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It was the year of my 18th birthday. My life long friend, Jena, was planning a party for me at her house. I was excited to be there that morning to help plan and decorate the pool area for my birthday party that night. It was a Saturday, sunny and warm. We had all eaten breakfast together and played tennis earlier. I now stood in the kitchen staring out the window watching while Jena and her mother set up tables by the pool.

Jena’s parents were wonderful. They spent many times at my house playing cards with my parents and Jena would spend the night. We took vacations together and spent hot summers on Jena’s father’s boat.

Jena’s mother, Kay, was slender and blonde just like Jena. She was young at heart, easy to talk to and at times it was hard to remember that she was not one of us teenagers.

Her father, Michael, was tall, dark and muscular. I had always thought he was handsome for a man in his 40’s. He was an architect and had built the house they lived in. I admired his creativity.

I began running warm water in the sink to wash dishes, smiling happily while listening to Jena and her mother talk and giggle from the patio area. I placed the dirty dishes in the sink and squirted dish detergent under the running water. Suds automatically began to mound and I emersed my hands in the slippery softness. Just as I did I felt warm gentle hands caress my shoulders and Michael’s deep manly voice soft in my ear. “You don’t have to do those dishes, you can leave them for later.” His breath was hot and close to my ear sending shivers through me. I instinctively stiffened aware of the sexual tension suddenly hanging heavy in the air.

I knew this man well. Had practically grown up in his house. I remembered the time he taught me to swim. I had been 14 and afraid of the water. His strong arms had held me safe and I now remembered how his hands had felt on my stomach as I learned to tread water. I also remembered those hands cradling my butt when he taught me to float. At the time I had thought that his fingers had slid between my legs by accident but now I was beginning to wonder.

Now Michael’s hands moved down over my arms and squeezed gently. “Happy Birthday” he whispered and kissed my neck. I raised my eyes to see Jena and her mother still on the patio further towards the back yard now hanging lights in the Resim Yükle trees. “I want to give you something special for your birthday,” he said and cupped each of my breast in his hands. He squeezed my nipples through my tennis sweater between his thumbs and forefingers. A wave of pleasure ran through me and I sighed and closed my eyes. I didn’t want him to stop but at the same time I knew we were doing something very forbidden. I felt him press against my back, the hardness of his already erect cock rubbed against my firm tight ass.

I suddenly realized my hands were in the water. I turned off the faucet and began looking for a towel to dry them. My thoughts of a towel were erased as I felt Michael’s hands on my thighs. He slowly slid his hands up my tennis skirt while he nibbled my ear and neck. His breath was coming faster now as he was getting more aroused. I felt his finger tips raise the elastic on the leg of my panties and slide inside. He ran the fingers of one hand over the soft warm fur of my pussy and across my clit. “God, you’re wet” he moaned against my skin.

Laughter from the pool brought me once more to reality and I looked to see where Jena and her mother were. They were still at a distance and busy with their task. I turned slightly in Michael’s arms to look at him. He was looking out the window too. When he felt me turn he looked down at me and our eyes met and locked. I saw the passion there and it took my breath. “Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked in a whisper, his fingers rubbing my clit. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want.” I looked down at the bulge in his pants and nodded yes, the word was soundless on my lips. With my hand, wet from the dish water, I touched his hard cock through his pants. Gently at first running my hand across the length of it. He exhaled and glanced out the window. My fingers wrapped around his cock and squeezed and he drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes in ecstasy. I continued rubbing his hard cock through the fabric of his pants and he bent to kiss me. Our lips touched slightly at first then Michael’s tongue ran slowly across my lips parting them before entering. My tongue instinctively found his and licked against it feeling the velvety softness of it. He captured mine between his teeth and sucked gently on it. I lost my senses not caring who walked in on us. I wouldn’t have been able to stop, not now. Michael’s fingers were still in my panties rubbing against my clit and sliding in and out of my pussy, I was about to explode. My breath was proof of it and Michael knew it. He suddenly stopped his sweet torture of my pussy and removed his hands from my panties. His hands left me for a moment to unfasten his belt and unzip his pants. He pulled them down along with his underwear to his knees. His large erect cock now stood straight out.

I had never seen a man’s cock before and I couldn’t resist touching it. It was smooth, warm and hard in my hand. Michael wrapped his fingers around mine and showed me how he wanted me to hold him. “Like this baby, oh yeah, just like that.” he whispered, his voice deep with passion. “You’re doing so good.”

“God, you’re so big,” I told him. He smiled, “You ever been fucked before?” he asked. “No”, I shook my head. “I’ll show you how.” he said and took my other hand. “Cup my balls like this.” he instructed placing my hand under his balls. I was surprised how soft and smooth the skin was in that area. I could feel my panties getting wetter. “Now stoke my dick a little harder. Oh yeah like that.” His hips began to move back and forth sliding his hard cock through my hand as I massaged his balls with the other. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He let me drive him while his hands held the tail of his shirt up. I started feeling something sticky on my palm and Michael pulled my hand away. “Oooo you gonna make me cum if you keep that up,” he whispered. “Let me play with you a little”. He bent over the sink to see where Jena and her mother were before he came back to me.

He pulled my sweater up over my breast and loosened my bra. He pushed the bra up to expose my nipples and bent his head to suck one. They were hard and throbbing. I felt his hard cock stab my crotch each time he bent to nibble and suck my breast. The sensation was maddening. Sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. My pussy ached to be touched. When I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, Michael lifted me to the counter top and pulled off my panties. He pulled my butt to the edge of the counter and leaned me back against the cabinets. He then knelt down on one knee and his head went to my crotch. I didn’t know what he was doing until I felt his tongue dart across my clit. A pleasurable moan escaped my lips as I felt his fingers slide into my wet pussy. His tongue danced little quick steps across my clit stopping now and then long enough for him to suck it and nibble it gently between his teeth. All the while his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy making wet sucking sounds. My hips moved uncontrollably to the rhythm of Michael’s hand. I could feel the beginning of something build inside me, almost like my soul was about to leave my body and I wanted to scream. Michael suddenly stopped what he was doing right when I thought I was surely going to die. He stood and kissed me gently saying, “Shhhh,” against my lips. “We have to be quiet.” he whispered, before looking again out the window. Secure that his wife and daughter were still busy he came back to me.

He kissed me again, passionately running his tongue in and out of my mouth while I sucked on it. He then put his hands on my ass and pulled me almost off the counter. His hard erect cock knew exactly where to go. I felt the pressure of it as it penetrated my tight wet pussy. Michael stopped pushing it in right as the head of his cock disappeared. He kissed me gently and breathed, “This is going to hurt for just a minute and then it will be okay. You ready?’ I nodded yes. “You sure baby? I don’t want to hurt you.” I nodded and whispered yes. With one hard, quick thrust I felt something break and a sharp pain before Michael’s cock filled the emptiness of my pussy. He began to fuck me with steady stokes in and out until the pain of losing my virginity passed. With each powerful thrust of his cock I felt the rising pleasure I had felt before, building in my clit and inside my pussy making my stomach tingle. As silent as we could be, we fucked harder and harder until our orgasms exploded sending waves of tiny electric currents through our bodies. I bit down on Michael’s shoulder to surpress the scream that wanted to escape from me and he held me tight and we rocked together until I felt the last jerk of his cock inside me.

Michael breathed against my neck and said, “Oh that was good, you felt so good, baby.” He kissed me again before helping me off the counter. Handing me my panties he said, “Guess we need to get cleaned up before we get caught.” He smiled then kissed me again and said, “Happy Birthday, Baby.”

Losing my virginity to Michael was the best present I got that year.

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