I Fuck the Babysitter.

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I Fuck the Babysitter.My Wife and I (part two).by Michael Holt.More stories from the 1970’s.Getting back to my career in the Police, in those days explicit pornography was i*****l and there were raids on a number of premises which were storing or selling photographs or magazines. The material would then be confis**ted and later destroyed following a prosecution.One such raid occurred on a shop in Washington and the haul came back to the station in clear plastic bags, hundreds of porn mags, mainly the Swedish titles, which had been imported i*****lly such as ‘Color Climax’, ‘Rodox’ and such.These bags were put into one of the cells as there was nowhere to keep them secure as evidence until it came to court, and there was a lot of interest in them from the horny Officers in the station!The lucky ones were those who were on night shift, of which I was one, who could pop in and flick through a few of the magazines and even pocket a couple for later use. We simply didn’t see this kind of hardcore stuff in those days.I remember flicking through some in the rest area with my mate who I was on with. He was tutting and muttering about how disgusting some of it was and how young the girls looked, but I could clearly see he had an erection in his uniform trousers, and I notice he never actually took the magazines back to the cell afterwards.One more thing, one of the Detective Constables apparently went to view the material in the cell, asking not to be disturbed whilst he carried out his investigation.He disappeared into the cell for almost three hours by himself! We never actually knew if anything went missing but presumably several millilitres of spunk were lost!I was going to tell you about the babysitter we once had. As my wife and I both worked shifts, she as a Nurse, we sometimes had to find cover for our daughter.We used a local girl from a few streets away called Joanne. She was about 17 and training to become a typist having left school, she wanted some extra money. She was pretty and quite fanciable and I quickly realised she had a thing for me in my uniform. She would flirt with me whenever she got the opportunity. I should point out that bahis siteleri when she was at school, she would wear a blue nylon uniform blouse through which I could see her bra, and a very short skirt which was a turn on for me!One evening, I was on lates and due to go to work at six. My wife wasn’t due home till ten so Joanne was sitting until then. I had already put on my uniform and was fixing something to eat when she arrived all dolled up.We sat talking for a bit and she sat opposite me with a short skirt and, most unladylike, with her legs open so I could see her panties! I couldn’t help my eyes drifting to her crotch and she knew what she was doing to me!Eventually I told her to come and sit on my lap which she did with no hesitation, and I started running my hand up the inside of her thighs and feeling her nylon stockings. She had her arm round my shoulders and was playing with my tie.Eventually I moved my hand further and found her panties were damp with anticipation. We started to kiss and I fondled her tits, undoing her blouse. She was a well developed girl.I asked her if she had a boyfriend and if they has sex as I wanted to know if she was a virgin.She wasn’t, so I asked if she wanted to try a Policeman’s cock!She had no hesitation and removed her skirt, shoes and panties. I needed no further encouragement either and and took off my trousers and pants and sat back down rubbing my hardening prick!She straddled me in my lap and slipped my cock between her cunt lips. She was tight, so either she’d not been fucked very much, or her boyfriend was a small guy!She slid up and down on my dick, slowly at first, kissing me all the while whilst I fondled those lovely young tits of hers! I was soon close to cumming so I got her off, sat her on the sofa, and put my tongue to her snatch, just to bring her off. She tasted so different to my wife and had such a nice young cunt, unshaven and perfectly formed.She was moaning and gripping my nylon uniform shirt as I brought her off for the first time.Then I bent her over the arm of the chair, slid my cock back in and fucked her rapidly. She came again before I’d even had the chance to cum myself canlı bahis siteleri and then I filled her lovely cunt with my hot Policeman’s spunk.What a fuck that was. We were both hot and sweaty afterwards and my spunk had dribbled out of her cunt and down her nylon stocking tops!I had to get to work so we didn’t discuss it much afterwards. I left her to clear herself up.When I saw my wife the next day, she was a bit funny with me. I wanted to know what was wrong and she came right out and asked me if I had had sex with Joanne?We had a strong relationship, we’d had sex with other people, so I confessed I had and asked her how she knew.She said she could ‘smell’ the sex when she got home, and Joanne had acted all kind of guilty with her.What she said next also surprised me. She said if we were going to do it again, she wanted to join in with us!My prick went straight up! Of course I agreed but I didn’t know if Joanne would.I thought it may be best to ask coming from my wife but as it happened, circumstances combined to engineer the situation.I came home from work one day to find them both in our bedroom.My wife had agreed to alter a dress for Joanne and they were upstairs making the changes when I walked in.We chatted for a bit and then my wife told her to take off the dress, if she didn’t mind in front of me, which she did revealing her in her bra and panties and some long white socks.My wife, the horny bitch, then made a comment to me about Joanne’s underwear, and did I think it was lovely to which I was then able to stand and admire her figure knowingly.My wife felt around Joanne’s breasts in the guise of checking the bra fitting and then told her to just pop it off to see if one of hers fitted.Jo did as she was told, completely un-phased by her nudity in front of us.Surprisingly my wife then removed her own blouse and bra and handed it to Jo who put it on, still warm from my wife’s body!I was hard by this time and somewhat dumbstruck as I didn’t know how my wife would play it, so I stood there like an idiot looking at both sets of tits.My wife started to rub around Joanne’s belly and her hand smoothed her panties around her cunt canlı bahis area.“I think my husband would like to fuck you again!” she said softly to her.I could see Joanne going red in the face at this, but my wife led her to the bed, sat her down and slipped her panties off.Joanne readily parted her legs and let my wife go in with her mouth, parting her labia and playing her clit with her tongue.My wife topless, Joanne bottomless and me still in my uniform. It was a hot situation.I took off my shoes and trousers and pants and let them fall round my ankles so I could wank my cock at the sight before me.I don’t think Jo had had a woman before, and if my wife did, she never told me, but she seemed to know what to do.Jo lay back on the bed, again in it’s frilly pink nylon bedspread and sheets, with her eyes closed.My wife took off her skirt, Jo removed my wife’s bra and as my wife went back to pleasuring the girl, I let Jo fellate me as I knelt before her on the bed.Eventually my wife moved on to Jo’s tits so I could fuck the girl.By this time in my life, I had a real thing for nylon, as I know you do, so I used to place one of the pillows in it’s nylon pillowcase between my legs, just so I could feel it on my balls when we were having sex.Jo rode on my cock and my wife leant a hand by licking my balls and shaft and Joanne’s clit whilst we fucked! The poor girl was moaning somewhat loudly.When I came, she didn’t waste a drop of either my sperm or Jo’s cunt juices and licked them up whilst my cock still throbbed in her snatch, all the while playing with herself too.Then of course, I couldn’t let my wife go without, and fucked her whilst she licked the remainder of my sperm from between Joanne’s cunt lips. Jo must have cum at least four times, it was all over the nylon bedspread!It was fantastic and I will never forget that afternoon. I have wanked about it so many times since.Unfortunately, it was never to be repeated. We didn’t see much of Jo afterwards. I often wonder if she became pregnant, it might have been me, it may have been her boyfriend, or maybe she just felt too manipulated by two people who were supposed to be trustworthy. Especially me being a Policeman! But she moved away from the area.Anyway, I’ve got to go and get to bed as it’s late.Hope you enjoyed my reminiscing? I will try and chat some more when I get timeMikePublished with permission from Mike.Adam.

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