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I love to watch people dance. It says volumes about how they feel about themselves, more than many hours of actual conversation. A woman who loves to dance, moves well, and is comfortable in her body is a joy to behold. Jeannette was that kind of woman. She stood out in the crowd of college students like a dark diamond; while most of the girls there were fashionably anorexic, with bodies like skinny 12year olds with tits, she was a wonderland of curves.

Beautiful dark hair with a natural curl and bounce, lightly tanned skin with a faint flush and sparkling brown eyes, she filled her crimson silk tank top and cream colored jeans to perfection: she had tits and ass for days. She was making excellent use of them, too, as I watched her. Hips rocking, torso rolling, arms and hands caressing her own body in an unmistakable invitation that, incredibly, the local boys were not taking advantage of. I had no intention of ignoring her, however; I was alone that night and the joy and invitation in her smile as she danced were too tempting to pass up.

I took a swallow of my margarita and threaded my way towards the pocket she had made. They may have been afraid to approach her, those boys, but they sure as hell wanted to watch her dance. The DJ was playing “Butterfly” by Crazy Town, a song perfect for my purposes. I eased behind her and began to dance, following her movements without quite touching her, letting her feel me behind her. I could tell when she knew I was there, for her movements became slower and more sensuous, hips slowing to a slow wave like the roll of the breakers, then she turned…

This was the moment of truth: would she back away because the silent warmth she had been courting blind was another woman? Her face registered first shock and then she laughed and I grinned back and wordlessly invited her to keep dancing with me, which she did after a moment of hesitation. I introduced myself between songs, she told me her name, and then we went back to dancing. Playfully moving together, switching roles, bumping together occasionally but gradually learning each other, pressing more and more closely until, a little while later, we were moving hip to hip. She smelled wonderful, light musk and hot female.

I took advantage of the music to lightly place my hands on the curves of her hips, and felt her ease back against me. We were the focus of a great deal of attention but Jeanette was oblivious, totally immersed in the moment. At one point she rested her head on my shoulder and spoke in my ear, still gently moving her hips, “So…do you like guys too, or just women?”

“It would have to be one hell of a man to compete with you at the moment, but yes I like men too,” I murmered back.

“How ’bout that one?,” she indicated a slightly older, maybe 25ish, guy who was leaning with his back to the bar watching us intently. He was perhaps the only guy in the place who could have gotten my attention, for he was as handsome in his way as she was beautiful. Tall, maybe 6 feet or so, broad shoulders with light brown hair pulled back in a pony tail that fell across one shoulder. He was casually dressed in chinos and a Henley shirt with the sleeves pushed back. When he saw I was looking at him he gave me a slow wink and nod. I winked back.

Jeannette turned to face me and said, “So.. what do you think??”

“Tasty ..definately tasty, is he with you?,” I asked devilishly.

“That’s Nicolas, my boyfriend,” she grinned and said, “We’ve been talking about someday doing a three-way with another girl but didn’t know anyone who appealed to both of us. I’ve never been with a girl although I’ve fantasized about it a lot. You coming up and dancing with me seems almost too perfect.”

“How could görükle escort bayan I resist you? You’re the best dancer in the place,” I said back, and toyed with a stray strand of her hair. She blushed and sparkles lit up her sherry brown eyes. “Do you really think so?,” She said, “I just move the way the music makes me feel, but the guys don’t seem to dance with me much. Nic wouldn’t care if they did, he’ll dance with me but he doesn’t want to as much as I …ohh jeez I’m babbling, I’m nervous all of a sudden..” She stiffened slightly in embarrassment.

“Yes, I think you’re a wonderful dancer; you move like you’re not afraid of your body and that’s the most important thing. Ohh… don’t be nervous, I don’t bite..” I leaned close as the song ended and whispered in her ear, “Unless you ask really, really nicely. Lets go talk to that yummy man of yours and see about finding someplace more quiet.”

I took Jeannette’s hand and lead her off the dance floor, to the disappointment of the guys and relief of their women. As we approached the gorgeous Nicolas he gave me the once over, and I was glad I had taken care to dress well that night. I’m barely 5’2, so I have to be careful what I wear; but my black miniskirt and sleeveless dark green sweater made the most of my curves and accentuated my pale skin and cinnamon hair. My coloring was a perfect foil for Jeannettes dark loveliness, a fact I saw Nicolas note appreciatively.

“Who’s your cute friend ‘Nette?” he asked as he tousled her hair and slipped a hand round her slim waist. “This is Kit, isn’t she the hottest dancer?,” She said with an impish grin. Now it was my turn to blush as I shook Nics hand. “Well, like you said, I just move the way the music makes me feel,” I said.

Jeanette turned and whispered something into Nicholas’s ear that made him light up like Times Square at New Years eve. “Are you kidding??,” He exclaimed as Jeanette hid her blushing face in his shoulder and nodded. “Sure, baby love, I’m all for it,” He looked at me piercingly, suddenly serious. “Has ‘Nette told you her fantasy?” I grinned and nodded. “Then lets get out of here and find some place quiet,” He grinned. Jeanette looked from me to her lover and then suddenly grabbed each of us by the hand and started pulling us through the crowd toward the door. “I want to do this before I lose my nerve!” she shouted over the music and crowd noise. Then we were out into the relative dark and quiet of a Santa Barbara summer night.
I followed them out to the ocean and a quaint little apartment a few blocks from the beach. The air was charged with an electric sexual tension as we walked up the steps and opened the door. Jeannette indicated the couch and told me to make myself at home. Nic and I sat and made small talk until Jeannette reappeared wearing a midnight blue satin slip and carrying a tray on which sat a bottle of tequila, limes, salt and glasses. “I’m not sure what to do now, but there’s nothing like Jose’ to get things relaxed,” she said as she put the tray down in front of us.

Nic flashed a grin as he started pouring shots, “Always the perfect hostess, love”. Jeannette returned the grin and handed me the salt and a slice of lime as her lover did the same with a brimming shot. I waited for them to be similarly fixed and raised my glass. “To dreams coming true,” I said softly, looking at the two of them. They caught the moment and repeated, “To dreams.” We then licked and sucked and downed our shots with happy whoops.

Nicolas hopped up and turned on the stereo, then we settled back, talking and drinking a few more shots, just getting more comfortable with each other. Then Jeannette started slowly and sensuously dancing for him; within seconds altıparmak eskort I joined her, and soon we were being even nastier than we had at the club. Jeanette turned her movements into an incredible lap dance, grinding her hips and ass across his crotch which obligingly rose in favor of the treatment. I noticed, with a sense of relish of things to cum, it was a most impressive bulge, too. She slowed down and gently, teasingly danced away from him and looked over at me. “Now it’s your turn to get him hot,” she purred.

“Oh, I know just the thing to do that,” I said, feeling the evil grin spread from cheekbone to cheekbone on my face, “Nic, lets give Jeanette a massage.” He looked from me to his girlfriend and back, lust and Jose slowing his thoughts, then the light dawned; he eagerly agreed and stood a little uncomfortably to lead us back to their bedroom.

I don’t know a better way to get someone relaxed and out of their clothes than a massage. Its non-threatening and very sensual at the same time, both erotic and relaxing. In no time we had ‘Nette face down on her bed with her clothes off. Naked she was even more beautiful then she was dressed. Her tan was the natural beach kind and the pale triangle from her bikini bottom looked sexy as hell against the warm tan of her back and legs. I squirted some baby oil on Nics hands, after suggesting he take his shirt off as well. I had already stripped down to my light bra and thong. I poured baby oil over my own hands and began work on Jeannettes back. “Just follow my strokes, Nicolas, that way she will get it from both sides,” I said as Jeannette purred and moaned in delight as we worked up and down her back.

“Flip over, sweetheart,” Nic said after a while, and Jeannette was relaxed and drunk enough that she just did as he asked without protest, flipping her arms over her head and sprawling invitingly. She was such a tempting sight I couldn’t resist the urge to lean down and lickkiss her pert tight little nipple. She squeaked and jumped a little as Nics mouth came down on the other side, then surrendered to the sensations, deeply moaning. As we nibbled her, I felt Nics hand cover mine and guide it down Jeannettes body till it gently brushed the meeting of her thighs. I could feel her heat at our touch and she shamelessly opened her legs under our combined touch. Nic was leaning over her, gently massaging one nipple while he talked softly in her ear and slid a finger into the hot slickness of her pussy. “MMmm, feels good, doesn’t it, baby girl? Can you feel Kits mouth on you? That woman’s mouth on you, baby? You love it, just like you thought you would, don’t you?”

“Ooohh, yes ohh Kit that feels so good, you make me so hot and wet,” She was moaning, twitching under my touch, relishing the first touch of another woman. My fingers were sliding up and around the swelling folds of her pussy, stroking it carefully, never touching her center, just teasing it the way only a woman can for another woman, feeling her hips writhe beneath my hand, knees spread wide and eager. I slid down between them and looked at her soaking wet and swollen pussy. She was still being impaled by 2 of Nics fingers; through glazing, half-open eyes she saw me, and began to beg, “OHH please Kit, please lick me, make me scream with your hot mouth, eat my pussy please!!!”

I smiled hotly, knowing I had her. I dropped down between her legs, spreading her lips open to reveal the hot pink and quivering center of her being. I motioned Nic to slip another finger into her eager cunt and as he did I began my attack on her sweetness. As soon as my mouth touched her pussy, Jeanette began to push her hips up against my mouth, soaking my face with nilüfer escort her fresh sweet juices. I licked her from top to bottom, still avoiding the swelling clit she so eagerly was thrusting at me. “Ohh, no baby.. it doesn’t work like that,” I whispered up over her pubic mound, “We’re going to make this last and take our time.”

I tasted again the sweet flesh under my tongue, licking firmly around Nics fingers as they spread her pussy open, then slowly sliding up the inner folds to rest lap briefly and gently on the bud of her clit. She moaned and arched her back and then I really went to work; I licked and sucked on her clit, feeling the little nub swelling in my mouth as she got hotter and hotter… never letting her go, but not letting her release either… I licked and sucked and teased her sweetness making her body writhe and quiver under my tongue, feeling my own pussy swell and soak the bed beneath my hips. Of all the acts of love there is nothing like orally pleasuring a truly responsive woman – and Jeannette was certainly one such.

I felt the heat of Nic’s eyes, drinking it all in, and could almost taste the lust locking up his mind. Gently, careful not to slow down my assault on Jeannette’s overheating pussy, I slipped a hand back and trailed it up to his cock, surprised to find he still had his chinos on. He was very hard, and I was rewarded with a little gasp as I firmly squeezed him. Slowly and teasingly, I unbuckled his belt and released his fly, letting his pants fall – good, no underwear. I gently stroked his warm, firm heft, and felt him shudder. He was more than ready.

Jeannette was frantic, having been held to the edge for timeless, ecstatic and blissful minutes I knew from experience seemed like hours. I raised my wet face momentarily and looked up into her eyes. “Are you ready, sweetheart? Do you want me to make you cum now?” I wrapped my hand around Nic’s balls and guided him into position, stepping aside and guiding him to pierce her pussy with his now ragingly hard cock. I slid a hand over his cute little ass, urging him to slide all the way in deep as I placed two fingers directly over her clit, circling and stroking it ruthlessly. Nic began to pump in and out of her hard and fast, and Jeannette moaned, her voice sliding straight up into a scream, cumming immediately.

“Ohh YES yess yess.. ohh GODS yes… oooooohhh,” Her words faded into grunts and moans of total abandon, joined soon by Nic as he pumped into her like a monster piston. “Ohh yessooohhhaaaah baby…cum around my cock, cum again and again…ohh your soo damn tight and soo wet ohh yeah..ohh…,” he grunted, his voice thick and gutteral; then nothing was intelligible, just the sound of three people in the greatest of joy.

I lay back and watched them, giving my own aching pussy the pleasure it was so eager for, sliding three fingers deep inside, squeezing down on them, and stroking my own swollen hard clit. I drew it out, not willing to cum until they did. It was beautiful and sexy as hell to watch… two beautiful bodies joining deep and primal, pounding into each other like animals in heat. I almost couldn’t hold it, but just when I thought I was going to have to give up and release before them, Nic gave one final massive thrust and roared his lust and ecstasy, filling Jeannettes pussy with his seed as she screamed and wrapped arms and legs around his waist, puling him in as deep as possible for her own final spasm.

They collapsed together, and I felt their eyes on me as I gave into my own orgasm. As I tumbled over the edge, I felt felt my legs pushed further apart and hands, lips and tongue attacked my quivering pussy. I couldn’t tell who was doing what, but they lifted and carried me into a hard, long orgasm, and held me there until my joy was as great as theirs and I too collapsed, totally content. I opened my eyes and smiled at them softly. “So, sweetheart,” I said to Jeannette, “Was it as good as you hoped?? The look on her face and that of her lover was answer enough.

– Finis –

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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