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Subject: Hunting for the bad men – Part 1 This is a story about my sexual awakening as a young boy, and how the seemingly quiet boys are the one to watch out for. Even now at 34 the same things get me hard, and that’s you – the guys driven by lust staring at a screen, reading this story slowly stroking their cocks. Watch out, I’m coming for you! When I was 8 years old my dad sat me down and told me about bad men, Bad men apparently went around actively looking for 8 year old blonde boys like me. When I asked why, my dad said they wanted to take me to a hiding place and do bad things with me like touch me in my private places or make me touch them in theirs. Well, I don’t think to this day I had ever been turned on more. I stopped hearing what my dad was saying, I felt my cheeks flush and remember my little cock pushing against the fabric of my shorts as scenario after scenario played out in my head. As soon as we had finished our chat I sneaked into my parents room and pocketed the tub of moisturizer off the dressing table. In the bathroom i pulled down my shorts and briefs, scooped up some of the thick cream and slowly rubbed it into my hairless cock and balls until they were slick and shiny. As I rubbed the head of my boy cock against my palm I decided I wasn’t going to wait for the bad men to find me, i would find them. I understood why my dad felt the need to have the talk, I have always been very independent. Some would say free spirit while others would probably say loner. I was always a happy child but got into trouble a lot for going off on adventures without telling anyone. Growing up in the warm climate of South east Australia, I was always outside and usually barefoot. I’d always hated izmit escort bayan shoes, clothes too! In fact, I spent most of the time naked until I was 7, I walked into the lounge with nothing on when mum and dad had friends over and was told I should start wearing clothes. From then on I was usually found in a T-shirt stained with mud and tree-sap and a pair of shorts. I spent all my time outdoors so always was tanned (although my parents joked it might be dirt…) and the sun turned my mop of blonde hair almost white and brought out the freckles across my nose. As most boys are, i was fascinated by my body but from talking to friends my sexual awakening happened very early – I can’t remember not having sexual thoughts and always about guys. The first experience was when I was 7, my mate Zac who was a couple of years older than me took me to a deserted Radio shack he had found. The roof had caved in and someone had stripped out all the good stuff. As you walked in across the rubble little skinks ran into hiding places. What we saw next blew my mind. There was life-sized graphic drawings all over the walls of men and women fucking and sucking each other in every position imaginable. I stood there open mouthed, staring at the pictures of men’s hairy cocks and heavy balls being worshipped, taking it all in, I could feel my boy cock growing in my briefs. I turned around and Zac was looking at me smirking, “cool huh?!”, I couldn’t answer. he just stood there smiling, his shorts were pulled down to his knees and his rigid cock was pointing at me. I was mesmerized. Before i knew it he had talked me out of my shorts and we stood facing each other looking at each others cocks. He asked me if i wanted to izmit eve gelen escort touch it to see how hard it was and i couldn’t resist. It was my first time touching another boys cock and I loved it. It felt so warm and hard but the skin was so soft. We stood there for a while touching and rubbing each others hard little cocks. I remember hearing what sounded like a footstep just outside so we pulled up our shorts and quickly stuffed our cocks into our underwear before scrambling through a window and running into the bush giggling. After dad and I had our little chat I though straight back to this moment, could the other person at the radio shack that day been one of those bad men who wanted to do naught things to me? maybe it was the same man who had drawn the pictures…., maybe he was watching Zac and I discovering each others bodies…, maybe he was touching himself while he watched. My head was in a spin. From then on I went out of my way to be wherever the bad men were and put myself into all kinds of situations no matter how risky or unsafe. When I was 10 my family was just checking into a hotel in Rome, after my dad picked up the keys we started walking to the room. We walked passed a large window into the pool area. It was empty apart from a shift looking guy in his late 30s dripping wet strutting by the pool. As i always did when looking at men my eyes went straight to his bulge. His light Blue Speedos wet from the pool were completely see-through! You could see everything! His big fat cock and balls and a thick bush of black pubes. I stood paralyzed in awe and lust and want. Open mouthed I stared at the man’s crotch, tracing the outline of his thick izmit otele gelen escort cock with my eyes. My gaze slowly started making it’s way up, hungrily taking everything in, the dark trail of hair that started at the waistband of his trunks lead me to a flat athletic stomach and up to his muscular manly chest, up again to his strong jaw with dark stubble then to his eyes. His eyes, were dark and seemed to sparkle, he was staring directly at me, watching me drink him in. I’d never been looked at like that before, so deeply and with such desire. I could feel my cheeks flushing pink and a tingling sensation in my shorts. My horrified parents grabbed our hands and marched us towards our rooms, I stole a glance backwards and he was just stood there, still watching me this time with a slight smile on his lips. I remember my mum telling my sister who was 15, there was no way she was going swimming while that creep was around. They didn’t think to say anything to me, being a boy and a quiet boy at that, but i had already done the math, I’d cracked the code, creep = bad man, I’d found my first bad man and the feeling was electric. Within 10 minutes of getting to the room i had dug out my trunks and stuffed them in my pocket, made up an excuse about going for an explore and was on my way to the pool – I wasn’t disappointed… That’s it for now, I wanted to test the water to see how it’s received, I would love to hear any comments or suggestions – and if you’re one of the bad men, then that goes double for you! 😉 I hope you like it because this is just the beginning of my adventures, in the following years I had experiences with Shopping Centre Santas, guys in parks, in swimming pools, on planes, in school and I did a lot of hitchhiking too in my early teens – shit that was fun! Anyway, I guess you get the idea, I was and still am an insatiable little slut on a mission. Also into chat role-play so if you have any scenarios you want to act out then that’s cool too – send messages to ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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