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John’s partner Jenny was the last of the four to be taken by us all.

Following our New Years Eve party tricks with Dawn and Anna, we only had one of our four partners left to gang fuck, John’s delectable other half Jenny, who was also the only one that wasn’t actually a wife.

Anna, Kate, and most recently Dawn had all fallen foul of our desires to team up on them individually which had started that night at Stuart and Anna’s when she had been conned out of her clothes playing poker, and then fucked by each of us in turn.

The three wives had all enjoyed their turn at being the centre of our sexual attentions, so much so that Anna had actively participated in the gang fuck of Dawn and had taken all of our cocks again that night though only two of us shared our cum with her.

We were eager to complete our set, and subject Jenny to four rampant dicks fucking her for pleasure, but had to come up with a way of engineering it.

The idea, which became a plan, and then led to the four of us sampling the delights of her 38D bust and moist pussy, came from Dawn.

She had been invited to a lingerie party by one of the girls she worked with, and when she arrived home that night she was as horny as anything. Apparently the party had featured lots of very erotic underwear, and some very stimulating toys that some of the ladies had been able to sample.

When Carl told us about how hot Dawn had been that night we immediately thought of Jenny and how we could engineer something similar. We formulated a plan and talked it over with our wives, as it would need their help to make it happen.

On the night in question the four girls went off to the lingerie party with Anna, Dawn, and Kate all on a mission to ensure that when they returned home they would have the necessary toys and lingerie to prepare Jenny for our pleasure.

Meanwhile, while they were out we had our own boy’s night in playing poker at John’s house, after having placed a couple of little spy camera’s in the lounge so we could watch what happened when the girls returned home, and know when to join them.

While they were out at the party, Anna, Dawn, and Kate kept feeding Jenny with enough alcohol to get her tipsy, and slipped a little something extra into each of her drinks to ensure she was hot and bothered by the time they got home. They were also to get her to try and buy some sexy lingerie, as they would, and between them to ensure that they came home with a blindfold, handcuffs, leg spreaders, and a selection of toys including a strap on dildo.

The girls returned home around 11pm, all of them a little worse for wear, and soon settled in the lounge with another bottle of wine to review their purchases. As they laughed and giggled, they egged each other on to try on their purchases, so through the recently installed camera’s we had the pleasure of watching each of our casino şirketleri wives strip off and try on their naughty lingerie.

They had all bought a couple of outfits each, and decided that they would each try on one outfit and strut around fashion model style for the others to see.

Anna went first, shedding her dress and knickers before pulling on a black lace basque, g-string and stockings. She looked ravishing as she posed for the other girls. As she sat down Kate slipped off her skirt, blouse, bra, and knickers putting on a red bra, knickers, stockings and suspender set. The bra was one of those half cup ones where her breasts were only just covered, and every little movement made a nipple poke out over the top of the cup.

Next up was Dawn, who quickly stepped out her dress, bra, and knickers and she decided to go for a little blue baby-doll nightie and matching knickers. Both were completely see through, and her pert nipples and pussy hair were plainly visible.

That left Jenny, the unknowing star of the show. This would be the first time we’d all seen her naked, and we had the camera’s recording every second for future fun. She unzipped her dress to reveal a very plain black bra and knicker set. Next came her bra, and the four of us watched as her breasts and nipples were exposed to us for the first time. She slid her knickers down over her hips, exposing her black bush to us all. Then she picked up the sexy little lingerie items she’d bought a short baby-doll that had tie side and straps, with matching tie side knickers. She looked ravishing, and little did she know but she was going to be ravished before too much longer.

The four ladies then took it in turn to strut their stuff, showing off their new purchases to each other.

All the while they were still drinking, and every glass that they poured for Jenny had another couple of drops of that something extra in it.

Then they started talking about the toys they had bought and Anna pulled out a leather contraption that combined a blindfold and gag, and a vibrator. Dawn produced the cuffs and spreader bars, and a vibrator. Kate had some body chocolate, vibrating nipple clamps, a vibrator and a strap on dildo, while our intended victim Jenny had settled for a vibrator and some edible underwear.

Anna suggested that as they had all bought vibrators it would be a good idea to find out which one of them had the best one, Dawn and Kate immediately joined in suggesting that they all try their purchases out and then decide, and they brought Jenny into the conversation, and it was evident that she was happy to go along. Then, as planned, Dawn suggested that the only way to find out which vibrator was best was for one of them to try them all.

This brought a lot of giggling as they discussed who should be the one to try them out, and Kate suggested they should all write their casino firmaları names on pieces of paper, fold them up and put them in a vase, and then they should pick one of pieces of paper to decide who got to try the vibrators. So they all wrote their names on pieces of paper, at least that’s what Jenny thought, and put them into a vase. In reality that had all written Jenny’s name of the paper, and when Anna reached in to select a name, Jenny was the name on the paper she pulled out.

Jenny looked a little shocked, but took another long drink of her wine and agreed to take the toys and try them out. But the others had a different idea. They told her that in order to ensure that she didn’t just choose her own vibrator they thought the tests should be completely unbiased and that the only way they could think of would be to blindfold Jenny so she didn’t know which vibrator she was using. Jenny wasn’t keen on this suggestion but the other three wives persuaded to let them blindfold her.

Anna put the blindfold over Jenny’s eyes, and then guided her to the table in the corner of the lounge and then pushed her forward till Jenny was bent over the table. Kate snapped the handcuffs on Jenny’s wrists, and Dawn got to work strapping her legs apart with the spreader bar.

So with Jenny now bent over the table, blindfolded and helpless, Anna unfastened the ties on Jenny’s knickers and let them all to the floor.

This was our cue to join the girls in the lounge for the main event, the taking of Jenny.

We each picked up the vibrator that our respective wives has purchased, and one by one we took turns to use the vibrators on Jenny’s pussy lips and clitoris, to get her hot, wet and horny. Anna and he girls asked if she was ready to test drive the first vibrator and Jenny murmured yes.

John was the first to go as he plunged the vibrator Jenny has chosen into his wife’s waiting pussy, slowly working it in and out until the full seven inches was embedded in her pussy, and then he gently stroked it in an out, pumping away as Jenny started to squirm on the table with pleasure.

The Anna said it was time to try the second, and John pulled the first vibrator from her now sopping pussy and Stuart slipped his wife’s vibrator straight back in, and began fucking her with the second vibrator. Jenny was in heaven by now, and was pushing back as Stuart plunged the vibrator in and out of her pussy, and we could see that it was streaked with Jenny’s juices.

Dawn announced that it was time for number three, and Steve stepped forward to replace Stuarts thrusting vibrator with yet another. This one was slightly bigger and also had a thrusting head, and Steve sank it deep into Jenny’s pussy and held it there vibrating away before turning the thruster on and Jenny shook as she came all over the vibrator and Steve’s hand.

Steve kept turning the thrusting head güvenilir casino on and off and plunging the vibrator in and out of Jenny’s now soaked pussy until Kate announced that it was her turn and Carl replaced Steve with the last of the vibrators. Carl teased Jenny by keeping the vibrator at the lips of her pussy, and rubbing it over her clitoris before finally plunging it deep and fast, ramming it in and out as if he was fucking her. Jenny exploded with another orgasm and Carl pulled the vibrator from her gaping hole and turned it off.

The girl then demanded to know which vibrator Jenny had enjoyed most, and with an added twist told her she also had to identify which one she herself had bought, otherwise she would have to pay a forfeit. Jenny was in a haze by this time, after having cum hard in front of her three girlfriends while they (so she thought) had been fucking her pussy with vibrators.

She thought for a while and then said that she like the thrusting vibrator, and thought that the fourth vibrator used had been the one she bought.

Anna told Jenny that she had failed to identify her own vibrator, and as she had mistakenly identified Kate’s vibrator as her own, Kate would choose the forfeit. Kate immediately asked Anna and Dawn to hold Jenny down because she was going to try the strap-on dildo tested on her as her forfeit.

But of course that wasn’t what happened. Instead the first of the four of us stepped up behind Jenny and slipped a hard cock into her wet pussy.

“Doesn’t it feel lifelike” Kate said, as she stood directly behind her husband who was now fucking his friends wife, “and unlike vibrators, this dildo has an extra attachment that can be used to mimic ejaculation” she told her friend as she squeezed Steve’s balls gently and urged him to shoot his load deep into her waiting pussy, which he promptly did.

As Steve slipped his cock quickly out of his friends wife’s wet and sticky pussy, after all it would never do for a strap-on dildo to go soft would it, Carl got into position.

“Of course the best thing about a strap-on is that it stays hard, so you can be fucked again” said Kate as Carl pushed his cock into Jenny’s gaping pussy. “And you can be fucked real hard, or nice and gentle” Kate added and Carl demonstrated both techniques. “And of course all it takes is a squeeze on the balls for the dildo to come again” said Kate as she played with Carl’s balls while he slammed home into Jenny before unloading the second load of sperm deep in her pussy.

Stuart was next, and he fucked Jenny hard and fast before sinking his cock deep inside her and adding a third load of jism, and then finally John stepped up to take his turn with his own wife, adding a fourth and final load of spunk deep into her pussy. But John didn’t pull out. He stayed deep in her as his cock softened and Jenny realised that something was different.

“Have you enjoyed your evening?” he asked her

When Jenny whispered a soft and tired “yes” he bent forward, slipped the blindfold from his wife’s eye’s and asked her which cock she had enjoyed coming on the most…

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