Heather – Office Receptionist Ch. 09

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Double Penetration

We got back to the office and played off the events of lunch like nothing happened. I attempted to work while she constantly chatted with me through messenger. She would occasionally stalk through the office after leaving me a message requiring a lengthy answer; with Heather flashing her nylon-clad pussy as she passed me, not uttering a word.

The workday came to an end in a brisk and I held off making an appearance with Heather in the break room this time. I managed to look up as she walked out, looking at me across the office, disappointed. She got back to her desk and flashed me her address and the time, then logged off. Moments later she was exiting through the back door, only to look in my direction as she left for home.

I stayed another hour to burn some time and be productive, then headed home to my dogs. I stayed to the ritual and walked them on the warming evening before the bitter cold snuck up again. Played catch for about an hour then headed back to the loft, checking the clock. I took off my clothes and switched into something more casual. Jeans, t-shirt, boots, then headed out the door to make the drive to her place. She was living in an apartment not far from work, so the drive wasn’t too bad.

I stopped in her lot, parking near her car. I looked around and wondered where all of this could lead. I thought about how I was falling for this girl. She was perfect, even though I wasn’t a big fan of being with a chick that had kids, I thought my attraction and her obvious attraction for me could maybe overcome the differences and flaws between us. I shrugged it off and got out of the car and headed to the address she gave me. I knocked on the door, Kayla answered.

I had never seen Kayla, picture or otherwise. Heather really kept her family life out of our sex lives, or relationships. I was stunned. Here stood this teenager, taller than Heather without heels. Brunette, like her mother, but with longer hair, slight curls; bangs long, just enough to be a nuisance to the eyes. She greeted me with a smile like her mother’s, wiping her bangs from her face revealing her brown eyes. I tried to not be obvious as I checked her out briefly.

Her breast was easily fuller than what Heather enjoyed, D’s maybe, full and perky even in her grey sweatshirt, the sleeves were pulled up to her elbows.

I smiled at her, ‘Hi, I’m Brad,’ I offered my hand.

She looked down at it and torqued her lips like her mother often did.

‘Yeah, and?’ I pulled my extended hand back in my pocket.

‘And.. your mom, invited me over.’

Wow, this girl knew nothing of me apparently.

‘Mom?’ She yelled looking back into the apartment, I scoped out her lower body to see a short pleated, yellow and white cheerleaders skirt, sheer suntan pantyhose, and white tennis shoes. My cock grew in my jeans.

I heard someone run through the apartment out of sight and approach Kayla from behind. It was Heather, minus her heels but wearing the same outfit as before. She smiled and introduced me to her daughter, and vice versa.

‘Kay, this is Brad, a very good friend from work. I thought it would be nice to invite him to have dinner with us tonight.’

‘Oh,’ Kayla said, turning to look me over.

‘Sorry I didn’t dress up or anything, I just thought we were going to hang out.’ I shrugged my shoulders in ignorance. I was giving up on guessing what this woman had on her mind or planned, for that matter.

‘Oh, don’t worry about it babe, get your butt in here.’ Heather chirped guiding her hands inward.

I walked into the apartment and Kayla closed the door behind me. She circled around me while Heather and Kayla both entered the kitchen. I followed briefly and sat on one of the high bar stools and watched them.

Heather was prepping some food, it looked like a beef stew, while Kayla opened the refrigerator, right across from me, and browsed through it. Her head angled down at the bottom shelf and she bent at the waist, giresun seks hikayeleri something she learned from her mother, and her skirt raised with it. I was in shock. She was wearing sheer to waist suntan pantyhose with a no gusset, no panties; her pussy was fat and voluminous, looking like small hotdog buns, while her gussetless pantyhose and joining seam split her labia perfectly. My cock went to full attention as she continued to probe at something in the fridge. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help noticing a brown bush behind the hose, and fine hairs on her outer labia.

‘What are you looking in there for? This will be ready in about twenty minutes.’ Heather said to Kayla.

‘Oh, I don’t know, I’m just starving right now mom.’ She stood up, her short skirt returning to gravity pull.

‘So Heather, You’ve never really told me anything about your beautiful daughter.’ Kayla turned around quickly and blushed, Her skirt turning up with the action. Heather caught this and cleared her throat.

‘Ah hum. Kay, come here please.’ Heather said putting down her wooden spoons and walked around the corner of the kitchen, leaving Kayla with her back to me. I heard Heather whisper sternly to Kayla, just barely enough for me to hear, but to make a point to her daughter.

‘What have I told you about shaving??’ She said lifting the front of her daughter’s skirt.

‘What! Mom, I trim it all the time.’ She said hushed to her mom.

‘Not enough apparently. As long as you’re in my house, my rules. Now go fix that right now!’ She said to her daughter dropping the front of her skirt and walking past her to get back to her cooking. Kayla pouted and walked down the hall and entered the restroom, closing the door behind her.

Wow I thought, that was interesting.

‘Sorry,’ Heather smiled at me. ‘I just noticed something that is completely unacceptable and had to fix it. She has been very deviant lately. I’m thinking she has been having sex with her loser boyfriend too. Ugh.’ She chopped at the veggies in front of her.

‘So to answer your question, sorry, I should have told you something. You’re right, we are so close and you don’t know anything about my kid. Well, she’s almost nineteen, next week in fact. Fully into that rebellion phase. In the Senior cheerleading squad at Washington High, and well. Your average teen really. Boy bands, Twilight is all the rage.’

She smiled as she watched me lean against the bar top. ‘So whatcha cookin beautiful? Oh, I can call you that here right?’ I smiled jokingly.

‘You can call me your girl if you want to.’ She raised her hand and showed me the white skin where a wedding ring used to be. ‘But the other q, roast beef stew. I’m a good cook, you’ll see. She smiled and tasked back to cooking.

Twenty minutes passed as we idle chatted about something other than sex, which was amazing as the last few days were filled with nothing but erotic talk. Kayla exited the restroom and entered the kitchen wearing the same outfit as earlier but in a white t-shirt, minus the bulky sweatshirt. A major improvement, the t-shirt confirmed my assumptions on breast size, and, well, perkiness. She wasn’t wearing a bra either. I started to speculate if pantyhose were the only undergarment this girl wore.

Heather spoke as Kayla neared me, ‘K, it’s ready.’

She poured the stew into three bowls and put them on a tray. Kayla walked behind me to the make-shift dining room and sat at one of the sides of the square glass table. I offered to help Heather with the tray but she denied it, telling me to sit at the table. I got off the barstool and sat opposite Kayla, giving her an awkward smile then turned to look where Heather was; she was just turning the corner around the bar and heading toward us with the tray.

I remember thinking how short and small she seemed without her heels on. I gazed down at her stocking feet and wondered what they smelled like about now. She lowered the tray bending over next to me. I ran my hand up the outside of her thigh a couple of times and massaged her ass through her black tights, under her dress. She smirked at me and unloaded the bowls at the places.

She returned to the kitchen and I turned to the table and Kayla, across from me, her legs slightly parted, and unknowingly flashing me her now freshly shaved crotch. Shiny freshly shaved crotch I should say. I could smell the fruity lotion on her.

I readjusted the hard-on in my pants and she noticed. I wasn’t used to this glass table. She blushed and crossed her hosed legs and tugged at the hem of her skirt. Swish. Ah, this is what Heather was planning, it had to be. I shook my head thinking of the trouble I could get in among many things. Heather returned from the kitchen carrying soup spoons and napkins, passing them out before sitting next to me.

The conversation was typical, for ‘normal’ people I supposed, though my eyes couldn’t stay off the two sets of legs under the transparent glass table. After we finished eating Heather invited me to her bedroom for a treat. She ordered Kayla to clean the table as she grabbed my hand and led me into her room for the first time. She stopped me at the door and ran into her bathroom; returning with a cup.

‘I don’t think the stew was salty enough, so I was wondering if you could help me retrieve all that you gave me for lunch that I’ve been keeping warm all day.’ She smiled and toyed with the small cup in her hand. I licked my lips and smiled, taking the cup from her hands. She walked over to the king-sized bed and rolled her silky knees on it; raised her dress and slowly pulled down her tights as before, just enough to remove the butt plug she still had securely joined to her.

‘So you’re telling me you never took your butt plug out? All-day?’ She took my hand and put it on the soaked crotch of her tights.

‘What does that tell you?’ She turned and looked at me in the eyes.

‘That you’ve been wearing tights all day without panties? And thinking of me?’

She winked at me. ‘If that’s what you want to think. But you’re probably right.’

She put her hand at the flange of the plug and I lowered the cup near her soon-to-be exposed bowls. She grunted and slowly exposed the huge bulb that had been locked in her. Her anus worked over the acrylic like a pair of lips sucking on a popsicle.

I put the cup on her taint and before the plug was even out and a watery slug of cum poured out into the cup. She moaned as she pulled the plug completely out and then licked it clean before laying it next to her. First, it trickled then a flood as the cup filled up at least a thick finger volume. I was amazed at myself actually.

I held the cup to her gaping ass hole and asked, ‘That’s all me right?’

She bit her lower lip, smiling. ‘uh-huh.’

I looked back at her ass and saw her insides moving as more cum fell out and into the cup. I scooped the rim around her anus collecting all that was lingering and she reached for the butt plug next to her and reinserted it with ease.

‘I think I might need to use my larger one tomorrow.’ She implied as she popped the bulb past her rim.

And I thought that one was big at easily an inch and a half diameter. I offered the small cup two fingers worth of cum to her and she grabbed it delicately with both hands. She moaned.

‘Yum, still hot, just the way I like it.’ She put the cup to her lips.

‘Wait.’ I told her, ‘bend over.’ She lowered to her elbows and arched her back.

‘What are you thinking, lover?’ I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

Her crotch was almost at the perfect level for fucking. I pulled her tights down just a little and put my cock against her lips, opening them up around my head. She moaned and got the idea. I lubed my head up against her lips, stroking it up along her slit. I entered her slowly and she cooed.

‘I like the cold metal inside me,’ She bit her lower lip and looked back at me. ‘You have a fresh load you want to put in there stud?’ She dipped her tongue into the salty liquid in her cup.

I bottomed out in her in the slow-motion, resting my cock head against her cervix. ‘Perfect length, mmmm.’ She muttered as I touched the barrier.

She gripped her pussy muscles around me and I began pumping her from behind. I thought about her hot daughter’s pussy in those suntan hose as I ran my hands up Heather’s tights. I wondered if Kayla inherited her mom’s hot wet cunt.

I whispered, ‘Now.’ And started to blow my load into Heather as she poured the hot cum from her ass into her mouth. Her pussy worked in automation sucking me as she had to continually swallow load after load until the cup was empty. Her body shook violently around my cock as a powerful orgasm ran through her. She positioned the empty cup under my balls and waited. I pulled out of her after she stopped squirming and the fresh cum poured from her, dripping off her throbbing clit and into the waiting cup. She pushed out more before bringing it to her lips and finishing the half-full cup in two gulps.

‘You’re a factory.’ She licked her lips through a smile.

‘Only when you tease me all the time as you do.’

‘Ohhh!’ she fought.

‘You poor thing.’ Smiling at me licking around the cup. She dropped the empty cup and pulled her tights back on before cleaning my cock clean. I kissed her deeply and then we left her bedroom and went back into the living area.

Kayla was watching some reality show on the couch. As I reared around I saw that she was leaning against the armrest on her side, with her silky legs pulled into her. Heather must have detoured behind me, I didn’t see her in the kitchen or anywhere else visible from here. I sat down on the couch and got a new fresh view of her suntan sheathed pussy. Her lips squished together pushing the fabric out. My cock was rising in my pants again. I thought about the factory comment Heather made and bit my lip.

‘So what was that argument about with your mom earlier?’

Kayla looked at me innocently, sucking in her lips. She looked over her shoulder then back at me.

‘Oh, well, my mom has this crazy rule. She says girls should keep their pussy shaved.’

I was kind of surprised at how open Kayla was to the topic.

‘My boyfriend likes me all-natural, or trimmed, but not shaved, so this is a real bummer.’

She frowned and unfolded her legs in front of her, kicking off her tennis shoes. Her feet were beautiful in the nylon, French manicure nails. ‘Very nice.’ I thought. She folded her legs by her side, her nyloned feet hiding her pussy from me.

‘Is it really that bad of a situation?’ I asked, looking at her young feet.

‘Yeah, I think my mom really wants me to dump him; she doesn’t approve. And I think that’s why she wants me to keep shaved too.’

‘If you weren’t with him, what would you prefer?’ I turned to bend my leg at the knee and rested my head on my arm, looking at her.

‘Well. I actually prefer shaved. It feels sexier? Otherwise, I don’t mind a bush’

I nodded, distracted.

‘Like right now it feels great.’ She said tugging down the hem of her skirt out of habit.

‘What feels different?’ I smiled.

‘Well. Especially now, with my tights on, I love how my, you know,’ her eyes looked down, ‘feels against them.’

‘So does your boyfriend like your pantyhose too?’ She turned from the TV for the first time and looked at me seriously. ‘Not really. He says they get in the way.’

‘Oh, so you guys are active?’ She shushed me, ‘Please don’t tell my mom, she’ll kill me!’ Her feet slipped away from her and her pussy was in view again through the nylon. I noticed her fat lips were slightly wet.

‘So it sounds like you wear them a lot?’ My hand traced up my pants and I laid my arm in front of my tent pole.

She was focused on the tv again, ‘Yeah. For cheerleading all the time. Like right now, I just got out of practice. But mom has been on a strict run lately, getting me more interested in them.’

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