hottie into his agenda.

Josh and his posse debated whether to invite the kids over, but decided to let them enjoy their dinner in peace, that they would be seeing them plenty at the hotel tonight.

“What about Grace B?” Ashley asked, not signing, as she directed her comment to Josh alone.

“What are you talking about?” Josh inquired, lost at where Ashley was going with this.

“Remember what we were talking about? And I said no to you-know-who,” she tip-toed around the threesome conversation for Alex’s benefit. “But I said we’d ask someone, right? I’m sure she could help us out. We’ll all be at the hotel tonight, it’d be fun!”

“Baby, while I LOVE that you seem excited about that,” Josh whispered to Ashley, as to not alert Alex or Katie, “you do realize that she’s a good-girl, right? Plus she’s here with a date. And PLUS we have to stick around Katie tonight.” Ashley had made a promise to Katie not to leave her alone with Alex too long, as the awkwardness of language barriers and interests might have proven too much.

“If you’re too scared to get a little risky, then it probably won’t be fun anyway,” Ashley said, a teasing look of disappointment on her face, urging Josh to at least try.

“You want me to just flat up ask her? Fine. At the hotel tonight, I’ll just waltz up to her, ask if she wants to join the two of us, get slapped, then come back to you as you’re laughing your ass off,” Josh foretold the situation. “But then when I fail, I get to pick the next girl, and YOU have to do the asking. Deal?”

“Deal,” Ashley gave a cheshire smile. Soon after, the waitress came to take orders, dropping off drinks for everyone. Ashley asked the girl where the bathroom was, then turned to Katie to see if she would accompany her. Looking at the boys who surrounded her, she attempted to scoot in the booth a bit, then shook her head, communicating that she didn’t need to go very bad, that she would just powder up as they left the restaurant. Ashley shrugged and marched toward the corner the waitress had pointed at.

Not a second had passed, that Katie’s hand moved to Josh’s thigh. Josh’s face shot up, finding Katie wasn’t looking at him, but was grinning from ear to ear. No one at the table said a word for a few minutes, when finally Josh pipped up. “Soooo Alex, you excited for tonight?” Katie simply moved up Josh’s leg higher.

“Oh! Oh, yeah man. It should be a lot of fun,” Alex replied. “What about you? You ready for a lot of dancing?” Katie’s arm kept creeping up, now making contact with Josh’s now hardened dick.

He exhaled briefly, subtly turning it into a cough. “Well, uh, Ashley isn’t that big of a dancing fan, so I figure I’ll get her to dance for maybe one or two songs, then wait for the slow dances,” he explained. Katie’s hand was now stroking his dick, ever so slowly, through his pants.

“Oh shit. You know I don’t even know if Katie likes to dance? Where’s Ashley when you need her…” he looked across the restaurant in hopes she would come back. Katie picked up pace now as she seductively grabbed and released, stroking Josh until he was going crazy.

“You know, if I don’t know the words I’m trying to say to her, I usually just text them out on a phone and show her the screen.” Katie was now trying to unzip his pants, to grab his dick in physical form, but Josh swatted her hand away, knowing he couldn’t handle much more of this.

“Oh, that’s brilliant dude,” Alex agreed, getting his phone out. Josh pointed at Alex for Katie’s benefit, and she quickly understood. Both of her hands were soon visible above the table again, and she was reading Alex’s screen.

She nodded, then made out the words “I lobe to!” Alex smiled, hoping to keep her on the dance floor all night.

Ashley soon reappeared, stopping by the other group’s table before she returned. Josh could see her hug the two girls in friendly greeting before chatting with the couples. She pointed over to where Josh and company were sitting, and all four of them waved their hellos. Continuing her conversing, Ashley laid her hand on Grace B’s shoulder, laughing a little. Only a few moments later, she was waving her goodbyes, returning to the booth where they were sitting.

“Everyone says hello, and that they’re looking forward to tonight,” she announced, signing out at the same time. “Apparently, Justin has a lot of alcohol he’s bringing, so we are set for a very fun night at the hotel. She turned to Josh, continuing, “Hopefully a VERY fun night, right sweety?”

Josh grinned, sighing at the love he had for his amazing girlfriend. The moment was soon interrupted however, as the waitress brought the food. Plates were shuffled around, and soon, everyone had their own feast in front of them.

Taking their time to eat, as they had an entire hour and a half before the doors to the dance even opened, the group chit-chatted about nothing in particular. Before too long, everyone had finished or requested a to-go box, and Josh was paying for the meal.

Exiting the restaurant, the group decided to check into the hotel before the dance, and simply give the other group of kids their respective key at the school. That would prevent a late night battle with the front desk, and allow them to store their dinner’s leftovers in the small fridge.

The Hilton being right across the parking lot, they simply walked there. It was a quick check-in, and soon, they had two keys for each room.

The rooms were on the second floor, which was easy enough to access from the elevator. The kids hurried up to their room, which was absolutely spectacular. Usually staying at Motel 6’s or at best, Red Lions, the group was shocked to find this place in their smaller town.

“This is our hotel room? Wow, this place looks great!” Ashley announced to herself.

“Yeah, too bad it’s going to be destroyed by tomorrow morning!” Alex countered with a grin.

The girls put the leftovers in the mini fridge that was sitting in the corner. Josh went to the dividing door that separated the two rooms, but found it easy enough to open. He pinned the door open against the wall so it wouldn’t swing itself shut, then flung himself onto the nearest bed. “This is gonna be a great night, huh Ashley?”

The two couples quickly dropped off their things and made their way downstairs once again.

Now feeling completely ready for the night, the four teens hopped into the car and were soon on their way to the school. Arriving just shortly after the doors had opened up, there was still a line to get in. They easily found a place to park, then proceeded to walk to the entrance, where they eventually had to wait in line there.

“Well this sucks… It’s cold out here!” Ashley said shivering in her shoulder-less dress.

“Line seems to be moving pretty fast,” Josh was on his toes, attempting to look over the crowd. “Here, take this.” He wormed out of his tuxedo’s jacket, placing it around his girlfriend’s shoulders so her arms were covered.

“Like out of a damn movie,” Alex commented, smiling at Josh’s chivalry. “Can you ask Katie if she needs mine?” he directed to Ashley, who in turn translated. Katie replied that she was fine, that it would only be a few minutes longer.

Slowly but surely, the line died down. Finally, the group found themselves at the front of the line. Two teachers, Mrs. Holmes and Mr. Kelly were taking tickets at the entrance. Students either had paper tickets or they had their names in the virtual database, and the teachers could look up their names to see if they had bought the tickets.

“What a gentleman, giving his jacket to his sweetheart,” Mrs. Holmes smiled as she saw Josh and Ashley walk up. Looking at the computer, she was easily able to find the tickets purchased. “Josh, you are clear to go in. You two have a wonderful time.” Next in like was Alex and Katie. They were also waived in without a problem.

The school lights were dimmed, almost completely off. They only gave off enough light to see. The halls were additionally lined with small lamps made to look like candles. There was fake snow everywhere and cardboard cuttings of old 1920’s cars were everywhere.

“This looks fantastic!” Ashley exclaimed, using her hands to speak as well. “Oh, but let’s go get our pictures taken before there’s a huge line!” As she said this, the group saw Grace, Justin, Grace B, and Tyler. They rushed up to their counterparts and gave them both keys to the adjoining room at the hotel. The group smiled, thanking them, and were soon off.

The group raced to the gymnasium where the photo shooters were stationed. Entering, they saw they had beaten the majority of the school there. There were three picture options, all with different lines. Josh figured since it was all included with admission, they might as well get one of each with the lines as short as they were.

Entering the first line, the theme to the picture was a bootlegger theme. An old 1930 Cadillac Roadster was actually brought in, placed in front of a background displaying two old police cars racing after it. It was a convertible car, so the students would take their places in the seats and get their pictures taken “running from the law.” The group hurried to the Caddy when it was there turn. Josh jumped into the driver’s seat, Alex on the passengers. The girls elected to sit on the back, their butts resting on the top of the seats, rather than actually using them properly. The photographer liked the pose and snapped the picture, telling them that the black and white prints would be passed out the following week at school.

The next line was a more romantic theme, hosting a wooden boardwalk stage leading to a dimmed background of an ocean pier. As the group waited in line, Katie had an idea. Moving her arms too quickly for Josh to decipher but a few words, he had to wait until Ashley would translate.

“She says what we should do is have a picture of both of the girls with each guy. Me and Katie would go with Alex here, and then the next one would be us with Josh,” Ashley reported.

That seemed fine to the rest of the group, so Josh stepped back as the group made their way to the front of the line. He smiled as Alex lifted the tiny Katie up in the air, cradling his date. Ashley merely held up Katie’s feet for comical effect as the pictures were taken. They laughed as they returned to Josh.

Finally in the third line, there was a park bench. The background gaziantep lezbiyen was darkened with night, but one could still clearly make out all of the 1930’s adages. There were election posters for Hoover and another that read “Unsere letzte Hoffnung: Hitler” for foreshadowing effect. There were people standing in the background as well, but all of this was mere back-noise for the bench and the couples who were sitting on it. At last, it was their turn and Josh was pushed into the middle of the bench. Katie signaled to Ashley and the two girls innocently laid kisses on Josh’s cheek as he smiled, wrapping his arms around them both. The third photographer smiled, telling the group that it was a great picture, and would be ready for them next week.

“Well! Now that that is done, let’s hit the dance floor!” Ashley announced. The group raced to the commons, which had been transformed into a dancing area. The music could be heard from the entire school and was easy enough to follow.

Soon the group was lost in the sea of students dancing to the latest Ke$ha song. There were teacher chaperons littered everywhere, trying to keep the dancing age appropriate, but at this point, they would settle for anything not X rated. Ashley and Katie were now dancing together, grinding against each other as Josh and Alex watched, not minding in the slightest.

Soon enough, however, the song ended, and the DJ announced the first slow song of the night. Ashley hurried over to Josh and kissed him as they started moving in a slow circle to “Falling Slowly”. She smiled, thanking him for the best evening of her life. They kissed passionately for quite some time, but before long a teacher tapped Josh on the shoulder. “Let’s try not to swallow her tongue, son,” the teacher told him, breaking off the moment. Josh rolled his eyes at the interruption, but followed orders. Thinking for a minute, he soon motioned for Ashley to follow him.

The couple moved through the crowd, sneaking into back end of the school. They found that the rest of the halls were completely deserted. Making their way to the back corner of the school, Josh hoped to find an unlocked bathroom that they could sneak into.

Finding the door to the most secluded bathroom in the school, Josh’s heart sank to find that it was, indeed, locked.

Without missing a beat, Ashley turned to face the wall and hiked her dress up yanking her baby blue lacy panties down to her ankles. “It doesn’t matter. Just put it in,” Ashley commanded before Josh could object.

“But we’re right in the open!” Josh still protested. “If someone comes anywhere close to us, we’re fucked!”

“No one is going to come,” she assured. “The music is super loud and we are the only people stupid enough to make our way back here. Now are you going to be a giant pussy, are are you going to fuck me?!”

Josh couldn’t help himself. In the middle of the hallway, feet away from where he would be attending math class Monday morning, he unzipped his pants, pulling his dick through the fly. Already rock hard, he was able to insert it without problem.

Before he even got himself all the way in, Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs. “THAT’S IT BABY! FUCK THAT DRENCHED PUSSY!!!!!”

“Are you crazy?!” Josh screamed in a hushed voice. “Everyone is going to hear you!”

“Shut up, baby. The slower you are, the louder I’m going to be,” Ashley recoiled with a devilish grin. “Maybe I like the danger more than you, but if you DON’T want to get caught, you better ram the hell out of me RIGHT NOW!”

Josh couldn’t help but smile at his girlfriend’s boldness. He grabbed her hips and slammed his dick into her from behind, causing her to gasp. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” she replied, not screaming, but definitely not hushed either.

Josh now wanted to turn the tables, make Ashley feel more scared about being caught than he was. Without pausing for her approval, he quickly pulled at the top of her dress, forcing the material to fold down to her naval in one fluid motion. Before she even knew what had happened, Ashley’s monstrous tits were now completely exposed, bouncing around as Josh continued to fuck her senseless.

He expected an objection or at least a “hey!”, but instead, only received moans from his overly horny girlfriend.

“Baby, I think I’m cumming already…” Ashley slammed both hands against the wall. “Holy shit… I’m cumming baby! I’m CUMMING!!!” she again started screaming. Josh grinned at his girlfriend’s pleasure, but decided to shut her up before someone heard her. He quickly grabbed her panties off of the ground, now feet away from where she was currently stationed. He balled them up, shoving them into her face. Finding her mouth, he gagged her, all the while never stopping his steady thrusting motion.

Ashley’s knees buckled as her eyes rolled back. She moaned into her own panties, not caring if anyone found the two of them or not, only that she loved what she was feeling. Josh’s dick suddenly pulled out of her, taking her breath away. Steadying herself, she began breathing through her nose, as her mouth was still plugged.

Without warning, Josh used his free hand to part her ass cheeks. He quickly shoved the entire length of his shaft into her. She would have screamed if her mouth was free. Instead, only raspy exhales made it through the delicate fabric.

“That’s it baby. Take that nice big dick in your ass. You want to be an adventurous little slut? Tell me how much you love it,” Josh teased her in her ear. After not getting a response, he repeated himself. “Tell me how much you love it!” he beckoned, spanking her firmly.

“Mmmghfffff!” Ashley begged through her muzzle.

“That’s a good girl,” Josh rubbed her ass, taking some of the sting away. Now I’m about to blow my load, and I don’t want to ruin your dress. Come suck my dick dry.” He yanked the panties out of her mouth as he gave his orders.

Ashley loved being kinky, and this was no exception. Without any objections she turned and dropped to her knees, offering her mouth, now free and open. Josh hadn’t even rammed his dick into her mouth before his dick started spewing its payload. A few drops landed on Ashley’s cheek, but she was skillful in catching most of it in her mouth. Collecting the rest off her face, she sucked her finger dry to clean herself off. Swallowing the load completely, she opened her mouth, showing off for her boyfriend. He smiled and shoved his dick into her mouth, which she quickly began sucking, milking any remnants of cum. Josh’s eyes rolled back as he was in heaven. Once he came to, he lifted her up onto her feet again. She fixed her dress as Josh reached into his pocket.

“Here, I got this for you,” he hinted, pulling out a box. Ashley’s heart skipped a beat as he lifted his hands up to her face, opening the box, only to find breath mints in it. She laughed, calling him an asshole, but taking 4 of them anyway.

“Can I have my panties back so we can go back to the dance?” she asked, noticing Josh still had them in his other hand.

“Nah, I think I’ll keep them as a souvenir,” Josh smiled, tucking the fancy underwear into his tux’s breast pocket, allowing them to hang out a little.

“You better not!” Ashley cried out, giggling. Josh laughed back, taking them out of the front pocket.

“Yeah, I won’t keep them there. But I will hold onto them for the rest of the night,” Josh compromised, stuffing them into the deep pants pockets. “Now let’s go back, before we DO get caught back here.”

The couple hurried back. After they had snuck back into the main hallway, they were able to relax, trotting back to the dance floor as if nothing happened. Finding Katie and Alex with little trouble, they were questioned on where they had been. Josh made up some story for Alex, unknowing that Ashley was signing the truth to Katie right next to him. Katie smiled from ear to ear at hearing the juicy gossip. The DJ announced the third slow song of the night to be starting and the two couples paired up.

Journey started playing through the speakers, setting up the intro to “Faithfully”. Josh held his girlfriend close as she wrapped her arms around him. They swayed in circles as the song continued. They whispered “I love you”s and “You’re amazing”s back and forth before Josh leaned in for a kiss. A quick peck on the lips was all he could sneak in as the teacher was again hovering around them.

Josh looked over at Katie and Alex, seeing that the boy was staring deeply into his date’s eyes. Josh barely saw him move his lips closer before Katie turned her face down, resting her head on Alex’s shoulder, trying to play off the rejection. Josh couldn’t help but snicker quietly, which caused Ashley to ask what had happened. After relaying the scene to her, she smacked his shoulder playfully for laughing, telling him that Alex was probably heartbroken.

“Well after the song, I’ll talk to Alex and you can chat with Katie. But I better get to hear what she says afterward,” Josh added his stipulation.

The two continued to hold each other as they danced slowly. The song was drawing to a close and Josh leaned in for another kiss. Breaking off as the song concluded, he lightly squeezed Ashley’s tush before heading over to the other group, Ashley in tow.

Ashley tapped Katie on the shoulder. “Would you go to the bathroom with me?” she asked, speaking what her hands were saying for Alex’s benefit. With a nod from Katie, they were both gone.

“Hey man, are you having fun so far?” Josh asked, keeping subtle.

“You saw that, huh?” Alex guessed. Josh nodded. “Yeeeeeeah… not exactly how I had it planned out. But what can you do, right? I’m not upset about it, but I think it may be really awkward now…” he admitted.

“I wouldn’t worry about it too much man,” Josh coached. “Give it a few minutes, and I bet things will be right back to how they were.”

But, of course, that didn’t happen. Katie didn’t make eye contact with Alex for the rest of the night, ashamed that she had led him on. Alex took it that she was disgusted with him, and was soon nowhere to be found. Occasionally, Josh would see him talking with a few of his friends or getting a drink of punch, but he was definitely staying out of Katie’s path, making her feel even worse.

Josh and Ashley danced with Katie many times, keeping spirits up. After a few hours, Josh was getting drinks for them when he was approached by Alex. “Hey bro, listen… tonight didn’t work out very well for me and Katie. I’m thinking about just heading home. Not feeling too good. Can you tell her that I’m not upset with her? I just think I need some sleep,” he explained.

“Sure man, I’ll tell her. Are you sure you don’t want to come back to the hotel with us? How are you getting home?” Josh asked.

“Oh, I’ll get home okay, don’t worry about it,” Alex finished. Before Josh could object, he had slank back into the crowd, disappearing from sight.

Josh hurried back to the girls, relaying the message. Katie hung her head, really worried that she had hurt his feelings. Just then, Ashley piped up. “Isn’t that him leaving with Nicole?!” The group turned to the exit, and sure enough, Alex as walking out, holding Nicole very close.

Katie screamed in frustration. Growling and snarling, making any audible noise that came naturally to her, adding to the sure-to-be swear words that her hands were flying off.

“It’s okay sweety,” Ashley comforted, again voicing her signs. “Do you want to go back to the hotel? Or stay here?” Katie answered hotel, and soon, the group was in the car, driving back to the hotel parking lot.

“Don’t worry Katie, I’ll beat the shit out of him next time I see him,” Josh spoke, which Ashley turned in her seat to translate. Katie smiled, but shook her head no.

They hurried up the elevator and into their room. Katie quickly slid into the bathroom, Ashley managing to go in with her. Josh wished he could eavesdrop, but alas, there was no vocal communication.

“Um… hello?” a voice questioned the intruders. “Josh, Ashley, is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s us,” Josh announced to who he assumed to be one of the Graces and their date. The halfway door was open, so he started towards it. Greeted by the sight of Justin fucking his girlfriend Grace from behind as she was leaned over the foot of the bed, Josh stepped back. “WOH! Sorry about that, let me just shut this door…” Josh apologized.

“No, it’s alright,” Grace assured. “I’m sure we’re going to be seeing plenty of each other tonight. Well… at least most of us,” she hinted about the two virgins of the group. Her dress, which probably cost her parents hundreds of dollars, was now laying on the hotel floor, completely mangled from what Josh guessed was overly rough foreplay. Now she was completely naked, her smaller tits in plain view for Josh, and anyone else to see. “I actually thought that Justin, me, you, and Ashley would share one room, and the other four would split the second. Use the beds for SLEEPING, no less,” she grinned, obviously not shy in the slightest.

“The other three,” Josh corrected, filling the couple in on the events that had transpired at the dance. As he was explaining, the girls emerged from the bathroom, noticing Josh talking to the couple, still fucking away. “Oh, hey baby. Meet the neighbors,” Josh laughed. Ashley smiled, obviously loving the kinkiness, as she walked up with Katie to the open doorway.

“I’m really sorry to hear about your date,” Grace told Ashley, who then translated to Katie.

Katie signed back her response, slightly shocked at the view in front of her. But Ashley translated back her message unhaltered. “It’s okay. I only wanted to go as friends anyway. If he wants to…” Ashley paused, smiling at Katie’s ferociousness,”…fuck that herpes infested slut, then by all means, let him.”

Grace and Justin laughed, agreeing.

“So where is Grace B and Tyler?” Ashley asked, her voice hanging with interest.

“Oh, they’re still at the dance. I’m pretty positive Blum will stay there for as long as it’s open,” Grace explained. “Ow! Fuck, baby, I’m trying to talk here! Slow it down,” she barked at Justin who was trying to pick up the pace.

Ashley grinned, eyeing to Josh that she was ready for some fun as well, but Josh was concerned about Katie. “Baby, we can’t just leave her in the room all by herself…”

Discouraged, but seeing his logic, Ashley nodded her agreement. Katie, not knowing what was being said, signed that she was getting hungry again. “Well when you guys are finished up, you should come into our room. We can pass the drinks around. We’re going to heat up our dinner and crack open a few,” Ashley explained. Grace and Justin agreed, never slowing down their love session.

After a long wait, in which the three teens had eaten their meals completely, they finally heard Justin announcing his impending sign off. After some beckoning on Grace’s part and quite a few loud grunts, the pair emerged from the doorway, Justin shirtless, and Grace in nothing but panties and a bra.

Justin’s eyes locked onto Grace. The tiny 5’2 blonde was so innocent looking, it was hard to imagine what she had just been doing in the other room. The fact that she was near naked, sporting a pair of black lacy undergarments seemed to put her into perspective a little more.

“Oh, are you guys watching TV?” Grace asked, jumping onto the bed that the three friends were sharing. Josh handed her a wine cooler, passing a can of beer to Justin.

“Not really, we just figured a little background noise would be welcomed,” Ashley explained, not noticing Josh’s wandering eyes, figuring since the girl was naked only an hour before, it wasn’t that big of a deal. “We were just talking about tonight.”

“Oh, well do you want Justin to beat his ass for you?” Grace offered. Ashley went to translate, but Katie must have read the girls lips, because she was already laughing, shaking her head.

Ashley translated for Katie, saying that it was all good and he wasn’t worth the effort. Katie herself was already onto her fourth drink, while Josh and Ashley had barely started their second, hinting that the girl was feeling more pain than she tried to lead on.

The couples chatted about nothing for quite some time, drinking the night away. Finally they heard the adjacent door swing open, slamming shut right afterwards. “Damn it, Tyler, I said ‘NO!’ Now get the hell out of my face, before you REALLY make me mad!”

“We’re in here sweety!” Grace called out to the second Grace. Grace Blum walked through the doorway, her mascara running down her cheek. Her dress’ shoulder strap was pulled down a bit and her right cheek was reddened.

Without saying a word, Justin got up from the bed, jetting for the door, chasing after Tyler. That left Josh and the three girls to comfort Blum and ask what had happened.

“I’m fine, nothing happened. The horny bastard just wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she explained. “He slapped me once, and I kneed him in the groin, then elbowed him into the ground. Then I came inside the room, and slammed the door in his face. Really, though, I’m fine.” Josh smiled at the thought of the scrawny perv being beat up by the athletic girl. Obviously he wasn’t the brightest.

Relieved that nothing more had happened, the group moved over, allowing more room onto the bed. Justin returned a few minutes later. “Well, the fucker is pretty fast. I chased him out of the building and he drove off.” The rest of the group filled him in on what Blum had told them, which made him relax a bit too. Josh tossed him another beer and the group continued their chat.

Justin and Josh being the only men in the room, now surrounded by four girls, there was a lot of sexual tension. Ashley kept nudging at Josh that she wanted some privacy, more for Katie and Blum’s benefit than from her shyness. Grace was still nearly naked and everyone in the room was trying their best to pretend not to notice, or at least not care.

Finally Blum spoke up, asking why she was so exposed in front of everyone. Grace explained that Josh had walked in on her and Justin, so there really wasn’t much point in shielding herself now. “I was actually expecting Ashley and him to join us soon enough,” she admitted. “Not in an orgy sort of way. Them on one bed, us on another.”

“I was actually expecting that too,” Ashley hinted. “Josh sweety, I’m sure the girls wouldn’t mind if we snuck away for a while.” She shifted her legs so they were crossed, then finding the position immediately uncomfortable, she shifted back.

“Oh… My… GAWD!” Grace cried out. “You’re not wearing any panties! You already fucked each other at the school, didn’t you?!” she accused, grinning with pride at the girl.

“What?!” Ashley was stunned that she had noticed. “No, I just… uh…” she stammered. “Fine. We snuck back into the back hall and fucked RIGHT there in the open! It was sooooo hot!” Josh grinned, retrieving the panties out of his pant’s pocket and tossing them in the middle of the bed.

“You little slut! I love it!” Grace cried out. She leaned into Ashley’s ear, whispering something the rest of the group couldn’t make out.

“Well… we were going to try to make it happen tonight,” Ashley responded. Grace whispered a little more, followed by a “Sure!” by Ashley. Then, right then and there, Ashley leaned into Grace and kissed her. The little blonde girl wasted no time in pushing Ashley onto her back, making out with her. Ashley moaned as Grace nibbled on her lips before sliding her tongue into her mouth. Then, as if nothing happened, both girls sat up smiling, Grace leaning back to her previous position.

“Wow! I’ve actually never done that before!” Ashley commented.

“Wait, you’ve never kissed any of your girl friends?! I figured that you and Katie had gotten drunk together and made out plenty of times,” Grace responded shocked.

“No, Katie is pretty reserved,” Ashley explained, her hands translating the whole conversation.

“EY!” Katie’s voice was heard. Without another word she tackled Ashley onto the head of the bed. Pressing her lips against her best friend’s, Katie tasted a girl’s lips for the first time. Wasting no time with being gentle, she quickly pressed harder, opening her mouth to accept Ashley’s willing participation. Katie’s moans were loud, probably louder than she intended, as she started grasping at Ashley’s boobs.

“Well, this is getting a bit racy for me,” Blum voiced her uncomfortableness at being the sixth wheel somehow. “I think I’ll go find something to eat in the lobby. I’ll be back in about 30 minutes if you guys need me.” She quickly ducked out of the room, which only slightly disappointed Ashley.

“Damn baby, that is so hot to watch,” Josh said, still locked onto his girlfriend as her dress was slowly pulled down.

“I bet you are enjoying this,” Ashley smirked. “You’re finally get your way!” Josh smiled at what Ashley was hinting at, wasting no time in dropping his pants.

“You guy’s don’t mind, do you?” he said as he unbuttoned his tux jacket and shirt.

“No, of course not!” Grace shouted out. “It’s about time someone else got naked in here!” She quickly started ripping at Justin’s pants.

Josh grabbed at Katie’s hips to alert her of his presence. He gently nudged her aside so he could get in on the action, quickly undressing his girlfriend out of her dress.

Careful not to make the first moves at Katie and possibly still upset Ashley, Josh sat back, allowing his girlfriend to undress her best friend. All of Ashley’s past objections were now gone it seemed, because as soon as Josh leaned back, she quickly sat up, tugging at Katie’s dress. She signed a few words hurriedly before standing Katie on the floor, spinning her around. Unzipping the back of the dress was easy enough, and soon the loose material slid right off of the girl, exposing Katie to Josh for what Ashley thought was the first time.

Katie wasn’t wearing a bra, as the dress she had been wearing really discouraged one, especially for her small breasts. She stood there, only a moment, allowing the orgy of lovers to take in the sight of her, but Ashley had other plans. She quickly pushed Katie down onto her knees as she bent down to join her. Reaching for Josh’s pants, she tugged down at them ferociously.

Before Josh’s brain could comprehend what was happening, he found himself buck naked, his fully hard cock now at eye level with Ashley and Katie both. Ashley signed for Katie to take the dick in her hand, again believing this was a first.

Katie didn’t argue however, and reached out to grip Josh’s large member. She played with it, exploring it in her hands for a while before grinning and popping it into her mouth. Smiling at Josh’s twitch as her tongue made contact with his pisshole, she proceeded to tease the boy’s meat as well as she could. Soon enough, Ashley leaned forward, sticking her tongue out and probing at Josh’s balls as her best friend continued along the shaft.

Josh looked over to see that Grace was already getting pummeled by Justin, her eye’s glued to the threesome in front of her. “I love watching you guys, okay?” she admitted. “Just keep going!” She reached underneath herself and started playing with her snatch as Justin furiously hammered away.

Not wanting to disappoint his audience, Josh took command, grabbing both girls by the back of the head. “Stick out your tongues,” he commanded, holding their heads less than a foot away from his prick. Ashley followed command, giving a visual example for Katie to follow. Katie understood and followed suit. Josh slowly brought both girl’s heads closer to his dick, making sure to take his time as the girls struggled to extend their tongues farther.

Finally, their mouths were able to make contact with the head, their tongues meeting simultaneously. Josh gently pushed farther so that each girl was on her own side, her mouth sliding down the length of his shaft, occasionally meeting at the tip for a quick tongue kiss.

The look on both girl’s face was priceless. They both seemed wanton on pleasing their mate, perhaps even competing against each other. Josh pondered how he could use that to his advantage…

“Alright, that’s enough. I’m ready for some real sex now,” he said aloud, also signing one of his favorite ASL words, “pussy”.

Katie smiled, quickly standing up and stepping out of her blue G string. She walked up to him, offering up one leg. Josh took it in his arm, balancing the girl above his raging cock. He looked to Ashley for any last minute objections. Her face looked worried, as if she would regret this, but she surely wasn’t going to say no to him now. She nodded, giving Josh the okay to fuck her best friend.

Without further hesitation, Josh bucked his hips in one steady motion, gently pushing Katie down into his hips. The result left Katie gasping for air, her entire body convulsing as her virgin pussy stretched to accommodate. Josh felt triumphant, having waited a long time to finally be able to finish what they started at the mall weeks ago.

He slowly withdrew, allowing Katie to recompose herself. The petite girl took a few deep breaths, then nodded her readiness for more. Josh, with more gusto this time, pressed deep inside the tiny girl. Now without pause, he started a fluid rhythm of ins and outs, bouncing Katie on his lap as he continued.

Katie’s eyes were now closed as she was lifted and pulled back down in sync with Josh’s movements. Every time his dick made full impact, a little whimper was forced out of her mouth. Josh again found the deaf girl’s involuntary noises more of a turn on than anything he had heard before. Spurring him on, he forced his dick deeper into the her tight hole.

Wanting to get in on the action as soon as possible, Ashley suggested that Josh lay on the bed to give her better access. Josh agreed and, without removing his dick from inside of her, carried Katie onto the bed. He slowly leaned backward until he was fully on his back, Katie left straddling him from above. He playfully slapped her ass, urging her to start her bouncing.

The innocent looking girl looked priceless as she excitedly started bouncing on Josh’s dick. Her grin matched with her frenzied over-the-top moans was almost too much for Josh to handle.

In fact, it was enough to send Grace over the edge. The trio could hear her moans start to pick up pace and get louder. Josh looked over his shoulder to see Grace’s face contort as she started screaming that she was cumming. Enjoying the sight of the tiny blonde shudder in pleasure, but not wanting to miss what Ashley was planning next, Josh turned back around.

Katie twisted her body, rolling both Josh and herself in a 180 degree circle. Katie landed on her back laying on the bed leaving Josh on top of her, now on his knees as he continued fucking her. Ashley actually liked this new position as she straddled her best friend’s face. Leaning in to kiss her boyfriend, she slowly lowered her torso, resting her opening only centimeters away from Katie’s mouth.

Figuring “what the hell”, Katie leaned up, resting her tongue against Ashley’s pussy, now glistening with moisture. She started swirling her tongue around, using the flat base to lick up and down her best friend’s snatch. Ashley cooed as she started grinding her hips into Katie’s face, closing her eyes as her own lips were still tangled with Josh’s.

Katie was now burrowing her tongue inside of Ashley, the tip furiously attacking her best friend’s clit as she lashed at it from side to side. She wasn’t a particular fan of the taste, but it was actually sweeter than her own had been when she tasted herself a few weeks ago. Figuring she would try to give Ashley as much pleasure as possible, after all she was borrowing her boyfriend’s dick, she decided to sneak 2 fingers into Ashley’s awaiting cunt as well.

Ashley felt her pussy stretch as Katie toyed with her new-found prize. Jamming two fingers as deep as she could thrust them made Ashley moan out, breaking off the kiss with Josh. Josh didn’t mind however, as he went straight for Ashley’s massive boobs which had been dangling, unattended for far too long.

All of the sudden, the fingers stopped pistoning in and out of Ashley. The heavenly tongue stopped moving all together. Ashley looked down to see her best friend’s eyes clamped shut, her breathing becoming more and more rapid.

“Uuhhh…. Yeuhh… YEEEEH NEEEUUUUHHH!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!” Katie screamed her unintelligible animal noises. Her body shot up from the bed as if something had bitten her. The tiny girl started shuddering as the climax took control of her body. Josh slowed his humping, but dare not pull out as the girl’s pussy walls contracting on his dick seemed to be the best feeling in the world. Katie started to exhale deeply, taking very shallow breaths in between. Her body started relaxing until she finally laid flat on the bed once more. Quite a few moments later, she finally reopened her eyes, sporting the biggest smile Josh had ever seen on her.

She started signing to Ashley who was still looking down on her. Ashley smiled, signing back as she spoke aloud for Josh. “Yes, it sounded pretty amazing……….. Yes, he loved it too…….. Well do you WANT to be done?………….No, I think it’s my turn first.”

Slowly sliding his dick out, Josh watched as the two girls swapped places. Ashley’s pussy was filled the moment her ass hit the bed as Josh was eager to keep this up. She laid her head back, slowly guiding Katie back down onto her face. This being Ashley’s first time at eating a girl out as well, she slowly inched up, testing the taste.

She was amazed to find that Josh’s taste lingered and mixed with Katie’s. It tasted a lot like when she gave her boyfriend head, mixed with a slight metallic taste she guessed was Katie. She didn’t mind it in the slightest, and kept lashing her tongue against Katie, who was still recovering from the orgasm she had already had.

Josh just kept humping away at Ashley. As Katie was in the same position as Ashley had been moments ago, Josh wasn’t really sure if he was allowed to kiss Katie. He wanted to experience as much as he could tonight, but didn’t want to push Ashley to anger.

Katie, it seemed, would decide for him as she leaned in, planting a kiss. The two lips met and Josh was in heaven. He could still make out the distinct taste of Ashley’s pussy as he kissed their mutual best friend, but finally able to have his way with Katie made him extremely happy in itself. He looked down to see Ashley’s eyes closed as she moaned in between licks.

Feeling his body getting closer to his own orgasm, he felt he needed to finish off Ashley quickly. First to keep things fair and secondly, to keep resentment as far away from this night as possible. He grabbed her tits as they bounced horizontally on the bed, picking up pace to a full speed humping. He smacked her tit, which caused her to wince out in pain. If there was one thing Ashley loved, it was kink, and Josh was going to send her over the edge before he was there himself.

Signing his very limited ASL, Josh tried to signal to Katie to sit her ass onto Ashley’s face. He figured since she had been into sucking his dick after anal, direct contact wouldn’t be minded much either. The word “ass” and the word “face” were all Josh could muster as he signed Ashley’s name. Katie nodded, unsure if she had understood what he wanted to communicate, but proceeded to shift her body so that her ass was now directly over Ashley’s face.

Josh took it from there, again slapping playfully, yet rough, at Ashley’s exposed titty. “Lick it, you filthy slut,” Josh barked. “I want to see the pleasure in her eyes as you lick her ass hole.”

Ashley said nothing, and her face couldn’t be seen underneath Katie’s body, but almost immediately, Katie jumped in shock as Ashley’s tongue made contact with her ass. It started as a butterfly kiss on each cheek, then slowly, Ashley traced a line with her tongue, ending directly above Katie’s puckered virgin asshole.

“That’s it, girl. Lick your best friend as I fuck your brains out,” Josh coached, still hammering furiously into Ashley, desperately trying to make her cum.

“That’s it, I’m cumming again!” Grace announced from down the bed as Justin continued to plow into her. She screamed a high pitch squeal as her body shook with pleasure. Moans could be heard as Justin also announced he was finished. Not withdrawing his dick from the petite blonde girl, he grunted as his dick erupted deep inside of her, the both of them not taking their eyes off of the threesome set before them.

Katie gasped as the snaking tongue finally found her sensitive hole. She had to strain to keep breathing as Ashley played with her. Josh leaned down, now licking Ashley’s nipples, trying his best to send Ashley over the edge with the spontaneous clusterfuck of actions. As soon as her nipples had hardened enough, he bit down gently on them, causing Ashley’s body to shudder with an electric wave of pain and pleasure. “Shit baby, I can’t take much more of this,” Ashley said as she took a breath, before resuming her oral assault on Katie.

“Baby, I need you to cum for me,” Josh pleaded as he continued mauling the girl’s tits, still pumping in and out of her at top speed,

“I’m…… I’m….” was all Ashley could make out before her body convulsed with the orgasm. Her body rivelled with intense pleasure as Katie climbed off of her friend at Josh’s suggestion. Ashley was shrieking with pleasure as her pussy clamped down on Josh’s dick, her body falling limp on the bed.

Finally coming-to from the orgasm, Ashley tried to sit up straight. Josh took her by the hand, leading her off of the bed, where Ashley found Katie was already on her knees. Josh gently pushed, bending his girlfriend down to join in Katie’s position. Josh then presented his dick to both girls. Ashley greedily took it, instantly shoving the cock to the back of her throat. Katie decided to pay more attention to the balls as she cupped them with her tongue.

Josh, already being close, was now feeling his balls tense up. He scooted back, positioning both girl’s faces together. He didn’t even need to wank himself off at all, as he shot stream after stream of hot cum onto the girl’s faces. He painted the both of them from cheek to chin as his spasming dick finally settled down.

Not done yet, Ashley turned to Katie, planting a huge kiss on her lips before devouring her face, licking and sucking every inch she could before swapping spit with the girl. Katie merely smiled and let Ashley work as she delicately cleaned the deaf girl’s covered face. Breathing heavily, Josh sat back, recovering from the amazing event he had just been a part of.

“That was amazing!” Everyone in the room turned, Katie following their gaze, to see Grace Blum sitting in a lounge chair by the door. Her black tits were popped out of her dress, her pink nipples erect, as if she had been playing with them. And they all knew that she had, given her dress was hiked up with her black panties pushed to the side, her fingers still rubbing her virgin cunt.

Ashley laughed, wiping a bit of goo off of her face. “How long have you been there exactly?” she asked. Blum explained that she had came back right around the time Josh had began fucking Ashley, but had not wanted to interrupt anything. Josh laughed at the thought of the good girl sitting there, playing with her pussy at the sight of him fucking his girlfriend and best friend, not to mention Grace and Justin only feet away.

The girls, Graces included, elected to go wash up. Justin and Josh were left alone to get dressed. The two men quickly surveyed the room, looking for their clothes.

“Damn bro, that was legit,” Justin complimented as he bent over to pick up his shirt. “How’d you convince your girl to let you do that?”

“It was mostly her idea…. I think…. Maybe it was Katie’s. Either way, I’m not going to question it,” Josh explained. They both quickly got dressed, never actually making eye contact until they were both fully reclothed.

Sitting on each respective bed, they saw Grace Blum come out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. “They’ll be out in a minute. They got a little….. dirtier than I did I guess,” she explained with a smile.

They heard the shower turn on, making Josh’s mind wander to the must-be spectacular view right inside the bathroom. Grace slowly walked up to him, sitting on the edge of his bed. The girl, now fully dressed again in her prom dress was still quite a site to behold, even if Josh had thoroughly enjoyed her previous state.

The gorgeous black girl turned to Josh, bending forward so she could whisper in his ear. “Ashley told me your little plan got changed last minute,” she relayed the conversation she must have had in the bathroom. “I’m sure Katie was a lot of fun, but I’m sorry I wasn’t there the whole time…” she toyed with him.

“No, that’s alright. After your date AND Katie’s date both turned into assholes, I’m just happy everyone still had a good time,” Josh explained.

“Oh I had an amazing time, thank you,” Grace smiled at him. “Probably not as fun of a time as those girls are having right about now, don’t you think?”

Josh sat there, not saying anything, puzzled, but desperately wanting to see where the athletic dark girl was getting at.

“Can’t you just picture it in there?” Grace continued. “When I left they were wiping your spunk off of each other’s faces. I bet right about now, Grace is cleaning out her snatch of Justin’s cum. Your girlfriend is probably helping her, right? Grace spreading her pussy lips wide while Ashley shoves her fingers deep inside.”

Josh merely nodded his comatose acknowledgment as Grace continued on, reading off the hypothetical story unfolding in the bathroom.

“But Katie doesn’t want to be left out. So she gets on the other side of Grace and puts her hand up to her filled pussy as well. The water is running down all three of them as the girls try to help each other out,” Grace B continued. Josh was amazed to find that his dick was, in fact, hard again. Blum noticed this and carefully grabbed it through his pants. Unzipping his fly and releasing his dick, she held onto her first penis as she continued her commentary.

“Can you just imagine them all giggling with each other as they play with Grace’s pussy? I bet fingers will turn into lips… Lips will turn into tongues. Wouldn’t that be a site to see your girlfriend scooping cum out of Grace’s snatch with her tongue?” She was now stroking Josh’s dick quite heavily, but greed overtook her as she bent her face down. Her tongue swirled around the head of Josh’s dick as she grinned, looking up at them. “I can see you DO like that idea a lot,” she played.

Justin, who was now standing behind her, grabbed her hips to signal his location. He delicately unzipped the girl’s dress and pulled it back over her until it was completely off. He laid it on the bed as he stood at the entrance of her virgin pussy. Making sure to not cross any invisible lines, he asked the girl just how far she was wanting to go tonight.

“Well we can’t very well let Josh have ALL the luck, can we?” she grinned as she reached down to pull her panties off. Justin couldn’t agree more and without any further pauses, he quickly slid his dick into the virgin girl.

Met with quite a bit of resistance, he had to slowly maneuver around until he was in position to tear Blum’s cherry. Banging against the thin wall softly forced whimpers out of Grace B’s mouth. Trying to buckle herself down, she resumed sucking the head of Josh’s dick, not reacting to the pain any more than her body forced her to.

With one final hump, Justin applied enough force to penetrate the girl’s slit completely. In one fluent motion, his entire dick was enveloped in the dark snatch, his balls slapping against her outer labia. He groaned at the tightness, having never fucked a virgin before. Justin’s eyes rolled back as he rested his hands on Blum’s ass.

Other than a yelp at the popping of her innocence, Blum maintained her composure, doing her best to please her two current mates and not act like such an “innocent little first timer” that she thought herself to be. Focusing more on the dick in front of her, her tongue slid up the shaft, before wrapping her lips around it and bobbing down once more. Josh’s face was full of pleasure as the black goddess girl continued her work.

Justin was in heaven as he continued humping the black athlete. “Damn girl, your pussy is the tightest thing I’ve ever felt in my life!” Justin complimented. His fucking was slowed, due to the friction her tight lips caused, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. He attempted to increase his tempo, sliding in a bit faster and ramming deeper into the girl. A quick moan escaped her lips as her cervix was jabbed, but as Justin tried to pull out with the same gusto, her pussy clamped down, forcing his retreat to be slow and steady.

Again, Justin didn’t complain as it was bar none the best fuck he had ever experienced. Out of no where, his balls were already tensing up. He started grunting as he slammed deep into the girl, announcing that he was about to blow his load.

All of the sudden Grace jumped up, finally releasing Josh’s dick from her mouth. A little disappointed, Josh snapped out of his blissful stasis, looking up at the girl as panic stretched across her face.

Kicking her feet and flailing around, the girl separated herself from Justin as quickly as possible. “I’m not protected!” she screamed her reasoning as Justin’s dick erupted, now free of the black girl’s snatch. Missiles of cum flew across the room, landing around Blum’s feet and legs as she examined herself to see if any had entered her before she had gotten up.

Finding no obvious pools in or around her pussy, Blum was satisfied that she wouldn’t be fertilized. “What part of virgin made you think that cumming inside me was a good idea?” she talked down to Justin, her tone not mad, but still shocked at his action. “Were you WANTING to be a father already?”

“No,” Justin defended himself. “It just came on so suddenly. Your pussy felt… so amazing. And I guess I’m just used to giving Grace a creampie without issue, I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine…” Blum’s tone dropped, turning into a happy, reassuring tone once more. “I don’t think anything will happen, but I’m going to take plan B anyway…” she decided. “Besides, I didn’t exactly ask Grace for permission to fuck you…” she admitted.

“What?!” Justin cried out. “But you were all over him. I figured the girls had given you a green light!”

“With Josh, yes. Ashley told me if I wanted to lose my virginity to him, that had been the plan all along, and to go for it. She said to make it special and just to knock on the door when I was done. Grace on the other hand, didn’t much like the idea of sharing. Meaning if she found out, she’d kill us both…” Blum admitted.

“Well… secret is safe I guess,” Justin agreed, worried that his jealous girlfriend might have overheard, even with the shower.

“Good. Now get dressed and go into the other room so that it looks like it was just me and Josh, and we’ll be good,” Blum suggested. Without waiting for Justin to follow orders, she turned back to Josh, apologizing for the interruption. She climbed onto his lap, as he was still sitting on the bed. Laying a kiss on his cheek, she continued with her seductive talking. “Now I better finish you off before those girls get done cleaning each other up, right?”

Josh nodded as the girl lifted her long black leg, straddling his waist. She lifted herself up, grabbing Josh’s dick from underneath her.

She greedily positioned herself for more fucking, having had her last experience end much too abruptly for her taste. Finding her hole, she slowly sank down into Josh’s lap, his dick being swallowed by her pussy inch by inch.

Justin had been right. The girl was tight, possibly even tighter than the other virgin Josh had converted today. As Blum’s ass finally made contact with Josh’s lap, she cooed at the thought of the large dick being completely inside her.

“Wow, you’re about the same length, but a lot wider than Justin…” she explained. Josh looked over the girls shoulder to find that Justin had already entered the other room, shutting the door behind him. The two lovers were now completely alone now.

Josh took advantage of this, an evil plan entering his mind. Lifting the dark skinned girl up, he carried her over to the bathroom.

“Uh… what are you doing?” Blum asked for an explanation, confused at what Josh was up to.

“You’ll see,” was all Josh would answer as he gently positioned the girl to his liking.

The dark athlete found herself pushed up against the bathroom door, her chest firmly squished against the cold wood, her arms bent upwards to help support her weight. Her cheek and ear were against the door as well, but all she could hear was the water running from inside the bathroom.

Josh smiled at the confused look he was getting from the girl, who was unable to hear anything from the other side of the door. Then, without warning, Josh impaled her with his cock, shoving the entire length up into her tight vagina. Blum felt her body give as all of her weight was shifted to the door. She cried out slightly in shock as her head banged against the door, as she now understood what Josh had wanted.

Pulling out as quickly as the girl’s pussy would let him, Josh again rammed himself back into her cunt, causing the girl’s motions against the door to repeat. Josh smiled as he picked up pace, noting the door began creaking, the girl being shoved into it time and time again.

Blum moaned as her head repeatedly hit the door. It wasn’t a hard impact against the wood, but rather just a slight noise maker. And it was working too, as soon enough, Blum could hear chatter from the inside of the bathroom, the girls asking each other what was going on on the other side of the door.

Josh merely perfected his rhythm, effectively slamming into the girl multiple times per second, receiving moans and cries from the girl as her pussy was impaled time and time again.

“They… figured… out… what… you’re doing…” Blum managed through gasps, her ear still against the door. “Ashley… called you… a son of a bitch… but then said… it was…. fucking… sexy…” she strained to create the words with her lips as her body shook from impact.

“Good. Wait until she hears you cum, girl. You’re just as big of a freak as she is, aren’t you?” Josh teased the girl.

He received no response as Blum was now focusing on her hips, trying to time up with Josh’s movements.

In no time at all, she screamed into the door that she was going to cum. Josh was relentless, continuing his speed and tenacity as the tight pussy started convulsing on his cock.

A squeal escaped Blum’s lips as her body refused to take any more. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her knees buckled as her body went numb. A wave of pure ecstasy swept across her body as her screams died down into low moans. Josh was about to lose his control as his balls started telling him he was ready for release. He quickly pulled out of the girl, who was taken by gravity, sliding down onto her knees. She rolled over clumsily as her back was now leaned against the bathroom door.

Josh took his dick in his hand as he started whacking himself off inches away from the black girl’s face. Blum smiled, still half dazed, as she looked up at Josh. “Cum on me baby,” she beckoned.

That was all it took, and Josh was groaning as a blast of cum shot out of the top of his dick, landing right onto Blum’s eyelid. The girl quickly shut her eyes in time, smiling as another wad made contact with her cheek. She hummed a moan as a third and fourth shot found her lips and dribbled onto her chin.

Finally spent, Josh complimented the moments-ago-virgin. “Damn girl, that was one fantastic finish! And I didn’t think anything COULD end this night as good as it started!”

Grace Blum smiled, looking high off her ass. Still recovering from her orgasm apparently, she didn’t say anything. She merely lifted her arms up, asking for help to her feet.

Josh obliged as he carefully picked up the athletic girl. As she was being lifted, she knocked her knuckles against the door twice. Not even a second afterward, the door swung open, revealing Ashley and Grace, who were surely inches from the door, listening intently. Katie was farther back, obviously less intrigued by what she couldn’t see for herself. All three girls were still naked and the shower was still running, which Katie elected to turn off.

“Oh… My… Fuck!” The smaller blonde Grace shouted as she emerged from the steamy bathroom. “That sounded SO hot!”

The group recollected themselves on the bed once more, inviting Justin back into the room.

“Did you hear them go at it, baby?!” Grace asked her boyfriend. “It must have been some amazing sex!”

“Must have been…” Justin agreed, grinning slightly.

The group, most naked, the rest just in underwear, as they didn’t care to put their prom dresses or tuxes back on to sleep, all snuggled down on the single bed opposite the TV. Finding a movie, they made small chat, as if it were the lunch room at school. They passed around drinks, discussing the dance and how amazing the night was.

One by one, the exhaustion and alcohol took them over, as they drifted to sleep. Josh, who was holding a passed-out Ashley tightly in his arms, looked around to see that he appeared to be the last one conscious.

Just then, Katie’s head popped up, making eye contact with him. She smiled as she slowly slid up to the head of the bed where Josh was laying. Resting her back against the headboard like he was, she opened her phone, texting a message for him to read.

“Wasn’t tonight just the best? I hope we can all do this again some time!” it read. Josh took the phone, careful not to move too quickly and awaken Ashley.

“It was pretty great. And I’m sure we’ll be able to have more fun down the road, now that the taboo has been broken,” Josh typed, showing the screen back to Katie. She smiled, taking the phone back and writing once more.

“Yeah, that took a lot of work to overcome… Aren’t I the best? And how great was Alex?!” she typed. Josh, who’s confusion showed, looked up at Katie to see her smile as big as could be. She went back to typing, adding to the bottom of the screen. “It was all part of the plan ; )” Her lips smiled as she watched Josh read the screen. He took the phone rapidly, typing out his questions.

“So wait… He really didn’t hurt you by leaving with that girl?! And he never actually planned on staying here with us tonight?! And Grace and Justin?! This was all just the work of a mastermind?”

The deaf girl smiled, typing her lengthened explanation. In short, Katie explained that she knew that she would need Ashley to experience an overload of different emotions to agree to the taboo threesome. The fact that Grace and Justin were as wild as her would bring her lust out, but that wasn’t enough. So she added the booze into the equation to help numb Ashley’s inhibitions and dull her objections. Then, the icing on the cake being a little pity at the thought of her best friend being heartbroken on prom night. Add it all together, and it was sure to work.

“Grace Blum was actually just supposed to keep Tyler occupied at the dance the whole night. The fact that he pushed her into joining was just a bonus!” The deaf girl finished out her text.

Josh laughed, identically shaking a groggy Ashley who swatted up at him to stop before dozing back into her slumber. Josh turned to Katie, their grinning faces matching at the thought of the deaf girl pulling off the plan of a lifetime, leading to the NIGHT of a lifetime.

Before long, however, they both also fell asleep, ending the amazing prom night.



That is the end of the story, but I figure I would give you all a little ending to all the characters.

Josh and Ashley continued dating for years, even throughout college as they both merely went to local schools. Soon enough, however, Ashley moved to LA, and the two slowly drifted, remaining friends, but nothing more.

Katie ended up moving to San Francisco where she studies art. To this day, Josh is still her one and only male sex partner, although her and Ashley have played around many times since, as they occasionally still meet up in Cali.

Grace Blum ended up being pregnant with Justin’s baby, however not from this night. It seems the duo continued to see each other, and although Grace H. accepted the fact, Justin still ended up leaving her months later. He and Blum are now engaged and expecting their second.

Alex remained friends with the group after Katie explained her plot to Ashley a few days later. He is still single and looking.

Tyler really wasn’t ever part of this story, but if you’re curious, he’s had a few girlfriends since then and still works at a coffee shop in town, not doing anything with his life.

But to this day if you visit any one of the main trio’s houses, you’ll see that black and white picture of Josh holding both Ashley and Katie as they kiss him on the cheek. It symbolizes something for all of them, as it was one of the best nights they could have dreamed of.

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