Invoked Ch. 02

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She roused from sleep feeling as though something was missing. Blinking her eyes a few times to try to clear the sleep, she felt the bed next to her. It was still slightly warm. Tori figured it was late in the day. She turned and looked at the clock: 1:15 P.M. ‘That’s all??’ she thought. Glancing around the room, she didn’t see any of her clothes or anything she could put on. So getting up from the bed, she pulled the sheet around her body and made her way out the room to find her lover.

Tori peaked in the bathroom, and her room- nothing. She figured he was either in the kitchen or in the living room, so she slowly moved down the hall not knowing what kind of reaction to expect from him when she did find him. As she walked her mind drifted back to the events of last night. Gripping the sheet tighter to her body she rounded the corner to the living room and her eyes fell on the sexy being smoking on the couch. Tori stopped a few feet from the couch and waited for him to open his eyes.

Naked with a cigarette in his mouth, Michael was relaxing. After taking a long drag, he opened his eyes and saw her standing near him.

With nothing but the bed sheet wrapped around her nude body, she held his gaze as he continued to smoke.

He put out his half smoked cigarette, and then patted his thigh for her to sit. But instead, she just walked over and stood in front of him. So, he pulled her onto him and placed each of her legs on each side of him. Still holding on to the sheet, she stayed over him with her weight on her knees. Michael leaned closer to her and began to nuzzle and lick from her neck to her uncovered chest.

Letting out small moans as his mouth traveled over her, she felt him slip his hands under the cloth and caress her hips. Then, she couldn’t help but feel him grip them lightly before gently pulling her down so the head of his erection was touching her lips.

Gently he rocked her against him; listening to the moans coming from her that began to get louder the farther he pulled her down.

“This is the position we started in,” Tori breathed out.

Pulling the sheet away from her body, Michael brought his mouth to her nipple and let his piercing tease the peak before sucking on it delicately. The more she rocked against him, the more the head of his cock slipped between her lips and soon he could feel himself pressing against her entrance. Placing one hand at the small of her back, he pushed her forward slightly and down, causing the head of his penis to penetrate her.

Moaning lightly, Tori watched as he gently suckled her nipple. She ran her fingers through his hair while continuing to rock Antalya Escort against him, every rock sliding more of his cock inside her.

Michael groaned and let go of her nipples, leaning back into the couch to watch her move above him, her breasts bouncing with each movement.

Letting her head fall back, Tori pushed her hips down to take him fully within her. She moved fluidly on him, every now and then releasing a gasp or a moan as her clit rubbed against the shaft of his cock. With a smile on her parted lips, she looked down at Michael as he watched her. She took his hands from her waist and placed them on her breasts and before long, her gyrations became harder as he tugged and pulled on the already hardened peaks.

He moaned lowly as he felt her cunt tighten around his cock, and couldn’t help but start to thrust up into her. Leaning forward, he captured her lips with his and slid his tongue into her mouth, sucking on hers while teasing it with his bar. He pushed his cock fully into her then flipped their positions, placing Tori on her back and him above her. Moving his lips to hers, he rocked in and out of her. She moved her hips in time with his, increasing the sensations for them both.

Their eyes locked as the familiar feeling began to build within them. The passion in their eyes deepened the erotic pleasure they were feeling. Tori moaned harder and her back arched off the couch as her orgasm hit.

“Oh Michael,” she moaned as she rode out her pleasure.

Michael’s thrusting never ceased as the clenching of her vaginal walls brought his orgasm quicker than he wanted. He could feel his cock swelling within her. So he lengthened his thrust, trying to slow his oncoming release. Leaning back, he pulled both of her legs up on his shoulders and gripped her hips. Michael pulled Tori down onto his cock and pushed up into her at the same time. Slowly his thrust became quicker and deeper.

“Uhh, I… need to… feel you… cum,” Tori moaned out.

Michael could feel his primal lust flowing. As his thrusting became fiercer he licked and sucked her neck. Tori convulsed under him and he felt another orgasm rip through her. His tongued trailed up to her ear and he spoke roughly.

“Tell me you want it, baby… tell me you want my cum.”

“Ohh god, YES, I want… I… need it… Michael, please…” she exclaimed.

His hips jerked as he shot load after load into her hungry pussy. Tori moaned hard as his release made her body erupt with another orgasm of her own. Michael rode out the last of his pleasure by locking her into a searing kiss. They were both covered in a light sheet of Antalya Escort Bayan sweat lying together trying to catch their breaths.

Tori slowly open her eyes and gazed at her lover. A slight smile played across her face as she watched him steady his breathing. His eyes were closed and a small yet noticeable smile was on his lips. She lifted her head and kissed his cheek, causing him to open his eyes. Smirking down at her, Michael sat up removing himself from her body then lifting her in his arms, he carried her to the bathroom.

Reaching the bathroom, Michael placed Tori on the sink counter and kissed her forehead before starting the shower. Once the right temperature was set, he picked her up and took her into the shower with him. Michael held Tori in his arms placing small loving kisses up and down her neck as the water ran over their tired bodies. Lightly nibbling her ear, he asked her if she could stand. With a slow nod, Tori began to unwrap herself from Michael. He eased her onto her feet and held her until she had her balance.

Tori leaned back against the cool tiles and closed her eyes. Her body still pulsed from the intense orgasm she had only minutes ago. She felt Michael pull her from the wall and against his body, back under the running water. Grabbing the soap she washed their bodies. Michael took it upon himself to wash her hair as she rinsed them both off. Tori was lost in the therapeutic sensations of Michael’s fingers massaging her scalp. She pressed her body more against him and let out a slight moan. His cock twitched between her cheeks.

Michael finished Tori’s hair and tilted her forward slightly. Her sounds of enjoyment were getting to him and he felt his cock grow. She took that as a cue to rinse and turned around to face him. Then she leaned her head back under the running water and began to rinse all of the shampoo out. Michael watched in amazement as the water cascaded over her body. He grew instantly hard from the site and started to absentmindedly stroke himself.

She took a few extra minutes rinsing her hair letting Michael get a good long look at her. Moving from under the showerhead, Tori opened her eyes and saw him stroking his cock. Moving behind him, she washed his back. Michael still stood in front of her with his hand griping his cock. She pulled him slightly to turn around and he complied. Smiling, she reached for the shampoo and returned the favor. Tiptoeing, Tori gently but thoroughly washed his hair, noticing his eyes closing in the process. She made sure to press her tits against his chest teasing him as much as possible.

“Rinse,” she told him as she Escort Antalya removed her hands from his now sudsy head.

As Michael began rinsing, Tori placed her hand on his slick member. She slowly stroked him, enjoying its throbbing in her hand. Looking up, she saw that all of the soap was now rinsed from his body and he was finishing off his hair. Tori lowered her head to his pierced nipple and encircled it with her tongue. She squeezed his cock and stroked him ever so lightly. Tugging on the ring, she dragged her tongue across his chest to the other nipple and repeated her actions. Tori’s hands continued their slow torture on his excited member as her lips moved down his chest and stomach, leaving a trail of kisses and nibbles in its wake.

Michael was in utter shock as he felt her assaulting his body with her lips. The feeling was incredible. Her lips were so soft and her hands so gentle. Michael leaned his head against the shower wall, letting the water fall over his face. Keeping his eyes closed, he succumbed to the feelings she was stirring within him. He felt her lips sucking his nipples and traveling down his body. Her hands still stroked him lightly and then stopped. Confused, he looked down just in time to see her lick the underside of his cock and engulfed him within her mouth. Michael gasped at the feeling of her warm, wet cavern. Once again his head fell back and eyes closed, losing himself in the sensations on his member. He moved his hands to her head, running his fingers through her hair as she diligently sucked his cock.

“Tori…” he moaned lowly.

Her lips created a vacuum around his cock as she moved them up and down his shaft. She tried her best to fit all of him in her mouth. Tori lifted her left hand to his sac and fondled his balls as she swirled her tongue around his throbbing cock. Once in awhile she would glance up to see if he was enjoying it and sucked harder if she couldn’t tell. Her right hand stroked his cock in rhythm with her mouth. Michael griped Tori’s hair as she took him deeper. She pushed his cock back until it touched her throat then pulled it out slowly, licking and slurping around the head. Her mouth moved down to his balls as her hands continued to stroke him. First licking them then rolling them in her mouth one at a time she teased his testicles feeling them draw up to his body. Bringing her mouth back to his cock, Tori teasingly licked the head sucking it between her lips. She rubbed the head all across her lips and lightly nibbled, making Michael’s hip thrust forward trying to get back into her mouth. Ever so slowly, she slipped his dick back into her mouth and sucked the full length feeling it swell. Then Tori was pulled off his cock and pushed against the wall. The shock wore off as he pushed up into her and began fucking her hard. She smiled as she felt her orgasm coming and knew things between them would never be the same.

The End

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