Jessica and Mr. B Have Dinner

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My first encounter with Jessica left me wanting for more, a lot more. She wasn’t perfect for every man, mind you, but she was one of those women that I can’t explain. There was just excess chemistry flowing everywhere between us. My thoughts were polluted with images of her thin young olive skinned body. Her tiny 5’4″ frame. The way her huge natural breasts were perky, but felt to the side when she lay on her back. Her chocolaty hard nipples rising up begging for my lips to wrap around them. Then I’d drift to images of my thick cock stretching her tight, small pussy as I slid in and out of her. Her lips bulging out which each thrust of my cock and then deflating again when I withdrew to my tip. I couldn’t wait to bump into her at the office.

I bumped into her on a break on Monday afternoon. She smiled at me while she talked on her cell phone and smoked a cigarette. I sat down to enjoy a soda. She came over and sat down with me at a table outside. We talked some small talk. I still remember her work polo shirt unbuttoned to her cleavage. It wasn’t overly sexy or anything, but she looked so cute and her tits were so pert and overflowing that it worked for her. She also wore somewhat inappropriate white Capri pants. I could see her pockets through it, but no panty lines. When I looked closely I could see the outline of a tiny white g-string… maybe.

“Shit, my break is up,” she said, “I’m coming over for dinner tonight.”

She smiled back at me as she walked away, her small ass naturally wiggling and swishing. I had to wait a moment before I got up from the table to let my instant hard on go back down. I couldn’t wait for that evening. Jessica was young, but my God was she horny, experienced and knew what she wanted. Thankfully, that was me at the moment.

That night I finished up grilling some burgers as Jessica arrived at my place. When I opened the door I was greeted by a smiling Jessica, in tiny jean shorts, black flip flops, red toenails and a low cut black top. I could see the edge of her violet bra thanks to the shirt that was too small to cover all of her chest. My cock Antalya Escort was hard all over again in my jeans. Jessica noticed, but didn’t mention it to me and we made our way through dinner.

When we were finished, she said she had to use the bathroom and that she wanted to watch a scary movie. So I flipped around the On-Demand trying to find something suitable. I didn’t know that it didn’t matter. When Jessica returned, gone were the black top, hint of a bra and little jean shorts. They were replaced by a sexy violet babydoll and a matching violet lace g-string that made her tiny little ass look like it had some meat on it. Normally, I have a ton of self-control but that sight made me nearly cum in my jeans.

She said, “I haven’t had a cock for two years until you. I NEED more and you’ve got such a pretty dick.”

I was speechless.

She spun around showing off her sexy body and lingerie. She teased me and bent over. Her little cheeks spread a bit when she did it so that I could see her smooth little asshole. She turned back around and then she climbed on top of me on the couch, sitting in my lap facing me. My cock felt like it was going to tear through my jeans. I was so hard that it hurt. She kissed me hard and deeply. Jessica was excellent at using her tongue. She ran her perfectly manicured fingers down my chest and unbuckled my belt. My hands held her little ass and played with her g-string.

Jessica unbuttoned my fly and reached her hand into my boxers. She pulled out my raging cock, slid down my lap onto her knees on the floor and started to suck the head of my cock while her sexy brown eyes were locked on mine. Her tongue ring felt different than the last time, I found out later that there was a cover on it meant for better blowjobs.

I ran my right and through her short brown hair while I braced with my left. Her mouth was warm and wet, but she also had the perfect amount of pressure on me. It was fantastic and just when I thought it couldn’t get better, she slid all of my cock into her mouth and throat until her nose bumped against my pelvic Antalya Escort Bayan bone.

I moaned, loudly. So loudly I thought my neighbors would hear me. I didn’t care. Jessica squeezed my balls gently and slowly deep-throated me a few times. Just as cum was ready to explode out of me, she pulled away.

“Not yet sexy,” she giggled.

She stood up in front of me and put her foot up on the arm of the couch, show me her lacy g-string. “Do you see what you do me? I love blowjobs and I love that cock of yours,” she said. I looked at her g-string which now had the outline of her wetness. Blowing me made her drip with anticipation. I couldn’t believe it!

I couldn’t control myself any longer. I wanted to fuck Jessica, fuck her hard, long and lustfully. I ran my hand to her g-string covered pussy and smiled. I swapped spots with her, sat her down and spread her legs.

She pulled the baby doll off, only leaving the violet g-string. I slid her ass to the edge of the couch and pulled the g-string to the side. She was hairless and the skin of her slit was slightly darker than the rest of her olive skin. I gently played with her outer lips, gliding my wet tongue over them. She squeezed her breasts and breathed heavily.

“Yeah baby, that’s it.” I pulled her thin legs up over my large shoulders, placing my hands under ass and bringing her into my hungry mouth. My tongue explored her folds, tasting her sweet juices while I held her hips. The more I teased, the more she dripped, until my couch cushion was dark from the wetness.

My lips wrapped around her clit while I slid in the index finger on my left hand. I wound my tongue in circular motions while my finger curled inside of her, back and forth over her ripply g-spot.

Her legs quivered, she moaned, “Oh my GODDDD B!”

I lapped up her juiciness and refocused on her clit. Her walls clenched down on my finger and her toes curled, “Fffff fuck I’m comingggg!” she screamed. Her whole pelvis thrust around and her feet dug into my sides while she shuttered with orgasm. I have to admit I was proud Escort Antalya of my skills.

Jessica panted and pushed my head away, “Okay… Okay!” she giggled.

Her clit throbbed with too much delight. My couch cushion was soaked with her wetness. I noticed that I was still painfully hard.

She tapped me on the shoulder, kissed my lips and said, “Your turn, fuck me. Now. Let’s go.”

I was so aggressive I actually snapped her g-string off. She gasped and her eyes widened. She bit her bottom lip, grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her, her half g-string halfway down her right thigh.

I plunged into her hot wet pussy. I loved looking down at her while I thrust in and out, her pussy bulging. My mouth licked her nipples, while her hands grabbed my hair. I knew I wouldn’t last very long at this point, so I enjoyed every minute of it.

Jessica moaned in mostly pleasure, but a little bit of pain from her still tight slit. She leaned over and said, “Finish me from behind.”

I pulled out, and she flipped over bracing on one knee on the couch and one fully extended leg on the floor. I stood and plunge my dick back into her. In a mirror I could she her large firm breasts heaving which each of my thrusts.

Jessica panted, “Cum all over me, anywhere and everywhere” that comment, her little g-string still hanging on her thigh and her arching of her back put me over the top. I pulled out and slid my cock up between her ass cheeks. Hot white thick cum streamed out of me and I screamed in delight. Two streams ran the length of her back, one load in her brunette hair and the last dribbles of my jizz pooled just above her ass, slowly dripping down over her tiny butt hole.

I was weak in the knees. Jessica collapsed over the back of the couch, giggling with delight. Her ass still perched up in front of me.

“Can you get me a towel sweetie?” she asked me. I managed to make it to my feet to grab one and towel her off. We sat for a moment and she kissed me, “Fuck you’re good B. I’ll be back for more soon.” She laughed, and started getting dressed.

“Leaving so soon?” I asked.

“Yeah, I gotta run home baby, but don’t worry we’ll hang out again soon.” She grabbed her g-string, handed it to me, “Keep it for when you jerk off thinking about me later” and with that she headed out my door, leaving me wanting yet again.

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