Wife’s Pantyhose Tease at Church

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When I came into the bedroom and saw her off white skirt with the butterflies I knew it was going to be a great day and I was going to get to see her in heels and hose. I was ready and tending to the kids when she came out and she looked great. She had on her brown pumps and sheer Hanes silk reflections. I immediately got the camera and snapped as many picture as I could with the kids running around. My wife sat in her chair reading the paper and crossed her legs towards me, I could see the arch of her foot and she ever so slightly let her shoe slip on her foot a bit exposing just a tad bit more of her foot. She was driving me crazy and for once she didn’t realize she was doing it. My cock was straining against my pants as I moved to the floor in front of her. I placed my hand on her leg just below he knee and she folded the corner of the paper down to see what I was doing.

“Hey we don’t have time for that and you are going to make a stain in your pants if your not careful.”

“I can’t help myself you are driving me mad watching you do that with your shoe. I love watching you dangle you heels it makes me so hard.”

I slid my hand down her leg and pushed her heel back on to her foot. Without even looking she placed her heel on my chest and held it there for a second. It felt like and hour as I looked from her foot up her leg and before I knew it she placed her foot on the floor and stood up. Good timing as the kids came in right after I got up. My turn with the paper, had to do something to get my mind back on track and kill my erection.

Soon we were on our way to church and I took my phone and snapped a few more pics as I drove. She just smiled and shook her head. I walked behind her a few steps so I could watch her legs as she walked. I could see her calf muscles flexing under her hose as she walked, I wanted so much tom reach out and touch her again but I knew I had to wait. We sat down and as Maltepe Esmer Escort she crossed her leg her foot became bathed in sunlight like a sign form God that I was looking at something beautiful. She saw me looking and when I looked at her she winked at me and smiled. During church it was so hard to focus, as I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs and feet, She dangled her heel for a brief moment knowing what it will do to me. I don’t think I comprehended anything said that day and as soon as it start4d it was over and we were on our way home. Once home I got the kids settled with lunch and told the kids we had things to do so they were on their own for a bit.

When I walked into out bedroom she was laying on the bed in nothing but her hose and heels. I closed the door and was naked in a flash. I stood along the bed and she teased me with her heels pressing them in to my chest leaving little dents then she slid it down and tapped the top of my cock with her shoe. I reached out and slid my hand along her leg enjoying the feeling of her legs in hose. She placed her feet on my shoulder and I pulled her to the edge of the bed, she reached out and grabbed my cock and gave me a hard squeeze and placed it between her thighs. The feeling of my cock trapped between her hose covered thighs was heaves, I turned and placed my nose along the arch of her foot and took a deep breath loving the scent of her foot in her shoe. The sexy mix of her scent and the leather of her shoe made my cock throb and she knew it. I pulled her tight to me and I could feel her hose all the way up my chest. My wife then took on foot off my shoulder and placed the heel of her shoe in my mouth. I knew what to do and bit down as she slid her foot out. She knocked the heel from my mouth and placed her foot on my face!

This was heaven, she buried my nose under her toes and I kissed her nylon-covered sole. Her foot smelled and tasted Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort like manna form heaven and she pressed it into my face making sure that each breath I took was filtered through her hose. I couldn’t see but I knew she was rubbing her clit, I felt her push her foot into my face each time she hit her magic button in the right place. She took her other foot and placed it behind my head holding me trapped between her feet. There was so much going on, kissing her nylon-covered foot, feeling my cock trapped between her thighs and her scent filling my nose. I was lucky my heart didn’t explode. I couldn’t take much more. Kneeling on the floor I was looking directly at her pussy. She had her hand under her hose and I moved foreword taking the gusset between my teeth and opened a hole to get my tongue to her sweet pussy. I ripped open her hose a bit more and exposed her sweet slit. She placed her feet on my shoulders the heel of her shoe digging in while her other foot rested against my neck. I could still feel the heat of her foot and her hose felt wonderful. Her pussy was soaked and I licked her juices drinking it in. I sucked on her clit and she moaned lifting her hips off the bed using my shoulder for leverage. I though the heel of her pump was going to puncture my skin but I didn’t care the pain was invigorating. I would thrust my tongue into her sweet hot pussy fucking her with it and moving it side to side just trying to lick every part of her pussy.

“Come on baby stand up I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Standing I move towards her, her legs now being supported by my arms she grabs my cock squeezing it hard and guides me into her pussy. I love the feeling when I first slide into her. Once all the way in I keep still teasing her and she starts to move her hips up and down. Slowly I start to slide in and out of her coming almost all the way out. I know full well Maltepe Evi Olan Escort that we are short on time but that ok as I wont last much longer. She takes her legs and wraps then around me, I grab her thighs and move faster. I know she is almost there and she starts to grind into me meeting my thrusts. Her orgasm hits her hard and she squeezes me tight between her legs. I am close and she know sit, she takes her foot with the pump still on and again placed the heel in my mouth, I pull it off and drop the shoe. She places her foot on my face knowing this will destroy me. Feeling the heat from her foot and breathing her musky scent my cock explodes inside her. She can feel the first pulse of cum inside her and she orgasms again, she always does when she feels my cum hit her inside. My legs are so week I don’t know how I am standing and after I have filled her with my cum my legs give out and I am kneeling on the floor again, my cock is covered with our juices and twitching. She has her ankles on my shoulders so her pussy is wide open before me. I can see the lips of her pussy pulsing slightly as her muscles inside contract from her orgasm. Her hose are ruined and covered in a mix of our juices. I can hear her sigh contently and I feel great weak but great knowing I made her cum twice. She takes her right foot and drops it to my cock rubbing it and sliding her foot under my balls she points her toes up pressing into them slightly. I moan softly and she giggles knowing what she is doing to me.

“I can feel your cock leaking cum on the top of my foot. I didn’t think you had anything left in you.”

I look down and can see that the top of her foot is indeed covered with a mix of our juices and my cock is leaking left over cum on her hose covered foot.

“We can play some more later baby we have things to do just now. I think next time I will make you clean up your mess.”

With that she brings her foot to my chest and pushes me back a bit so she can get up. She stands in front of me and I can see our cum mixed together running down her hose. She walks by heading to the bathroom, looking back at the door,

“Good thing you buy my hose you are going to have to get a lot more so we can do this again.”

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