Lessons In Love – Chapter 1

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Kacie rushed into the house, slamming the door behind her before the sound of her feet slammed up the stairs; several steps at a time.  Shay heard the disturbance and stepped into the hallway, just catching the tail ends of Kacie as she disappeared around the corner of the hallway on the upper level. Shay sensed something was wrong, all this commotion was unlike Kacie for as along as she’d known her.Kacie was such a sweet innocent girl. Just turned seventeen a few months ago, she had strawberry colored hair, a small rounded cute buttoned face with the most deep emerald colored eyes. Her breasts were still growing, yet already had grown to a curvaceous size that resembled two small hillsides rising from the field of her chest. Her figure, while thin, was shapely with curves in all the right places. Kacie found herself staying with Shay for the past few nights after her mother had to go out of town on a business trip, her father leaving when she was only a small child with only few small memories of him at all.Shay was in her forties, had a strong elegance of beauty that grew with age, luscious soft lips and eyes that screamed sensuality which drew in it’s victims to be caught in her web. She had a shapely figure that young men would desire and older men would drool over. She had been divorced for the past ten years since she caught her husband cheating on her.  Her large d-cup breasts were often held loose beneath her blouse. She loved the sense of freedom, the feel of cool air touching her naked skin, and was often known to go commando also under her short skirts.  Shay was Kacie’s mother’s best friend and neighbor.Reaching the door to Kacie’s room, she gently tapped and softly spoke through it, “Kacie hon, I’m coming in.” Opening the door, Shay found Kacie face down on the bed. The sound of crying could be heard from the far end of the bed. Shay stepped forward. She planted her perfect derriere upon the edge of the bed.  “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” she asked.Kacie turned over, where Shay saw the stains of mascara drip down from her swelling eyes. Sniffling uncontrollably, Kacie just looked at Shay with puppy dog eyes of sadness and despair. “He dumped me!” she informed Shay.”Why?” Shay asked, as she gently eased a piece of hair away from the sweet face of innocence that sat before her.”He said …” she started to say, before wiping her nose with the back of her hand, “that because I wouldn’t … you know, then he’s wasting his time being my boyfriend. There’s plenty of girls who’ll drop their panties for him!” Her head fell into her palm, where tears streamed once more down her face.”Oh sweetie!” Shay softly whispered. She reached across and pulled Kacie into the bosom of her warm body. One hand stroked gently across the back of Kacie’s spine, while the other brushed through her long red hair. Kacie wrapped her own arms around Shay. The warmth of Shay’s body was a comfort in this time of need, a tender embrace of love that she sought so desperately from one so caring.  “I’m so sorry Sweetie. But you know what, if he thinks like that then he doesn’t deserve someone as precious and beautiful as you!” Shay told her, as she planted a soft kiss upon her forehead.Over the next hour or so, Shay and Kacie lay upon the bed. Kacie held in the comfort of Shay’s embrace, resting her head upon the soft pillows of Shay’s heaving breasts. Shay continued the tender çankaya escort motherly affection upon Kacie, with soft caresses across her back, brushing the hair away from her face and wiping the tears from her sad eyes. Kacie and Shay discussed everything that had happened that very day, as Shay listened to every word her best friend’s daughter told her.  She offerered her a compassionate ear to speak her thoughts, and a loving embrace of a mother to try and take away all the pain and heartache she was feeling.Later that evening, as the night drew in and both had settled in for the night; the sound of heavy rain clattering against the window awoke Kacie. Laying there, feeling sad and lonely at what had happened to her as well as sad memories of the past she’d forgotten about, she rose from her bed and stepped to the door. Dressed in a short nightdress and panties, which when she stretched would expose themselves to those interested in staring at them, she crept into the hallway.Looking down the long path to the far end, she saw a strip of light through the crack of Shay’s bedroom door and a soft noise she couldn’t quite place. Approaching it with some caution, she slowly opened the door a little to find Shay sat upright in bed, her laptop at her side with a film playing that she seemed engrossed within. Kacie took notice that Shay’s other hand seemed to be under the bed sheets, and from what she could tell, moving around between Shay’s thighs. Shay licked her lips, as she continued to watch the film, unbeknown she was being watched from close by. It was then that Kacie noticed Shay was watching a porn film, featuring two beautiful and very hot women performing sexual acts upon one another. The sounds of sexual groans erupted from the laptop, of two girls enjoying each others company.Kacie was unsure if she should disturb her. She watched Shay seemingly take immense pleasure in what she was watching. Soft moans slipped through her luscious lips, along with the sheets moving from her hand beneath that seemed to slide back and forth. Kacie turned, where she took a small step when “Hey, is everything okay?” Shay called to her.Kacie stopped, turning back around she looked across to find both of Shay’s hands now up top, the laptop closed and put on the side table. “Yeah, I guess. I just got woke up by the rain,” Kacie explained, “but It’s okay, I’ll go back to my room. Sorry to disturb you!””No, don’t be silly. Come here!” Shay called to her, patting the empty space at her side. The bed was king size, large enough for two, maybe three at a stretch. Kacie stepped forward, where Shay peeled back the covers which gave Kacie a quick glimpse upon the smooth long legs of Shay. More interestingly, she caught sight of Shay’s shaven pussy with her sexy silky nightdress had ridden up over her tummy. Kacie sat down, before sliding her legs under the covers as Shay pulled them up and across her lower body. Kacie stretched back, soon finding her head resting upon the soft feathered lined pillow that would give anyone a perfect nights rest.Shay settled back down, turning slightly to look upon Kacie who stretched out with her hands clasped together over her waist below. The sound of the rain softly clattered upon the window pane, causing Kacie to look across. The rainfall, while beautiful to watch, was a reminder of a dark time in Kacie’s rus escort life. The same type of rain befell the windows when her father came to say goodbye and leave for the very last time. Kacie watched the drops of rain as they slid down the window, drawing in other drops to grow larger before picking up pace and falling to the lower depths of the wooden frame.”Are you okay?” Shay asked, seeing the sadness in Kacie’s expression.”Yes, sorry. It’s just, the rain reminds me of when my father left!” she explained.Shay’s hand crossed over, where she gently settled upon Kacie’s as she spoke softly “I’m sorry, sweetie.”  Shay gave Kacie’s hands a soft caress, before her other hand reached over and swept away a tiny straggle of hair that had fallen down across the side of Kacie’s face. “Come here, let me hold you!” Shay said, as she gently eased Kacie to roll over. Kacie quickly found herself held close to Shay’s body. Her head once again found itself resting upon the two sweet bags of soft flesh that clung to Shay’s chest. Shay had pulled Kacie’s hands across to rest upon her own waist, still offering the tender caress of a loving mother’s touch to ease her pain the best she could. “Does that feel better?” she asked.”Yes, thank you!” Kacie whispered, as her hot breathe fluttered across Shay’s chest. It caused a wonderful sensation within Shay’s body, as the heat settled across one of her breasts, causing it’s nipple to begin to harden. Kacie lay there, staring across the room but her eyes were not focused there. Instead, she found herself having a view upon Shay’s breast, and more importantly, the nipple that was growing harder by the second. Shay’s nightgown, although incredibly sexy, was quite loose fitting upon her body. Kacie’s head positioned upon one breast caused the trigger effect of the silky slip to rise upon the other and allow a small down blouse view of Shay’s large and beautiful breast.  Whether Shay knew this or not, Kacie’s eyes kept returning to watch Shay’s nipple expand just that little bit more.  Kacie herself had never thought of a woman in this way, and yet she could feel a slight warmth begin to settle between her thighs.  Squeezing her legs together, the friction sent a slight wave of heat that caused her pussy to just trickle a little juice into her panties. While this feeling was strange to her, she found herself becoming even more aroused by the sight of Shay’s breast and nipple exposed, and the flashes of Shay’s shaven pussy she caught glimpse of earlier.”I’m sorry if I disturbed you!” Kacie whispered.”Oh, you saw that did you!” Shay said with slight surprise.  “Oh well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag. You see sweetie. After my husband left me, I swore off men for the rest of my life. Ever since then, I’ve found comfort in the arms of a few beautiful women!” she told her.  “I hope that doesn’t disturb you hun?” she asked.Kacie shook her head slightly, causing Shay’s breasts to jiggle a little as well as moving the gown so that the exposed area was not covered up. “No. Can I ask, have you and my mother ever … you know?” she wondered.”No, but she knows about me and she’s helped me through some tough times and been there when I needed her most. So just you remember sweetie, I’m always here for you!” she told Kacie.”Thank you!” Kacie replied. “It must have been an interesting film you were watching!” eryaman escort Kacie blurted out, before realizing what she’d said and the path she was taking.”Mmm, it was. It’s very hot and steamy!” Shay answered with a little smile. “I like to take pleasure in myself before I go to sleep. It helps me have a good nights rest.  I’m sure you do the same?” Shay enquired, more curiously in hope that she’d answer with the words she’d longed to hear from her lips.”Kind of. I mean, not every night but there’s nights when I find myself, you know, touching myself down there while thinking of someone doing things to me!” Kacie answered. She didn’t know why, but saying such things seemed more comfortable with Shay than her own mother. Maybe it’s because they weren’t blood related.”Have you ever been with a guy before?” Shay asked.”Oh-No!” Kacie snapped back, “I mean, I’ve thought of it but I want it to be with someone special!” she finished explaining.”I understand hun!” Shay said, as she caressed Kacie’s hands that still clung across her waist.  “You know, and I hope I’m not out of line in saying this, and I don’t wish to make you feel uncomfortable but, if you want to enjoy yourself to help you get to sleep it’s okay. I don’t mind!” Shay said with a lustful hope Kacie would agree to what she said.”I don’t know. I’ve never actually done it in front of anyone before!” Kacie replied, with a little fear in the tone of her voice. Despite this, she was growing more aroused at the thought of what Shay had said. Why was she having these thoughts? She wasn’t a lesbian, or so she thought she wasn’t. She never thought of girls like that, ever in her entire life. So why now? Was it because of what happened that day, being dumped by her boyfriend that caused thought of actually becoming a lesbian and staying away from boys forever, like Shay had.”We’re both girls here, sweetie!” Shay said, as she planted a soft kiss upon Kacie’s forehead to bring comfort and a hope of ease in her presence. “I’m not gonna make you, but if you wish to then I don’t mind if you want to touch yourself!” Shay said.Kacie’s head turned, she looked up at Shay. The two stared into one anothers eyes. A smile broke upon Kacie’s lips first, causing Shay to smile in return as she brushed back Kacie’s hair.  “Okay, thank you!” Kacie said.With that, Kacie slipped her hand beneath the sheets, as Shay felt it slip past her side and dip down towards Kacie’s thighs. Kacie turned her head to look sideways before she felt her own hand slowly slide beneath the hem of her panties. Within a second, she soon found what she sought. Her fingers slithered across the small airstrip of hair that featured above her labia, where her fingers continued on and curved down across the lips that were now moist from the wet thoughts she had begun to have.  Her fingers, pushed together to form a tight bond, began to slide back and forth across her pink puffy lips.”Mmm!” Kacie softly moaned. Shay felt the ripple of Kacie’s purrs and hot breath upon her breast of which Kacie’s head lay.  Shay’s eyes looked down upon Kacie with vested interest. Watching this young lady, not only lay at her side with their skin touching one another, but the beauty in watching her begin to explore her own sexuality by touching herself in front of her caused butterflies to flutter inside her stomach.  Kacie’s hand continued to rub across her puffy labia, where her lips grew moister by the second. She could feel the wetness trickle out of her pussy, slipping onto her fingers and helping ease the friction of her actions of rubbing herself off.Shay’s hand continued to brush through Kacie’s hair, as she watched on from above.

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