I slept with Joanne, who had a dark secret

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I slept with Joanne, who had a dark secretWhat is the weirdest sex I have had, I thought about is for all of thirty seconds, the night Joanne slipped inside me, on a forced stopover.Now before you cry Lesbian or Bi-Sexual, you would be wrong, because Joanne was neither, she was a transsexual, something I did not know at the time, nor was she, him about to admit to, especially since I had offered to share my hotel room and not leave her stranded without.We both worked for the same airline, which I shall not mention, due to legal obligations, but I knew Joanne from our first meeting her on a photo shoot, which was an advertisement and charity page in our airline flight magazine.I found her to be strangely alluring, very charming, and extremely beautiful, with a flawless and a peachiness, to her skin.She was a girl who had both a huge fan base and was very popular amongst the stewardesses, but not the men, we all wondered about her sexuality, believing she was a full blown Lesbian.On the night in question she approached me and asked to share with me. I readily accepted, but chose to broach the subject of her sexuality later in the room, especially when we entered and edirne escort were confronted by a double bed.Joanne laughed off my concerns, swearing nothing could be further from the truth, she definitely was neither lesbian or Bi.We drank to that, cracking open our wine duty-free, and before long we chatted as old friends, reciting some ribald times with passengers, in similar situations as tonight, somehow I was glad to hear she had been with men, but something in me was excited about her, I could not put my finger on it, but when she took her top and brassiere off, I gasped at the perfection of her nude breasts.She smiled before adding, ‘Hey Mariel, do I need protection from you’, point taken, I laughed, but I really did admire them, and she walked around bare breasted for the remainder of the evening.By the time we called it a nigh it had gone past two in the morning, and I stripped off nude, now it was Joanne’s turn to compliment me, but sparingly, as she showed restraint, for fear of arousing my suspicions again, I was totally nude and admit to flaunting myself in front of her, putting it down to wine consumption.I dove under the covers and Joanne escort edirne opted to shower, I remember the shower going but not much else, as I fell into a deep drink induced sleep.My dream was taking me into a long induced and satisfying bout of realistic intercourse, I did not realize if it were real or imagined, I was fucking and really going for it, it was so good, and then I realized it was real and happening, I was confused, had someone stole into the room and was r****g me, then I remembered Joanne, where is she I wondered, this was a real fucking cock in me and he knew how to use it, as I was having continual orgasms and responding to his movements, ‘Joanne’, I called, when she replied, I felt a sense of relief, she sounded OK, as if she was involved, perhaps two men were in the bed with us and she was being ****d also, in my drunken stupor and aided by the rooms darkness, I was just being taken doggie-style from the back and lying on my side, I could hear Joanne gasping as her sex appeared to be reaching her peak, then suddenly I felt her press hard onto my back, her nipples leaving their imprint on my shoulder blades, she was kissing my neck and edirne escort bayan cupping my breasts, the penis inside me worked even harder as I suddenly screamed my best orgasm, I came with her on my back as I was now face down on the bed.As The sex continued, I felt feverishly behind me, between our copulating bodies, the cock felt real, and as I grasped it I realized it was, Joanne had a mans cock and a woman’s breasts, she was a transsexual of sorts, but I could not focus, she was on me, in me and clinging to me for dear life, humping and moaning as waves of orgasmic spasms wracked both our nude bodies, I could not bring myself to stop, it was weird sex and we finished facing each other, now her identity was out, I let her or him continue to pleasure me, as we copulated face to face, full mouth kissing and oral sex for good measure.In the morning I marveled at her strange looking body, those perfect breasts and huge cock, which I also loved, I laughed and shook my head in utter disbelief at the audacity of it all, Joanne smiled also, ‘Dont worry Mariel, most of the other girls enjoyed it too, ‘So this is something you do a lot off’, I asked, he smiled, as I now knew the truth, he wanted to fuck women, so he turned himself into one, and slept with them, just like we did, I shook my head, suddenly feeling his true self expose him, his semen had lay inside me all morning, now this might be interesting.

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