Jenny and Jack Pt. 10 – Jasmin’s Tale

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Jasmin’s Tale

Author’s note:

I recommend you read the earlier Jenny and Jack stories first or at least some of them to become familiar with Jack and his corrupting influence on Jasmin’s elder sister Jenny and her two daughters.

My name is Jasmin. I am Jenny’s youngest sister living in Taiwan. I’m the youngest of four sisters and the family often joke that I came as a big surprise to my mother who thought she was past her child bearing days. For the purposes of the story I am about to tell I guess that you’ll want to know some personal details.

I am twenty-five years old and am single at present.

I am 5ft 4inches (1.63metres) tall with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

I weigh 110lbs (50Kg).

My measurements are:

Bust 34 inches (86cm) B cup

Waist 26 inches (66cm)

Hips 34 inches (86cm)

My sisters and friends tell me that I am attractive but whenever I look in a mirror I just see plain old Jasmin. As for my body, I’d rather keep it covered because to my eyes everything is either to big, too saggy or just plain ugly.

Before the story that I’m about to tell I had had two boyfriends. Like my older sister Jenny and most other girls in Taiwan I had been brought up to believe that sex outside of marriage was wrong. I think that I have a high sex drive and so, having denied my first boyfriend any sexual contact other than his occasional groping of my breasts from outside of my clothes, I always returned home aroused to masturbate and climax alone.

My first boyfriend then dumped me for another girl who I was sure gave him what he wanted. One night soon after the break up My sister Jenny asked me why I looked so unhappy. After pouring my heart out to her and telling of my sexual frustration, she convinced me that, if she could have the chance again, it would have been much better to have experienced sex before getting married and probably with a different guy or guys.

This initially sounded quite shocking to my naïve ears but a few weeks later whilst out on a date with another guy I made the decision to stop resisting his advances.

I did not surrender immediately. I can still remember the excitement I felt the first time his hands slipped under my top, into my bra and touched my naked flesh. I made him wait for days before finally allowing him to open my shirt, take off my bra and touch my naked breasts. I remember both the feeling of shyness at having my breasts exposed to his gaze but also the disappointment at the way he just roughly mauled them without any tenderness.

It wasn’t long before I experienced having a hand other than mine inside my panties. Again, the expectation was far better than the reality as his inexperienced fingers probed and pushed into my virgin wetness.

Allowing his hand inside my panties coincided with my first experience of both seeing and feeling an erect penis. After groping my crotch for a while he asked me if I wanted to see his dick. I remember just nodding enthusiastically and then watching as he unzipped himself and pulled out his erection. He encouraged me to touch it and asked if I wanted to help and see him ejaculate.

At the time it was the most exciting thing I had ever done. With instruction from him I soon had my hand gripping his hard shaft and moving it up and down. I remember being fascinated by how the head of his erection was completely exposed as I pulled the skin of his shaft downward. He encouraged me to keep rubbing him and was soon moving his hips and thrusting his penis back and forth in my hand. I remember feeling very aroused and wet as I tried to imagine his hard penis thrusting into my vagina. Then, in a short space of time his thrusts increased, I felt his shaft throbbing in my hand and then spurt after spurt of semen squirted from its head.

After he’d finished he took me home and later that same evening I had another talk with my sister Jenny. She asked me about my latest boyfriend and I was soon confessing my sexual exploits with him. I was half expecting her to tell me that I had gone too far but instead she told me that she felt jealous and wished that she had been as adventurous before her marriage. She then sounded serious as she said, “Jasmin, are you still a virgin?”

“of course!” I replied somewhat indignantly.

“Well,” she continued, “by the sound of it you’ll soon be losing your virginity.”

I giggled shyly saying, “I’m ready and I want to.”

“I think that you should too, but before you do you must take birth control precautions.”

A few days later Jenny took me to see a doctor and I started taking the pill.

I remember it felt like a big step and I was impatient to finally feel what it was like to have sexual intercourse.

After seven days my boyfriend and I were alone at his parent’s house. We were in his room and, as usual, we started petting. As he was thrusting his hand up between my legs I blurted out, “we can go all the way if you want because I’m on the pill!”

He paused for bursa escort a moment and then acted like a madman as he more or less ripped off my clothes and underwear. I felt acute embarrassment as I lay totally naked in front of a man for the first time, worried that the sight of my body might not meet with his approval.

I watched nervously as he hastily stripped naked before climbing on top of me. In my dreams losing my virginity was going to be an act of sensuous tender beauty but during the next few minutes it was done and finished. He fumbled between my legs, roughly shoving a finger into my wetness. Seemingly satisfied, I then felt the head of his penis repeatedly prod and poke my crotch until finally, and mainly by luck, it found my virgin hole and immediately plunged right in up to the hilt.

There was no real pain, just an initial feeling of discomfort. He paused for a moment saying, “is that good,” and then, without waiting for my reply began to pound into me like a wild dog.

It was all over in a minute as I felt him ejaculate inside me before pulling out and exclaiming, “that was great Jasmin!”

We then talked for a while before I went home and finished myself by hand.

Our relationship only lasted a little while after that. We had sex a few more times but on every occasion, I was left unsatisfied and disappointed.

Deciding that I must be able to find better, I dumped him.

That was over a year ago. I’m still on the pill, just in case, but am still single.

It had been a few months since my sister Jenny left the company and moved to southern Taiwan to pursue her dream of studying for a master’s degree. We had a company farewell dinner where we all wished her the best of luck but, between the predominantly female sales team, we all wondered who would take her place as European sales manager.

It was probably the most important position within our company because it involved responsibility for looking after Jack’s company in England who were by far our largest and most important customer.


Whenever Jack visited the rest of the team would tease Jenny because before his visits she would always make a special effort with her appearance; visiting the hairdressers, buying new outfits and, on the first day of his visits, arrive in the office wearing sexier clothes and more makeup than usual. Although we teased her we knew how important Jack was to our business and Jenny had increased our business with his company each year for the past ten years or so.

I suppose there was also jealousy amongst the sales team because she would get to spend a lot of time out of the office alone with Jack; not only visiting suppliers with him but taking him sightseeing and generally looking after him during his time in Taiwan.

The other reason for our jealousy was that we all liked Jack. He was always very polite and friendly to everyone and, despite being a lot older than us, we all considered him to be ruggedly handsome. Whenever he visited the office he was always a little flirtatious with all the girls which helped to brighten up our day.

Although the youngest in the team my English was better than the others and I had already temporarily taken over looking after the day to day business with Jack’s company.

I felt that I had got to know Jack well by exchanging work related emails on a daily basis.

A week or so before his next visit and late one Friday afternoon, my boss called me into his office.

I felt nervous as I entered his office, worried that I had done something wrong.

“Sit down Jasmin and don’t look so worried,” he said. Before continuing, “I hear that Jack is visiting us very soon now.”

I nodded saying, “yes, in eight days.”

My boss then continued, “You appear to have taken over the everyday business quite seamlessly since Jenny’s departure and Jack called me to suggest that you should take over from Jenny; so, I would like you to take over on a permanent basis. This would mean promotion but at the same time total responsibility for keeping and growing our business with Jack’s company.

I could not contain my excitement as I said, “thank you, thank you so much for trusting me.”

He then sounded very serious as he said, “before you accept there are a few things that I want you to be aware of. I’m quite certain that his relationship with Jenny was, shall we say, a little more than just professional. However, I don’t know that for sure and do not want to know. The most important thing is that Jenny was very successful.”

I was silent for a moment as I remembered the rumours about Jenny and Jack being lovers that circulated amongst my colleagues. I had always dismissed it as jealousy and idle gossip amongst the female staff members because they all liked him. And, anyway, I thought, it must be idle rumours because Jenny is happily married with two daughters.

I then looked at him and said, “I don’t care about rumours. Office girls always like to have something to gossip about. I really want bursa ucuz escort this job and I will do anything to be a success.”

My words, ‘I will do anything’, stuck in my mind as my boss smiled broadly saying, “then the job is yours Jasmin and, provided that the first few months go well I will increase your salary to the same that Jenny was getting. In addition, I will allow the same exceptional expenses that Jenny enjoyed. That is, whenever Jack visits you can buy new clothes and take him to the best restaurants but submit your expenses claims directly to me to avoid adding to any gossip in the office.

Good luck.”

I left his office feeling very pleased with myself, collected my bag and headed home for the weekend.

That same evening, alone and in bed, I remembered that phrase again; ‘I will do anything.’

I conjured up an image of Jack in my mind; A big guy, tall, ruggedly handsome, with a warm friendly smile.

Despite him being a lot older than me I found myself starting to fantasize about him. With my eyes closed I started to imagine being held in his arms; his large hands feeling so gentle as they roamed over my body, caressing me and holding me.

With my earlier commitment to my boss of, ‘I’ll do anything,’ echoing in my head I imagined Jack undressing me knowing that I would submit to his every demand.

I started to caress my breasts, imagining that is was Jack’s large hands expertly and gently teasing and squeezing them.

With my nipples tingling and my body feeling sensitive and alive, I moved a hand down over my belly and then between my legs. My fingers urgently sought out my wetness as I began to thrust my hips and imagine Jack; big western Jack, hovering above me and then entering me. My body shuddered, and I gasped aloud as I brought my self to a climax.

I lay there in the afterglow of my orgasm realising that in my limited and very disappointing experience with guys I had never reached an orgasm with them.

I soon slipped into a deep sleep and the following morning did my best to try and push aside my fantasy thoughts of the previous night.

That weekend I went clothes shopping. Jack was due to visit the following week and as I browsed the skirts and tops I found myself constantly wondering which he would like the most. I tried convincing myself to ignore these thoughts; they were stupid. He was visiting for business purposes. He was old enough to be my father but, despite my best efforts I failed to dismiss the fantasy thoughts of him from my head.

I found myself in a daze as I finished shopping and headed home. Once home I checked what I had bought;

Two skirts, one black and one red; both a little shorter than I would normally wear and very different from my usual work attire of trousers and tops.

To go with the skirts, I had bought a couple of white sleeveless blouses.

I then checked the bag of underwear. Jack must have really been getting into my head as I only had the faintest memory of purchasing the selection of sexy lace bra and pants sets that I fished out of the bag. These were so very different from my plain white panties and bras that I usually wear to work. The selection of lacy underwear was in bright red, blue and black.

I had also bought a dress which again was shorter than I would normally wear. It was silk, predominantly black with small red and blue flowers. The dress was cut quite low at the front which I knew would show some cleavage.

I try to avoid pantyhose as I find it too hot and sweaty so usually go bare legged. I felt that going bare legged when out with Jack would not be smart enough so the final items in the bag were something I had never worn before; black 15 denier hold-ups.

During the few days before Jack’s arrival my fantasies kept surfacing, but I knew that Jack would never find me attractive or sexy and besides, it was purely a business visit. I kept reminding myself of this and gradually my silly schoolgirl like fantasies faded.


Finally, it was Friday, the day of Jack’s arrival. He was due to arrive at Taoyuan International Airport at six that evening, and I would be driving to the airport to meet him after work and then, after a meal, take him back to his hotel.

As I dressed that morning in the black floral pattern dress, my new black lace underwear, fifteen denier nylon hold ups and medium height heels, I knew that like Jenny before me, the girls in the office would tease me.

I arrived at work and as I expected I was greeted with teasing comments like, “wow Jasmin, going on a date?”

And, “Who’s the lucky guy then?”

I tried my best to ignore their good-natured humour as the rest of the day went past quickly.

Jack was due to arrive at Taoyuan Airport at five that evening so I left the office early allowing plenty of time to get to the airport.

During the drive I tried to go over the schedule I had planned for his week-long visit. I was determined to do a good job bursa elit escort whatever it took.

My mind started to wander as I sat in the heavy traffic near the airport. It was accepted that when other overseas male customers were entertained by my boss he would take them to The Taipei Businessmen’s Club. Although I’d never been there I was quite sure it was a high-class brothel.

I wondered if Jenny had taken him there and if so how embarrassing it must have been for her.

Arriving at the airport I parked the car, pushed all these thoughts to one side, deciding that I would do what ever was required to keep Jack happy.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that in just one week, Jack would transform me from a shy naïve girl into a sexually confident and experienced young woman.

I felt nervous as I made my way to the arrivals area. I checked the screens and was relieved to see that his flight had arrived on time.

I waited as the sea of weary travellers flowed out from the arrivals area and then my heart skipped a beat as I saw Jack strolling with his unmistakeable easy-going gait. He looked head and shoulders above the rest of the mainly Taiwanese throng.

He spotted me and gave a huge broad grin as he headed toward me.

He was soon standing in front of me and greeted me with a firm gentlemanly shake of hands saying, “Jasmin, thankyou for meeting me. I hope that it wasn’t too much trouble.”

As he spoke I felt self-conscious as I noticed his gaze appraising me from head to toe.

Then, regretting it almost before I spoke, I blurted out, “do I look OK?”

His gaze then appraised me more slowly and with more deliberation as he smiled broadly saying, “Jasmin, you look fabulous!”

I could feel my cheeks blushing furiously as I pretended to ignore his compliment and said, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m starving.”

“OK, let’s get away from the airport and I’ll find somewhere to eat before taking you to your hotel.”

We left the airport and drove back to Taipei city where I took Jack to where I had been told was his favourite restaurant.

Any nervousness I had felt soon evaporated as we enjoyed a wonderful meal and chatted easily. Throughout the meal Jack had been a perfect gentleman and as we finished he said, “I think that you had better take me to the hotel now as its getting late and we have an important meeting tomorrow.”

We left the restaurant and drove the short distance to his hotel.

Before his visit my boss said that I should go up with him to his room after he had checked in just to be sure that he was happy and that there weren’t any problems that needed sorting out because Jack’s mandarin was almost non-existent, it was a local hotel and any problem could be solved more quickly by me.

I knew that Jack regularly stayed at the same hotel but to ensure that I followed my boss’s instructions I waited at the desk while Jack checked in.

I heard the receptionist say, “Welcome back Mr Jack, here is key to your room.”

We then made our way up to the top floor and to Jack’s room.

I waited outside as he entered the room taking his luggage inside with him. He then came back to the door and said, “Jasmin, the room is perfect., Thank you for a very enjoyable meal and looking after me so well. I’ll see you tomorrow morning after breakfast and we’ll go through the schedule for the week.”

He then leaned down saying, “good night.”

As his face moved closer to mine I somehow assumed that he was about to kiss me. He told me later that he had just intended to kiss me politely on the cheek.

I completely miss-read his intentions and, eager to please him, planted my lips on his.

Taken by surprise he paused momentarily, but then a split second later his powerful arms embraced me, and we were kissing passionately.

I was filled with uncertainty as to what I should do as Jack took total control. By know his tongue was exploring my mouth and despite my initial anxiety I felt excited.

He paused and pulled his face away from mine saying, “are you sure about this?”

I just nodded shyly before he pulled my against his strong body and resumed kissing me passionately.

With my body held tightly against his and his tongue licking around the inside of my mouth he moved us both into the room and then kicked the door shut.

Slowly gaining confidence, I started to run my hands over his powerful shoulders, relishing the feel of this well-built Englishman, so different from my two previous boyfriends.

I’m not sure when I decided to surrender completely to him but it was probably when I became aware of the rock hard bulge in his trousers pressing against me and the zip on the back of my dress being slowly pulled down.

Our mouths were locked together as I felt his hand touch the exposed skin of my lower back, confirming that the zip was now fully open.

He must have sensed my body tensing because he pulled his lips from mine and gazed into my eyes saying, “just relax Jasmin.” He then nuzzled my ear and then started kissing my neck as I felt his hand move up my naked back. Unlike the frantic inexperienced fumbling of my ex-boyfriend, I felt Jack’s fingers slip beneath my bra strap and then with a swift dextrous flick I felt it go slack.

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