The Balcony

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It was the perfect hotel room: a ninth floor corner room with a large bed and love seat recliner lounge. But it was the balcony that won me over, with an outside spa and a hammock hanging from the roofs overhang. I wasted no time and stripped to my bikini and jumped in the spa. I had a brilliant view of the sights, even laying against the spa, as the waist-high balcony barrier was glass, topped with shiny stainless steel metal railings. Getting fucked out here tonight would make the perfect start to the long weekend getaway.

You came out 10 minutes later with cocktails in hand.

After 20 minutes of drinks, jets and marvelling at the view, you grinned evilly at me. “You have broken a rule, Slut,” tugging at my bikini strings.

“But this is public,” as I waved a hand at the view.

“Balconies are part of the room, and hotel rooms are…”

“Classed as private for ‘Rules for Sluts’.”

“Since you clearly know the rules, and broke them, a punishment is in order. But first: Obey.”

I stood up to undo my top, dropping it over the side of the tub, and the G-string followed. It started to rain; the cool water was a harsh contrast to the hot spa, and quickly my nipples hardened. But we both knew it wasn’t just from the cold rain.

“Get out of the tub and lay your arse up over the hammock.”

I bent at the waist over the hammock, letting tits, hair and arms hang over one side, while staying on my tiptoes to balance me. I heard you go inside and, without any instructions, I continued to lay there. I could see other hotel rooms through the balcony’s glass and wondered if anyone was watching me … not that that would change a thing. I would still lay there as I was told, and truth be told I loved not knowing if I was being watched or not.

I was Maltepe Grup Escort so lost in my thoughts I did not hear you come back. I realised as I felt your hand smack my ass HARD! It propelled me further over, so my head was lower, just a touch, and this made me lose my footing and swung me forward. As I swung back, you spanked me again, at each swing it felt a bit harder. As the swinging got faster, I swung out more and came back faster into your hand, which spanked me further into the swing each time.

As I started to moan and claw my hands out at the air, on the next swing you grabbed my waist and hair at the base of my skull, and pulled me upright, my hair tightening in your fist enough to make me gasp.

Even though you started off being hard on me, I was hot as hell and you knew it. “I think Slut is enjoying this too much…”

I moaned in reactive agreement. You walked me backwards, directing me by my hair; over to the railing and pressed me against the wet metal, which felt freezing against my now hot arse. But before I got used to it, you spun me around and bent me over the rail. I gripped the rail as my breathing increased. I looked down from the dizzying height. You just laughed. “Stay.” You walked away again, but I felt you return this time.

You scratched the nails of one hand from my shoulder down my side to my ankle. “Feet up.” I knew what you wanted. I stepped up on the bottom rung of the railing.

You spanked me hard on my arse. “You have broken another rule, Slut.”

I thought for a moment, too long, and got a sharp slap to the back of each thigh. I realised that in my panic at the height I had closed my legs in an automatic reflex to be balanced.

“Sluts should always have legs spread in private,” I rattled off Maltepe Manken Escort quickly, spreading my legs at the same time, hoping you would not add another full punishment if you did not need to tell me to obey.

You growled in my ear. “Nice try, but that will not be forgotten.” You then bit my ear till I started to whimper.

You released me and I felt you running rope around each of my thighs. “But now for the fun bit!” you said wickedly, and I felt you smirking. I thought you were going to put something in my pussy, as that’s a common punishment, so that I would be unable to get your cock. But you grabbed my wrist, and I let go of the railing. You slid the rope up, so that my forearm, just in front of my elbow, was on the rail, and then tied it there.

While you did the same to the other arm, you pressed yourself down on my back forcing me to lean over the rail more; my hands reached out to grab, to feel safe and I realised your intent with a start. You knew I freak out if I cannot hang on, as that’s what, in my head at least, makes me feel safe. You laughed out loud now, as you realised I had figured out my punishment.

As I started to pant, I looked up and across to the mountains, trying to calm myself enough to not freak out. But you were watching … and just before I stilled myself, you grabbed my hair and twisted my head to look into your eyes.

“No, it’s a punishment.”

You grabbed the back of my neck and forced me to look directly down…my breath caught, and I squeaked.

You leaned down over me and pulled my nipples. “And don’t close your eyes – I’ll know.”

You let go of my neck and thrust into me so hard my whole body moved forward and down a little and I screamed as without being able to hold on I had Maltepe Masöz Escort no feeling of safety, and you started fucking me with force, driven on by my screams and you could feel the panic of falling in me and see my hands reach out, grabbing air…

But also I was getting wetter and clenching around your cock even though every time you pushed to the hilt I screamed as I moved forward, and in my head I’m falling… the edge of pain from you being so deep in me was delicious and my scream became more in reaction from the feel of you, rather than my fear.

The screams started to die down as my world narrowed to just the feeling of you fucking and pressing against me. You grabbed my hair to pull my head back as your tempo increased and growled in my ear, “Next time you break a rule, we are doing this without the ropes!” I came so hard thinking of this my whole body shook.

You continued to fuck me as I whimpered, as by now I was super sensitive. You came as I moaned and came again, milking you.

You pulled out. “Now you can look up and think about all the people that just watched that as they went to their windows to watch the rain, till all my cum has seeped out of you and down your legs, as I know that makes you feel like the dirty slut you are.” You got back into the spa and watched me watch all the people you just put in my head.

I turned my head and watched you watching me. Your smile turns into an evil grin. “Don’t forget to keep your legs spread for the viewers.”

I turned back to look for anyone watching me, but then my head snapped back to you as I remembered, I had forgotten that before… you smirked back at me, reading from my look what I had recalled and just stared at me till I remembered your words that pushed me over the edge, that next time you would do it without the ropes really holding me safe. I felt my pussy pulse as a wave of fear ran through me and more of your cum travelled down my thigh.

I noticed the rain again as it washed away your cum and cleaned my skin, but I was still dirty and wetter on the inside…

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