Wife Denies Me But Provides Fantasy

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My wife was fairly discerning when it came to other men she wanted to have sex with. But I knew there was one guy she was crazy about. He was a dancer at an all male revue. She had once admitted to me that she would have had sex with him at her bachelorette party, just a couple of weeks before our wedding, if she had had a chance and her friends wouldn’t have judged her. Every time she described her feelings about him and his body while we were in bed, we had earth moving sex.

You can guess that we had talked about sexual fantasies pretty openly since getting married, and she knew I thought about having sex with men too. I had never done it though.

One day when I came home from work, she suggested that I go with her to the all male revue.

“Will they let me in?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, “as long as you’re with a woman.”

Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I was going to see her in action with the dancer she liked. She kissed me, slowly and passionately, and then took off her clothes. Then she ordered me to the ground and handed me a bottle of nail polish.

“You’re going to help me get ready for my boyfriend,” she sweetly whispered.

I dutifully did as I was told, including helping get into her dress and putting her shoes on. She had been denying me sex lately while still telling me about the guy she liked. She loved the sexual control she had over me. I did too. Anyway, she had a glass of wine as I got ready, then we were on our way.

On the ride there, she kept telling me that I was going to love the place. I figured I would because I knew how worked up she was going to get. Once we pulled into the parking lot, I watched her twist off her wedding ring. She then climbed over the console, gave me a wet kiss, looked me in the eyes, and whispered,

“Put my ring in your pocket. It’ll be more fun this way.”

How could I say no?

We walked in and ordered a few drinks. It was busy, but not too busy. After a few songs, a guy came on stage, and he was dressed as a marine. I saw a change overcome my wife. I knew the look she had when she was into Maltepe Öğrenci Escort someone, and she had the look.

I leaned over and asked, “Is that him?”

She kissed me on the cheek and answered, “Yes.”

She was mesmerized by him while he was on stage. I could see why. He was chiseled and had a 9 inch dick.

After his songs were over, she leaned over and asked, “Do you see anyone you think is sexy?”

I kind of balked for a second. My sexual fantasies had been all talk up until this point.

She then coyly said, “It’s OK that you like men. Which ones do you like? Tell me.”

I pointed out two guys. Both were built, had clean shaven bodies, and had perfect, long cocks. She then got up and went over to them. I was mortified. What was she going to do?

The next thing I know, she’s leading them back to our table.

She then told me, “These guys are going to give you a private dance.”

I got up, feeling a little self-conscious. As I was walking away with them, I looked over my shoulder, and I saw her mouth the words, “enjoy yourself….”

When I got into the private room, these two guys wasted no time somewhat forcefully pushing me onto a bench along the wall.

One said, “Just loosen up, and have some fun with this.”

I started to feel more relaxed. As they danced, one had his large cock just inches from my face, and I could see a little pre-cum leaking from the head. I was so turned on and my dick was straining against my jeans. He kept swinging his beautiful cock closer and closer to my face. I wanted it in my mouth, but I wasn’t sure if we would get caught. I closed my eyes for a second and I felt his thick cock hit the side of my face, leaving a trail of pre-cum. I opened my eyes, looked directly at him, and just nodded. I opened my mouth, and just like that, he slid the head in. My tongue swirled his cock and then went to work on the underside, just like my wife did to me. I reached out and grabbed the other dancer’s cock with my hand and stroked it for a bit so he wouldn’t feel left out.

I was now Maltepe Çıtır Escort under their power. I let go completely and subconsciously put them in control of my body. I continued to suck the first guy’s dick with long, slow passionate motions. I could taste salty bits of his precum in my mouth every now and then. Every time I tasted it, I knew more and more strongly that I wanted his cum in my mouth. Soon, the second guy was pulling off my jeans. Then I felt his warm smooth tongue on my rigid shaft. I was in heaven. Here I was having sex with two beautiful men, while there was a bar full of women who probably wanted to do the same.

I kept working the shaft up and down, using my hands and going down as far as I could. I started to massage his balls as I got brave enough to try deep-throating him. I gagged a bit, but I kept on going, so I could get my reward. It wasn’t long before he had grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, faster and faster. I could tell he wouldn’t last much longer, and he didn’t. I loved feeling used. Soon, I felt the first enormous spurt of cum fill my mouth. I swallowed hard as he kept cumming.

As he grew soft in my mouth, he pulled out. This left me to focus on the blowjob I was receiving. It felt so wrong, so depraved, but it was honestly the best oral sex I had ever received. I guess the thrill of it being so taboo really put me over the edge as he took the full length of me into his throat. It wasn’t long before I was cumming. As I finished in his mouth, he looked at me, came eye to eye with me, then french kissed me with my own cum. I felt like such a whore. What would my wife think if she saw all of this? Still, I ran my hands up and down his chest, finally reaching for his cock so I could stroke it. He was so hard, and so long.

He went over to the corner of the room and came back with a bottle. It was lube, and he but a generous amount on his dick. Then I saw him put some on his fingers, and gently slide them into my ass. His fingers stretched me out a bit. Then he kissed me, and I felt the head of his beautiful cock against my ass. Maltepe Elit Escort I told him it was my first time, and he really got excited. He started to press into me, and it did hurt. He was slow though, and gave me time to get used to his size. While there was pain, it was mentally erotic to get used this way, to surrender myself completely to this man who wanted to fill me. He slowly started rocking in and out of me while he still had his tongue in his mouth. We had our hands all over each other. I didn’t know if i’d ever get to do this again, and I didn’t want an inch of him or an inch of me to go unused. I felt his movements grow faster and more forceful. His long cock grew even harder, and then I felt it: he started to cum. Warm stream after warm stream filled me. It felt so good to have served his needs. He continued kissing me as he grew soft inside of me. He pulled out, and said he had to get back to work. He put his name and number into my phone, though, before he left.

It took me a while to process what just happened. i gathered my clothes, put them on, and walked out into the club. I saw my wife at the bar with the marine. She had her hands on his chest, and she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

She saw me walking up, and said, “You were gone a while. How was it?”

I was pretty vague, and said, “It was really good.”

She said bye to her boyfriend, for the time being, and we went back to our table. I ordered us a few more drinks, and we sat watching the dancers for a while.

She leaned in and asked, “Just how good was it?”

I asked, “Do you really want to know?”

She said, “Yes. Tell me everything.”

I took a long drink, and admitted, “I had sex with them.”

She smiled and after a few moments offered, “I knew you would. Did you like it?”

I had to say that I did. A lot.

We finished our drinks, and on the way home she massaged my cock through my pants. She brought me to the edge of orgasm a couple of times.

Finally, she said, “I hope you really liked fucking those guys. I’ve decided that will be your only sexual release for a while. For the time being, I want to keep my pussy for my boyfriend. I’ll still tell you everything we do though. You, however, will have to be satisfied with being a whore for those two guys you fucked tonight. Understood?”

I understood. And I loved that she was in complete control.

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