Intellectual Pursuits Ch. 04

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If nothing else, leaving my previous grind for graduate school had greatly improved my sex life. I was splitting my time between two intelligent young women: Francisca, a beautiful, petite Latina, and Pauline, a slim and curly blond exploring her submissive side with me. Although neither woman desired an exclusive relationship and were friendly to each other, my relationship with each was defined not just by hot sex but by a deep sense of reciprocal love. My first encounter with Pauline was an alcohol-fueled threesome with Jane, a busty, vivacious African American woman in our cohort. We hadn’t hooked up with her since but knew she was open to it.

Towards the end of October, Francisca’s advisor, an Associate Professor in our program, left on a two-week trip, leaving Francisco to house sit for him, even giving her the green light to host a party if she liked. At Jane’s urging, Francisca decided to host a Halloween Party with a fetish theme.

Pauline and I went shopping for our costumes at a sex shop. I got a chest harness to wear with tight jeans and found the perfect thing for Pauline: a low back dress revealing the top of her ass cleavage and a neckline plunging all the way past her navel in front. The night of the party, I picked up Pauline and handed her a small bag. “Put these on,” I told her.

Reaching into the bag, Pauline pulled out a leash and collar. “This is perfect!” she exclaimed, fastening the collar, “I’m going to be on your leash all night!”

“That’s not all,” I tell her. Putting her hand back in the back, Pauline let out an excited cry.

“I’m glad it’s a fetish party. But even so, I wouldn’t have the guts to wear these if I wasn’t under your control.” As Pauline pulled aside her dress, she attached a clamp to each of her hard pink nipples. The beauty of this is that the chain between them hung down across the plunging neckline and would be obvious to anyone.

Francisca opened the door and kissed us both in welcome. She was wearing tight black leather pants, a black leather corset that pushed her cleavage up to view, and held a black leather riding crop in her hand. Her eye makeup was dark and dramatic and her lips blood red. “Come on in, have a drink,” she invited us. Some of Francisca’s friends from the comparative lit department who I didn’t know were there. Francisca made a quick round of introductions as we headed for the kitchen, Pauline following close by as I held the leash attached to her collar.

An explosion of familiar laughter greeted us. Jane was having a drink with a woman I didn’t know: a beautiful Filipina in a corset, miniskirt and patent leather platforms, introduced to us as Daisy. As Francisca set up a round of cocktails, I took in Jane’s outfit. She was wearing a figure-hugging gold mini-dress that showcased her curves and lush cleavage. Jane’s lean, dark legs extended from the bottom of her short dress down to gold platform shoes that showed off toes with gold polish. Her skin shone with a gloss of golden dust and her eye makeup was dark and dramatic.

“Liam!’ she gushed, crushing me in her embrace and planting a firm kiss on my lips. Her warm body felt wonderful against mine as I held the small of her back a moment and took in her scent. Jane gave Pauline a similar welcome then stood back to look at her, taking in the obvious fact of Pauline’s nipple chain with an expressive smirk. “Are we gonna have fun tonight?” she asked Pauline.

“Well,” responded Pauline, “Liam is keeping me on a pretty short leash. But maybe he’ll let me out for a run.” Everyone laughed.

We circulated around the party for an hour or more. The theme of the party facilitated plenty of sexual banter and play. While there was no shortage of enticing sights, Pauline’s nipple chain drew much attention and, after a while, some explicit questions.

A pale Goth-attired literature student named Indigo asked Pauline how the chain was attached and whether her nipples were pierced. “Why don’t you show her?” I prompted. Pauline shyly pulled her dress aside to show the tiny clamps that held her nipples.

“Does it hurt?” asked Indigo.

“If you tighten them a lot, or pull too hard, yes,” replied Pauline. “But a gentle pull is pleasurable.”

I took the chain and gave it a gentle tug, causing Pauline’s breasts to bounce a little.

“Wow, that’s hot,” said Indigo.

“Do you want to try? I offered.

“Is it okay with you?” Indigo asked Pauline.

“Do what you like,” Pauline replied, meekly, looking both nervous and excited.

Indigo played with Pauline’s chain, saying “that looks so good,” as she unconsciously licked her own lips.

I noticed Daisy, checking this out from across the room with an intent stare that she broke off abruptly when she saw me watching her. Another group entered the room boisterously, breaking the spell. Indigo let go of the chain to join her friends porno izle and Pauline covered her nipples again.

I felt pretty turned on and took Pauline out to the patio to make out with her a little. In the dark I pulled her dress open again and gave her nipples a flick with my tongue as Pauline sighed in pleasure. But we were immediately joined by Jane who asked, “mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” I replied. “You can lick the other nipple for a while.”

Pauline moaned as we attacked her clamped nipples with our tongues. I pulled the chain upwards, raising her nipples to our mouths, causing Pauline to exhale sharply. Jane, meanwhile, had placed her hand under Pauline’s dress and was rubbing Pauline’s pussy.

“Aha,” Jane remarked, “this little coochie is shaved now. I think I’ll have a taste.” As Jane got on her knees before the panting Pauline, I pulled the top of Jane’s dress down, letting her round globes with their thick dark nipples bounce free in the night air. I was squeezing Jane’s breasts as she began to explore Pauline’s pussy with her tongue.

We were sharply interrupted by Francisca’s voice: “I’m the mistress here, and I don’t allow this on my patio. The three of you follow me right now!”

Quickly arranging our disheveled clothing, we followed Francisca back inside and down the hall to a bedroom. Once inside, she closed the door and ordered us to strip. Francisca removed her pants but retained her corset and shoes. The bed was just a futon on a frame low to the floor. She positioned Jane and Pauline in the middle of the bed on their hands and knees and told them to suck my cock.

Kneeling in front of them, I fed my cock into their mouths in turn. Then they began to improvise, Jane licking my balls as Pauline forced me down her throat, and then they would switch positions. Francisca watched with approval, then began to swat the asses of the two women with her crop, softly at first, but slowly building up to blows that must have stung. Jane and Pauline winced or shuddered but didn’t cry out. Meanwhile, I was getting the fantasy blowjob of my life.

Francisca stopped her torment of the now criss-crossed buttocks of her two submissives and put on a strap-on phallus, a bit bigger and longer than my cock. Francisca kneeled next to me and made Jane suck her phallus while Pauline gobbled my cock. After a minute or two, Francisca ordered me to follow her. We now knelt behind Jane and Pauline and Francisca began fucking Pauline with her while I entered Jane. Pauline and Jane were moaning and begging to be fucked. Francisca and I switched back and forth, fucking Jane and Pauline’s eager pussies until both of them came: Pauline with a whimper, Jane with a moan.

Jane asked permission to use the bathroom which Francisca granted but told her to come back immediately. Jane slipped her dress back on and opened the door so fast she knocked down Daisy, who must have had her ear to the door. Francisca grabbed the stunned but unhurt Daisy and pulled her into the room, “so you want to eavesdrop, do you, Daisy?” Francisca said menacingly. “I’ll let you do better than that. You can watch and you can help. Now take off your clothes immediately!” she commanded, slapping Daisy’s ass with her hand.

Looking a bit stunned, Daisy obeyed Francisca and pulled her skirt off. “Liam,” Francisca instructed, “help Daisy take off her corset and find something for her to do.”

Daisy’s curvy dark-brown body was delicious, her breasts not quite a large as Jane’s, but she would fit right in between Jane and Pauline, I thought. I popped open the corset, letting her breasts bounce free. Her breasts were conical with pointy purple nipples that I gripped between my thumb and forefinger. Her left nipple was pierced by a silver ring. Daisy looked at me with smoldering eyes, the hot smell of rum on her breath: “Are you going to make me obey you tonight?”

Even in her platform shoes the curvy Filipina stood no more than about 5’3″ and I let my eyes run up and down her brown, hairless body, noticing the glint of metal, a piercing in her clit.

“Are you ready to obey me?” I asked, staring her down.

“I’ll do whatever you say,” she replied.

“Kneel down and show me how you worship my cock,” I told her, handing her a throw pillow to kneel on. Daisy quickly knelt and grabbed my cock with both hands, running a finger around the head as she stared intently at my cock with parted lips. As she brought her face close and began to lick my balls, Jane returned and Francisca ordered her and Pauline to lick her feet. Sitting back in an armchair, Francisca watched the two naked women remove her shoes, caress her feet and begin to lick and suck her sexy toes. I had licked and sucked those toes many times before and enjoyed watching Pauline and Jane apply their lips and tongues to the task. I knew this was Francisca’s first time with another woman amatör porno and was intrigued by the way she had taken not only initiative but control over the situation.

Daisy was slobbering all over my cock, running her fingers over my balls and gently probing my ass with a saliva-wet finger. I was super hard and throbbing when a new idea entered my mind. I told Daisy to keep sucking until I came but not to swallow. Daisy pushed her wet finger all the way into my ass and pistoned up and down my cock, drooling saliva from her lips. I erupted and pumped her mouth full of my seed then caught my breath while Daisy continued to hold my cock in her mouth.

“Daisy,” I said, “go over and spit some of my cum onto each of Francisca’s feet. Keep some in your mouth and come back to me.”

As Daisy crawled over to the others, Jane and Pauline moved aside as Daisy took each of Francisca’s feet in her hands and applied my cum from her mouth onto Francisca’s spit-slick toes. Daisy returned to me and watched as Francisca beckoned her two new lovers. “Lick it up,” she commanded and Pauline and Jane obeyed, using their tongues to clean Francisca’s glistening feet.

“Show me the cum on your tongue,” I told Daisy. She opened her mouth and showed that she had retained some of my load. “Now swallow it,” I said and Daisy immediately gulped, then opened her mouth to show me that nothing was left. “You obeyed very well, Daisy,” I said. “You deserve some attention now.”

“I loved serving you,” she said. “I kind of like being controlled like that.”

“Perhaps I’ll control you again,” I replied. “But now I want to do something for you.” I wanted to taste Daisy’s cute body and led her to the bed, laying her on her back with her legs hanging over and her feet resting on the floor.

I took off her platform shoes and kissed, licked and caressed my way from her toes up her legs to her completely bald pussy. I licked around her pussy and mound without touching her clit or lips, then worked my way up her trim belly to her pointy breasts. I sucked and licked her purple buds, feeling the ring in her left nipple bounce against my tongue and click when it touched my teeth. I gently bit and chewed her nipples, causing Daisy to moan and grab my shoulders with her hands. After playing with her like this for a while, I moved up to kiss her mouth, while using my hands to continue to pinch and pull her nipples.

My cock was hard again and Daisy reached down to stroke it with her right hand as we kissed. “I hope you’re going to fuck me with this thing,” She said playfully.

“I plan on it,” I said, “but first I have to taste your pussy.”

Daisy shivered in pleasure as I touched her labia with my tongue and began to lick and probe her pretty pussy. As I continued, Daisy moaned and began pulling on her own nipples as she squirmed on my tongue. I painted long tongue-strokes up her lips, culminating in flicking the little metal ring in her clit and then stuffed two fingers up Daisy’s tight pussy, wet with her arousal. I dedicated an increasing percentage of my strokes to her clit as I took a wet finger out of her cunt and placed on at the opening of her ass. Daisy whimpered as I licked her clit and firmly stuffed a finger into her little starfish. In less than a minute, Daisy screamed out an orgasm and I sat back to watch her writhe in the aftershocks of her climax.

The other three stopped what they were doing to watch and this is when I noticed how the girl-sex on the other side of the bed had progressed. Pauline and Francisca were lying down in a sixty-nine, Francisca on top, while Jane used a strap on to fuck Francisca’s pussy doggy style. As they resumed and Daisy’s breathing returned to normal, we both watched them and Jane winked and flashed us a big smile.

My cock was standing tall again and Jane said, “If you’re not going to fuck Daisy, then bring that thing over here.”

Daisy jumped up and grabbed my cock saying, “please put it inside me.”

Jane smirked and continued to bounce against Pauline’s ass as Daisy slurped my cock into her mouth. Once my cock was slathered with Daisy’s spit, I withdrew it from her mouth and pushed her down on the bed. She spread her legs wide, looking at me with a hungry expression. “Fuck me,” she said, grabbing her feet with her hands to pull her legs completely open for me.

I placed my cock head between her pussy lips and slid it inside as Daisy moaned her approval. Her pussy felt hot and wet and her inner muscles firmly gripped my cock. As I steadily pushed my cock in and out of her, Daisy looked me in the eye and kept up a steady stream of filthy talk.

“Split me open with your cock, fuck me, use me, make me your slut,” she urged me.

I reached down to flick Daisy’s clit ring as I fucked her, feeling her slick cunt sucking my cock.

Next to us, Pauline and anal porno Francisca were groaning in orgasm. Jane pulled her strap-on out of Pauline and took it off her waist. As Pauline and Francisca recuperated, Jane came to our side of the bed and placed her pussy on Daisy’s mouth, saying “Lick that thing for me you sexy bitch.”

Daisy complied as I continued to fuck her and reached forward to caress Jane’s firm, round ass and alternately, to pull on Daisy’s hard, pointy nipples. Daisy seemed to know what she was doing as within a few minutes, Jane hollered out her orgasm and fell to the side of the bed. I pulled Daisy up to kiss her passionately, tasting Jane’s pussy on her lips, then told her to flip over. Daisy got on her knees and I groaned at the sight of her sexy ass and wet pussy glistening below it. I stuck my cock back inside her and started to pound her as Daisy continued to moan out encouragements to me.

At this point, Francisca raised herself up and began to caress Daisy’s irresistible ass. She squeezed it and pulled it apart as I fucked Daisy with a steady rhythm. Gathering some moisture from her own wet pussy, Francisca placed a wet finger at Daisy’s asshole and slowly worked it inside. “Oh fuck!” Daisy exclaimed.

I could feel Francisca’s finger alongside my cock inside of Daisy. Her pussy felt even tighter now. Francisca spat onto Daisy’s asshole and then worked a second finger into her. Daisy had stopped talking and merely moaned to indicate the intensity of her sensations.

Pauline hopped off the bed and retrieved something from the night stand; a bottle of lubricant. She squirted some onto Daisy’s asshole and Francisca now forced three fingers into the petite Filipina’s ass, causing her to yell, “fuck that’s tight!”

“Daisy, I think you’re ready to have Liam’s cock in your ass. Have you ever been ass-fucked before?” asked Pauline.

“One boyfriend tried,” panted Daisy, “but it hurt and I made him stop.”

“He fucks my ass a lot. I love it,” said Pauline. “If you don’t want his cock in your ass, I want it in mine.”

“No!” Daisy interjected, “keep fucking me, fuck my ass. I said to make me your slut and I meant it.”

Pauline pushed me back, causing my cock to emerge from Daisy’s pussy, then sucked me into her mouth for a few moments, forcing me all the way into her throat before she pulled off. Pauline then slathered my cock with lube and Francisca pulled her fingers out of Daisy’s ass and went to wash her hands.

A recovered Jane sat up to pull Daisy’s ass cheeks apart as Pauline directed my cock to Daisy’s virgin starfish. I popped the head of my cock inside without much resistance. Daisy sighed.

“That looks so good,” Jane commented as she continued to hold Daisy’s ass cheeks apart.

“Skewer her ass with your cock” Pauline hissed. “Make her your slut!”

I slowly pushed all the way into Daisy’s ass as she moaned and sighed. “It’s so intense, it’s so good.”

Jane got underneath Daisy and started flicking her clit with her tongue, sometimes taking a break to lick my balls as they swung against Daisy’s pussy. Pauline held my hips from behind and pushed me deep into Daisy’s ass. Francisca returned, took in the sight of our orgy and said “I have to get in on this.”

Francisca sat on her haunches in front of Daisy and grabbed her pointy breasts as they hung down. Then Francisca moved in to place her pussy at Daisy’s mouth. I couldn’t see but could tell from Francisca’s expression that Daisy was putting her tongue to use.

I was super hard as I plundered Daisy’s sweet ass and extremely aroused by the sight of the actions of the sexy women all around me. Daisy moaned out an orgasm but none of us stopped using her.

“Don’t cum in her ass, Liam,” Pauline urged me, “cum on her tongue, let her swallow your cum again. Make her your slut.”

Daisy seemed to cum again with another loud cry and I was definitely on the brink. I pulled out, pushed Francisca out of the way and pumped out my load into Daisy’s open mouth where it formed a white pool on her extended tongue.

“Now swallow it bitch,” Jane commanded and Daisy, with a glazed look on her face, closed her mouth and gulped down my cum.

“That was fucking hot!” Pauline enthused.

“An excellent performance,” Francisca agreed. “Now I think these two are spent for a while. Liam and Daisy, you can sleep in this bedroom tonight, there’s a bathroom just outside if you need it. Everybody else, let’s see if the party is still going on.” And with that, Francisca, Jane and Pauline slithered back into their costumes and left the room, leaving only a candle burning.

As I lay down next to her, Daisy embraced me with her body, still moist with perspiration and hot from our recent exertion. I kissed her lush lips and ran my fingers down her curvy body, pulling her close to me. “Daisy, you are incredibly hot,” I told her.

“You,” Daisy breathed, “and your lovers, well, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I hope this isn’t a one-time thing.”

“I have a feeling this is just the beginning,” I said, and we fell asleep entangled in each others’ limbs.

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