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Subject: Kurt Angle VS HHH This story is purely fiction and is not intended to suggest anything about the WWF Superstars in the story. Any positive or negative email would be greatly appreciated at chimera_firelord@yahoo Kurt Angle walked to his locker room, after a great match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. HHH had returned and beaten up Stone Cold, and Kurt had gotten away with his title. Kurt walked through the many hallways, with wrestlers stopping him to congratualte him on a great match. Kurt thanked them all, and thought about how he wanted to go in the shower and get home. He wondered about some of the wrestlers here, in a sexual way. He didn’t think he was gay, but sometimes while wrestling he would get aroused and wouldn’t be able to control himself. This often happened in his matches against HHH. He walked into his locker room, only to find HHH standing in the corner in his leather jacket and jeans. ‘Hey Kurt.’ ‘……what are you doing in here?’ ‘Just thought you might want to thank me for helping you retain your WWF Title.’ ‘Um…OK. Thanks.’ Kurt walks over to his bag and places the title in his bag. HHH smiles as Kurt bends over in his little tights. HHH stares at Kurt Angle’s ass, and Kurt turns around to face him. ‘Do you have a problem ?’ ‘No…not at all, Kurt. Just staring at your ass.’ Kurt Angle looks at HHH weirdly, and then grabs a bottle of water out of his bag. HHH just smiles. ‘So what do you really want ? ‘I want to fuck you up the ass Kurt.’ Kurt looks at HHH shocked, and bursa escort then puts down his water. HHH moves closer to Kurt. ‘, I’m straight.’ ‘So am I Kurt………I just want a peice of your ass.’ Kurt goes to speak again, but HHH grabs his face and kisses him on the lips lightly. Kurt closes his eyes, giving in to HHH’s power. HHH steps back from Kurt, and Kurt watches as HHH takes off his leather jacket. HHH smiles as he rips off his black t-shirt, showing off his finely tuned six pack. Kurt just stares at HHH’s chest. HHH walks over to Kurt and grabs his hand. HHH touches Angle’s face lightly. ‘So Kurt…..are you going to give me what I want?’ ‘….I…um, I’m not……’ ‘Bend over Kurt.’ ‘…..I already told you.’ HHH places Kurt’s hand on his chest, and moves it downwards to his jeans. Kurt’s heart begins to race as HHH moves his hand down further his jeans, until Kurt is touching ‘s bulge. Kurt doesn’t pull his hand away, and HHH smiles. ‘Strip Kurt…..and get on the ground.’ Kurt, standing before HHH in his red, white and blue tights, peels the straps off of his shoulders. HHH watches as Angle pulls his suit down to his legs, and then finally throws it in the corner. ‘The thong has to go as well.’ Kurt looks down, and HHH watches as Kurt removes his black thong. Kurt’s 7 1/2 inch cock is semi erect, but HHH thinks to himself that things are going to change where that is concerned. ‘Get on the ground Kurt.’ Kurt drops to his knees, and lays on all fours on the ground. HHH unbuttons escort bayan his jeans while staring at Kurt’s cute ass. HHH pulls down his jeans and throws them in the corner. Wearing no underwear, HHH’s 9 inch cock stands fully erect. HHH drops to his knees behind Kurt, as Kurt swallows loudly. ‘Ah…? Aren’t you going to use lube or something…..’ ‘No way Kurt…we don’t need it. Were both strong, tough men.’ HHH smiles as he places his cock between Kurt’s ass cheeks. ‘Um…, I’m not so sure about thiiiiiaaaaahhhh!’ HHH shoves his cock all the way in Kurt’s hole, as Kurt screams in pain. Tears come to Kurt’s eyes, as pulls out and then goes back in, slowly this time. HHH puts his hands on Kurt’s chest, as he pumps in and out of Kurt’s hole. Kurt’s screams of pain slowly turn into screams of pleasure, as he begins to like the feeling of HHH’s cock up his ass. ‘Oh …e on fuck me harder.’ HHH digs his fingernails into Kurt’s chest, as he pumps in harder. Kurt moans softly, as the feeling of pleasure makes him want HHH so bad. HHH continues his pumping, when all of a sudden he grabs Kurt’s shoulders. ‘Oh God…….I’m gonna cum……..AAAAHHHHH!’ HHH screams loudly, as Kurt feels HHH pump all his cum up his ass. HHH keeps pumping into Kurt, and shoots inside of Kurt a good seven to eight times. HHH lies in Kurt’s back, his dick still inside Kurt’s ass. HHH pulls out and falls to the ground, sweaty and naked. Kurt faces HHH and places a hand on his chest. HHH looks up at Kurt, and bursa escort then looks down to see Kurt’s 7 and 1/2 inch cock fully erect. Kurt moves towards HHH, and his cock hits HHH’s leg. HHH smiles at Kurt and then kisses him on the lips. Kurt opens his mouth, and the two explore each other’s mouths. HHH releases his lips away from Kurt’s and positions himself between Kurt’s legs. HHH kisses Kurt’s neck, then moves down to his chest. He licks Kurt’s nipple, then moves down to his stomach. HHH grabs Kurt’s thighs with his two hands, and moves his lips down towards Kurt’s cock. HHH licks the precum off of Kurt’s cock, as Kurt moans softly. ‘…..give it to me now, I can’t stand waiting.’ With one movement, HHH places his mouth around Angle’s cock. HHH moves up and down slowly, licking all the time. Kurt moans loudly…. ‘Oh….yeeeeaaahhh.’ Kurt grabs HHH’s head and shoves his cock ins his mouth. HHH nearly chokes, but Kurt continues doing it and has a steady rhythm going. HHH just leaves his mouth open as Kurt shoves his cock in and out of HHH’s mouth, all the while moaning loudly. ‘……I’m going to…..AAAAAAHHHHH!’ Kurt loses control and creams all in HHH’s mouth. HHH swallows as much as he can, but Kurt’s cum dribbles down the outside of his mouth, and on to Kurt’s leg. Kurt continues to cum in HHH’s mouth when…. Stone Cold walks in the locker room. He is reading a sheet of paper, and hasn’t noticed what is going on. Kurt has his eyes shut and continues to face fuck HHH, but HHH tries to pull away. Kurt moans loudly and Stone Cold looks over….. ‘What the hell is going on!’ HHH gets up, with cum dripping down his mouth, as Angle attempts to cover himself up. HHH walks over to Stone Cold….. ‘I can explain Steve…..’ TO BE CONTINUED!

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