Life with a Lump Between My Legs Pt. 02

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Part 2 of Life with a Lump Between My Legs


When I awoke I found myself in bed with my wife and sister-in-law standing over me. “He wasn’t much trouble I hope,” my wife said.

“Nope, we watched some TV and then he fell asleep. I haven’t changed him so I’m sure he’s quite wet.” Trish informed her sister.

I looked down and saw the big ‘X’ she had put on the second diaper. I was very wet and very uncomfortable. Trish left and my wife turned her attention to me. “It’s time to get up, you’ve nearly slept the day away.”

“What? What time is it?”

“It’s nearly noon. I guess you needed the sleep. Come on get so that we can finish cleaning up the extra room.” my wife said waiting at the end of the bed for me. As I moved to get up I realized two things fairly quickly. The first was that my diaper was completely full and the second was that my ass hurt. Panic flooded over me. What had Trisha done to me while I was out cold? “Come on honey. Let me get that thing off you.” My wife’s gentle voice brought me back and I eased my way towards her. Laying on my back with my knees up my wife removed the soaked diaper. “Oh honey. You have a rash. I’m sorry I guess we should have changed you sooner.”

She cleaned me up and rubbed some cream on my rash spending a lot of time working it into my ass. “I think you can wear your big boy cloths for a while unless we have problems again.” With that she handed me an old t-shirt and my sweat pants and left the room.

Putting on regular clothes cleared my head, it was like a fog lifting. I started remembering the events of the weekend, playing out the twisted roll I had been pressed into. Then I remembered my feeling for Trish and a flood of shame swept over me. I couldn’t believe I had felt that way about my sister-in-law. I went looking for my wife to tell her how sorry I was. I found her working in the extra room clearing out stuff. Before I could say anything she jumped up and threw her arms around me. “Do you love me?” She asked.

“Absolutely” I said with resolve. “But I think I ought to say something. I …”

She interrupted, “I just wanted you to know that I love you too. I’m glad we got married even if your… well… even if your equipment is small.” I was overcome with emotions. I was humiliated, ashamed, angry, and scared. At that moment, all I could do was slump down and cry.

“Oh honey,” my wife said pulling my head into her lap, “it’s alright. I’ll take care of you.” I just laid there weeping in her lap as she stroked my hair whispering reassurances quietly in my ear.


By the time I went to sleep Sunday night, I wasn’t sure about anything anymore. That’s not true, the one thing that I was sure about was I had a tiny baby penis. Lucky for me it seemed my wife didn’t mind and actually like it that way. I went to sleep confused but woke up even more confused. Everything seemed back to normal. My wife was back to her normal Monday routines without a hint of the events of the weekend. Normal? Could I pretend nothing happened? Did anything happen? I searched for proof that I hadn’t imagined the last two days of torment and humiliation. I got up and went to the bathroom, sitting down to pee. My wife smiled at me from the doorway, “Good boy!” Nope, not completely normal. I looked down to see my shaved cock and balls had some stubble growing back. The rest of the morning played out as usual, I got dressed for work and my wife prepare for her day.

My drive in taught me something about crotch stubble, it’s uncomfortable. All day I was itchy and distracted. It was a constant reminder that there was something wrong with my dick. I started hating my sister-in-law all over again for doing this to me. By lunchtime I had little red bumps all over the place from where my cotton briefs were rubbing on my pubic area. I realized why my wife trimmed her pubes instead of just shaving them off.

By the end of the day I became fairly numb to the problem in my crotch and decide never to let this happen again. The drive home was better than the drive in but the rubbing of my underwear made me irritable. Arriving home, all I wanted to do was change into something comfortable and relax in front of the TV. My wife had food on the table ready to start dinner when I got home.

“Isn’t it a bit early for dinner?” I asked, “I was hoping to get changed and relax a bit before we ate.”

“Yeah, but I got started early on dinner so let’s just eat before it gets cold. You can change afterwards,” she suggested sitting down at the table.

The food did look good and I was hungry, so I sat down to dinner and some small talk. As the meal wrapped up I said, “I don’t know how you do it. My crotch has been itching all day from being shaved down there.”

“I’m sorry, I was wondering that would give you problems today. Part of the problem is your underwear the the other is you’re skins not used to being shaved there,” she offered.

“Well, it’s growing back in so I think I can endure it for a few more days.”

“Unless you muğla escort get ingrown hairs.”

“Ingrown hairs?” I hadn’t thought about that

“Yeah, that happens a lot then they get abscessed.” My wife as cleaning off the table will scaring me to death about my pubic problems.

“So what should I do?” I was really getting concerned

“Keep the area clean and I have some cream that will help. But really your underwear will keep making it worse.” Her eyes met mine and a slight smile crossed her lips.


“My underwear?” I pondered that for a moment, wondering where she was going with that.

“Yes. You don’t fill out your briefs enough to make them tight so they just chafe your skin.” Her tone was matter-of-fact and a bit edgy like she didn’t like having to explain herself.

“Well, what do you want me to do? Where your underwear?” I retorted feeling frustrated by the whole thing.

“Do you want to wear my panties?” She seem shocked and confused, “I was going to suggest you go bottomless while you’re at home,” she gave me a weird look. “How about we go with my plan for a while and if it doesn’t seem to help we’ll go with your plan.”

I was humiliated. I jumped to a strange conclusion and now my wife thinks I want to wear her panties. I stood up and took off my pants and underwear. My wife examined my pubic area, “Yea, that’s not going feel great for a while. How’s your diaper rash doing.” With that she circled behind me and rubbed my ass cheeks. “Looks like you need a bit of cream back here too.”

I felt ridiculous standing in the kitchen wearing only a shirt and socks while my wife talked about my hairless crotch and diaper rash. She lead me by the hand to the bedroom where she had me lay down on the end of the bed with my knees spread apart like I was going to be diapered again. She smeared cream all over my front and ass. She seem to be getting turned on by this because her breathing was getting more husky and she was rubbing harder and harder. Her handling of my cock and balls was almost to the point of pain, making it hard for me to get excited. When she finished up she headed for the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

For a moment I laid there on the bed wondering what I should do. I finally decided that maybe she was just trying to help and I should go about my evening like normal, or at least what I would do normally. I grabbed a beer from the frig and settled in to watch some TV on the couch. After a while, my wife reappeared with a bit of a glow about her. She joined me on the couch for awhile then got bored and moved on to some other activity. By bedtime my crotch showed signs of improvement. The redness and bumps and gone down and the itching had all but subsided.


I was getting tired so I decide to find out what my wife was up to. I found her sitting on the floor in the guest room going through some boxes. The way she was sitting I could see up her skirt. I feel like a little boy peeking up the teacher’s skirt to get a thrill. I think she noticed and shifted a bit to cover her sexy exposed panties. She gave me a odd little smile and went back to the box she was rummaging through. I stood there awkwardly for a moment. “?I… I was thinking about going to bed.”?I finally said in a small voice. She looked up again with a smirk. “?What?” I asked wondering what that look was for.

“?You don’t want to know.” Her smirk was turning into a small laugh. Now I was really feeling self conscious. “?What is it? You obviously have something on your mind.”?I insisted

“?The way that you’re standing there. You look like a little toddler that forgot to put his pants back on.”? The smile on her face just fueled my embarrassment. I tugged down the front of my shirt trying to cover myself. “?This… this was your idea.”?I stammered in a small voice. I felt like a little kid who got caught doing something foolish.

“?Okay then,”? she said as she got up “?Let’s try your plan.”? And before I could comprehend the situation she was reaching up under her skirt and pulling off her panties. She held them out for me to step into them.

I froze. I had no idea what was going on. It seemed like the whole room was spinning and nothing was really real. The next few moments seemed disjointed and surrealistic, like I was watching a film that I could only half understand. I remember my wife saying “?Ahh, it’s alright.”? and “don’t worry about it”?and something about taking care of it later. My head was swimming as she lead me back to our bedroom. Things started to come back into focus. I could see her holding her panties in her hand and the I became aware of the cool breeze on my butt and the wetness on my …OH MY GOD!!!

“?Sweetie, if you need to go potty, you can just go or let me know and we’ll try to get you there on time. Okay?”? My wife was talking to me like I was a three year old. Maybe that was appropriate now. What was going on with me? “?Do you want to try to pee a bit more in the potty or should I just put a diaper muş escort on you?”?·

“?Maybe just put a diaper on me.”? WHAT?!! Did I just ask to be diapered?

“?Okay Sweetie.” she said kindly and moments later she was tucking me into bed.

I could hear her calling her sister and I strained to hear what she was saying. “?I think you may be right, Sis. I’ll see if we can get an appointment with a doctor as soon as we can… Yes, he just peed while standing there… I know… well just before that I caught him peeking up my skirt… well he is a little perv…” her emphasis on little seemed a bit too pointed. I couldn’t catch much more because she began to walk farther away. My shamed seemed to deepen as I laid there realizing she was talking to her sister about me like I was a child.

I fell asleep determined to put an end to this… tomorrow.


By the time my alarm went off my wife was already out of bed. There was a note on the dresser that read, “Good morning Sweetie. I’ve got an appointment first thing so I’ll see you when you get home. Love you!” My wife left me notes from time to time but rarely left the house before me.

We’ll just have to sort things out tonight. I stretched and started my morning routine. I got my first surprise when I went to my underwear drawer. All my underwear was missing. “Great,” I said testily out loud, “what the hell is with this!”

“Watch your language, young man” my wife said ruefully from the bedroom doorway.

Startled I spun around. “I, uh… what… I mean…”

“Well, spit it out” from her tone I could tell she was in a hurry

“Where’s all my underwear?”

“I threw out the ones that had pee stains and the rest are in the wash.”

“So what am I supposed to do?” I must have been a bit whiny because her look became more impatient. I just stared at her for a moment. I was at a complete loss.

“Go commando or wear the panties that Trish gave you.” I could hear the frustration in her voice

I froze. For some reason I just couldn’t process what was going on. I just stood there.

“Fine!” She pushed passed me and retrieved the panties Trish had left, “Here, wear these. I swear, sometimes I feel like I married a child.” My heart sank with my shoulders. I guess lately I’ve been acting kind of immature with the peeing myself and all. I felt a soft touch on my arm

“I’m sorry Sweetie, I’m just really nervous and in a hurry.” She kissed my forehead and quickly left. I looked down at the panties in my hand and something in me snapped. I threw them on the floor determined to take control once more.

“Going commando it is,” I said definitely to the empty house. I finished dressing but my slacks were already chafing me and causing discomfort. I was determined to push through and take my manhood back.

My job would never be mistaken for rewarding work. It would however be classified as mindless data entry. It may seem odd but I rather enjoy the lack of challenge. I guess that I’m not what you would call ambitious so this job fits me well. The environment is pleasant and the work is steady the only drawback is that my department is mostly women. I’m familiar with my co-workers but not close so my discomfort didn’t go unnoticed. “You feeling okay?” my cube mate Julie asked. “You look like you’re having some problems over there.”

How am I supposed to explain that my crotch is agitated from having all my pubic hairs shaved off and I’ve got a diaper rash because I was left in a diaper too long and I’m not wearing under because my wife threw them out because they had pee stains from my small penis.

“Ummm… I’m okay. I’m guess I’m gaining some weight because my pants aren’t fitting me right.” That seemed to throw her off the scent because she went back to clacking away at her keyboard.

By lunchtime I was in bad shape. Anytime I moved I hurt, it was like I was having an allergic reaction to my pants. Between the rash on my ass and the pubic stubble I was having a hard time thinking. Which would have been helpful when Julie and some of the other girls started chatting with me. It was close to the end of the day so I was just focused on getting through and getting home. I was beginning to regret not wearing Trish’s underwear.

“Well you know, you don’t seem like you’ve put on any weight.”

I was too distracted to think straight, “It’s mostly because I didn’t want to wear my sister-in-law’s panties.” No one could believe that came out of my mouth less than me.

The three women looked like statues, not sure if what to say next.

“Bikini or briefs” one finally said.

“Jessica!” Julie exclaimed. Jessica looked me in the eye with a odd glint, “Or was is a thong?”

“I was just joking.” I tried to recover “I wasn’t sure you were listening so I made something up.”

“Don’t freak out Julie, he said he wasn’t wearing his sister’s panties.” Jessica wasn’t making the situation better. Julie broke in, “He said sister-in-law, not sister,” turning back to nevşehir escort me, “but you really don’t look like you are very comfortable.” All three women looked back at me but this time with concern and not horror.

“It a long story and it’s almost time to go. Let’s just say I had a laundry malfunction this morning and leave it at that.”

The third woman finally spoke up, “So it’s not that you’re wearing women’s panties, it’s that you’re not wearing any underwear.” All three women nodded like a decision had been reached and it was okay to move on.

At least they were now more sympathetic to my plight and were letting it go without further embarrassment. With one exception. “I’d bet you’d look cute in a thong.” Jessica said with a wink.

My drive home was much less comfortable than the drive in, both physically and mentally. How was I going to confront my wife about our situation when I was suffering the way that I was. How was I going to tell her to stop treating me like a child when want I really wanted was comfort. And more importantly, how was I going to deal with the fact that my sister-in-law was at my house when I got home.

“Sweetie, I’ve got a couple of things to tell you.” My wife said after greeting me at the door with a kiss. As I moved into the room my predicament with crotch and rash was obvious.

“What’s wrong with you?” Trish asked coldly

“None of your business” I muttered with contempt

“Sweetie, be nice. He’s had a bit of trouble with the diaper rash. We’ll take care of that in a minute. I’ve got some great news to share with you.” My wife seemed to miss the discomfort that I was experiencing with her over sharing to her sister. “I got a part time job and I also got you a doctor’s appointment for this Friday.”

My mind didn’t know where to start. A part time job? What was that about? Doctor’s appointment? Is that part of what she’s been talking to Trish about? I needed to sit down and think. I pulled up a chair and winced as I sat down.

Both my wife and her sister were waiting for my reaction. “A job?” I asked, “I didn’t know you were looking. Maybe we could talk about it.”

“It’s really no big deal, it’s part time and just up the street. I’ll be helping out at the new daycare. I had an interview this morning and they liked me so much they offered me the job. I’m so excited and I start tomorrow. I don’t have to go in until after you leave for work and I’ll be home before you so nothing will be different for you.” She was beaming and it seemed very important to her.

“Okay. I guess… I’m okay with it then.” I said trying to be excited with her, “What this about a doctor’s appointment?”

“Well that’s where it get’s a little bit more complicated. Since I’ll be at work,” my wife began, “I won’t be able to take you to the doctor. But Trish know’s the doctor so she said she’d be willing to take you.”

“Why would I need to have someone take me to the doctor? And what is this all about?”

“It’s about your little problem,” Trish interrupted, “And she’s a friend of mine doing me a favor by seeing you on short notice so you should be grateful.” She stood to go, “The appointment is at 10:30 so I’ll pick you up at work.”

I looked pleadingly at my wife and go not feedback that she thought that this was at all a little weird. “Thanks, Sis. Talk to you soon.” Turning her attention to me, “Okay Sweetie, let’s see how bad it is.”

She lead me to our bedroom where she insisted in taking my pants off for me. “Oh my! You really must be hurting.” The rash was ten times worse and my pubic area was glowing red from irritation. “I’m really sorry I was harsh with you this morning. But you should have worn your panties, it would have help this a lot.”

I laid back on the bed enjoying the cool air on my lower regions. My wife retrieved the cream she had used before and began to administer it liberally. “I’ve got some bad news for you. If you want this to get better you can’t wear your normal underwear.”

I looked up at her and I saw a gentle kindness that reminded me why I loved her so much. The combination of her tenderness, relief from the soreness and the gentle rubbing I found myself getting aroused. “Oh, do you like that?” my wife asked playfully. I tried to give her sexy look but based on her giggle I don’t think it came across as intended. She helped me off with the rest of my clothes and shed her own. I could tell that she was letting her pubic hairs grow out and that got me harder and more horny. “You must really want something” she said gently squeezing my dick. “but you have cream all over you and you’re a bit sore down there, so let’s go with plan ‘B’.”

I wasn’t sure what plan ‘B’ was until she laid down on her back and guided my face to her crotch. I went to work on bring her to orgasm. Laying on my stomach felt good because the weight of my body pressed hard against my raging hard-on. With all the cream down there I found a little hip movement went along way. Soon she was bucking hard against my face and I was enjoying myself too. I sat up like I was going to mount my good lady wife but the release of pressure and and the cool air on my dick produced a fountain of sperm all over my wife. Her reaction was greatly different that what I expected.

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