Jennifer’s Summer

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Jennifer’s SummerThis is my first year at college and I have been rooming with Lucy Thompson, lovely quiet girl raised on a farm and we have become good close friends. She has told me all about her f@mily and the fact that she will spend the summer back home at the end of the term. I ask her if there would be room for me to join them and she suddenly becomes very defensive, then apologizes saying that I would not understand why she doesn’t want me there. She continues explaining that her parents, Bill and Martha are very old fashioned in the way they deal with discipline. I ask her what she means and with some arm twisting she finally relents and tells me that her Dad spanks her and the rest of them on a regular basis. I said I was surprised because you seem like a good girl and never get in any trouble; she blushes and tells me that she does not get spanked because she has done something wrong; they all get spanked to ensure that they stay on the straight and narrow. I asked her to elaborate and she said that her night for punishment is Friday, Rebecca is Monday, Pamela is Wednesday, and Martha is Saturday, every week is the same schedule. I thought to myself I have to go with her and see this for myself, so I said I would still like to join you and your f@mily for the summer. Lucy says it would be nice to have me there but adds that I warned you.At the end of the semester we pack up Friday and head for Lucy’s home and when we arrive it is a postcard perfect type of farm, everything you would imagine that it should be. Her parents and sisters greet us and take us in, fussing over us and asking me all kinds of questions. That evening when we are all settled in and sitting around Martha takes me aside and into the kitchen, she asks if I am aware of their traditional style of punishment and if I understand why. I tell Martha that Lucy had informed me me how things work at great length and I told her that I admire their resolve. Martha was happy to hear that and gave me a big hug she then said I would get a demonstration very soon because Father was going over her school records and credit card bills. I realized that it was Friday and that was punishment night for Lucy, I think she knew it too because she had been a little nervous all day.Into the living room we walk and we can see that Bill is talking to Lucy about her school and credit card. He looks up at Martha and she nods at him, he then looks at Lucy and says, well young Lady it looks like you have gotten a little out of hand being away so I will have to give you extra with the belt. Lucy pleads with him, oh please daddy not the belt it hurts so bad, Bill looks at his quivering girl and says it is supposed to hurt my dear so it will make you a better person. Bill then looks over at me and says I think it would be good for Jennifer to watch, I am sure she would learn and benefit from seeing how we deal with naughty girls. Well first I was shocked then excited that I would get to watch sweet Lucy get a beating and my pussy agreed with me as she started to moisten. I measured my words carefully as I accepted this special invite trying not to appear too eager.Bill was a man of few words and immediately marched Lucy upstairs to her bedroom with me in close pursuit. Bill told me to sit in the chair beside the computer and turning to Lucy told her she knew the routine and best to get ready. The next minute was beyond explanation as I watched Lucy strip off all her clothes then bend over the end of her bed with her feet wide apart showing Bill and I a most stimulating view. Bill held what he called the belt in his right hand but it was much heavier and thicker than any belt I had ever seen and as he stepped to her left and tapped it on her bottom I thought I would faint. Bill announced in a calm but firm tone that he was going to give her 30 hard smacks then 10 extra and under no circumstances was she to move until it was over, then asked if she understood. It did not sound like the same girl as she replied in a sultry voice that she understood and was ready for her spanking then thanked her Dad for the loving punishment she was about to receive. The 40 hard painful smacks lasted roughly one minute, Lucy was crying loudly but never moved an inch; I on the other hand could not sit still as I tried desperately to grind my thoroughly aroused pussy into the chair. Bill thanked Lucy for taking her punishment so well and thanked me for being so understanding then turned and left us alone in the room. I was not prepared for what Lucy did next; she painfully crawled up to lay face down on her bed and then slipped her hands under her belly to masturbate. I was riveted to my chair as I had a perfect view up between her open thighs, watching her fingers work her clitoris until she tensed and moaned in orgasm. Lucy sat up and had a slight embarrassed look on her face as she looked at the floor. kaynarca escort I got up and sat next to her on the bed then she told me she had forgotten that I was sitting watching and then confided in me that she finds the whippings sexually exhilarating. I told her that I also had found it so stimulating that I was close to orgasm and my panties were soaked. Lucy gently pushed me onto my back and slipped in between my wet thighs to lick and devour my pussy bringing me to orgasmic bliss. Martha stopped by our room after about an hour latter to get us ready for bed, she kissed us both and thanked me for coming to stay with them.When we got up Saturday morning Lucy and I were famished, all the activity from last night had given us both a big appetite. Martha had made a big breakfast for us and after we ate everyone went outside, I stayed behind to ask Martha something. What is it dear she inquirers, well I start, it is hard for me to ask this but I see what a well-balanced delightful girl Lucy is and I see that it comes from her upbringing and I was wondering if you and Bill would take me in and treat me like one of your own. Martha looked very surprised and added you do know what that would entail, you would be subject to the same rules as the other girls and punished the same way, you understand that. Yes ma’am I reply, Martha asks if I have mentioned this to anyone else and I reply no, she says that she is fine with the idea but she would put it to Bill to make the final decision.Martha heads out of the kitchen and walks down to meet Bill at the barn. I watch out of the kitchen window and I can see them talking, last I see Bill nodding his approval and Martha puts her arms around his neck, passionately kissing him. They kiss passionately for a few minutes as Bill places both his hands in the small of her back and slides them down to cup and fondle her full bottom. As they turn to head back to the house I quickly sit at the table to await their verdict. Bill has a serious look on his face as he enters the kitchen then asks me to follow him up to my room so we can discuss the rules. He takes me by the hand as we head upstairs and on the way he picks up the heavy thick leather belt.Martha sits nervously at the kitchen table, she pours a cup of coffee, not because she wants one but stroking the cup gives her hands something to do while she waits. The seconds on the clock tick away slowly as her ears search the silent house for the slightest sound that would tell her what Bill and I are discussing. 15 minutes pass and she begins to wonder but then the silence is broken with that familiar and arousing sound of heavy hard leather striking young firm female flesh. The first meaty smack almost makes her jump out of her seat but she settles down for the steady stream of smacks that continue. The muffled beating is soon accompanied by the wail and crying of a young Lady getting her bare bottom roasted. Martha counts each stroke as she fiddles with the coffee cup, timing it so she will be ready for Bill when he is done beating this young girls bottom. She heads upstairs into her bedroom and removing all her clothes, lays down on the bed with her legs spread and knees up waiting for Bill to enter. The smacking of Jennifer’s bottom stops but the loud crying and sobbing continues as Bill enters his bedroom, he strips off his clothes releasing his erect cock that is homing in on his wife’s pussy. As Bill pumps his hard cock in and out, Martha feels that Bill is a little more excited than usual and cums much sooner than he usually does, she knows the reason but wants Bill to tell her. Well tell me about her, she says to him and he replies that Jennifer is the cutest, nicest, sweetest girl he ever had the pleasure to punish, he then adds, did you know that Jennifer keeps her pussy completely hairless. Martha says to Bill, I was counting the number of strokes you gave Jennifer and you did not stop at 30, you actually continued well past 40. Bill replied, yeah I feel bad about that but Martha you should have seen her squirm and writhe as I whipped her, it was bewitching. Martha replies, I do understand how attractive she is but I should go in and check on Jennifer to make sure she is alright, you do have a tendency to whip a girl too hard at times.Martha comes into my room after I have settled down and had stopped sobbing, she sits on the bed and gives me a big long hug then welcomes to the f@mily . Standing me up she says let’s take a look at Bills handy work, then turns me so we can both look into the floor length mirror. Oh my goodness Martha remarks, seeing the reflection of a well beaten swollen bottom, he has not welted up a bottom like that in a long time. Martha thought back to when she was counting the strokes and decides not to tell me and offers to apply some soothing lotion to my bottom. I was unaware that she does not normally orhanlı escort do this but she secretly wants to get a good look at my smooth clean pussy and also check for the tell-tale signs of arousal. She has me lay with a couple of pillows under my tummy, she says it will be easier for her to apply the lotion but I can feel that this position takes away all my modesty and is exposing me to her view. I quickly yield to her touch as she gently massages the soothing lotion into my blazing bum and as I relax it gives her ample opportunity to examine my pussy. Martha smiles inwardly as she sees the slick nectar oozing from between my Labia and massaging right down alongside them causes the petals of my love flower to open slightly and more slick fluid leaks out. She watches a small puddle start forming on the pillow and after a bit she excuses herself, saying she has to get lunch ready, then she leaves me alone so I can masturbate.When I come down from my room Martha is just setting the table and everyone is coming in, Bill announces to the group that Jennifer will be eating standing up and the girls all look at me with wide eyed surprise. Martha adds that I requested to be part of the f@mily for the rest of the summer and accepted everything that goes with that obligation, then adds I had already tasted Bills belt. The girls get excited about the addition to their f@mily and after breakfast they all want to take a look at how hard I got spanked. In my room they get me to lift my dress so they can all feel the swollen welts, Lucy informs me that it looks like Bill spanked me harder than he does them. Rebecca and Pamela leave us alone and when they are gone Lucy slips her hand between my legs feeling my slippery aroused pussy then as she withdraws her soaked fingers she licks the nectar off. The rest of the week is sexual bliss for me as I settle in to the routine. The spankings are a fascinating ritual and I can tell that the girls and Martha in particular look forward to their session with the belt. They all are much happier and respectful after Bill roasts their bottoms and I have seen a pattern that as soon as one gets spanked Bill and Martha spend about an hour in the bedroom.It is Saturday morning of the second week since arriving and as expected I will get my spanking right after breakfast, Martha tells me not to bother getting dressed and to just keep on my short nightie until after my punishment, all eyes are on me at the table and I am far too nervous to eat. I help Martha clean up the kitchen while everyone, especially Bill, sits patiently waiting and watching my bottom sway back and forth under my sheer short nightie, once we are done Bill takes my hand and leads me upstairs. For the second beating Bill asks me to kneel up on the bed with my legs wide apart, he says it will be more comfortable for me but I suspect it is so he can get a much better view of my pussy, which is already getting wet before we even start. Martha does not wait but heads up to her bedroom, while the girls all huddle around the stairs so they can hear the whipping I am about to receive. As I am kneeling on the bed Bill places his hand on my lower back and gently pushes down while asking me to arch my back a little more. With my head buried in the bed covers and my bottom and pussy open and on full display I just know that Bill can see my aroused pussy seeping my love juices. As he admires my sweet target he takes his time to deliver the first stroke of the belt and due to last week’s whipping my bottom is much more sensitive and it hurts a lot more. After only a couple whacks I am crying and sobbing uncontrollably while the girls down stairs cannot believe how hard he is spanking me and they are astonished when they count 50 strokes. He did not immediately leave the room when he was finished but sat down on the bed and pulled me over to him so he could snuggle with me. He put his arms around me and holds me tight until I stop crying, only then does he speak as he asks if I have any second thoughts about our agreement and also if I was comfortable with him seeing me in such a vulnerable position. I replied that no matter how much he hurts me I have never felt more loved than I do right now and I feel like all the frustrations and guilt in my life has been lifted off my shoulders. I also tell him that even though it is embarrassing for him to see me like that it must be a little awkward for him too seeing me naked like this. He admits it does raise his blood pressure but then he gets uneasy with my frankness and excuses himself so I can get dressed but as he turns to close the door he looks back at me and I smile at him.Back in his room with his cock happily nestled in Martha’s pussy Bill says to her, I can’t help myself, I want to ravish that sweet girl after I beat her, she is so sultry and beautiful the temptation is too great. tepeören escort Martha wraps her legs around Bills waist to pull him in tight and deep into her pussy then says to him, I understand how hard it is to resist Jennifer’s advances after all she is a stunning sensual young Lady so I give you my blessing to have your way with her if she wants it. As Bill thinks about what he wants to do to Jennifer, his cock stiffens again inside Martha.All the next week Bill is extra nice to me, talking and asking me all kinds of leading questions, some even down right personal. Every day he asks me how my bottom is surviving the punishments and then he wants to see how it looks. I get a tingling in my pussy every time I lift my dress so he can take a long look then caresses it saying what a nice firm bottom to spank and then he always gives it a little smack, telling me what a sweet obedient girl I am. I giggle and give him a sultry look and glancing down I see a bulge in the front of his trousers. Saturday morning as Bill and the girls are all waiting for me to finish helping Martha, I notice he is a lot more tense than usual as he paces back and forth holding that wicked belt in his hand. Lucy, Rebecca and Pamela all seem to sense the electricity in the air and all have a look of concern on their faces as well.Bill tells me to wear my special cute short sheer nightie for this occasion and as I kneel up on the bed Bill stands beside me running his hand up and down my bottom, admiring the cream coloured smooth warm flesh, he then starts to run his hand down the backs of my legs and up the insides of my thighs. An involuntary moan escapes my lips and Bill whispers, you like that do you and I give him a moan of approval he then slides a finger up the length of my dripping pussy coating his finger with my nectar. I give out a louder groan of approval, again he asks if I like that and I whisper, oh yes. He steps back and gives my bottom a reverberating whack with the belt asking in a louder voice if I like that and I reply, Oh yes Sir I do. In the meantime Martha stays seated at the kitchen table knowing that Bill will not be going back to their bedroom. She closes her eyes and listens to the symphony of sounds coming from my room causing her to squirm in her seat and soak her panties as she imagines what Bill is doing to sweet young Jennifer. Bill takes his time between whacks to watch the welts form and change colour plus the site of my arousal running down the insides of my thighs is causing his prehistoric instincts to take over his mind. He whips me harder than before, heavy meaty smacks until my whole bottom is ablaze he then starts down the backs of my thighs. Lucy, Rebecca and Pamela have crept upstairs to listen at the door and cannot believe how long and how many whacks I am getting as they hear me howling in agony and ecstasy. Lucy recognizes the difference in my crying as it changes from pain to lust, she knows the feeling all too well. Bill can see the honey now flowing freely from my aroused pussy, throwing the belt aside and holding my hips he takes me from behind, plunging his erect organ deep into my belly with one swift stroke. As he pumps his long thick manhood in and out of me, I reach under me to rub my clitoris as hard and fast as I can. We are both so stimulated and hot for each other, we cum within a minute of him entering me. Huge loads of hot sticky cum shoot into my belly as he fills my pussy to overflowing and as he pulls his cock out of me I squirt my fluids back at him, soaking his belly and thighs.Martha waits patiently for the sounds of whipping, crying, grunts and groans to cease, after quite some time Bill and I descend the stairs both looking rather dishevelled. Martha comes up to me and gives me a big hug, she thanks me so much for being part of their household. She turns me around and bends me over the kitchen table, then gently runs her hands up and down my bottom and thighs. I can hear her humming to herself and she tells Bill that he did a wonderful job whipping me. She asks me to spread my legs wide and as I do she places her mouth on my pussy, licking it and telling me what a sweet tasting pussy I have. I thought that Bill had used up my orgasms but Martha had a much more talented tongue and had me squirming and cumming in no time. When she had her fill of licking me she took Bills hand and the belt and headed upstairs. I was still bent over the table with my legs spread, showing my wet dripping pussy and thoroughly whipped hind quarters when Lucy, Rebecca and Pamela came back into the kitchen. They all wanted to touch and feel my bottom and Lucy decided it was time the other girls learned how to eat pussy. Lucy had me lay on my back while she instructed the other two on the proper way to eat me out. As the girls practised on me they learned quickly making me cum again and again, and as we played downstairs we could hear the familiar sounds of whipping and wailing from upstairs but this time it was Mr. Thompson who was on the receiving end and it sounded like he was getting it way harder than we did.This is going to be an interesting summer.

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