Kathy Becomes a Human Breeding Slave P.1

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Cock Riding

(This is my first story and criticism is highly welcome. There may be a part 2 if this gets positive reviews. it’s a fantasy of mine that I really enjoy and I hope you do too. I must admit it begins slow but then it quickly heats up.)

Kathy Becomes A Human Breeding Slave (part 1)

Kathy woke up after an amazingly restful sleep, she bunched up the blankets to her face for warmth. She knew that it was going to be one of those mornings where you just writhe in bed, with your mind wondering aimlessly for hours. The room was very dark, she realized this after about an hour of laying in bed.

“This bed is so damn soft” she thought as she spread herself out on it, enjoy the feeling of the sheets on every crevice of her body. It was as if she was sleeping on clouds

“Why is it so dark? What happened to her bed room window?”, Kathy thought recollecting the position of her bed to her window in her own bed room. She sat up weakly as if she had been sleeping for days.

Another realization had just crossed her mind and caused her much distress- this was not her bed, the blankets were too soft and fluffy and there were too many pillows, which she had little difficulty in differing from the ones you would find on her actual bed since she was completely naked and could feel the sheets with her entire body! Something is very very wrong, Kathy never slept in the nude.

She began to panic and jumped out of the bed and immediately began to feel her way around the pitch black room. The first thing she discovered about her new environment was that the floor was very smooth, like plastic. She had felt along the walls all around the bed, they must have been made of the same substance that made up the floor. There was no obvious exits, no doors, no windows, not even furniture beyond that of the bed she found herself in when she awoke, It was as if she woke up in a plastic box. She couldn’t handle it anymore, she was scared, she curled up in a ball in the corner hoping it was all a nightmare. She couldn’t remember how she had arrived here or even falling asleep in the first place or her last cognitive thoughts before going to sleep to wake up here.

She felt her wrist and felt a plastic like device wrapped tightly around it, possibly made of the same substance as the floor and walls. It wouldn’t come off. It was so light it was no wonder she hadn’t realized it was there until just now yet it was solid as a rock and would not leave its position from her wrist as if it were bolted to her skeleton.

She stayed there in that corner for several minutes until finally lit up the room, slowly, so her eyes could adjust with out the shock. She looked around and she saw exactly what she imagined the room to look like, smooth flat white walls, white ceiling, white floor, even the bed she could now see was completely white, mattress and all. She stood up and quickly looked under the bed as if there might be some sort of trapped door or way in or out under there with no success. Hell, there wasn’t even a source of light in the room, it just looked like the walls themselves were evenly illuminating the room.

She then began to study the device on her wrist. It was white and glossy like the rest of the room but had a screen and a few square buttons next of it, the screen was blank and She was still extremely frightened.

She heard a loud beeping noise and a flashing light coming from the device followed by a feeling of relaxation, her worries began to melt away but not as if she was drugged, she was still very much sober. The device began to speak with a female sounding voiced, it sounded almost robotic with little emotion but emphasis on certain words. Her initial thought of it was how soothing it was to hear another persons voice even if it is just that of a machine.

“Welcome Kathy Smith, You are no doubt wondering where you are and why you are here. The device on your wrist has given you a small sedative because you were having a panic attack. However I cannot tell you about your current location I can tell you that you will be given orders at specific times of the day and if you do not follow our orders the device on your wrist will give you a series of painful shocks until you do. This is part of an experiment on mechanics of the body of the human species.”

After the device tells her this a space on the wall lights up accompanied by a ding sound with black numbers saying “6:30 AM” and below that “Day 1”.

The device began to speak again, “If you need to use the bath room simply touch the highlighted area on the wall to your left” with that a door shaped area of the wall to her left began to glow blue with the letters “BR” on it. “you may maintain your hygiene with this, this is not optional, you will be required to: shower, brush your teeth three times a day with mouth wash + flossing at least once a day.”

The effects of the sedative were still being administered to Kathy who couldn’t seem to manage to become worried about being trapped in a inescapable room naked, she simply sat on the bed listening to her orders attentively.

Right now you must bathe and brush your teeth

At 8 O’ clock AM you will be given your breakfast. Followed by brushing your teeth

AT 11 O’ clock AM you will be given your first order which you will be required to fulfill,

At 3 O’’ clock PM you will be given lunch. Followed by brushing your teeth

At 5 O’ clock PM you will be given your second set of orders.

At 9 O’ clock PM you will be given dinner after which you will be required to brush your teeth along with flossing, clean yourself and go to sleep and then await your orders for tomorrow which may differ from those you have been given today.”

Kathy began to come out of her relaxed state a little and into a state of “WTF” as the device ended its list of instructions.

“Please do not panic, we mean you no harm at all. When we are finished with our tests you may return home.”

With the device stopped glowing, it remained silent for the several minutes Kathy spent contemplating how the fuck she got her self stuck in this sick, fucked up situation. She thought hard, her last memory was playing World of Warcraft all night, perhaps she fell asleep while playing but she doesn’t recall ever feeling drowsy. What the fuck was she going to do? For a while she thought that this must be some sick perverts rape basement and this is some fucked up fantasy of his but further speculation of the room would prove that was an unlikely theory but the only other reason is that she actually is in an alien cell and she is some sort of experiment which itself was somewhat difficult to accept for some odd reason.

Kicking the walls did nothing but hurt her bare foot and make her fall on her naked ass resulting in her wrist device flashing and making her too calm to want to do it again. It was only by touching the highlighted door the device had made out to be a bathroom did she find any sort of escape from the room she had woken up in. The highlighted area on the wall flashed and was gone, in its place was the entrance to another room. She entered cautiously.

It was definitely a bath room, spacious though and completely white. It had a toilet, a sink, and a luxuriously large bath tub with 4 shower heads. Opposite the entrance of the bathroom between the bath tub and the toilet/sink wall was a wall that was entirely made up of a glass mirror. She checked her back to make sure there was nothing attached to it like the device on her wrist, nothing. All she had on her was her thick nerdy glasses and the device secured to her wrist. She began to observe herself in the mirror as all 16 year old teenage girls do and she found humor in the fact that at the moment that her body was all she could think of, possibly a result of the sedative currently coursing through her veins. She looked herself up and down, she hated her body, she was short (5’2) with a bit of a belly and the butt of a girl who never gets any exercise (too much Warcraft) and a completely flat chest that made her look like a little girl, she hated it. All of this made her shape sort of goofy looking but this was mostly just in her head most guys would describe her as kinda cute but not quite sexy. She did however acknowledge that she had a cute face that you could only find on nerdy girls, with nice long straight light brown hair. which always brought up her spirits after looking into a mirror but this time she couldn’t bring herself to smile in the mirror like she usually does because of her current situation. She checked the time which appeared on the area of the wall in front of the sink again, it read “7:22”.

The device began to speak again, “You must bathe and brush your teeth now, failure to do so will result in intense pain”. The idea of which horrified Kathy.

She began the shower which had only one knob which she found strange, the four shower heads began to produce warm water, not too hot, not too cold just perfect. She stepped in and began to clean her self rubbing a bar of soap between her legs and up to her crotch and between the cheeks of her ass. And dried off with a towel that simply appeared in a flash on the wall, once dry she dropped it on the floor, there was another flash and it was gone. She brushed her teeth and thought the tooth paste taste very strange but tried to not think about it too much. She looked around looking for her clothes to put on only to realize she didn’t have any fricken clothes to put on and began feeling stupid, no clothes would appear.

She touched the wall and walked back into the main room, she began to feel worried again, and again the device would beep and with that she no longer worried.

The room had changed, next to the bed was a computer like device, in the middle of the room there was a table with a char. After becoming acquainted with her new environment the clock struck 8 O clock and the device on her wrist escort izmit said, “Now is time for breakfast you will drink all of it.”

In a flash a clear cup formed on the table in the middle of the room and was filled with a blue liquid.

“This is breakfast, she said aloud?” Looking at the cup with a dumb founded face “You have got to be kidding me.”

These were actually the first words she has said since she got here that weren’t loud curses or interjections.

With that an intense pain began to grow in her wrist, up her arm and eventually her whole body and she screamed, “FINE I’LL DRINK IT FOR FUCK SAKE”. The pain subsided but there was still some pain in her wrist, possibly a reminder of her punishment and how easily it could be brought back.

She grabbed the cup and downed it all, at first she tried drinking the blue liquid as fast as possible but soon found that it wasn’t that bad. It was like nothing she had ever tasted before yet it tasted like something she has always craved, it was strange to say the very least. After downing the cup she realize that she no longer felt hungry, in fact she felt completely satisfied yet not stuffed, it was a nice feeling she thought as the pain in her wrist stopped immediately. She is definitely not in some perverts basement. The device spoke.

“Very well done Kathy! You will await your next orders, in the mean time you may entertain yourself with a library of human literature and music stored on the device next to your new bed. The device is not unlike the one found in your room so it should be simple to figure out.”

Kathy studied it, it was basically the computer in her room but made of the plastic substance that made up almost everything else in the room and was only a monitor with a mouse and keyboard. And no wires to be found anywhere.

She sat down and activated it, it was very simple the library of books and music stored on it was tremendous, the computer possibly had the worlds largest collections of literature and music and even though she never read much she did eventually settled into reading one of the books it had to offer even if it was out of sheer boredom of roaming around what seemed to be the only two available rooms in the whole damn place.

She got lost in the book she was reading and lost track of time, before she knew it, it was 11 O’ clock and the device was once again telling her what she has to do.

“Kathy, its time to begin your daily exercises, you will be told to exercise everyday to make you healthier and more fit.” the device said with a hint of cheeriness in its synthetic voice.

Kathy thought of all the episodes of the Twilight Zone where some alien cooks human beings and eats them.
Beep! Beep! Beep! those thoughts were gone now.

“Failure to do so with result in punishment. You will find your gym to the opposite wall from your bathroom.” With that a new glowing door shaped entrance appeared across the table from the bathroom. “Go now”

Knowing what will happen if she didn’t obey Kathy put her hand on he wall and it opened in a flash. She walked in, another white room but this one had strange equipment which resembled work out gear and benches but sleeker looking, and made of the same material.

“Here we will have you exercise everyday and test your body vitals and overall state of health. You will now be scanned to determine a quality exercise schedule.”

A light engulfed her body for a few seconds which would have freaked her out hadn’t it been for those great wonder drugs they keep shooting into her!

“Scan complete, your first exercise will be on the treadmill for a designated period of time.”

Kathy thought this must be some sort of fat joke but she was really incapable of getting too upset at the moment. She found the tread mill and stepped on, it began slow and a green meter appeared on the wall and the device explained.

“the meter determines how long you will run for today, when it depletes your cardio will end your weight training for today will begin, failure to complete either will result in pain. You are not incapable of finishing the exercise our scans have confirmed it.”

“Oh fuck” Kathy thought, “I cant even fake being too tired with these ass holes”

The sedatives began to immediately wear off and the tread mill began to gain speed. She ran the entire allotted time and it was only after the meter had run out and after a few punishments did she realize just out of shape she really was. They then did some light weight lifting. At one point she was so exhausted that she thought there was no way she could go on, the device on her wrist began to beep and all of a sudden she had a sudden jolt of energy. It must have given her the energy to finish the exercise. Yet after all that she practically had to crawl back into the main room into the bed and lay down, she was not allowed to sleep during what the clock would insist is day time and if she did she would begin to feel the pain again. She decided to take a shower since she stank so much of Body Oder, her entire body was drenched with sweat from the intense work out. It felt like every muscle in her body was broken, the bed soaked up most of her sweat until she mustered the strength to pull herself up and bathe herself. Later when she would return she would see that the sheets of her bed had been changed, this would happen every time she left and came back.

While washing herself off she thought to herself, not having to undress, “Why me?”

The device on her wrist responded to her thoughts, “We only choose human specimens who will most appreciate out services and also have the least to lose from being removed from their habitat”

“Great” she thought, “Not only can it read by thoughts but it knows I’m a loser.”

She would have to entertain herself with a books and music until lunch which of course was another glass of blue shit. The device began to explain the blue substance has everything her body will ever need and then some. A new file appeared on the computer near the bed in the main room explaining some of the dynamics of her new life. The device doesn’t administer sedatives or drugs it turns out but rather restrains the chemicals in her body that cause her to panic and Worry. The jolt of energy she received were extra adrenaline when she absolutely needed it. It went into further detail but it was mostly about the chemicals and nutritional facts about the meals she was going to be given and details on how to operate the wrist device but she couldn’t manage to turn it on, Supposedly she could see her vitals with it and her organ function but no go, it wouldn’t activate and the screen remained blank. It also mentioned little things like how the tooth paste they have will completely repair her teeth and went on to explain its chemical composition which she couldn’t understand at all.

The orders she received at 5 O’ clock were simply to tell her that she was going to receive another body scan which she was thankful for because she would die if she had to exercise again. The day went on rather mundanely.

She had dinner, which was blue stuff again…

And then she bathed and brushed and she went to her bed, the lights dimmed and eventually went out in unison with the light of the computer monitor.

Despite probably being in the depths of a god damn mother ship on the other side of the universe, she must admit, she slept like a baby because of that ass kicking of an exercise she got.

The next morning she was woken up by alarm clock sounds, not unlike the one she had in her room back at home and the first thing she noticed was that the clock on the wall now said “6:30” with “Day 2” underneath. Apparently she wasn’t dreaming and is still apparently deeply fucked.

The day went exactly the same, she would get pissed then that thing on her wrist would beep and then she would drink blue stuff and read a few books and beeps later she would be forced to exercise different muscle groups as the device described to her and then she would read books, drink blue stuff, read books, get scanned, read books, drink blue stuff. And then sleep All through out the day she was given glasses of water and ordered to drink all of it to keep her body hydrated.

By day 4 of this she was going fucking nuts, it was made more than obvious that this was not a dream and at this point she would have preferred to be in a rapists basement because then at least she would have another god damn human being to converse with even if he was raping her ass. The work outs were brutal up to this point and only getting harder, they added weight to everything everyday and she had to run for a minute longer everyday.

When it became 11 O’ clock she began contemplating to completely refuse to exercise even if it meant being punished she didn’t care but she was pleasantly surprised to find out that today she wouldn’t need to exercise, today was a rest day. She thanked god, she was as happy as a child during a snow day. She got to just read and listen to music all day while spread out naked enjoying her comfy bed. She noticed something strange, when she began reading on the first day she could barely read a single paragraph without her mind wondering but now she read entire novels in under an hour comprehensively and remembering everything once she had read them. She was beginning to read more complex literature. Was she really becoming smarter? The wrist device would soon answer her query.

“Yes, the meals you are served not only will accelerate your physical progression from your exercises but also enhance your cognitive abilities.”

After hearing this she began testing you mental abilities on science and math text books provided by the computer and was astounded by the amount of knowledge she retained from them. She read them over and over until she retained everything, tomorrow she would attempt more challenging texts.

On the morning of the Fifth day izmit escort she woke up brushed her teeth and before getting into the shower noticed something in the mirror, she had lost a good amount of weight. Her no loner looked oddly proportioned, now she looked like a thin nerdy girl with some muscle tone. She was ecstatic with joy because up to this point her body had always been ugly and she never thought she’d ever get in good shape. She flexed her abdominal muscles and saw a few outlines of developing abs. she felt great, no need for wrist beeping today she said to herself.

She was actually sort of bummed when she found out that today was also a day of rest, she was hoping that morning that they would be able to hit the gym again. She just sat in bed again reading but from time to time would go back to the mirror to see her developing body again.

Not to say things were all hunky dorry after that but she was glad that she was getting something out of this fucked up relationship.

By the 8th day Kathy had 4 visible abs on her slim torso and a nicely sculpted ass, she flexed and posed in front of the mirror naked, she even tried doing a few sexy dances for shits and giggles. Wow, she was looking so good she was starting to turn herself on. However she began to wonder how long she was going to have to stay here, what’s the point of having a rocking body if she couldn’t show anybody. The device answered her prayers.

“After you get to a certain point of physical fitness you will begin your second series of tests including other subjects.”

The screen of the wrist device lit up and showed statistics of her current state of health, absolutely everything from the progression of her cognitive abilities to the quality of health of every single organ in her body. A lot of it was completely incomprehensible, amounts of chemicals in organs rates at which they are excreted. She thought that she ought to look up what it means on the computer library, not feeling intimidated of being overwhelm by the complexity of it.

Over the next few days of exercises and rest and speeding through books she would be absolutely fascinated with the changes in her body and her overall health described by the wrist device.

By the 14th day she would look at herself in the mirror and see a absolute knock out, she had a great, slim 6 pack. Muscular legs and back but beefy, just really, really toned in a sexy way. She thought it was a damn shame there weren’t any clothes allowed in here apparently and began practicing her silly sexy dance and looks in the mirror. She began to really study herself move. She began shaving her pubic hair to give herself a better view of her body in all of its glory. The cool air felt nice on her now truly naked pussy.

She began to rub her right nipple, her tits were still very small but right now she liked the way she look. She gave herself dirty looks in the mirror, sultry looks. She began to rub her clit and gasped in pleasure. Finger fucking herself never felt like this before. She hadn’t masturbated since she got here in fear of being recorded but she couldn’t control herself anymore. She shoved her middle finger into her cunt and her pussy immediately began to convulse with the ecstasy of a deep full bodied orgasm. She could feel every single vein pulsing blood into her loins as if each vein was being finger fucked as well, synchronized with her thumping heart beats. When she looked down at her crotch she saw how wet her inner thighs were, her pussy was literal flooding with her natural slick fuck juices.

She didn’t want to be quiet anymore, who would even care if she began to scream in pleasure. She began to fuck her hand like a completely slut without a care in the world, screaming obscenities. When she finally brought herself to her second orgasm she couldn’t sit up right any more, she fell back while her pussy muscles went to work on her poor little fingers. Her eyes rolled up to the top of her head as she made loud gasping sounds before going into a full out scream as she peaked, her pussy shot a stream of juice that doused the entire mirror while she spasmed on the floor with her knees up to her chest and her hips going back and forth as if fucking a phantom dick.

As she came back to reality she had a smile on her face a mile wide, she knew that as her health and fitness grew so did her sex drive and she suspected that there were at least four times as many nerves in her pussy now than before. She checked her wrist device to see the progression in her genitalia since she arrived, there weren’t more nerves in her pussy now but they were now extremely more sensitive and her G-stop has grown much larger making it hard to miss. She sat up reflecting on her masturbation session when she began to look in the mirror again. It made sense that her horniness was caused by her activities in this cell because the only times she’d flick her bean back at home was when she was curious about how it would feel and not really because she was horny, not like this.

She began to think of what her body lacked and it was obvious, she wanted bigger tits. She had a thought.

“Hey you” Kathy said to the device on her wrist as she tapped on the screen.

“May I help you?”

“I know this may sound stupid but… are you able to make my breasts bigger? I mean you have already done so much already”

“this will be part of your next stage of training which should begin in a few days as your physical training is nearing completion.”

“Really no Joke?”


Kathy thought she didn’t need to hear anymore but then she began to wonder, why does the next stage of training include making my tits bigger? The machine read her thoughts and replied.

“You will be paired up with a human much later and we have found that human males of your culture are extremely attracted to females with large breasts and fit bodies. Your mate will be chosen by your own preference in human males to find the best match.”

Kathy was disgusted at first but then she started to imagine her dream guy coming in and getting it on like animals just like she did in the mirror just now. Damn she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking since she finger fucked herself, she was going nuts. In fact the idea of a any guy coming in and fucking sounded like paradise especially since she’s been so alone but there were so many questions to be asked first. She thought and all she could manage to think of asking was “why” to which the device had no reply meaning probably meaning that information was off limits.

Kathy was not a virgin, she had sex a few times before but it was never very glorious. Her first boyfriend if you could really call it that was a boy from another high school she had met through a friend when she was 15 (he was 18) who would ask her out to the movies. When we had went we had went the movie was terrible and they were practically the only people in the theater. He had began to feel her up, and she was so desperate for this guy to like her that she had let him and eventually tried to make it romantic by kissing him but before she knew it she had his tongue exploring her gum line, she would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it though. Kathy’s heart stopped when he started to undo the button and fly of his pants and pulled them down enough to whip out his hard cock. He whispered things into her ear, about how beautiful she was and that he thinks they really have something special together. She would eventually be convinced to suck him off right there in the back corner of that theater. It wasn’t too bad, at the time she was convinced that what she was doing was romantic and beautiful and his dick didn’t really taste like anything and his precum actually didn’t taste that bad. She really didn’t know what she was doing though, she was just doing what she had seen in porn movies she had watched purely out of curiosity, apparently she was doing something right because in a matter of minutes she had him painting the back of her throat with his seed, she couldn’t let it slip out onto his pants so she swallowed it which did kind of gross her out but she had a sip of her coke and she was over it quickly.

After the movie he had her bent over behind a secluded dumpster around back taking it in the pussy after he had eaten her out a bit to get her wet. With her leaning against a brick wall he pounded away, leaving her ass red because his lower gut was slapping into her sow hard as his sac was swinging back and forth occasionally slapping her in the clit when his fully engorged dick would quickly and completely impale her. it’s a wonder no one found them with the sounds of slapping flesh coming from behind that dumpster. They didn’t talk much of the rest of the night.

He would ask her out a few more times for the next two weeks, always ending in fucking her right out in the open and eventually he would stop calling all together and when she finally did get in contact with him he would tell her that he didn’t think things were working out even after telling her how much she loved her before finger fucking her in a restaurant they had gone to the other night followed by a fucking her in a bathroom stall.

The only other person she has ever had sex with was a boy she had met at a anime convention (she was quite the nerd) who shared common interests, he was sweet/nerdy and kind of resembled the main character of one of her favorite anime shows. He was slim but not skinny and rather tall with short brown hair and bright blue eyes.

She would take him back to the room she was staying in that night not necessarily with fucking in mind but that’s how it had turned out anyway. She would be his first and it was obvious because he was really nervous and when they had actually began to fuck it didn’t take him very long to fill his rubber with his cum. She thought it was cute, perhaps the sex wasn’t better but it was slightly more romantic than her previous relationship. izmit kendi evi olan escort Actually it was funny because his dick was noticeably bigger than the guy who took her virginity even if he nervous in the service.

She would give him a blow job in the bathroom of the convention on the second day and in their last night together they did finally have satisfying sex, he wasn’t so nervous anymore. They would continue to chat over the internet but they never considered each other boy friend and girl friend and she was ok with that.

But now she felt absolutely sex crazed, not just that she wanted to constantly get off but constantly thinking of cocks, sucking, fucking and jerking them. She began to love everything about them.

At the 22nd day she was no longer making progress in exercising, she was at peak physical fitness, the level they wanted her at anyway. She looked like a goddess of sexiness she was in such amazing shape, she felt good too, she had more energy and was always in a good mood, she was finger fucking herself every morning and night. The device told Kathy that she would no longer have to work out. That morning Kathy was served a cup of pink liquid instead of the blue liquid she was normally served, she didn’t think twice about drinking it. After all the punishments from times of disobedience since she has gotten here she has sort of lost her ability to think about things they tell her to do before actually doing them. They told her that she would no longer be required to exercise on the machines but could do so if she felt fit to which she did regularly, it made her feel good she liked feeling exhausted after a work out now.

After the first day of drinking the mysterious pink liquid she woke up and realized that her crotch and pussy were drenched in pussy juice. She sat there looking at it in awe, becoming more aroused, thinking about how a big dick would feel in there and before she knew it she was fucking a pillow with three fingers jammed up her cunt soaking her sheets with squirt after squirt of her warm slippery girl cum.

Already exhausted she when to the bath room and looked in the mirror to see that her breasts had grown a little bit, Maybe a B cup now. She got so excited she began rubbing them and finger fucking herself in front of the mirror right away legs spread with one hiked up on the toilet next to her so she could really get in there. She made no attempt to be quiet anymore, when she masturbated, in fact she fantasized about lots of people seeing her go crazy on herself. She had her technique down pat, she would finger her G-spot with three fingers in one hand and with the thumb of that same hand rub the inner folds of her pussy and with her other hand she would alternate between slapping her tits, ass, and clit and calling herself a slut in the mirror. She would eventually end up on the floor of the bath room with both her new toned muscular legs straight up in the air, toes tightly curled and every muscle in her legs spasming as she began cleaning the mirror with her cum.

She would cum 8 more times in the morning and 29 more times in the afternoon. The device on her wrist would go on to tell her at the end of the day that this was the initial effect of the sex hormone treatment and that she would begin to get used to and begin to control her own sex drive a lot more in a few days.

Every time she would fuck herself she would Fantasize about having her pussy filled with a big cock, she imagined every single detail about the cock, its exact shape, size, color, taste and how it would feel displacing the area in her pussy. She wasn’t concerned with romance anymore.

Her fantasies would have extreme emphasis on fucking without a rubber, it made her feel free. She loved the idea of having her cunt filled to the brim with hot sticky cum without even being worried about being knocked up.

She was laughing when she was given a 8 inch dildo by the wrist device, she was told that it would get her ready for getting fucked by a real dick and just a bunch of fingers crammed in her pussy. They also gave her access to library pornography on her computer and access to a catalog of sex toys and human clothing she could summon if she chose to but for right now she wanted to try out her new toy.

The dildo was made of a strange substance, almost flesh like. It was think a realistic looking, flesh colored, with big veins going up it from the base of a big soft pair of fake balls with a suction cup on the bottom of all of it so she can fix it to the floor or a wall.

She would use it every time she would fuck herself and she even began fucking her own ass with it with the lube provided after reading a few adult novels she found in the computer library which inspired her to figure out new ways to fuck herself. She would take the dildo and see how far she could get it down her throat. After a few hours of practice she had deep throating down to a science.

She had gotten an idea, she had asked the wrist device if she could create 2 handle bars near the wall, it complied without responding . With a flash, to handle bars with grips appeared on the wall, she fixed the dildo to the wall and grabbed onto the handle bars and hoisted herself up with her feet flat against the wall. This would combine two of her new favorite things in the world, exercising and fucking herself. She began to fuck the dildo wall like an animal. She was absolutely balls deep impaled on this fake dick, the head would kiss her cervix hard with every hump. She was so full up, she could feel every fold of her inner pussy wall be stretched tight over the shaft making sloppy squishy sounds every time her sweaty ass cheeks would retreat and return to the fat balls of the dildo. Her arm and leg muscles weren’t the only ones at work here, she was constantly squeezing her groin muscles so hard that it would probably leave a hickey on a normal guys dick. She found herself not only fucking it to reach her own orgasm but with a false sense of thinking she could actually milk this fake cock for all its worth and get herself knocked up.

She eventually managed to pull her self away from the wall after deciding to knock it up another notch, she would ask the device to create a pair of handle bars on the ceiling above the bed and in a flash it was so. She jumped up and grabbed one of the handle bars with one hand and pulled herself up and with the other hand shoved her new toy on the ceiling as it was one the wall previously. She hoisted herself up into position and before she knew it she was banging the shit out of that ceiling and its new dick. The new positioning had it so that the dick would ram her oversized G-spot every time and she was cumming over and over. She would fuck the ceiling screaming and creaming all over herself for close to an hour without stopping for a second before not having the strength to pull her pussy back onto that dick and gave off one final squirt that would rain down over the entire room, relieving a great amount of pressure she had been feeling up to that point.

She dropped like a fly down onto the bed with her exhausted fingers going straight to her clit and the ceiling raining her own fluids on her new, beautiful body, barely able to tremble with the remaining pleasure because of pure exhaustion.. She would fall asleep rubbing her clit the entire time, the computers would not interrupt her sleep during these next few days.

By the 5th day of drinking the mysterious pink liquid she had learned to control her new found sex drive a little more, limiting her masturbation sessions to 6 times a day, one ever 2 hours for the most part. The device told her that her body would now produce large amounts of sex hormones naturally without the pink liquid.

Her tits had grown to a D cup which looked huge on her small frame. Her ass, once just thin and muscular after days of exercise was now filled out, voluptuous and perfectly heart shaped. Her curves were fucking amazing, she was constantly feeling them and groping them especially when she lost control and had one of her crazed masturbation sessions using every type of sex toy the computer next to her bed had to offer different dildos and vibrators she would summon from the computer. And one point she had 3 vibrating eggs taped to each one of her tits, a rather large butt plug deep in her ass hole and sitting on a sybian on max vibration settings as she had a vibrating egg deep in her pussy as she held another vibrator up to her clit. She would fuck her self so hard that it had become a common occurrence that her eyes would roll up to the back of her head and she would pass out from the over stimulation.

She went through the catalog of clothing on the computer and began trying on all types of revealing clothing like tight baby tees that revealed her midriff and lower back and could barely conceal her massive tits with miniskirts that did a poor job of censoring her round sexy tight ass. The clothes would never stay on for long before she stripped or ripped them off in front of the mirror and began to fuck herself. She would wear clothes she could never pull off with her old lousy body, she was so thankful for her new body.

It had been a really long time since she had thought anything negative of her cell or even her captors, some might consider this insanity but she now thought of it as paradise, she never received this much attention and care as she did in her hometown, perhaps the aliens really did brain wash her, she didn’t give a fuck, it felt good and that’s all she cared about. It was hard to be mad after all they had given her.

However she did becoming a little concerned when she was told that she would be meeting her first mate today (28th day). She began to worry if they would mess up and send her a really gross fat dude or maybe a farm animal since they don’t know how to tell the difference between humans and animals.

Her wristband began to beep and she began to relax but she thought it for the best because she didn’t want to worry about it anymore. She knew that in any case her captors knew what was best for her.…


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