If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 03

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Alexis awoke slowly as her eyes adjusted to see the fuzzy figure of a person lying beside her. An immediate adrenaline rush pulsed through her body as she jumped out of the bed and screamed.

After her shriek ended, the body lying in her bed rolled over to reveal the tired face of a girl her age with long auburn hair. Alexis had never seen this girl in her entire life.

Alexis took a step back. The night before, she had fell sleep alone in her bed. In fact, no one was supposed to be in her family’s house the entire weekend.

The girl lying in Alexis’ bed said nothing as she continued to wake up. Alexis stood silently, breathing heavily as the adrenaline began to wear off. After about fifteen seconds of silence, the unknown girl sat up, revealing to Alexis that the girl was completely naked.

This shocked Alexis into finally asking what she wanted to know.

“Who… who are you?” Alexis said, stumbling on her words out of fear and concern.

The girl stared blankly at her, seeming not to care that she was revealing her entire chest to Alexis. After a moment, the girl responded.

“Who… am I?”

What kind of a question was that? Alexis had no idea. Now the fear began to turn into anger as Alexis demanded answers to why this girl had intruded into her family’s home, sneaked into her room, and fell asleep naked next to her?

Alexis raised her voice this time and changed her tone to an angry one.

“How am I supposed to answer that? I have never seen you before in my life! Why are you here?”

“I… don’t know!” The girl replied as she began to cry.

What was happening? The crying had caught Alexis off guard. Was this girl really confused? Was she drunk?

The girl continued to cry for a while and Alexis began to regret raising her voice. It was obvious to her now that the girl was just as scared as she was. Alexis moved closer and eventually sat next to the girl.

As the girl began to stop crying, Alexis asked, “Do you really not remember anything?”

“No. I don’t know what is going on.” The girl softly replied sniffling.

“Well what do you remember? Can you tell me your name?” Alexis asked, hoping to get any answer at this point.

“I can’t remember anything up until this canlı bahis morning. All I can remember is darkness… and something blue. That’s all I can remember.” The girl looked at her hands and then began to cry again.

Alexis put her hand on the girls back as she did her best to make the most sense of this confusion. It was obvious that the girl had no ill-intent, and Alexis felt bad for how she had reacted.

“Well I’m sorry I yelled at you. My name is Alexis. Maybe you will remember more after we eat some breakfast.”

“Breakfast?” The girl looked up at Alexis and asked.

“Yes, breakfast. You must be hungry. I know I am!” Alexis was hoping her cheerful attitude would change this unknown girl’s mood too. Even if the girl was a stranger, Alexis didn’t want to see anyone upset.

“But first, let’s put you into some clothes. You can’t be walking around naked all day.” Alexis laughed after saying the last part, knowing that is exactly what she did all Friday evening.

The girl stood up, revealing to Alexis her entire body. Judging from her face and body structure, the girl had to be at least 18, except that she was smaller than Alexis was in height. Alexis examined her for a moment to figure out what she had that could fit this girl in the meantime. The girl was about 160 cm or five feet and three inches tall with breasts that looked the same size as Alexis. Even though they were the same size, they seemed much bigger proportionately since she was smaller.

Alexis’ pussy tingled as she examined the girl’s bright, pink nipples and small, brown mound of hair above the other girl’s privates. The girl didn’t seem to mind Alexis analyzing her body. In fact, she just seemed to space out until Alexis threw an old pair of shorts and shirt at her.

The girl stared at the clothes for a moment, proceeded to put them on slowly.

Alexis wondered why she was so turned on at the sight. She had never been attracted to other women before, but for some reason seeing this girl naked had made her very wet.

Before heading to the kitchen, Alexis excused herself to use the bathroom. After pulling down her pants, she realized that there was a giant wet spot in her panties. Wet enough that it had soaked through them and had leaked, causing a bit bahis siteleri of wetness around Alexis’ inner thigh.

After peeing, Alexis couldn’t resist playing with herself. She got onto the ground, spread her legs, and began to gently rub her pussy. After closing her eyes and enjoying the ecstasy for a few moments, Alexis heard a noise towards the door and looked to see it was wide open, with the girl standing right there.

Alexis stopped playing with herself and shrieked again.

“What are you doing in here?” Alexis asked, embarrassed and confused.

The girl seemed to not even notice that Alexis was naked, or that she had been masturbating.

“I heard you breathing heavily and wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Well, I am okay. Now go wait at the kitchen table, and get out of here!”

Alexis was extremely embarrassed as she saw the girl at the kitchen table. She quietly retrieved the things needed for cereal. After getting the bowls ready, Alexis poured the girl some cereal and milk.

“Here you go! I hope you like this kind. I love the marshmallows.” She said cheerfully, hoping that the girl wouldn’t bring up what she saw, and then poured herself a bowl as well.

“Marshmallows…” The girl said to herself quietly. After seeing Alexis grab a spoon and start eating, the girl did as well.

This whole situation was so strange; a random girl with no memories sitting at her table eating breakfast. Alexis was sure that this girl would bring up what she saw, but breakfast continued with no discussion.

After finishing their bowls, Alexis asked, “So did you like it?”

“Yes,” the girl replied, “I did. I guess I like marshmallows.”

Alexis laughed and picked up their dirty dishes. After cleaning for a moment, Alexis headed to the porch and motioned for the girl to follow.

It was a warm, sunny day outside so Alexis thought some fresh air might make the girl feel better if she was sick.

They sat on a porch swing, silently for a few minutes Alexis figured that since she didn’t bring it up at breakfast, the girl would move past the situation they encountered earlier.

It was peaceful, and Alexis was strangely happy to just have someone to sit there with. It was then that Alexis remembered bahis şirketleri her wish she made the night before, to have a best friend. Was this girl the answer to her wish? No, that stuff only happened in fairy tales. Regardless, it didn’t have to be magic in order for it to come true.

Finally Alexis decided to break the silence.

“So, you still don’t remember anything?”

“No, I don’t, but for some reason I know I belong here.” She said, looking up at the sky.

“So you honestly have no idea who you are?” Alexis asked.

“No idea, but it’s alright. I’ll leave if you want.”

“No!” Alexis replied quickly, “I mean, you don’t have to go… at least until we find your family. I think we should see a doctor to figure out about your memory loss.”

“Okay.” The girl responded, still looking at the sky, but now she smiled. The two sat in silence again for a while.

After about ten minutes of sitting on the swing, Alexis and the girl decided it was time to drive and see an off-hours clinic doctor.

Alexis’ family had plenty of money, so she didn’t mind driving and paying for the girl’s medical expenses to see the doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. He said it was likely related to a trauma of some sort, but there were no signs of any injury on her. He suggested checking missing person reports to see if she matched any of the descriptions.

The police station didn’t help much. They asked for the unknown girl’s fingerprint and that they would contact her if they heard anything.

On the way back to Alexis’ home the girl seemed the same as when they left, almost like she didn’t care that they couldn’t help her.

“You are welcome to stay with my family for as long as you need, but you are going to need a name in the meantime. What would you like to be called?” Alexis asked.

The girl continued to stare off at the passing trees.

“I don’t know many names. What would you like to call me?”

Alexis had never named anyone before. This was so weird. After a bit of thought, Alexis decided to name this girl after her first friend.

“Would you like to be called Kayla?” Alexis asked, hoping that it was a good name.

“Yes. I like that name. Kayla…”

As Kayla trailed off, Alexis looked over to see that Kayla had fallen asleep. They had both had a long day, and it was only 3:00. Alexis figured that she would let Kayla sleep and wake her up once they arrived at home again.

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