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Ladies group picnic…My neighbors wife asked me to drive her to her ladies group meeting on a Thursday afternoon at a local parkway. She and her husband (48/52 respectively)are good people who’ve been known to throw some lively parties in our neighborhood. They only had one car available as her husband drove to work and her car was in the shop. I am on disability so I agreed to drive her. I picked her(Jeanie)up at around 12:30 p.m. and we set out for her picnic. Jeanie is a drop-dead gorgeous long-haired redhead, 5’9″ and around 140lbs. with long legs and a totally killer ass. I was quite nervous as I had never spent any time with Jeanie alone without the presense of either her hubby or other people. After exchanging hellos and my seemingly awkward comment on the warm sunny day we were on our way. She had mentioned that if I wanted to stay and serve some of the food and refreshments I could make a few dollars. I think she realized my disability izmir escort payments does’nt make for an overabundance of pocket money, but I’ m not exactly a charity case either. lol I sheepishly agreed to stay and roll with the ladies. If only 2 of them were as attractive as Jeanie this would make staying worth it as I could enjoy the scenery. I about filled the crotch of my shorts noticing Jeanies attire for the day. She had on a tight halter flowered halter top with no bra and equally snug yellow coulotts that I could’nt help but notice a protrusion of splayed bumps of prominate cameltoe. Just driving was hard enough with her goin’ on beside me. I had to place a hand towel from the backseat just to hide my stiffy! We arrive to the park and Jeanie leads me up a back trail to a more secluded open area that for me seemed quite a strange place for a womens group meeting. After getting back there there were six ladies already sharing drinks izmir escort bayan and chatting away. I asked Jeanie how many ladies she expected and she said 10 oe 12. Feeling kinda’ outto’ place I mentioned about if zhe thought I should stay. She assured me everything was good and that I should stay and maybe help out if I could. I agreed and offered up drinks as the ladies needed them. Two of the ladies were almost, but not quite, as impressive as Jeanie herself. The others were okay and all were friendly so I settled in. It was not long before all if not most were 3-sheets-to-the-wind and plenty tipsy and becoming louder and bolder as they partied. I noticed no food except for chips and nuts which struck me as too weird as I was supposed to serve food. After another hour or so I could’nt help but notice the group being secretive in whispering chat and silly giggling turning into outright laughter. These skeeming hens seemed to me to escort izmir be up to more than I should know about. The more drinks the women had the bolder they seemed. Next thing I know a black haired gal stumbles to her feet, walks next to the tree I was standing at pulls down her shorts and pisses. Her hairy black pussy squirting a steady, solid stream of steaming piss arcing high up in the open air…my eyes about popped out of my head. She stumbles up to her feet with her panties at her knees she almost falls down stareing directly at me and laughing. She got to the picnic table and only then I noticed three ladiehad there titties out…I soon noticed a raging hard-on showing in my pants…jeeze’ embarassing to say the least. It was then I turned around and Jeanie was whispering in my ear that I should consider doing more for more money…I sheepishly asked what even though I somehow new it could mean trouble. She said trust me and that I would’nt even have to be totally naked. I figured that none of the ladies new me before today and they’d most likely not even remember me tomorrow so I agreed…to be continued after twenty-five comments to continue…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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