Infertile Husband Tries to Deceive Wife into being Bred by His Best Friend

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My name is Dan, and my wife, Faye, and I were still trying to start a family, when I was twenty-three years and she was twenty-two. We had been trying for two years with no success and knew that we were following the best practices we had read about online that should have ensured our success.Faye was especially stressed out by her failure to conceive and was blaming herself. I went to see a urologist without her knowledge, and after a simple test, found that I not only have low sperm production, but also abnormal sperm and a low semen volume that would’ve have caused problems delivering the sperm, even if it was viable. I was so embarrassed for myself and felt like a failure as a man.I didn’t tell Faye about my problem, because I didn’t want to see the disappointment in her face and have her lose respect for me as her husband and a man. My doctor mentioned the possibility of invitro fertilization (IVF), and with the information he provided, I knew that we could never afford it. It would also require using a sperm donor, since my sperm are abnormal. The cost could be anywhere from twenty to thirty thousand dollars, if it took three cycles to get her impregnated.We’re not wealthy professional people who might be able to afford the IVF approach since I went to trade school right out of high school to become an electrician. Faye works part-time in retail sales, so we were doing good just to be able to afford our modest home in a small town in Tennessee and two cars.I wasn’t too happy with the idea of using a stranger’s sperm to impregnate Faye anyway, and over the course of the next week I thought of a way to get my wife impregnated, without IVF and a stranger’s sperm. My solution will likely sound extreme to many people, but I was thinking about asking my best friend, Matt, to impregnate her. I just needed to think of a way to for him to fuck her, which I knew wouldn’t be a problem for him. The hard part would be to get Faye to fuck him without me admitting that I’m infertile, or that I was trying to have Matt impregnate her.Matt became an electrician too, and we work for the same company. And since our families socialized a lot, as I’ll explain, he was already friends with Faye.My Background with Matt and Why I Chose HimMatt and I have been best friends since kindergarten, and we even look a little alike. We’re six feet and one inch tall, weigh about one hundred and eighty-three pounds, and both have brown hair and light brown eyes. People have told us that we look like we could be brothers, and a little like the Australian actor, Hugh Jackman. Using Matt’s sperm made more sense that using a stranger’s sperm, since the baby should have my features, and I would feel good about us having such an intimate connection. Since Matt’s better-hung than me, I thought it would be easier to get Faye to fuck him, especially since he had just gotten a divorce.Not only are Matt and I best friends, but Faye, and Matt’s ex-wife, Karen are best friends, and we started dating them in our senior year of high school. So, Faye was familiar with their marital problems. Although she naturally took Karen’s side in their divorce, she’s also close with Matt, and had been teasingly giving him shit about being such an asshole and fucking up his marriage to Karen. Faye knows what a carouser Matt is, and how horny he always seems to be, because the reason for the divorce is him going out drinking and cheating on Karen.I knew that Matt is well-hung because of some experiences with him in our senior year of high school. We sometimes drank beer on our double dates with Faye and Karen, and on those nights when they were on the rag, or not willing to fuck or suck us off for some reason, Matt and I would go out to the woods and continue drinking. That would lead to us masturbating ourselves, and Matt usually tried to convince me to suck his cock, which I never did.Matt has the more aggressive, domineering, and outgoing personality of the two of us, and when we had our pants down and were stroking our cocks, he’d say, “Come on, buddy, just give it a taste. I can see your little cock, and the way you seem to envy my big meat, I think you’d like to suck it. I’ve really got the blue balls tonight and hate to waste my big load on the ground.”His cock is bigger than mine, being uncircumcised, almost as thick as a beer can, and a little over eight inches long, with a mushroom head. I’ll admit that I enjoyed looking at his big, tree trunk of a cock, since my thinner, circumcised, six-inch cock pales in comparison to his. But I didn’t yield to him and suck him off. He taunted me the same way on camping trips, and although I was drunk enough on some nights that I considered it, I was aware enough of the ramifications İstanbul Escort that it would likely fuck up our friendship if I became his cock sucker.One other reason Matt seemed like a good choice, is that I remembered from when we jerked off together, he seemed to have a huge cum load. I found out from my urologist that an average ejaculation is less than about five milliliters, which is the size of a teaspoon, but mine was only one milliliter. He said that some men produce a lot more semen, and some with a condition called hyperspermia can shoot two tablespoons, which is thirty milliliters, and sometimes much more. I had no way of measuring Matt’s loads, but his looked like more than two tablespoons to me.My Uncomfortable Conversation with MattI took a couple of six packs of beer with me when I went over to visit Matt in the apartment he moved into after the divorce. We sat on his couch as I struggled with myself to get up the courage to face the embarrassment and tell him about my situation. After three beers each, I finally got the nerve to tell him.He listened patiently as I explained, “Matt, this is very embarrassing for me to admit, but I found out that I’m the reason that we haven’t been able to get Faye pregnant. Please keep this our little secret, but I found out that I’m infertile. I still want to start a family, but there’s no way I can ever tell Faye.”Matt was only vaguely familiar with what causes men to be infertile, but he had heard of IVF. So, he said, “Damn, buddy, that sounds terrible. But what do you mean when you say you’re infertile? And now that I think of it, isn’t there something they call IVF that could help?”It was getting more embarrassing as I blushed, before saying, “Well, me being infertile means that I’ve got a low sperm count, and the ones I have are abnormal. It also doesn’t help that I have less than normal semen volume either. And that IVF thing is way too fucking expensive. It could cost up to thirty thousand to try that, with no guarantees, and we’d need to use a stranger’s sperm.”He said, “That’s really fucked up, Dan. I’ve never had my swimmers checked, but from seeing me in high school, you should know that I shoot big loads of cum. I know it’s embarrassing for you tell me this, and I don’t mind being a shoulder to lean on. But why are you telling me?”The next part was especially embarrassing, but I said, “Yeah, I was thinking about those big loads when I decided to talk with you about this. I’ve been thinking that with the cost of IVF being so high, and not wanting to get the sperm from a stranger, I was hoping you could help me out. Since we look so much alike, I was thinking of asking you to contribute your sperm.”Matt laughed, and asked, “Whoa, what the fuck do you mean, Dan? Are you talking about me jacking off into a turkey baster or something, and then squirting my baby batter into Faye?”I replied, “No, Matt, I’m thinking of doing it the natural way. I don’t want Faye to ever know about my infertility, so it would have to be a situation where you would fuck her, at about the same time I do, so she’ll think it was me who impregnated her.”He smiled and said, “Holy fucking shit, buddy, I’ve always wanted to fuck your beautiful wife, and now you’re asking me to do it. I’ve been horny as fuck since the divorce, and no offense, but Faye is a fine piece of pussy. But shit, if we get into a situation where I could fuck her once, won’t that mean I could be fucking her as many times as it would take, maybe even for months? And I need to think about how I’ll feel giving another couple my seed, where I won’t be there to watch the child grow up and be part of his or her life.”He paused and thought for a few moments, before continuing, “There’s something you need to seriously consider too. If you want us to keep your infertility problem a secret from Faye, then I don’t see how I can be fucking her regularly to get her pregnant, unless it’s an actual cuckold relationship. We’d be likely to develop romantic feelings for each other, and that might lead to a continuing sexual and emotional relationship, long after she’s knocked up.Matt is right about Faye being beautiful. She is five feet and almost three inches tall, and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds. Part of her weight is her melon-sized, 34DD breasts, and nice ass, which look huge on her petite body. And with her naturally blonde hair and blue eyes, she looks a lot like the actress, Elisha Cuthbert, who you might know from the movie, ‘Old School’, where she played the part of a high school girl who fucks an adult man in an off-campus fraternity house.”I replied to him, saying, “I didn’t think about your concern of sharing a part of yourself İstanbul Escort Bayan with someone else, and the ramifications of it. That’s a very personal decision, and if you don’t want to do this for that reason, I’ll understand. I honestly hadn’t thought about that other potential cuckold issue either. I need to think about that, but the way I feel right now, it might be worth the risk to get Faye pregnant.Matt’s First Sample Went Down My ThroatWe had another two beers and were feeling no pain, as we continued talking about my offer and the possible consequences. I got the idea earlier to measure Matt’s semen volume, as one way to test his virility before I let him fuck my wife. That wouldn’t prove that he’s necessarily virile, but at least it would give me some idea if his volume is as much as I remembered.I had brought a semen collection tube with me, that I got from my urologist, and said, “Matt, even though we’re continuing to think about this, I’m hopeful that you’ll eventually agree. So, I’d like to make a very personal imposition, and ask you to masturbate into a collection tube I brought with me. That will allow me to measure the volume of your ejaculate and give us at least some information on whether you’d be able to impregnate Faye.”Matt laughed, and said, “Damn, buddy, this is getting a little kinky. You should remember from high school that I shoot a big load, but I’m not so sure I can just work up a load on cue like this. But, hey, I know, maybe you can help me with it. I always wanted you to try sucking my cock, and you sometimes looked like you might want to. Now might be good time to do it. You could suck me until I’m close, and then pull off so I can shoot into the tube. Shit, man, that’s the least you can do if I might be sharing my sperm with you and Faye.”I was just drunk enough to be considering it, mainly because I wanted to keep Matt thinking positively about helping us, and I said, “Yeah, I’ll admit that I thought about doing it a few times, but that would be pretty nasty.”He countered, “Come on, buddy, it’s can’t be that nasty if Faye and Karen sucked our cocks so much. Your choice, man, but it’s only fair to help me out here. And shit, you might even find that you like it.”I finally said, “Okay, okay, Matt, I’ll try it. But you need to let me pull off before you shoot, so we can measure it. How do we do this?”Matt answered, “Holy fuck, buddy, this is perfect. I should have a big load for you. Just get on your knees between my legs, after I take off my shorts and underwear. I promise to let you pull off before I shoot my cream.”I laid the collection tube on the couch next to Matt, and we got into position. I smelled the musky aroma of his hairy crotch as I leaned down and was impressed with his lemon-sized balls hanging over the edge of the couch seat. His cock was still soft, but seven inches long, bigger than I remembered from five years ago. I gripped his shaft, and liked the rubbery feeling of his foreskin, which is so different that my cut cock. His cock felt much heavier and meatier than mine, and I was getting aroused at the thought of what I was about to do.Matt gripped my head with his hands and pulled me down, as I lifted his shaft to my mouth. His precum tastes like mine, which I know because I always eat out Faye after we fuck, and I started sucking his huge cock head and the first couple inches of his shaft, as it grew to almost nine inches long. I was right that his meat had grown a little over the years. I reached down to fondle his big balls as I sucked harder and farther down on his shaft, and I was starting to enjoy the submissive feeling of being between my best friend’s legs and sucking his cock, especially thinking he might be breeding my wife with it.Matt was beginning to moan and squirm under me, as he said, “Oh fuck, buddy, that feels so fucking good, and I’m already close after talking about all this shit and not having gotten off in a while. You’re good at this, buddy, so keep sucking.”I reached over and felt for the tube, as Matt got even closer to cumming. I thought he would be pushing me back any second so I could collect his cum, but instead, he held my head as his cock began throbbing and pulsing in my mouth. His full load of cum tasted so good and I loved the feeling of it shooting in, but I wanted to measure it.As his cock continued spewing into my mouth, Matt was moaning as he said, “Oh man, what a sweet fucking mouth. Sorry to break my promise, buddy, but I couldn’t resist cumming in your mouth, just like I wanted to do years ago.”I continued sucking his cock as it softened, getting every drop of his semen and sperm. I think his cock must have gotten sensitive, Escort İstanbul because he pushed me back, saying, “Okay, enough, enough for now. You can suck again anytime you want, but I need to take a break right now.”He was smiling down at me as my face turned red, and I looked in his eyes, before saying, “Fuck, Matt, why didn’t you let me collect the sample? I’ll admit that I enjoyed sucking you off more than I ever thought I would, but now we’ll have to try for another sample.”Matt laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping, I loved having you suck me off. How did it taste, and did you get an idea of the size of my load? It’s nice having a buddy for a cock sucker, especially now that Karen left me.”I replied, “It didn’t taste bad, almost like mine, but damn, buddy, your load was huge. I almost choked trying to swallow it all, and I can’t wait to measure it.”He was surprised when I leaned down to suck his cock again, before moving down to suck his balls, which looked tasty hanging there. I knew that the dynamics of our friendship were forever changed, which would happen anyway after he began to cuckold me.We talked for a few more minutes, and I let him know how embarrassed I was. Then I said, “I need to be getting home, and if it’s okay with you, I’d like to come back in couple of nights, after you’ve had time to recharge, so we can trying measuring your load again.”Matt laughed, and said, “Hell yeah, and I’ll try to really pull out next time.”Getting a Big Sample and Making Plans for Matt to Cuckold MeI met with Matt two evenings later, and that time when I sucked his cock, he allowed me to pull back and catch the sample from his huge, spewing cock. I was starting to enjoy sucking his cock a little more than I wanted, and I was amazed by the size load I swallowed that first night.The sample measured over thirty milliliters in the tube, and I said, “Wow, Matt, this really is a huge load, and it’s only been two days since your last ejaculation. From what my urologist told me I know this is an unusually large amount.”Matt laughed and said, “Karen was always complaining about the big mess I made fucking her, and she sometimes choked when she sucked me off.”Then I said, “We’ve both had two days to think about my proposal, and I’ve decided that it’s worth the risk to me to have you impregnate Faye. What are your thoughts?”He replied, “I think I’ll just have to get over my concerns about impregnating another man’s wife and not being able to fully enjoy my progeny. I can’t pass up a chance to fuck Faye, and to suck her big tits, and if we do this, I’ll need to have the extra benefit of being able to use your mouth whenever I’m horny, and Faye isn’t available for some reason. But how are you planning to approach it?”I answered, “I think I’ll start talking with Faye about you, telling her how lonely you are without Karen, and use that as an excuse to invite you over more. You’ll need to be on your best behavior, especially until she gets over her strong negative feelings about the way you cheated on Karen, seeing how they keep in touch. Then we’ll just have to look for the right opening, maybe on an evening when we’re all drinking, and find her at a vulnerable moment. I’ll do my part by trying to make suggestive comments when we’re alone, maybe alluding to your huge cock, to try to get her interested.”Matt agreed to the plan, and since almost an hour had passed by that time, he pushed me back on the couch, fucked my face, and I ate his load. He also had me sit on the floor, with my head back on the seat of the couch, and he sat on my face, feeding me his balls. Being under him that way would become a familiar position, in the weeks, months, and years ahead.Talking to Faye about Having Matt over MoreFaye and I were having dinner the next night, and I said, “I talk to Matt a lot at work, and have even stopped by his apartment to see how he’s doing. He’s very lonely and misses Karen terribly. I feel sorry for him and wanted to ask if we can ask him over to our home more often.”She looked irritated when she responded, “Well, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for that horny fucker. He should’ve kept his cock in his pants and not been our fucking a bunch of sluts and cheating on Karen.I tried to shine a different light on it, saying, “I’ll admit that I don’t know too much about their situation, but there are usually two sides to the story in these souring relationships. Don’t you think Karen might have contributed to it in some way? What has she told you?”Fayed thought for a few seconds, and replied, “The only thing Karen’s told me, that could have anything to do with the breakup, is that she was periodically denying Matt sex. She said that he’s always so horny, and his big cock was tearing up her petite little pussy. She described his cock as being almost nine inches long, and nearly as thick as a fucking beer can. He apparently shoots such a big load, that she has to change the sheets every time they fucked too. We don’t have that problem, so it’s hard for me judge.”

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