Jon and Me

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Jonathan was my fiancé’s best friend. He was a true Texas boy. Good looking, smart, tall, incredible southern accent…..and with what I guessed was a dick to match. We had flirted on occasion and got along very well. I had invited him out once or twice before, but nothing ever came of it. Sean, my fiancé, was out of town at college that summer, and I was looking for a little fun. My office was going out for drinks and dinner at Applebee’s and it seemed like the natural thing to do to invite Jon.

It took a little persuading, but Jon finally agreed to have dinner with the me. We met at the restaurant and he looked incredible! Lowslung blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt that showed off his abs to perfection. His bright blue eyes sparkled a little mischievously below a shock of black hair. A five o’clock shadow completed his look I was hooked already. I could feel my pussy juices begin to flow at the thoughts I was having. He had no idea what I had planned for him!

Now a little about myself. I’m tall, voluptuous, with green eyes and a short, flirty haircut. I have high cheekbones and a somewhat round face. Granted, I’m a bigger woman, but I have an incredible figure….big tits and a nicely rounded ass. I wore an impossibly lowcut fitted button down shirt and bootcut jeans. My cleavage just peaked above the top of the shirt, and I could almost see Jon start to salivate as he looked at me. I’m good looking, even if I am a big girl.

We flirted our way through dinner, me subtly touching his thigh whenever I could. He kept looking at me through lowered lashes and laughing quietly at my Antalya Escort antics. Every so often I would take a drink from my straw, licking it slowly when only he was watching. When I looked down at his lap I noticed a VERY large swelling. He blushed, laughing a little.

“I would love to know exactly what’s in those jeans of yours” I whispered in his ear. I lowered my hand to his lap and gave his semi erect cock a light squeeze. Jon closed his eyes a little and I felt his dick swell even more into my greedy hand. “How about after dinner I come back to your place and we “talk” for a little while?” Jon’s eyes flew open and he studied me, stunned.

“What would Sean say?” He asked quietly, worried about what would happen if his friend ever found out. My fiancé was extremely protective of me and more than a little jealous. “Sean isn’t here, is he? And this can be our little secret you know!” I stated blatantly. Jon dazedly nodded his head and we excused ourselves. I followed him home and parked off to the side of his driveway.

He showed me around his two bedroom ranch and led me into his room. A confederate flag of all things hung on one wall and on another a huge stereo system surrounded by cd’s lay. His queen size bed was in total disarray. He invited me to sit down and shut off the lights. I heard the quiet ssssssshhhhhttttt of a match being lit and then two candles near the bed erupted in tiny flames. Jon’s eyes shone in the candlelight, twinkling at me. He lowered his lashes shyly and sat next to me.

For the next few minutes we sat quietly, watching those tiny Antalya Escort Bayan flames and playing with each other’s fingertips. I leaned over and slowly licked from the base of his throat to his ear lobe. The sharp intake of breath was all the encouragement I needed. I slipped a hand under his t-shirt and played with his nipples. He leaned into me and all of a sudden those beautiful lips I had been dreaming about were on mine. He kissed me thoroughly and expertly….his tongue swirled with mine and his teeth nibbled my lower lip lightly. He carefully unbuttoned my shirt and before I could say damn he had my bra undone, my tits spilling into his waiting hands. His thumbs brushed my nipples softly until I thought I would go crazy from the sensation. We stopped touching each other and stood together as though of one mind. We quickly shed the rest of our clothes and I reached for his dick.

Huge. Unbelievably huge. A good ten inches and at least 2 inches in girth. His prick stood proudly in my hands, pulsing and full of life. It was beautiful. Longer than Sean’s but about the same width. I thrust that thought from my head and led him back to the bed by his cock. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread for him….God how I wanted to feel that monster in me. But he looked at me for a moment, and I almost thougth he had changed him mind. “You’re beautiful” he said quietly. He touched my breasts again and then caressed my stomach almost lovingly, working his way down my legs and then back up.

Jon lowered himself onto the bed and kissed my eyelids softly, positioning himself Escort Antalya between my legs. I lifted myself up to him, touching his arms and back encouragingly. Slowly, he pushed the head of his cock past my pussy hair and slowly ground himself into my lips. Inch by agonizing inch he pushed himself into me, pausing every now and then to kiss me and stroke my hair. His cock felt wonderful, slipping in little by little, my pussy coating it with my thick juices.

When he was finally all the way in, he pulled out quickly and rammed my pussy with one hard stroke, causing an instant orgasm. Then he took his time, thrusting slowly and leisurely, savoring every sensation. I could feel his muscular thighs tense between mine. He grabbed one of my hips and pulled me to him as I thrust up into his throbbing cock. I wrapped my legs around his back and drew him as deep as possible into me as we fucked each other. I could hear his moans mingle with mine as we rocked back and forth. My breath caught in my throat as he began to move faster, harder, pumping me with all the strength he possessed.

I could hear myself sobbing as he drove me closer to a monstrous orgasm. He moaned and grunted, an incredibly male sound escaping his lips with every thrust. My pussy lips pulled and sucked on his dick, milking him, as I willed him to come deep in me. Suddenly, with an animal cry, he was coming, his cock expelling thick wads of hot come. I could feel it pulsating into me, and with one last thrust, I came, hard on his cock. He bit my shoulder viciously as he came with me, our bodies drenched in sweat.

He lay with me for nearly an hour, touching me, holding me close, even though we shared no love. When I finally left, I left with an incredible sense that I had shared something life changing. Since that night, I have never been so fulfilled as I have with him. I miss you Jon…

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