Holiday surprise

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Holiday surpriseI was almost asleep on the sunbed by the pool, when she came back from her massage. It was late afternoon. I opened my eyes and looked straight into her smiling face. She looked at me the way she always does, when something is going on.”I’ve been a naughty girl”, she whispered in my ear and smiled mischievously. I sat up.”How naughty?” I asked, but I already knew the answer.”As naughty as one can be in one hour”, she said and guided my hand up her leg to her surprisingly wet pussy. ”Why don’t you come back up to the room with me and let me tell you all about it?On the way up in the lift, I kneeled down to kiss her pussy. I seemed to remember she was wearing a bikini under the sarong when she left, but that was gone now. Her lips were swollen and her pussy wet. As I got closer I could smell – not just her, but the distinct smell of cum. I looked up at her, and whispered: ”Did he…?”. She nodded, and closed her eyes as I kissed her pussy.Back in the room she lay down on her back, and asked me to lick her pussy. I could see how cum was leaking from her pussy, and was a little hesitant, but at the same time extremely turned on, so I accepted while she told me about what happened:”I came in, wearing my bikini, and waited for the masseur. A moment later, a muscular young guy came in and presented himself. He was an attractive man, about 15 years younger than me. He smiled warmly, took my hand, and led me in to a small room with lowered light and spiritual music. Apparently he didn’t speak much English, but he gesticulated to lie down on the massage table, so I did. He started massaging my neck and back really gently with lots of oil and was more like caressing than massage. It felt so relaxing and wonderful, and you know what all that oil does to me”.She had her eyes closed and were speaking slowly into the air, interrupted only by her own little sighs and moans of pleasure while I was pleasing her with my tongue.“He then moved on to my legs, and started by the feet, rubbing the palms of my feet, each toe individually, up the ankles, the lower leg and further up. He spent istanbul escort a long time massaging both my thighs at the same time, with long slow movements, starting at the lower leg and slowly making his way up to my bum, each time with his thumps further down between my thighs, until finally rotating his hands over my but cheeks. For every stroke, he gradually moved closer to my pussy while pushing the bikini further and further up. In the beginning I wondered if it was accidental, but I soon realised that he was exploring my limits. I decided to pretend I was asleep or at least didn’t notice, to see how far he would go. And I got extremely horny just from the anticipation. He then concentrated on one thigh at a time, massaging it with both hands, and thus ending up with the tip of his fingers sliding up my pussy on the outside of the bikini. It was really intense, my heart was pounding, and it became difficult to suppress my heavy breathing. At this point there was no doubt in my mind any more, and I was just eager to feel his next move. I decided to indicate it was OK by spreading my legs slightly, and he promptly responded by rubbing my bum, and letting his hand slide down between my legs, touching my pussy – still outside the bikini, pretending to be a half-decent, but just enough so I could feel the tip of a finger under each panty edge. He stood still for a while, and then he asked me to turn around to lie on my back. I did, and was proud to show him my breasts, but he quickly covered them with a small towel. Almost disappointed, I again started wondering if the whole thing was something I was hoping for and imagining, and he must have been able to read my mind: “Just in case someone comes in”, he said and smiled. I smiled back, closed my eyes and let him continue. He started by the feet again, but this time he was clearly less hesitant. He lifted one leg, rubbing it with both hands in long continuous strokes starting from ankle. He sucked my toes while supporting my leg with one hand, and letting the other caress my inner thigh. I spread zonguldak escort my legs and let his fingers investigate the bikini edge and beyond.After a while he moved to the other end of the massage table and started oiling my arms and shoulders. He removed the towel from my breasts and started massaging my breasts and stomach with loads of oil; long soft movements starting at the tips of my fingers, down along the arms, over my breasts and stomach, just to end with his fingertips down my bikini panties – and then slowly all the way back again. As he was leaning forward, I could feel his erect cock through his thin trousers, touching my cheek. I loved that I was turning him on – and I loved being turned on by him. My nipples were hard, and my pussy was soaking wet. He massaged my nipples and looked straight into my eyes, as if for approval. I closed my eyes slowly and arched my back, while spreading my legs slightly. He took the hint, leaned over me once again, but continued all the way down my panties. I spread my legs fully for him while he played with my pussy lips, and eventually pushed two fingers inside me. I caressed his cock on the outside of his trousers, and got the impression that it was big. He stepped over to lock the door quietly, then moved over to one side of the massage table, pushed his hand back into my panties, and loosened the waist-strap in his trousers. They fell to his ankles, and revealed a succulent, meaty and very erect cock, perfectly trimmed and leaking pre-cum. He stepped out of the trousers, and took the half step towards me, that allowed me to kiss the head. I kissed it, licked it and felt it throbbing in my hand while he was finger-fucking me. He clearly loved seeing his cock disappearing into my mouth and throat while I fondled his balls, because he was moaning with closed eyes. He pulled back, lifted my legs and removed my bikini panties. “Beautiful”, he said. He kissed my pussy and pushed his tongue into me while looking me straight in the eyes. I just wanted to feel his cock deep inside me. He sat on the massage escort bayan table facing me, with one leg on each side, lifted my legs and pulled me towards him. I could feel his cock making its way into my wet pussy as he lowered my legs on top of his, and gently lifted me up. He pulled me close, and I curled my les behind his back, while he pushed his cock all the way into my pussy. He silenced my moans and gasps by kissing me deeply, while fucking me harder and harder, supporting me only with one arm while playing with my nipple with the other. Our movements got perfectly synchronised and I felt his cock stretching my pussy. He pulled me close and stopped, and I could feel his fantastic cock all the way up inside me. He put me back on the table, stood up and pulled me to the end of the table. He lifted my legs and kissed my feet and toes with entering my pussy again. He pressed my legs hard against his chest and my ankles against his cheeks while fucking me slowly and deeply. His brown eyes were looking straight into mine, and I was loving it. He moved faster and faster, and from his panting I could sense he was close to coming. He pulled out, got me on my feet, and signalled for me to turn around. He pushed my torso down on the massage table, spread my legs widely and fucked me from behind – hard and fast. He slapped my bum a couple of times before finally releasing himself into my tight pussy. I could feel his cock emptying inside me, and the cum leaking for every stroke he took. As he finally pulled out, I felt his warm cum running down my legs.”“And that was like 15 minutes ago.” she sighed, while regaining breath after her orgasm. I had been licking her pussy and sucking her clit all though the narrative, until she finally climaxed while explaining how he fucked her from behind. “Your’e fantastic”, she said. “Not only do you let me fuck other men and have really exciting experiences, but you also make sure I climax, when they fail. Even with his cum still in my pussy. That makes me feel so slutty and dirty – and I love it.”You looked relaxed, happy and satisfied. But then you suddenly looked anxious and said: “What am I going to do about my bikini? I forgot it over there..?”“I guess you have to go and pick it up tomorrow”, I said and grinned.“Uhm… that could become interesting”, she said and whispered: “But first you must fuck me, and make me yours again”.

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